A Gilded Cage

Written by Marie




Colin walked around the gilded cage, it was fashioned just like a domed bird cage, only it was 6 feet high. The bars were made of highly polished brass with a door that was secured by a deadbolt. Cplin was waiting in anticpation for the evening to come. He had a very special date with a most enterprising young lady. The doorbell rang, Colin left the room to answer the front door.


Standing in the doorway was a beautiful woman, 5'5, waist length curly light brown hair and the most amazing blue eyes completed the picture. As Colin gestured for the woman to enter, she took off her coat. Colin's eyes widen, the young woman was nude. High full breast, small waist and legs that just didn't quit, the woman was gorgeous. Colin had a noticable bulge in his pants by this time. The woman just laughed as she noticed the bulge. Colin asked her her name. She said that she was called Melinda. Colin told Melinda to enter the room where the cage was. Melinda looked at the cage and the other paranaphilia that decorated the walls. There was a wall full of whips, chains, and strap on dildos of all sizes. There was also a post that was about 6 feet tall with chains and handcuffs which would chain a person in a spread eagle position. Colin let Melinda take in the room's items, all the while looking at her large breast. Colin walked to one of the collection on the wall and selected nipple clamps that had like chain that connected them like a leash. Colin walked over to Melinda and pinched her already hard nipples. He put on the clamp on one nipple making Melinda moan withthe painful desire coursing through her. Colin placed the other clamp. Then he picked up the chain and tugged on it, pulling the breast foward with the motion. Melinda whimpered louder but followed. Colin led her to the post and handcuffed her hands above her head, spread her legs to chain them on the bottom. He then selected a whip with was constructed of knotted leather, and whipped her breast till they were covered with red welts, then whipped her open pussy till the clit lips were swollen red with desire. Colin then unchained her legs, unhooked her arms from the post but left them handcuffed, he led into the cage. After he locked the cage, he whistled. A muscalur man came in also nude except with a balck studded leather g-string.Colin gestured for the man to kneel in front of him. The kneeling man unzipped Colin's pants allowing Colin's huge hard dick to fall out. The man licked him up and down beofre swallowing the dick whole. A whimper from the cage drew Colin's attention, Melinda was frantically rubbing herself with her handcuffed hands, Colin who still had the whip, whipped Melinda's hands. Melinda immeadiately stopped. The kneeling man never stopped his sucking, his own bulge growing in his g-string. Colin stopped the man and bade him to take off his g-string. As the man did so, two hard dicks came out. Melinda's gasp again got Colin's attention. Colin motioned for the man to the cage, Melinda tried to touch the dicks, but her handcuffs wouldn't allow her to do so. Colin came from behind the man and rammed his dick into the man's ass. Moaning Melinda rubbed her aching cunt, the man reached out and slapped her hands away. The man then reached for his two dicks and started to rub them up and down. Colin quickly moved the man away from the cage, Colin shot his load onto Melinda's breast. Melinda was really panting in heat by now. Colin told the man to put his two dicks throught the bars of the cage, Melinda bent down and greedily sucked one as Colin rubbed the other. Soon the man shot his load all over Melinda. The man then left the room. Colin went up to the cage and started to urinate on Melinda. Melinda started to rub her breasts against the warm golden shower. Colin reached throught the bars and grabbed her handcuffs and hooked them to the bars so that she wouldn't be albe to move. Colin then left the room and turned off the light. Melinda by now was crazy with desire. She tried to frantically rub her clit against the bars, but was unable to. Crying, she fell into a restless sleep. A whisper woke up Melinda awile later, the man with the double dicks was back. His two dicks were hard and throbbing. He motioned for Melinda to bend over and placed her ass against the bars. She eagerly complied and was rewarded with the filling of her pussy and ass at the time. She came within a matter of seconds when she felt the hot cum gushing in both holes. The man then left. Colin came back in and released her from the cage. Melinda just smiled got into her coat and said-"Same time next week?"