Merton collected my son Jase from the New York International Airport, La Guardia.

Jase, even being only 13 years old now, was staggered at the beauty of this man and immediately felt comfortable with him. When they had cleared all the formalities they found the big black limousine Cadillac waiting at the special parking place for celebrities and high profile travellers. The driver, in full chauffer uniform was very beautiful, and Jase knew that this must be Orton, Merton's 23 year-old lover. Jase immediately wondered about the size of his cock. He instinctively knew that he would be wonderful to look at nude.

The drive to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel seemed to take a long time, but Jase was happy looking at all the new sights of America.

Merton had arranged an apartment on the 18th floor, and they immediately took the elevator there.

When they entered Jase was staggered to see three much older men sitting on comfortable lounges. As he entered they all rose and held out their hands to greet him.

Some pleasant small talk followed and then drinks and cigarettes. Jase was offered but declined both and that pleased all the men, including Merton. Then one of the older men came over and held out his hand to Jase. As the boy lifted himself from the soft comfortable sofa the hand dragged him out and down a corridor to a large bedroom.

The man stopped in front of Jase and bent down to kiss him. The boy responded and soon tongues were caressing each other inside the opposite mouth. At the same time the man's hands were running riot over the small english boy's body. His shirt was lifted out of his belted short trousers and soon discarded. The man's hands made soft gentle circles over the clear white skin, stopping at the undeveloped nipples to make some pleasure point pinches.

That hurt thought Jase, but then the hands moved to his belt and soon his small grey school trousers were around his ankles, being joined by his tiny jocks almost immediately.

The man knelt down and soon had his moist warm lips engulfing the rampant man sized boy cock. The man's tongue played talented havoc with the nerve endings in the cock and Jase thought he would shoot cum bullets soon if he didn't stop.

Then with a pinch to his lower cock the lips left the wet flesh tube and the man stood up. He beckoned Jase over and it was apparent that it was the boy's duty to undress this man, who was around 65.

It was the first time Jase had seen silk boxer shorts, but what really delighted him was that this old man had a cock the length of Anthony's, but with a rounded thickness that was at least half as thick again. It was already dripping a string of pre-cum.

Jase wondered if he could accept it into his 13-year-old arse, but he knew that he had good experience from large cocks, so the apprehension turned to excitement as he contemplated being fucked.

The man guided the naked boy to the large bed, and soon the pair was engaging in a form of skin wrestle. Jase had his entire body coated in saliva from the man. Then the horny old man found a tube of lubricant from near the bed, and he squeezed out large globs onto his fingers and then onto the English's boys puckered young arse.

He smeared more onto the giant cock and soon was lying face to face with the boy.

His cock head immediately started a crack search for the hole and soon hit pay dirt. The man lifted his old body and then with a gentle but forceful thrust broke the restraining muscle and entered.

There was a moment of pain and then as the giant cock pulled back the pain ceased, now being replaced by an intense feeling of fullness.

The man now started to fuck Jase and soon he was riding him, building to a climax. The feeling in the boy was one of delight, as he knew what pleasure he was providing this nice old man. The large cock pushed high up into him, and occasionally touched sensitive places that only Anthony had hit inside him previously.

Just as this was flowing through the boy provided by the older cock, Jase suddenly felt his own body re-act to the stimulus. He bucked and thrust himself away in gay abandon in every known direction. His young cock fired off a small but fruitful series of cum.

As the small spurts of sweet boy cum oozed out the older man gain in pace and with a series of almost violent slamming pushes he stopped, shuddered with intense charge and started firing his cum bullets into the boy.

A few moments later the old man gathered his clothing and left the room. Another older man opened the door and immediately stripped, showing Jase his long thin uncut cock.

It was the same pattern of behaviour with the cock finally embedding itself into the willing boy and adding his shots of cloudy liquid to the first delivery.

Jase was concerned now as there was a long wait for the third man to enter the room. Jase looked at a magazine on a small table beside the bed and on flicking through the pages noted an interesting array of top quality photos of boys of ages ranging from very young to those sprouting a neat bush of pubic hair and quite large cocks. Then towards the rear of the quality publication he noted a picture he thought familiar. No face was shown but he knew it was his cock and arse and it was Anthony's huge cock that was jammed up inside him.

It was the same picture that his father had seen on the toilet wall at James' house.

Jase was excited, but just as he was about to turn the page the door opened and the third man entered. However this time he was followed by two younger boys. Both wore just a small pair of shorts, their upper bodies showing that they had not yet started the development phase into puberty.

They immediately ran over to the bed and stood gazing at Jase's nakedness.

The man started to disrobe and was soon standing at the end of the large bed completely naked, his nice sized circumcised cock sticking almost vertically up his entirely hairless body. His large pendulous balls hung well down, and reminded Jase of a set of bull's balls they were so large and hairless.

He waved his hand to the boys and they quickly removed their tiny shorts. Both had small cut cocks, and both were erect. Jase thought they would be about 9 or 10. The two boys then jumped happily onto the bed, one on either side of Jase.

His own big cock was soft and lying lazily across his hairless tummy.

The boys now started to touch and run their tiny hands all over Jase, with the occasional brief touch of his cock or balls.

This started to arouse the english boy and soon his oversized cock was standing to attention above his smooth crotch. The boys now started to run the little fingers along its warm flesh tube and then around the prominent head and soon Jase could feel his semen stirring in his growing balls. He didn't know what was expected from him but decided to let his feelings be in control.

The little boys now started to lick his cock and with a jolt of electricity his juice accelerated from his balls up through his cock and out into the waiting mouths of the boys.

They both gulped it up like it was a sweet and then licked their small pink lips in anticipation of more. What surprised Jase was that his body hadn't bucked or thrashed as he did when being fucked. It was anew and delightful experience for him.

The man now lent forward his stiff cock coated in pre-cum and dribbling a long thick stream along the lower bed. His mouth now fell and he kissed Jase full on the lips, his tongue pushing past to make circles inside the boy's mouth.

With his hands he started to play with the tiny arse holes of the two boys who now lay on their backs beside Jase, their thin smooth legs up in the air.

Jase felt the man's cock brush against his own and so he instinctively spread his legs and lifted them to each side of the man.

His cock now honed in on its intended target and soon Jase felt it's slippery knob knocking at the gate of his rectum.

The man lunged gently forward and soon he was inside, but only just the knob. He moved slightly and the knob fell out and Jase sighed with regret. The cock now made a forward move and soon it was happily engulfed with the entire head lodged securely inside the warm cavity.

The boys now started to wriggle and Jase looked to one side to see that the man's finger was well embedded into the tiny hole. The same was on the other side and the boys appeared to be enjoying being finger fucked.

The man lent his weight on Jase as he started to rhythmically fuck the boy. It was a wonderful feeling and the size of the cock was more pleasant for the young boy. He could feel it rubbing along the sides of his shit tube and it gave him a feeling of intense delight. The man now had two fingers inside each youngster, and they were now squealing and bouncing with obvious feeling.

Suddenly the man started to fuck harder, but then in a perplexing fashion he slowed down again. Jase had been gaining brilliant feeling and was sure he was about to climax again, even though he had shot some of his precious boy juice not 15 minutes previously.

The boy to Jase' right hand side now moved so that his cock was in line with Jase' lips. As the small body started to fall Jase opened his lips to engulf the small hard cock with its prominent, but small head. He swirled his tongue around the knob and under the tiny ridge and the boy moaned.

The he saw the man's face descend so that his lips now encased the tiny arse hole and his tongue flicked out to paint it with his saliva. The boy was obviously enjoying this attention and started to face fuck Jase.

Now the man started to fuck his hard cock again inside the english boy and soon, with his face still around the little arse he pumped harder and harder until he raised himself up and fired his cannon shots of old man cum far up inside the 13-year old.

Jase hadn't climaxed this time as his delight had been drawn to the sucking of the tiny cock and knowing the man's face and tongue had been licking the arse. He recalled that he had been arse licked by a friend of James' about six months ago, and had really enjoyed the sensational feelings the tongue had produced to his body.

The old man now lay over to the right hand side and his deflated cock slipped noisily out of Jase' very open arse.

The small boy also moved his cock out of the warm sucking mouth and allowed the older man to take over. The other boy, now transferred his cut cock with its small helmet knob to Jase' mouth and the sucking re-commenced although at a slower and less intense pace now.

Jase moved his left hand up and found the boy's tiny arse. His fingers easily slipped inside the well-lubricated and open hole. He moved his long thin fingers around and the boy bucked and jumped with the feeling being generated inside his young body.

The sound of the sucking from the older man now increased and then without any warning the boy started to thrash and buck and jump almost jumping on top of Jase. He was having his first intense dry orgasm. It went on for at least a minute, before he slumped down in the arms of the man.

Jase started to drift into sleep now and was soon away in a soundless world of slumber.

Hours later he awoke and sat up not remembering where he was. There beside him was the boy he had been sucking. His small cock was still stiff. Jase rubbed his hands over his lovely young boy body, and gently caressed his cock. He bent forward and sucked it in, and then moved his lips to kiss the boy on his lips.

The boy stirred and for the first time since entering the hotel bedroom words were spoken.

The boy lifted his legs and in an educated american accent softly asked, "Are you going to try and fuck me now grandpa."

Jase was a little taken aback at the boy using the word 'fuck', as it was not a common usage even with his sexy men. Jase placed his fingers along the now open crack as the boy dreamily lifted his legs and pulled his arse cheeks apart.

Jase grabbed the tube of lubricant and smeared some on the already slippery hole and more on his now rampant cock.

He lent over the boy and with his right hand directed his cock at the hole. He pushed gently and the boy sighed. Then he pushed again and was surprised to feel his cock head enter.

Another push and his entire knob was secured inside the youngster. He gently pulled back a little and then pushed forward again and soon he was in the motion of fucking the boy. He was delighted to be able to get his oversized 13-year old cock inside a boy of 9 and he rode with pleasure.

The intense feeling was now rising in his young body and he knew he was going to shoot his cum inside the boy, who was now wide awake and beaming up at him with a smile and delighted face.

"Grandpa reckoned you could fuck me. Oh shit that feels so good. Come on fuck me harder and cum in me. Wow man, this is as good as grandpa said it would be."

Then they heard noises and realised that they had a large audience. There was grandpa and the other boy and Merton and Ortona and the other two men all there watching as Jase de-flowered this young boy.

The english boy pumped harder into him and then knew he could not hold back and rammed hard as the cum rocketed out of his big boy cock and into the boy. He shot more globs that he could ever remember.

Merton stood back his naked body covered in his own cum. The sight of the beautiful english boy fucking his nephew had caused him to grab his cock and jerk himself. His young lover Orton had done the same, his massive uncut cock firing cum onto the young fucking pair.

Jase now looked at all his watchers. His eyes almost popped out as he viewed the young lover's massive cock, even bigger he thought than Anthony.

What really surprised him was that there was not a body hair to be seen on anyone.

More to follow.

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