Jock Locked High
by Maletrain

© 2000 by Maletrain
All rights reserved.
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Chapter 2

It didn't take long for Missy and me to drift apart. The first time we went out after my genitals were locked up I tried to use my fingers to get her off, but I was not too good at it, hadn't really had any practice doing it before, and she missed getting my massive tool. The second time we met I tried using my mouth and tongue but that didn't give her much pleasure either. I didn't like doing that too much myself. She told me that she had her eye on a cute gymnast who had a buff built body and even though she admired my pecs and abs, she didn't think that she had to take a break from sex just because I wanted to play football.

To tell the truth, I was sort of losing interest in girls anyway, after all, what fun was it to give them all the pleasure, to see their bodies shiver with delight, to hear their gasps and groans, when all I could do was sit there and ooze and not even too much of that. I could just sit at home and study and think about how we were going to go all the way to the state championship and drip in my chastity cup.

I didn't need women right now. To be honest with you, what I really missed the most was just touching my cock and balls. I didn't realize how often I used to do that during the day and now, clunk, my frustrated hands always came to feel that smooth steel shell. At night, I didn't know what to do with my hands either, so I guess before I must have been sleeping with my hands holding my privates. That is what I missed a lot, the personal penile contact. There was almost no feeling at all; my bent prong was just hanging there in mid-air, not making contact with anything. Hard to tell if it was still hooked on to me. And of course, there was absolutely no rush of sensation, no tingling of an impending shoot, and no shooting. The girls were being protected but we were being punished.

My buddies Brent and Jason seemed to go dateless right from the start. They had a history as men who took charge of their women and rode them hard. Armed with that reputation not too many girls the last year or so had wanted to go out with them. This was probably the reason both had had girl's dads calling in rape charges to the school principal. Before their emasculation they had not developed some of the finer social graces to attract women, they were more aggressors, takers. They had not worried about how to keep a girl happy. They were mostly one-night stand men, and now their formerly up-standing parts were forced down curved and shrunk in their cups and so they were sort of at a loss for sex.

After just a week or so, the three of us were finding lots of free time on our hands, time we used to use cruising for babes, talking to babes, thinking about babes and of course fucking babes. Now we had more energy, more available hours in each day. And every time we took a step and felt that metal jock pulling down on our trapped tools we thought more and more about football and winning. We took to meeting after football practice to do extra work outs in the school weight room. As an extension of this daily playing football followed by a workout, we even would do a few hours of burn after games on Friday nights. We started coming back in to school on Saturdays and pumping more iron. The school was closed on Sundays so we met at my house and guess what, worked out some more.

We found we still had time on our hands. We didn't realize how much time we had spent on women. Now we could get all that homework done that had been slipping by us when we had to go find and fuck the ladies. We also found we didn't have to waste time talking about our sexual conquests so we had more time to talk football and we began studying college and pro games on TV, analyzing them, and the players' moves and trying them out in our school practices. We turned from being sexually oriented to females to becoming sexually oriented to football.

We began really mowing down the other teams in our games. Everything was going our way until we met Parkside. They were really strong and smart and in the end we lost. Our coach was cool. He said we still played well and that it was a close game. He thought Parkside was up for us because of the reputation we had, but that he doubted they would get through the season unbeaten so we still had a good chance at the state finals. Just to be sure we were motivated, he said that even though the principal would return the locked steel case with our keys at the end of the season, he, the coach, would not open the case for us until the end of the semester, in late January, if we didn't go all the way to the state championship.

Wow! Now we had not only the university intern, the coach and our principal in control of our balls, but that damn Parkside team was being given control of our privates. It was sort of like being some kind of slaves, we didn't have any say so in who was controlling our bodies. That week we really practiced hard and on Friday we rode the bus oozing into our jocks all the way to the game, dripped from our cups all through the game, and then even though we won, we still were hoping Parkside had lost their game. The coach had bet our balls on that game.

I had a deep ache in my groin, not from the very well designed chastity cup, but from the thought of going one month longer without sex, one more month than the original plan. My tightly bent cock was putting out a slow steady stream of juice all the way back to our school gym. As we got off the bus, the coach told us the news. Parkside had lost and although we still had to get through three more games we were pretty well sure we were going to the state finals. But he warned us that if we didn't win the state, we would be continuing through Christmas as eunuchs.

Since all the guys at school soon knew we were locked in the metal cups, we really didn't need to hide them when we worked out or took showers and so especially on Friday's after games and on Saturday's in the school weight room we just stripped down to our steel cups and pumped the iron. If anyone came in, they knew the score and it wasn't indecent as none of our privates were out in public, even if we really wanted them to be. Any situation where jock straps were acceptable, we proudly wore our shiny cups. Of course our butts were a tad more exposed, but then a jock strap doesn't really cover too much back there either.

In time all the steel-cupped guys sort of formed a bond. We didn't have much else to do but hang out together, work out, study, and of course practice and think about football. That space in our lives reserved for women was rapidly shrinking down, just as our small bent cocks were permanently shrunk, and that former babe time was being filled with football and male-male bonding. Bonding, yes, we were bonding based on our genital bondage. As the word spread, girls stopped looking at us at our school, but at first anytime we were away at a game, well, the broads were really coming on to us, our bodies now were even better than before we were locked up. I think what the coach said was true, just a few months off from sex, and when we win the state championship we will have the women waiting in line to feel our hard cocks up their cunts, waiting in line to take our massive loads.

There was only one problem, we really did miss that rush of getting "off". Right from the start, the other guys at school especially a couple damn wrestlers who thought they looked so super macho in their muscled bodies, they kept making us offers to fuck us up the ass. Of course all us steel-jock jocks would rise up from the weight benches or jump out of the showers and gang up and run them down and throw them in some punishment holds and then punch their abs good and so that sort of died down.

But then as we kept winning games and playing well the word of how we did it spread to the other schools. The girls there also stopped coming on to us, we had nothing to offer them. But the guys on the opposing teams, they started to taunt us during the games about how if we were really desperate that after the game they could ram some good male meat up our holes to help us out. Of course that just made us play even harder and we took every chance we could to smash their bodies into ground and to cause them as much pain as we could on every play. I think this started with our game at Pineville High and continued on and off all the rest of the season. No problem really, if it hadn't been our castration, they would have found something about our hair or teeth to taunt.

But a few weeks without shooting, without having that sexual release, and we were all sort of looking for something to get us through this dry season. I think it was Brent, the stud rapist who caused all this trouble, who showed up one Sunday at my house with a dildo. He suggested that the three of us experiment with it and see if we could get any relief. Of course Jason and I said no way! We were working out in the basement in just our steel cups, as was our custom. As Jason and I said no I felt some ooze drip from my cup and thought I saw Jason dripping too, but of course it could have been sweat or even piss.

Brent laid down on one of the benches I have there and stuck the dildo up his hole. He worked it around and in and out and was gasping and grunting and had both pain and pleasure on his face, more pleasure than I had seen there since the big lock up. Well, very quickly we learned that we could have some fun with a thick rubber stick up our asses and so that became our little extra activity during our private workouts. We had to be careful that word didn't get out about it. After all, being locked up was a bad enough rap to live with but we sure didn't want anyone to know we were getting off with stuffing our holes.

We couldn't really cum, but we could sure ooze. We didn't really have that great flush of relief that shooting a load gives, but we could have some lower grade pleasure. Actually, come to think of it, we were probably having about the same modest level of pleasure as most of the women we had been fucking. Back in our babe fucking days, we got that great fun of shooting our loads and most of the time they just hadn't warmed up yet. So we were causing them pleasure but not that flash of coming. Since we could not have any pleasure from our cock or balls or shooting, this rear hole work became our substitute for sex. Not only were we sitting down to piss like women, now we were lying on our backs and sticking our legs in the air like women, and we were going to have to be satisfied with a low level of sexual pleasure, also just like women. The irony was that as our worked-out bodies became even more masculine, our sex life was becoming more feminine.

After getting off on the rubber cock for a number of weeks, I began to wonder about how the real thing might feel up my hole. Of course my best buddies Brent and Jason that under normal circumstances I would ask to do the honors, well, they were locked up as tight as I was. Then I thought about that gymnast that my girl Missy was seeing, I say my girl, but I had not even talked to her since that second date after I had been neutered for the season. I would see the guy working out in the gym at school and of course I had a much better body than he did because I was both more motivated to push myself in the workouts and then had more extra pump time since I didn't have to worry about getting any girls to fuck. I noticed that he really appreciated my body.

Actually that was the thing, after the girls knew that we couldn't pleasure them, well our gym-pumped bodies did not seem to attract their attention, but the guys, well, I guess guys are always checking out rivals and for some reason, I guess since they didn't expect to be fucked by us anyway, the guys were giving us a lot more body attention, talking about our builds, feeling us up for the amazing drop in our body fat, running their hands on our pecs and abs.

Now this gymnast of course was not locked up and so when he talked to me about how much he admired my body, I could see his shorts filling and a wet spot forming down near the bottom of one pant leg. On the other hand, I was lifting there naked but for the metal shield, but of course aside from occasional cup-drooling no one could tell if I was turned on to anyone or anything. I guess that was another benefit of the metal jock... no one could tell what turned us on.

With his shorts tenting out the gymnast was definitely hard as he ran his fingers over my abs. There was no one else around so I popped the question to him, asked him if he wouldn't mind fucking me, just so I could get through to the end of the football season. I told him how bad it was to not be able to fuck and shoot and that the only relief I had had was when my locked up buddies shoved a rubber dong up my hole. I wanted to try the real thing.

Hey! Kewl! No problem, when and where? I had to coordinate with him as he also needed to see Missy and give her a good fucking. He promised he would keep all this quiet and we set a date, the following Monday about 10 p.m., after I had done my workout at the school gym. We didn't have a game that Friday so I went through school that week thinking about the Monday coming up, oozing whenever my mind wandered there.

At the private Sunday workout at my house I enjoyed the rubber fuck my buddy Jason gave me and then as he laid down and stuck his legs up in the air like a woman, and I was ramming the rubber toy in and out of his hole, I could see his eyes glaze over and could hear his breath quicken and I really enjoyed those groans of pleasure. But all the time I was doing that, I had completely forgotten about girls. I was thinking how much fun that gymnast was going to give me. Also, there was just a remote thought about how great it would be to fuck Jason's hole and then I thought about how it would feel with Jason shooting up into my body too. I was smiling and wondering how different the rubber fuck I had experienced would be from the real thing rammed home hard by the gymnast.

Well, it was different. I thought it was an improvement on the rubber fucker. I liked the idea that my body was touching another human. I liked the feel of that live hard cock up my hole. From what the gymnast said he was really enjoying himself too. He told me I was the first guy he had ever fucked, and mine was the first asshole either male or female that he had ever plowed. He liked the tight smooth fit. He liked the way my muscles clamped down on his cock. Of course I was a little embarrassed, me, one of the leading jocks and super studs of the senior class, here on my back, legs in the air, being used like a woman. It wasn't as good as beating off, it wasn't as good as ramming my prod into a lady, but it was all I could do now that I was temporarily castrated.

I said I was being used like a woman, but I had to change my mind. Now if my buddy Brent had been able to fuck me I sure would have been used like a woman. He would have rammed up my hole, plowed in deep for a few quick hard thrusts, shot, and pulled out, leaving me with a lot more pain than pleasure. Jason might have been better as a lover, listen to me! Here I was thinking about my buddies in terms of lovers! Wow! I would never have thought that before the chastity cup became my cross to bear. Still, if I had to choose, I would probably go for Jason, he just might let me have a little fun while he got his. At least he was pretty good at working the rubber dong up my tube.

Well, the gymnast was quite a different type of lover than I had been or my buddies. I learned a lot from him. I learned a lot about how to treat women. Because here I was only able to get a little pleasure and he didn't let me down. In fact he just about wore out my hole. He must have fucked me a good 45 minutes solid. He got to where he would pull out and then plug back in and he was pushing in at all different angles and speeds. I felt so good. But also he was kissing and rubbing my pecs and using his hands on them too. He just wasn't fucking me, he was making love to me, he was worshiping my body. It was really the first time that anybody had done that. Wow! What a mind trip!

Now if I had been free to fuck these last few months, I may have met up with some babe who also loved me for my built body, but in my prior limited lady laying, I really had only encountered women who wanted to get off on my cock but didn't really appreciate my total body, in fact, they were sort of hung up on their own boobs and face and all. Anyway, maybe it was because they were females and I was male but somehow I just couldn't completely connect with them, my relationships were just not as deep, not what I was feeling coming from this gymnast who was worshiping my body with his hands and mouth.

He was so nice to me, and somehow as we both grunted and gasped in manly pleasure, I began to look at him with new eyes. He was blond, smooth, and muscular, not as pumped as I was, but with all those curves in his body he was, how can I say it, feminine but manly too. His pecs were actually almost as big as Missy's had been. I reached up and took hold of them, and tried to do what he had done to me, and I got a very positive response in his eyes and perhaps more important, in his cock, he was motivated to push in higher, his cock felt like it got even harder, and he was smiling between his grunts. Wow! I never got that with the rubber anal probe Jason would ram into me. Jason would work it but somehow it wasn't as personal. Maybe if Jason had put his hand or at least some fingers up my hole... but then as one super football stud to another we really couldn't engage in that kind of behavior, at least we didn't think we could at the time.

Well, it was getting late, and we both had school tomorrow, I had jock-cup inspection and then practice followed by another workout. The gymnast needed to go too, so he went for broke now. As he was fingering my pecs, squeezing my tits and as I was sort of running my hands over his pecs and feeling his abs getting their workout both in helping pump air into his gasping lungs and helping ram home his hard prod up my hole, well, he came down close to me with his mouth, put his mouth on my mouth and we, how can I say it without turning red? We kissed. That mouth to mouth connection seemed to provide a spark of electricity for his final plunge and my final anal ring contraction and I could feel his load blast inside my body. Wow! Now I knew what those babes felt when I was shooting into them. Now I knew what a woman felt and I just might become a better lover of the ladies after I was let out of my steel jock.

I know this sounds totally crazy, but I felt so good that just a brief flash of an idea went through my head, like maybe if the gymnast and I got married we could fuck like this all the time. What was I saying? I couldn't marry a guy. We couldn't even see each other all that much, I mean what would my buddies say? It was one thing to be cock-locked as a wild manly stud, but I sure didn't want to be one of those goddamn fucking faggot queers. We had to be careful here, if anyone found out how much fun I had had getting fucked, well, they might get the wrong idea, might think I was a homosexual. No, it was like with the rubber dongs with Brent and Jason, we were just doing what we had to do under the temporary circumstances of being denied our true sexual release, our private parts now so private no one not even we ourselves could touch them, cock so confined that it could never shoot, never get hard.

Well, after feeling neutered by the hard steel trap on my balls, the rush I had with a warm-blooded human just now, well, I began to feel more alive, more like a person and less like a weightlifting pec-flexing robot drone. I may not have been a man any more, but at least I was a human. I sure hoped the gymnast didn't mind coming back again. A couple more sessions with him up my hole and I could make it to December. Then the women better watch out when I started going to all those Christmas parties. My cock and balls were going to have to make up for this 3-month coach-ordered castration.

"Yeah mom! We finished our workouts! I'll be up in a minute." The gymnast pulled on his clothes and we both walked up the stairs from my home gym room. His cock was safely down and in his jeans now and mine was hanging short and small in my shiny steel restraint. Mom didn't suspect anything as we walked through the kitchen, she was used to seeing me wear only my security jock around the house and interpreted the clear liquid dripping from the bottom of the cup and more flowing out of my ass hole, well, she saw it as sweat from the night's basement workout. "You better take a shower before bed!" "Yeah mom! I will!"

© 2000 by Maletrain
All rights reserved.