Two days before Jase was scheduled to fly over to the USA as his scholarship prize, I left work early and picked him up from school. He was beaming with pride and self-motivation. As we were about to drive off his grade teacher rushed over to my car.

He was an older man, close to his fifties, but very fit and extremely handsome.

I stopped the car and got out to meet him. His face showed he was excited to meet me.

Then he started about Jase. He was so pleased about him winning the scholarship, and his computer work was approaching the genius category. In addition to this his whole attitude had changed and he was now the leading lad in his grade. His confidence had dramatically changed a few weeks ago. Now he was the chief organiser in the group and his efforts at debating had won for the school the district challenge cup. This was an achievement, as they had never won it previously, although they had been competing with several other schools for over 20 years.

He shook my hand with warmth and feeling that I struggled to assess. There was something really sincere about his chat with me and also his enthusiasm for Jase's achievements.

Jase asked me what I thought of him as we drove off towards James' house. I told him I was extremely impressed, and that he was certainly enthusiastic about Jase.

Then my 13-year-old son surprised me with his comment.

"I really think he is gay, but he is married with heaps of kids and grandkids, so he probably isn't," were the words from my boy.

"How do you assess that," I seemingly casually asked.

"Oh, he pays more attention to the good looking boys in class, and after he saw me in the change rooms a month ago, he has been always asking me things and touching me. When he does I feel all really 'funny' inside, and my cock tells me something."

James as usual was in his bathrobe, and as soon as we were inside, he stripped out of it, showing us both his very hard cock.

I sensed also that he was a little drunk, but I was to be proved wrong. He was just excited.

Jase and I stripped and my son sat on my lap with my hard cock pushing up between his legs.

James showed us a number of photos of the chap who was going to look after my son whilst he was in the USA. I was staggered at how beautiful this man was. I had to check myself as I had not had the least sense of interest in the beauty of a mature male previously, but now I had the glow of interest.

Jase felt it from my cock.

He turned to me," you like him don't you dad?"

"Yes, he is very good looking. Tell us more about him, James," I requested.

"His name is Merton and he is very gay. He has a very beautiful young lover. His name is Orton and he is 23. He tells all his straight friends that Orton is his son, which is nice."

"They have lived together for the past 8 years."

James was gushing now in a very gay way, and Jase looked at me as if to say 'I don't like sissy gays.' I understood my son at that moment.

I also realised that my son projected a very, very straight image at school and with most people. In fact, I was to observe that he never acted in any way other than what you would expect a heterosexual male to behave.

We were just about to move into the large bedroom when the front door chimes sounded. James put on his robe and answered the caller.

I few moments later a very well dressed businessman strode into the room. Jase immediately was standing and raced over to handshake this nice looking individual. I felt there was something familiar about the face, but initially I couldn't find an answer.

Then James introduced him to me. His name was Anthony. Then I remembered. He had been two grades ahead of James and I at our school. I remembered a photo of him in James' photo album. My mind raced back almost 20 years, and I was jolted to recall that I had always felt he was decidedly different, and also not as manly as most of the rest of us.

I watched fascinated as my son undressed this man. He used the same order as when he had undressed me that first Thursday afternoon. When his shirt was removed his smooth upper body staggered me. His pecs were prominent and his nipples where large and very pronounced. There was a wonderful man-like aroma emanating from his body. It was one of those expensive male body scents. I found it extremely pleasant.

When he stood after Jase had removed his shoes and socks, I realised that he had to be over six feet tall, as Jase only came up to his shoulder. With the removal of his elegant dark pin-stripped trousers I saw his staggeringly bulged silk pouch. It was obvious that it was tailor made, but the bulge was huge.

Jase kissed the very wet spot at the lower front and then gently and carefully slid them down.

Out sprang this very large cock. I hurriedly guessed that it was at least 9 inches in length, if not more. It was very thick and the helmet was much larger than the shaft. The piss slit was at least one inch long.

Then I noticed his pendulous balls. They hung right down and a flawlessly smooth sac. It then struck me that he had no body hair at all. It was staggeringly beautiful to look at, and my cock jumped and blew out a series of pre-cum bubbles.


The state of my cock was reflected by Anthony's huge flesh stick. The large bubbles of pre-cum he was pulsing out made my issue seem like a spit to a raging flood. I could see the attitude from Jase to this male appendage. His eyes were bright and alive. His body was dancing.

Jase licked the large glans of the proffered cock, devouring every dribble of pre-cum from it. It would have been impossible for him to swallow it as his young mouth did not have the capability of opening wide enough.

The tall well built man now picked Jase up turning him, hanging him upside down and started to suck on his arsehole. With his lips still attached but his head now hanging down my son continues to lick this now very hard long cock.

They continued to feel each other over for the next ten minutes. The amount of pre-cum that had dribbled from my cock had been matting my pubes and coating my balls.

Anthony then pulled his face away from my son's lovely small body, and turned to me.

"Can I have your permission to give your son some fun and pleasure that will be enjoyed by us all."

I nodded my agreement as my son looked at me. The smile on his face was the most charming look I could ever remember from him. It assured me that my decision was acceptable to Jase.

We all moved to the bedroom.

I watched with a peculiar frame of mind as Anthony's huge cock swung back and forth as he walked to the room, carrying my son, the fingers of his left hand rubbing up into his small arse crack.

Gently he placed the boy on the bed. Immediately his legs opened and his little pink hole was exposed. I sensed that it was winking at me. Again the smile on my son's young angelic face assured me that this was very acceptable to him.

Anthony now scooped some lubricant from the dish beside the bed. He used it to rub into Jase's tiny arse hole. His fingers ran around and I watched on several occasions they disappeared inside the opening pink butt hole.

Then he scooped more of the slippery clear liquid onto his massive cock, lathering it with a thick covering.

He then bent forward and started to caress the small boy as his rigid man rod moved up and down the rear crack. He pushed forward and then I watched with wide eyes as that small pink hole opened and the bloated cock head started to disappear. Jase's face showed a small grimace and then he smiled as it was apparent the knob was lodged. A flex of the bum muscles by Anthony coordinated with the push of his cock into the small body under him.

Carefully the pace increased and then he stopped. He bent his face forward and kissed my boy. It was an extremely passionate moment to watch.

Then his movement began again and the pace gradually increased until he stopped again.

A pause and then his flexing muscles started again, but this time the pumping continued and then I heard my son cry out. His body bucked and thrashed. His legs flung out. His arms threw away from their hold on the man on top of him and his head started rocking from side to side. Then he gave an almighty buck and I could see his boy cock spewing forth rope after rope of cloudy semen.

Anthony's pace now gathered momentum and he pumped hard into Jase. Again Jase's body thrashed around, and again his cock jetted forth that sweet boy cum. Then with a substantial push the big cock rammed into Jase, then stopped. The man's body shuddered once, then again and on the third massive flex the cock was pulled out the fired bullet of cum found its home as my son opened his mouth.

Anthony collapsed to one side, his large cock losing little of its size. Within seconds the man was asleep.

Jase wriggled around and called me with his hand movement. I gathered a scoop of lubricant and smeared it over my dripping cock. I looked and could see how my son's arsehole was so open. I felt my fist would be easily able to enter but instead aimed my cock and felt it almost fall inside.

I fucked him for only a few minutes before I added some of my cum inside him. But then I remembered and withdrew and the last ropes found their direction to his lips. He swallowed mine before opening to receive a huge barrage of cum from James' jerking cock.

Anthony sent his huge Bentley Mulsanne over to collect Jase, Brenda and I and take us to Heathrow. We all had tears in our eyes as I watched this tiny boy leave us on an adventure to a foreign land.

As soon as he landed in New York our boy phoned us to say he had arrived and been collected by the nice man. He also told me he was staying in New York that day and night before catching another flight to Philadelphia. I knew that Jase would be fucked that night, but I also knew he would enjoy it.

I was daydreaming at work when the telephone clanged like a thousand kettledrums. It was Anthony. He had invited me to join he and some others for an evening of business discussions.

So that I didn't need to be concerned about driving home and having a drink, his driver would collect me from home at 5pm.

I left work early, showered and dressed in a nice sports jacket and slacks. He said 'no tie'.

The car arrived right on 5pm. Brenda was impressed. I told her not to wait up as I could be delayed in getting home.


Do you enjoy this story? Of course it is pure fiction, but some of the actions could have happened in real life.

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