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(This story is not meant for anyone under the age of 18. If you are a minor, please leave immediately.
Also, this story and all characters in it are fictional)

“So it looks like Cindy and Rich are really hitting it off,” Dave said, taking a swig of beer.

Dave and I were sitting together on the back patio, watching our buddy Rich and Cindy chatting and flirting with each other in the Jacuzzi. We’d all spent the afternoon at Black’s beach, and had just returned to Rich’s beach house. Some of the other guys had fired up the barbecue, and we could smell hamburgers cooking.

“Yeah.” I replied, not hiding my frustration. I was annoyed at both my girlfriend and Rich.

“Did they, uh, have a good time last night?” Dave asked.

“Yeah.” I said. Dave just nodded. He knew what I meant.

Sounds of their voices and laughter came from the hot tub as the two of them horsed around.

“Hey Bri! Dave! Come on in and join us!” Rich was standing up and waving us over. His white speedos were noticeably tented. They were pressed down, wet, against his body, outlining his unflaccid prick as it snaked leftwards. Cindy sat behind him, and looked sexy as hell in her skimpy green bikini.

“Nah, I’m good Rich,” I said, protesting. Even though the idea of getting into the warm water was enticing, I didn’t feel like being a part of their little party-for-two.

“Come on, Brian!” Cindy said, doing little to conceal her exasperation. She had barely talked to me since last night.

“Okay.” Reluctantly, I got up, and, pulling Dave with me, went over to the hot tub.

We both slid into the water. As the bubbles and streams of hot water cascaded over me, I started relaxing almost immediately.

“Man, this is nice,” Dave said, closing his eyes.

Cindy moved over to make room for us, and then, with a giggle, got up and sat on Rich’s lap.

“Is this okay, Rich?” she said as she put an arm around his shoulders.

“You know it is, baby!” Rich replied. One of his arms slid around her slim waist, and the other came to rest between her legs. Part of me wanted to strangle Rich.

My girlfriend looked incredibly sexy in my buddy’s arms. She flirted with him with that same coy, girlishness she used on me. That’s what it must look like when she flirts with me, I thought to myself. I started to get aroused despite myself. The warm jets of bubbles streaming over my lower back and between my legs weren’t helping either, and before I knew it, I felt my prick getting hard underneath my shorts.

Dave looked pretty relaxed too. At one point I felt his leg absently graze up against mine. He was still in great shape, and I could tell he kept training. Oddly, Dave was a hairy guy, and it didn’t seem to bother him. Unlike Rich, myself and our other swimteam buddies, he didn’t bother with shaving or waxing or any kind of hair removal. He just stayed hairy. I guess people had different standards in San Francisco.

“So how’s my baby?” Rich asked in Cindy’s ear, nuzzling his nose around her earlobe.

“Mmmm… good,” Cindy said. She stroked Rich’s chest, leaving her hand on one of his well-formed pecs. Then, turning to me, she said, “Brian, my feet hurt. Could you give me one of your foot massages?”

“Of course, babe,” I said. Damn I hated myself. How much more pathetic could I get? My girlfriend and best buddy were practically getting it on right in front of me, and all I could feel was gratitude, gratitude that I could be useful to her somehow.

She put her feet up on my lap. Her pink toenails looked so luscious I wanted to bend down and lick them. When her delicate, curved arches made contact with my crotch, they sent a jolt of electricity through me. My cock jumped to full mast.

As I massaged her feet, I moved closer to Rich and Cindy, causing Cindy’s knees to rise above the surface of the water. Rich reached over and pushed me back, straightening her legs out.

“Careful, Bri. We don’t want Cindy to get cold knees,” he said, in a slightly admonishing tone.

Rich started caressing Cindy’s legs under the water, moving over her inner thighs with the lightest of feather touches, Eventually, his hand came to rest deep between her legs, with his thumb on her bikini, right along the lips of her pussy.

“Uhhh…” Cindy gasped.

“You are one hell of a beautiful woman.” Rich’s voice was husky.

I massaged her feet, one by one, taking my time with each of her toes, her soles, and her heels. I desperately wanted to lift them out of the water and lick them, but didn’t want to annoy Rich after he’d said he wanted her legs to stay in the water.

Through the turbulence of the water jets emerging from between Rich’s legs, I saw Rich’s thumb, lodged well between Cindy’s legs, moving back and forth in a short, steady rhythm. A pang of jealousy struck me, and I wanted to shove Rich’s hand off Cindy.

The only thing that stopped me was the sheer bliss on Cindy’s face. Her eyes were closed, her head tossed back, and her back was arched in pleasure. She let out a periodic moan or sigh of approval.

Suddenly I felt Dave’s knee bump into mine.

“Shit, sorry, man,” he said, quickly pulling his hand out of his shorts. I’d forgotten Dave was there. His eyes were fixed on us, and his mouth hung open. From the looks of it he’d just readjusted his hard-on, which now pointed upwards under his shorts.

“I didn’t know you gave massages,” Dave said. Drool was practically pouring out of his mouth. His curly dark blond was matted against the nape of his neck, as was the hair on his chest above the water. He looked like a horny, wet, blond gorilla.

Ignoring him, I continued massaging Cindy’s feet, aiming for every erogenous zone I was aware of. I knew them so well... her large toe for example. She loved when I hooked my fingers around it and slowly milked it. Her ankles, and that spot just below her inner ankle, just before the start of her arches…. I grazed my fingernails along it, and felt her squirm.

Cindy was moaning audibly now, both from my foot massage, and Rich’s expert finger work. Dave continued to stare at us… mostly at Cindy’s feet, immobilized, drooling.

“Uuuhhh….” Cindy moaned.

Rich was edging her. I could see his thumb going back and forth on her swollen clit, through the fabric of her bikini. He had her so close, I could practically feel her orgasm building, over and over. He increased his tempo, brought her close to the edge, then stopped, just to start over again. She squirmed in pleasure on Rich’s lap, and spread her legs as much as she could.

I must have been channeling Cindy, because I could feel the waves of pleasure running through my own groin, in sync with hers.

“Uuuhhhh…. Brian!” she whimpered.

I was touched that Cindy called out my name and not Rich’s. I increased the rhythm of my massage, as Rich did the same with his finger.

“Mmmm….” Cindy’s jaw clenched. “uuuunnnngggggh….” The muscles in Cindy’s neck tensed up. The three of us stared at her…. she was there… right on the verge of an explosive orgasm.

That was when the boys interrupted us.

“Yo Rich! Dave! What’ll it be guys… hotdogs or hamburgers?” Joe and Steve came around the bushes from the barbecue station, shouting and jostling each other in loud, frat-boy voices. They were wearing aprons stained with grease, and were drinking beer from large plastic glasses.

In the instant before they saw us, Rich had deftly slid Cindy off him and onto my lap and readjusted his speedo bulge. He leaned back, arms up on the ledge of the Jacuzzi, in one of his usual cocky, confident poses.

Dave, who’d been intently watching the whole thing, was in a daze. He abruptly pulled his waistband up, tucking his erect cock into his shorts, and turned away.

Poor Cindy. In a split second, she went from the edge of an intense orgasm to the cold shock of being lifted out of the water, off Rich, and plunked onto my lap. I fumbled on the receive, and Cindy slid off me, ending up in the center of the hot tub with a loud splash.

Sonofabitch. My cock, channeling Cindy’s anti-climax, felt like someone had immersed
it in ice. My hardon disappeared and my cock shriveled down to nothing.

“Steve did the burgers, so I’d go with the hotdogs,” Joe laughed. He sounded drunk. They’d noticed nothing.

“Yo Joe! Yo Steve!” Rich shouted jovially to the newcomers. “I think I’ll do a hotdog. I’ll be out in a second!”

“So Dave, what’s up with the Giant’s this season?” Rich asked, nudging Dave’s thigh across the Jacuzzi with his foot.

“Huh?” Dave asked, still in his gorilla-like trance.

Rich and the other guys deftly launched into baseball talk with the boys.

Meanwhile, Cindy had gotten up and taken a seat across from me. I looked over at her. She was glaring at me.

Hey, wait a sec, babe, what the HELL did I do? I’m as fucking frustrated as you are! You and me were BOTH at the edge when those guys showed up.

Her eyes were daggers, and I cringed.

I reached my legs out to touch Cindy. As soon as she felt my toe touch her, she got up, and stepped out of the Jacuzzi.

“Where are you going?” I asked, immediately realizing how idiotic my question sounded. I didn’t know what else to say. Cindy just grabbed her towel and went into the house.

I got up and, leaving the others behind, went after her. I found her in our bedroom, on the bed, crying.

“Hey babe, don’t cry. I’m sorry for what happened.”

“SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!” she shrieked.

“I –”

“Leave me alone!” she yelled.

“You sure, babe? I – ”

“Please, Brian, go back to your friends,” She didn’t look up.

I quietly did as I was told, leaving her in the bedroom, and went back downstairs. I felt bad for her. I felt like shit, in fact. Here she was, this gorgeous woman, and all she wanted was to get it on with Rich. And for some reason or another, her attempts kept getting thwarted.

I needed to figure out how to get Rich and Cindy to get it on. Just once. For both Cindy’s sanity and my own. I need to ask Rich, to beg him, if necessary. Until that fire was put out, there would be no normalcy in our relationship. However demeaning it might sound, the logic made complete sense to me and I was ready to stand by it.

Dave and Rich had gotten out of the hot tub. Dave was on the patio with the others, while Rich was still toweling himself off.

“Hey Rich,” I cautiously approached him.

“Bri! Where’s Cindy?” Rich asked cheerfully as he toweled his back. He arched his back and jutted his pelvis out. His speedo was still wet, and I could make out the outline of his prick - a long tube ending in a thick, mushroom head.

“She’s upstairs, Rich.” I said. After a moment’s hesitation, I added, “I think she’s a bit upset that…”

“That what?”

“Uh, well, I think she really wants you and her to…” I was unable to say it.

“To what, man?” He lifted each arm, drying his smooth, hairless armpits and impressive, ripped deltoids.

“Uh… well, I was thinking… tonight I could crash in Dave’s room and you could hang out with Cindy and –”

“Say it, bro! What’s on your mind?”

My face was flush. “Just that I think it would be good for Cindy if you –”

I stopped. I was too humiliated to continue. I want you to fuck my girlfriend, Rich. Please. I beg you. She wants you, needs you so bad.

“Please, Rich. You know what I mean…” I said, desperately hoping he would take control of the conversation.

Rich was drying his legs now, bent over, working his way up from his feet to his thighs.

“Do you want me to have sex with your girlfriend?” he asked, standing up. He pulled his white speedos off, and they landed in a wet puddle on the floor at his feet.

I felt the blood rise to my face. I must have been a shade of deep red.

“Do you want your best buddy to fuck your girlfriend?” Rich asked. He was staring straight at me, slowly running the towel over his cock and balls.

“I – I -,” I was so ashamed could barely speak.

“Say it bro, it’s all good.”

I just nodded. “Y… yeah. I - I want…”

Rich was drying his ass, reaching between his cheeks, and that smooth, hairless area between his cock and ass. He continued to stare at me, waiting.

“I, I want you to… fuck my girlfriend.” I said, looking down.

Rich took a step towards me and dropped his towel on the floor. He put a hand on my chin and lifting my head so he was looking at me squarely in the eyes. He stood just a foot away, and heat emanated from his naked body. Then again, it could have just been the heat of the shame and humiliation I was feeling.

“Say it now, Bri,” he said, staring straight into my eyes.

“I want you to fuck my girlfriend and make her happy.” I felt tears well in my eyes.

“Say it again,” he whispered with a sneer. The bastard was demanding total and complete submission from me.

“Please. Please fuck my girlfriend. I’m begging you, Rich.” I repeated, “I’m begging you to fuck my girlfriend.”

He let go of me, and stared at me in silence. Slowly, his lips curved upwards into a smile. His domineering, well-worn, alpha-male smile.

I felt emptied. I stung with shame and humiliation, but at the same time felt exhilarated. Like when you finally say something aloud that you’ve always known and felt, but never admitted. My insides were rejoicing with relief, even though my self-esteem had taken such a blow.

“Let me get some clothes on,” Rich said, picking up his swim trunks and his towel. “Then how about you and me go get one of those burgers?”

I smiled. “You bet, Rich!”

I felt happy - and secure - with the notion that it wouldn’t be long now. My best buddy and my girlfriend would get it on. And my relationship with Cindy would return back to normal. Nothing more needed to be said.

(to be continued...)

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