Jock Locked High
by Maletrain

© 2000 by Maletrain
All rights reserved.
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Chapter 1

I can remember that day very clearly. I met Brent and Jason in the hall near the lockers and we were all talking at the same time telling each other about how we scored the night before. As members of the football team of course we knew how we beat the Central High guys' butts in the last game. No, it wasn't the football scores we were talking about; it was the babe scores. In some ways it was more fun talking about our adventures than actually doing them, especially since some of the tales were slightly embellished. At least it was an "uplifting" activity to start the school day. I had my usual story to tell about how Missy and I had fucked on the sofa at her house after her folks went to bed and they thought we were still watching TV. After I had told them that and had the mental videotape playing in my head, I had to reach in my jeans to adjust my equipment as Brent was beginning his tale.

He told us that he had taken out the new cheerleader, Sandy, who had just moved to town from Texas. As soon as he said her name, my tool started pulsing as I could see her in my mind as she was at the last game, lineside in her short skirt and sweater with those bouncing boobs and big smile. Brent said that he had trouble. Normally for any of us three guys all we had to do was take off our shirts and the girl was panting for us to do more, and when we flexed a little and then dropped our pants they already had their legs up and were foaming at the mouth. But Sandy was a little different. She didn't mind Brent stripping and told him he had a really great body, but she didn't seem to be getting ready to be fucked.

When Brent made his move, she began screaming that she didn't want to have sex. But Brent knew that as soon as she felt his tool in her cunt she would change her mind. She tried to pound on his chest and abs, but those rock hard muscle plates were like armor and she didn't have a chance. Brent began his usual hard, deep thrusts and she was squirming and screaming and kicking so that he shot almost immediately. Well, since he was satisfied, he pulled out. Now if she had been nice to him, he might have favored her with more, but since she had given him some noise, well, he got his and that was what counted. I had to admit that if I had been there pushing my male member into that girl I would have shot very quickly too. In fact, in spite of my "control" hand in the pocket of the jeans, my tool was dripping and drooling, just from hearing the story.

Then on that fateful day in third period, Joan, the office secretary, came into History Class and whispered something in Miss Russell's ear and soon Brent was packing his books and leaving with Joan. Now Brent as well as me and my buddy Jason we were star football players and we expected to get some attention from college recruiters. I thought this was probably what it was as Brent's jean-cased tight little fucker's butt trotted out of the room.

I didn't see Brent fourth period and then fifth hour in English he was there again standing by the door when I came up from my last class. "Sup?" I asked him and he told me that he, Sandy's dad, the coach, and the school principal all had a session. I guess that Texas girl told her dad about the rape and the angry dad had come in demanding that Brent be kicked out of school. Now interestingly enough, both the coach and the principal were sort of on Brent's side. They pointed out that it was a bad thing to rape a girl, but that the school had a chance at the state championship this year and that not only Brent but also other more innocent members of the team would be helped by a win. Without Brent, it would be doubtful if the team could continue its winning record. Sandy's dad wouldn't go along, he demanded that the school do something. At the end of the meeting, the coach and principal said they would try to think of some plan and then meet with the hopefully cooled-down dad the next day.

After school we all went to football practice. The coach didn't say NOT to suit up so we all did and humped out onto the field to warm up. As we were working on plays, the assistant coach, actually an intern from the university, pulled Brent aside and told him not to worry that he thought he had a plan the coach and Sandy's dad would accept. I overheard them talking and I was wondering what it would be, but then since Brent was still in the game, we both turned our attention to working out the problems we had with a couple of the plays in last Friday's game.

The next day in school Brent was not called out of class so we assumed the coach and the principal and that intern assistant coach had worked out a deal. At football practice after school the coach told us to suit up again. When we were out on the field, coach let the assistant coach take over and he asked all the senior members of the team to come with him to his office to talk with the principal. We 7 guys, some starters, some benchwarmers, all double-timed into the school building.

It was in that office that the shocking plan was outlined. I understood that the young assistant coach had suggested that the problem was centered in Brent's crotch and than if they could do something about that area of his body, then perhaps Sandy's dad would let the rest of Brent's body play ball. The plan was to lock Brent into a chastity cup for the rest of the season so he couldn't rape any more girls. Not only could he not have his way with any more women but also he would not be able to masturbate or shoot loads. So there would be protection for the females of the school, and punishment for Brent. Wow! At this announcement I felt my cock go super hard. I looked over to Brent and of course couldn't tell much through his uniform, but later he told me he was hard too. I was feeling so sorry for Brent that he would not be having sex, but at the same time, it was sort of a neat feeling to think of him locked up like that. He was always the most forward, aggressive, and assertive of the three of us buddies. Maybe now he would be taken down a notch and one of the rest of us could be head cock of the mountain. Also, I think a little of that basic male castration fear was running in my head. As I placed myself mentally in Brent's sorry position, not being able to beat off or feel hot cum blast out of my prong, well, my equipment was almost tearing my pants it was so hard.

I wondered why we were all called in, it seemed like so far it was just something between Brent and the coach. We soon learned that before the second meeting with Sandy's dad, the principal got a call from another girl's dad saying his daughter had also been raped by a member of the football team. A couple of the guys groaned at this point, more than one really, so I wondered how much raping was going on anyway. Then the coach mentioned my buddy Jason who got red in the face and probably hard in the crotch thinking that his days of hard-ons and ramming babes would be cut short. I know that I was running a stream of drool out my tool just thinking about my best buddies, these two muscular jocks with their cocks and balls locked up for the season. I was thinking also that with these two studs out of action, then I with a super great body and hard dripping cock would be able to fuck the cream of the female crop. In fact, I would probably have to do extra time fucking the ladies to keep them all satisfied.

The coach said that since there had been two reported rapes already, there was a good chance it might happen again. He wanted to keep everyone on the team and he really wanted to win that state championship. Then he turned it over to the school principal.

The principal told us that he had been principal here for 20 years and that he was so ashamed to go to meetings with the other principals because our school had never in 20 years had a state football title. They were always razzing him about it. He took it with good nature, but deep down inside he really wanted to show them. Now he had a chance, we all had a chance to win, we had the right combination of weight, muscle, and talent. He really didn't want to lose that chance to win the state. This might be the only opportunity the school would have for some time. But we couldn't have any guys in this room expelled. We had to hold on to all our players.

So he had proposed to Sandy's dad that all the seniors, all the guys 18 years old, all the football players who would be legal adults, all be fitted and locked into chastity cups until the end of the season. This proposal was enough for Sandy's dad and the other one and they dropped the demand to have Brent and Jason kicked out of school and promised they would not file any lawsuits. Of course I didn't hear much of these last comments as my ears were sort of buzzing and blood was rushing to my head. I too was to be locked up! At this point I could feel my balls pull up tight in my uniform and solid spurts of wetness began hitting and then sliding down my leg.

The plan was that if we seniors wanted to play football, we would have to agree to the chastity cup, if we felt we needed to fuck women the next few months, then we were off the team. At this point I think coach used a little psychology on us. We had just heard the principal giving us a rousing locker room speech, and now the coach added that he really wanted to see all of us go on to win the state and that he was sure there would be some college scholarships for several guys and that it might lead to a very lucrative professional sports career. He told us that when we were 30 years old and driving expensive cars, making lots of money, being famous on TV on ESPN, and fucking any broad we wanted, well, we wouldn't even remember this 3-month "dry" period in our sex lives. Do it for the coach! Do it for the school! Do it for yourself!

Yeah! Yeah! We all signed on! Well, if he had let us go home and think about it, maybe some would have dropped off the team, but we were all caught up in the emotion of winning the state championship. We knew two of the guys for sure had to wear the cups and we couldn't have some with and some without. Still I felt like I was being punished for something I didn't do. At least my buddies got to have the thrill of rape, now I would have to wait until almost Christmas before I could go out and rape a babe. Well, at least I could be storing up some great loads.

Then coach ordered us to the showers, told us to beat off one last time, then report back to his office, naked, in 10 minutes. We rushed out to the showers, stripped off the uniforms, and we were all hard and oozing just from the thought of it being our last shots. With the sight of my buddies and the other senior major jocks standing under the showers with their cocks full up, it wasn't but two or three strokes and I shot and at that I was about the last to cum.

Cleaned up, toweled down, and cocks now curving down and swinging, we jogged back to the coach's office. The coach and principal were gone, I guess the coach was back out directing practice. That 22-year-old university intern assistant was there in the office and on the desk were a collection of several sizes of strange looking silver devices. Their small dark holes and somewhat triangular but solid shape made them look like little flattened and rounded wren houses waiting to be nailed up under the rafters of a backyard garage.

We all got to watch as the college athlete grabbed Brent's scrotum and pulled him to the desk by his balls, took judgement of the heft of Brent's equipment and quickly selected a metal jock. These chastity cups were two-part polished steel items and looked bulletproof. They opened at the bottom into two halves, a front and a back. The front part looked very much like the standard protective athletic cup and externally the back half was mostly flat. They were sort of what one would get if one put a back on a regular cup with space between the front and back for the male equipment. Not exactly an "egg", not a "ball" but something with the compound curves of a solid three-dimensional jock cup.

There was a hole in the back of the rear piece, a small round hole padded with what looked like leather, and the assistant coach squatted and grabbed one of Brent's balls and pushed it through. The hole was so small that the ball just sort of squirted through, then he pushed and pulled the second ball hard and after three attempts it decided to squirt through too. Then he took Brent's cock and bent it down in two and with very great effort stuffed the tightly folded member through the hole too. Now the assistant took a round fairly thick metal U-shaped spring. He had a collection of them of various sizes on the table. He used his strong grip to bend the spring ends in and snap them into welded retainers on the lower internal back surface of the thing. The U bar actually had a reverse U in the top of the U: it was a double U, or better said, the shape of an inverted W. He pushed Brent's cock up briefly and hooped the top of the spring under the cock but over his balls. Thus the cock was sort of cradled on the inverted W. Then he closed the "egg" cup up, hinging it up from the bottom.

He looked very carefully as the top outside corners of the fat metal W now made contact with the front part of the jock and the center of the inverted W bar was forced to close down tightly over the top of Brent's nuts, pushing the balls gently but firmly down into the bottom of their sac, and the sac in turn to the bottom of the round steel encasement. He then gripped the whole device and pulled down and twisted it around all the while checking the fit of this W rod over the top of the ball sac. He opened the cup, and with his arms flexing and veins popping was just barely able to release the W spring.

He snapped in the next size smaller ball retainer spring and this passed the test, so he then pushed the front of the cup all the way closed. Inside at the top of the front part were welded some more smooth metal bars and these forced Brent's cock down into the space between the balls and the smooth front of the cup. The cock ended up hung over the ball retainer spring and under the upper pressure bars. The intern squeezed the "egg" tight then manually set the deadbolt internal lock with some key that looked like what they use on vending machines. He put a plastic coating solution in and over the keyhole, red in color. It was liquid but quickly set up hard. He then locked a small combination padlock over the keyhole. The padlock was at the side of the top of the closure.

As he removed his fingers from the small padlock, the whole cup sort of just naturally sprang back up against Brent's crotch held there by his own balls and cock. It was actually a pretty "kewl" design: a silver strapless jockstrap. Thump! The intern playfully finger-snapped Brent's metal cup, grinned, and turned to his next victim.

Once we saw how to do it, we started applying the chastity cups to each other, it was kind of fun grabbing my buddy Jason's personal parts and I enjoyed it when Jason had his hands on my balls. The assistant would always put in the smooth W spring ball-sac retainer and check the fit. A couple guys were hard again and we had to use cold water to get them down enough to stuff them through the hole into their metal jocks. There seemed to be a small number on each internal lock and that corresponded to the keys because each "egg" was locked with a different key.

When we were all locked up, the intern assistant coach told us that there was no way we could pull our equipment out of the hole in the back since there was not enough space, actually no space, between the back piece of the cup and the body so we could not "double" over our cocks to get them out, we couldn't even touch our cocks, nobody could. The balls had to come out one at a time and of course the retainer spring held both balls down in the ball sac like a sort of gentle mousetrap. So we couldn't pull the balls out either. The only way would be to pull the balls "off" and we didn't want to do that. The balls were just sort of hanging in suspension in the egg, sometimes bouncing off the walls but that was about the only feeling we could get now from our balls, no fingers could touch them locked tight in their metal prison. We had felt the last of any human touch on our genitals for the rest of the season.

As far as the locks went, well, since we were going to play football and play it hard, the design had a deadbolt rather than a spring held mechanism. The internal inverted W spring holding the balls was pressed tight by the closure of the egg, so that smooth metal bar was not coming loose, nor would the top of the egg-cup come open with blows to it. The only way was to use the key to crank back the deadbolt. He told us it was a special key that was only used in very high security situations. In other words, we could not go down to Sears and get a key made for it. The plasticoat seal would not come off in the shower or in rough football play. It could be removed with a knife and some heat but we might not want to warm up our balls that much. We were sealed up like a bottle of Bufferin, the seal itself could be broken but would provide visual proof of the tampering. He told us that he would be using an electronic laser analyzer to check on the seal before each daily school practice and game so the longest we could hope to be free and still playing sports would be over one weekend. The plasticoat material had special unique metallic grains in suspension and that he would be able to tell if the seal had been broken and replaced, assuming we could even find a similar type of sealant.

The final item, the small combination padlock, was to help hold the plastic seal in place but also provided evidence of attempted escape. This lock was from the government and was not available to the public. The lock of course could easily be cut with standard bolt cutters and then a similar looking lock put on in its place. He said in all recorded cases where the padlock had been cut, the special security tamper mechanism inside the lock automatically reset the release combination to 0000 so that the original setting could not be copied. Since each of us was given a unique combination even if we were able to cut off the lock, find a similar one, and lock it on, we would not be able to match the combination and this would show that we had tampered with the metal jock cup. Of course on those long fall nights with no way to fuck a girl, we might try running numbers on the combination and we could ask the math teacher what the chances of success might be to randomly hit the correct 4-number sequence. At our pre-suit-up jock cup inspections he would be checking our seven padlocks to see if they still responded properly to their unique combinations.

As the weight of the chastity cup pulling down on my personal equipment became more noticeable, the weight of the situation began to bear more heavily on my mind too. It was sort of like those Nazi concentration camp photos we had been studying in Miss Russell's history class: the camps were surrounded with barbed wire, then an electrified fence, then a wall with more barbed wire and search lights and towers with guns and then outside a mine field on the other side of the wall. Not to say it would be impossible to escape the concentration camp, but highly unlikely. A body might make it over two or three of the barriers but that would be it, it would be just a body, not a person anymore and the body would be found near the wall, and dumped in the incinerator.

Well, here we were, we 7 senior football players, some starters including myself and my 2 buddies, all sexually active taking our pleasure from admiring women, women who liked our bodies, who could get off on our hard prods ramming into their cunts. We were locked up. We could cut the padlock off, but could we get it back on so that intern wouldn't notice? And then we would be out of school, out of football, out of luck. If we got the padlock off and somehow got it back on, then surely the special plasticoat material would give us away during those suit-up laser tests. Finally, even if we dared do all of this in an attempt to touch our cocks and balls and feel like men, well, how could we break the deadbolt?

We surely would not be able to find a key to the lock. Now if we pulled hard on the egg, we would pull off our balls, so that was sort of self-defeating behavior. The two parts of the egg fit pretty tight. I guess we could possibly stick some sort of awl or screwdriver blade in there and try to spring the two halves partially open. But then it still wouldn't be coming completely off, and all we would have done was to have been allowed finger access to the trapped balls and cock, but the cock still couldn't get hard. Also, the amount of pressure needed to break through and then twist to get the egg sprung, well, any slip and the tool we would be using would go right through our balls. Again, we could probably spring the thing open a tad, but then we would probably lose our balls and our chance on the team as well.

The way it looked was that either we did something stupid and would lose our balls and never be able to fuck a babe, or we could go along with the three-month "suspension" of sexual activities. Now an 18-year-old boy thinks about sex more than any other person except one, a 17-year-old boy. So this emasculation was going to be a major trip, but our heads were on in the right direction and the chastity cups were going to "reinforce" the decision we had made to continue playing interscholastic varsity football.

At this point we were standing around, now actually not naked anymore as our reproductive organs were fully enclosed. We were standing around sort of not knowing if we should hold onto the shiny silver cups or let them ride there between our legs. The assistant coach went on to tell us that we would have to sit down to piss, just like a woman, but that very small drain holes in the bottom of the egg would let the piss flow out. We would probably also experience a small amount pre-cum flow as our balls would still be generating their full measure and we would not be shooting any loads. So this manly slime would collect in the bottom and then also drain out. We could shower, play sports, sleep, do everything we normally would do except get hard, beat off, shoot loads, and fuck.

In addition, there was the added benefit of genital protection. The hard metal cup was crush proof and almost bullet proof. The wide flat back panel would diffuse the force of any blows to the crotch. No way we could get hurt there in sports, we could go all out and not worry about our private parts. Also, it would be like wearing a protective jock cup 24 hours a day. No more knocking up against the edge of a table or the back of chair with your crotch. No more little brother playfully kicking you in the balls. Now our private parts were as hard as our abs and pecs and this would be good for sports.

He said he would be inspecting us every day for violations of the security of the chastity cups. He put the keys to the cups for each guy into a metal brief case with a combination lock. He said only the coach knew the combination to the case and the case itself would be put in the school safe where only the principal knew the combination. Of course only he knew the combinations to our padlocks. We were being given triple "protection".

Since we had avoided any trials or lawsuits there would be no public announcement of our situation but of course news would spread by word of mouth since the other guys on the team would be showering with us and then there was the issue of our girl friends. Our parents had already been contacted by the school during the afternoon and unfortunately all had been very enthusiastic about our being locked up. I guess they figured that would keep us out of trouble. Little did they know how significant this cock locking would be to our educational achievement, physical development, and future life-style choices.

He told us to put on our street clothes and head out. Not to worry about visibility. If anything the babes and even the dudes would think we were just super studs with prominent crotch-mounds. We could even go swimming in a Speedo and the chastity cup wouldn't show other than a big bulge not unlike the start of a nice hard-on. As we all heard the loud "click" on the case as it closed, we realized that now this guy could not help us out of our metal cups and only if all three men agreed: the coach, the intern and the principal, could any of us be set free. Our balls were out of our control now. The "case" was closed. I felt my cock sort of try to get hard, but nothing really happened there. Had I been free, I am sure I would have shot a full load clear across the room, but as it was, I just oozed quietly from the drain holes. I noticed the other guys walking back to the locker room also were dripping ooze from their cups, but that was about all we could do now until after the football season, just drip ooze and play ball.

© 2000 by Maletrain
All rights reserved.