Hannah was paid fifty thousand dollars to give up her life for a year. Fifty thousand dollars to walk away from everything she had known and built by herself for herself. It wasn't a hard decision to make. It wasn't a hard feat to accomplish. All she had to do at work was say she wanted to take a year off to write book. It was a unwritten university policy that every professor had write at least on book. She was one of the few in her department that hadn't. She had written a book just no one knew about it yet except for an agent who had already lined up a publisher. She rented her condo to a graduate student for a ridiculous low rent on the conditions he paid all the bills and took care of her manuscript. On the morning she left she sent a letter with a detailed outline of the book and a notarized letter transferring the power to make any last minute confirmations to the graduate student.

Hannah was paid fifty thousand dollars to give up everything, to have nothing, to be nothing for a year. She still wasn't completely sure in her reasons in doing this beyond the need having to know what it was like to have nothing. She was the only daughter to world renown academics. Parents who had made themselves before she was born denied her nothing in the way of material possessions or opportunies or resources. She was spoiled in getting everything her heart and eyes desired. She had the best in everything from the best clothes to the best schools. She was rarely punished and rarely challenged. Hannah guessed those two things didn't happen because she did them herself. She was a self declared perfectionist and super critical of herself. Early in life she became a loner becoming a workhorse because she felt more comfortable in doing it herself, making sure it got done correctly and on time. Hannah also guessed there was an underlying, unconscious thought of having to live up the same reputation her parents had. All this led to a fiery determination which got her everything she desired. It also led to her getting a reputation of being a cold hearted calculating bitch.

Hannah did not remember what drew into the shadowy world of S&M. As a teenager she smuggled badly written novels into her bed . She was amazed at how the women in these novels gave up their power so easily. She developed a love-hate relationship with these women. In an undergraduate class she befuddled a professor in twentieth century literature by writing a paper on the power of submission these women possessed . She secretly she admired them for she believed they had something she didn't.

Her cab arrived to take her to the rendezvous point. She took one last look around her condo, her life, before walking out and closing the door behind. The only thing she carried with her was a twenty dollar bill for the cab. The voice on the phone said it would be more then enough. She looked out the window and watched her life speed by and disappear behind her. She felt no regret, no fear.

Like many other moments in her life Hannah really couldn't place when she moved from thinking about the submissive women in the novels to wanting to know what it was to be one. She remembered making several appointments with several professional dominatrixs. She never connected with any of them but did connect with the sensation of physical pain. She eventually linked up with a Master who taught her everything she knew about submission.

But over time it became obvious it wasn't enough. She came to realize there were two very distinct parts to her: the fearless decision making power professor she played during the week and the submissive she played during the weekends. She wanted to be completely whole. She wanted to merge the parts of herself. She spoke of this desire to her Master but he wasn't much help. He was honest to admit that such a thought overwhelmed him. While he played the scene full time he felt he had never met a sub who could assume the role of a sub full time, it involved too much giving up. They had several long discussion which bordered on arguments about whether anyone could be a full time sub. He finally admitted that he wasn't interested in anyone who was willing to give it all up even there was one who was willing. After about six months he came to her with a phone number telling her to call saying this person was part of an organization that could help her reach her dream.

The woman who answered the phone spoke in a soft gentle comforting voice but never revealed her name or where she was located. She talked of a private island outside of jurisdiction of any country and outlined how the island resort worked and repeatedly emphasized the security and the safety of all the people on the island. It wasn't just one call that all this information was given but over a half dozen calls. Hannah did the first call but the rest were done by the woman. It was only in the last call that the woman told Hannah of the 50,000 dollars she would be given as a reward if she completed a year as a sub.

"It wasn't as easy decision for we know many of the subs come for the complete servitude. But we also realize these people were completely giving up their lives and all income. By doing it as reward of service we hopefully get away from the image of them getting paid for it."

Two days after Hannah agreed to become a sub a contract arrived . It was very specific for what they were and were not responsible for. It also came with a form for a complete physical plus an HIV test. One of the forms Hannah had to sign was a detailed consent form of what the could done to her. The only limitations was the owner could not permanently injure or scar the sub. Occasionally blood may be shed but it was the responsibility of the owner to insure it wasn't massive blood loss and the sub got immediate medical attention. It was also spelled out that when any injury to the sub occurred the owner could not put the sub in any dangerous activity until he or she was completely healed. The woman claimed that all this was legal mumbo-jumbo and in the ten years the resort existed there were no deaths even serious medical emergencies. The woman assured Hannah that the resort had a state of the art medical facility manned by top not physicians always had a medical plane on standby. Every precaution was taken to ensure the health and safety of everyone.

There were twelve Owners on the resort at all times. When a sub arrived he or she was given to the owner who could do whatever he or she felt like doing. Often this resulted in the owner giving the slave to visiting patrons. The restrictions of the patrons was more than the Owners. The strictest rule was that all heavy duty use or punishment the patron wanted to inflict on the sub was to be overseen by the owner of one of the owner's assistants, a handler. This was enforced by several means. One was the patrons paid their fee upfront with no refund given if they broke the rules in any way. The other was a high tech surveillance covering every part of the of the resort. The surveillance equipment were built into the rooms so they were not detectable. If a patron was discovered abusing a sub they were ejected without refund and permanently barred from the resort. If a owner or a handler was found abusing a sub they too were permanently barred from the resort and, even more damaging, the resort made sure every S&M house in the world knew of the violation which effectively end their career. While there had been several instances of patron abusing a slave there never been an instance of owner or handler abusing a slave.

The cab deposited her at the front of the luxurious gold chrome hotel. She entered a glowing lobby from being polished so finely and soft music played overhead. She looked around to see no one gave this woman with no luggage and no purse a second glance. Hannah noticed the sitting sections were divided into rectangles of two couches capped by leather chairs with a long coffee table in the center and framed by lamp tables in the corners. She now understood the final instructions to the meeting. She was suppose to wear a flat outfit, she settled on a pasty off-white cotton outfit, and she was suppose to sit in the third section on the right. She guessed it was a test to see how she followed less then explicit orders. She sat in a chair that faced away from the windows and over-looked the front desk and elevators. Ever since she was a child she liked going to places where she could watch the movement of people undetected. She believed one could learn a lot more about people by watching them move, especially when they weren't aware they were being detected. It also calmed Hannah to watch the rhythm of the movement. Everyplace ad a distinct rhythm, even if that rhythm changed throughout the day it was still there. In hotels the rhythm centered around the front desk, virtually everyone who entered the lobby at one point or another made contact with the front desk, especially in the morning where people were checking out.

Then Hannah saw who she was waiting for. She just knew from instinct. Her eyes picked her up the moment she exited the slivery elevators. Hannah guessed the woman was bigger and more powerful then she appeared. She was dressed to be a shadow, simple unadorned soft black. She meant business to the point of not denying any part of her existence. Dark eyes that even from a distance took in everything in one almost careless swipe of the of the lobby. The woman moved lightly but solidly on her feet. She paused at the front desk for a question and nodded in satisfaction of the answer. She turned and looked directly at Hannah. There was no point in denying they had recognized each other without ever meeting before. Of course she had the advantage, Hannah thought, as she knew everything about her. The woman had probably memorized everything about her, even her photograph. Hannah knew nothing and it excited her. As the woman approached the Hannah stood with her hands curled in a ball in front of her crotch and her head slightly bowed. She felt the woman come to a stop beside her and felt the woman take in every part of her.

"Be seated." The woman sat on the chair across the table from her and looked over Hannah quietly. "There will no others here. We met in isolated places. You are the first. We meet you this way to be sure on both our sides. Some get this far and suddenly realize this isn't just a cyber chat. That this real. The fear of this makes them want to dart as quickly and as far away as they can. It is understandable and we hold no hard if this happens. This is your last chance to ask questions. This is your last chance to say no."

The woman leaned back into the chair and waited. Sometimes took time for them to get their minds going again but once it did , they had questions. They always had questions. The woman was intrigued by Hannah. There was something about her, about her aura that made her different from many of the other girls she met. She almost knew immediately Hannah was a keen acquisition, a valuable asset to the resort. She rarely thought that about any of the new ones. What was even more rare and surprising was how she was turned on by Hannah. She was wet for her. There were those who turned her on. There were new ones she wanted to play with but none of them made her felt she needed them, none of them made her wet just sitting in a public hotel lobby.

The questions did come. They weren't the fear induced questions but the technical questions about logistics, payment and the like. Hannah was quite calm and focused. The woman was thrown slightly off guard by the demeanor but soon recovered enough to continue. The woman guessed Hannah was either great at masking her fear or didn't have any fear at all. The woman didn't know which was more dangerous but realized that Hannah was quite dangerous and was not to be handled timidly.

"What now?" Hannah asked signaling she had no more questions.

"In the back parking lot there is a bus we have rented. You will walk with me there. Once you enter the bus you will completely disrobe. Don't worry, the bus has tinted windows and no one will see you. You will be seated and blindfolded. From that time till the moment you reach the resort you will remain blindfolded. We are scheduled to pick up nine other subs. We will travel to a secluded private airport where you will transferred to a private jet. From the time you enter the bus you will not speak or move without permission from any of us handlers. We are not afraid to bound and gag you if you disobey and we will do it in a manner that will make it quite uncomfortable for the rest of the trip. Do you understand?"


"Are there any last questions?"

"May I go to the bathroom before we leave?"

"Yes. Are there any more questions?"


"Good. Your period of silence begins now. Come."

Hannah followed the handler on her right and a step behind. They entered the silvery elevator and went up to the seventeenth floor and down the hall where they entered a room. The two things Hannah immediately saw was a gorgeous overview of the city and a packed suitcase on the single bed. The handler motion to the bathroom on the right.

"You may go to the bathroom but leave the door open. You have three minutes. And don`t flush."

Hannah goes to the bathroom following her handler's orders leaving the door open. At first she thought she would have a problem emptying her bladder knowing there was someone listening to her every movement but it actually turned out to be quiet easy. She guessed it was due to in part to the woman gave her a solid time limit to finish her ministrations. It made it all the easier to achieve her goal.

When she finished she stood at the door. The woman was checking the weather and talking on the phone. When she finished she turned off the TV and checked the bathroom in a quick businesslike manner before flushing the toilet.

"Get the suitcase. You are in luck. The entire coast is expected to have a beautiful day. It should be a smooth trip down. Probably the only smooth thing you have for the next year. Come."

They went down to the lobby where the woman paid her bill then ushered Hannah out the back door. They stopped in from of the passenger van. It was one of those small touring shuttle vans one would see at the airport. This was one of those upscale vans that individual plush seats which sat no more than twenty. They stopped at the sliding door of the van as the handler placed her luggage underneath.

"This is your last chance," The woman whispered in Hannah's ear. Hannah could feel the woman's breath but that was all that touched her. Hannah said nothing. "Very good. I will blindfold you now. I will guide you into the van. Once we are in you will undress. I will lead you to your seat. Understand?" Hannah nodded. "Good. Here we go."

In a flash the light was gone. Hannah heard the doors slide open and stepped up into the van having judged the height of the step while she had sight. She sensed the handler step in behind her with almost a appreciative nod. The van had been running for some time as the interior was cold from the air conditioning being on full power. She felt goose bumps on her arms. Hannah undressed as was commanded. First her tennis shoes were removed. Her feet were bare as she been instructed not to wear socks. Then off came the pants. She was wore no underwear as was instructed. Lastly the blouse was removed and she stood naked slightly chilled by the air conditioner. Her handler nodded and told the driver to turn off the air conditioner. She took Hannah by elbow and guided her deeper into the van telling where there was a small step and where turn and sit. The handler strapped a seatbelt around her waist. The cold metal made her sex flinch on touch.

"One last warning," The handler whispered leaning on Hannah's shoulder. "You are forbidden to play to touch yourself. If you do we will bound and gag you and make it a very uncomfortable trip. Understand?"

Hannah nodded. She heard a slight chuckle escape from the handler and a moment later there was lurch as the van started to move. Throughout the trip in the van Hannah stayed still and silent. Her ears strained to hear to something but nothing came from the van except for the engine and the turning of the tires. Occasionally she heard sounds from the world outside, especially when the van came to a stop. She heard the rustling of movement. She felt the splash of heat when the door slid open and snippets of activity outside. The doors closed and there was silence. When the doors opened again she heard the rustling of movement by more than two bodies. She heard the removal of clothes. At one point she heard the slap of flesh and a stifled cry. When the bodies were situated the van moved again. Once or twice Hannah felt that the handler returned alone. Excitement and fear kept her from falling asleep. Eventually she felt the van go up an incline and picked up speed. She guessed they were on the freeway.

Hannah loved the freeway. She loved the sounds of the of the freeway, the sounds of the friction of the air coming off cars and rubbing against the slipstream of other cars. She loved hearing the snippets of every type of music flowing out of windows. . In her lifetime Hannah spent way to much time on the freeways and she could differentiate between some cars and trucks just by the sound. She loved the shapes of and colors of the vehicles. What was what she missed being blindfolded was the colors, the shapes, and the sights of the highway. But she had her imagination and she could see.

Her imagination was a powerful tool. She knew people couldn't see in. But what if they could? What a sight it would be for people to see a van full of naked people. The thought excited her and her awake even as the gentle rocking of the van tempted her to sleep. She didn't want to fall asleep. She wanted to be awake and experience it all. She thrusted her body against the seat allowing the vary shape of her body stand out. She was proud of her body. She worked hard to get and keep her body this way and wasn't afraid to show it off. A small smile eked out of her lips.

All this the Handler saw. She wasn't sure what she saw but it made her feel happy. There was something that told the handler that Hannah was going to change things. She didn't sense anything else besides that. It made the situation both exciting and dangerous. She wasn't certain which was worse.

The van eventually slowed down and dipped telling Hannah they left the freeway. They made several turns and turned onto a rough road which meant they left the city streets,. They came to a slow rolling stops. Hannah heard the door slid open and felt the heat rush in. A body went by her and there was some soft whispering in the front.

"Listen up. We are at the airport," Commanded the handler's voice with booming authority. "One by one we will take you out of the van and put you on the plane. At no time will you make any type of sound. I have been told the cement is a bit warm but not to the point of burning so you been warned. Once we are airborne we will take care of your personal needs."

There was movement again. She felt a presence near and a hand unbuckled her seatbelt then with firm softness take hold of her elbow and guided her. She felt the heat of smooth cement warm her soles and that she was in shadows. She guessed she was either in a hanger or hidden just behind it. A different voice told her about each of the half dozen steps up then to lower her head as she stepped into of the cabin. She was seated early in the cabin and fastened down. She listened to the movement passing her and the sounds of the airport outside. Eventually the door closed and the engines came to life. Hannah was relieved that it wasn't propeller engines.

Hannah had flown a lot in her life for both personal and business purposes. Yet she still disliked take-offs and landings, especially takeoffs. As the Lear jet taxied down the runway then took off into a steep ascent she flattened herself against the back of the seat, her arms gripped the armrests and she did her best to keep calm by taking long deep breathes and looking straight ahead with her eyes closed until the jet leveled off at a cruising attitude. Once the flight was underway Hannah realized there more then one handler the subs on her van on board. The handlers stayed busy looking after the new subs making Hannah believe that there were more than one van load of subs on the flight. Her handler came to her at one point and wrapped one of her hands around a plastic bottle of water then placed a sandwich in the other. Later the handler came back and led her to the restroom. The handler sat her on the toilet and watched. Though Hannah could not see her she could feel the eyes on her.

"We have something in common," The handler said lightly. "We both hate take offs."

It made Hannah laugh and release of tension freed her bladder. She could almost see the handler smile at the accomplishment.

"Keep drinking water," the handler whispered firmly as she strapped Hannah back into the seat. "the biggest problem we have is subs tend to dehydrate really quickly. Handlers can judge many things about the condition of subs but the hardest thing is gauging whether the sub is hydrated or not. You have been told to keep a strict code of silence. The two exceptions two this rule is when you are in extreme pain and when you are in need to water. We are proud to note none of our subs as ever received a severe injury and we are not to start to let that happen now."

Miles away in a private room a woman watch a set of six television camera at different angles. Her sharp dark eyes flicked from one image after another. She been watching the screens ever since the plane had been in range. Her eyes gradually decreased their view until they were focused on a single screen. She watched the woman on the screen who sat tall with a straight back her hands on her lap curled around a water bottle. The woman looked straight ahead with an intensity as if she was paying attention to something.

"She is the one I want," The woman finally breathed . "She is mine."

The plane came to a stop on a single one lane airport strip. The first thing that embraced Hannah upon her exiting the plane was the mugginess of the air. She felt herself start to sweat immediately. One by one they were led off and placed in a van much bigger than the first van but not as nice. The bumpiness of the road told her they were on a dirt road. She guessed the airstrip was the only paved area in the resort. Soon enough the van came to a stop and they were withdrawn from the van. They sat down on uneven grass. And Hannah felt water nearby. Then with a sudden fierceness the handlers raced through the group removing the blindfolds. The natural reaction for Hannah at the sudden invasion of bright daylight after hours of darkness and shadows was to thrust her head down and blink furiously until the sparks in her vision receded and she could see the green grass without pain.

Slowly Hannah looked up and around. She was right in all her instincts. They sat in an uncut meadow by a pond. Handlers moved cautiously around making sure all the new two dozen naked subs were alright. She saw all handlers were like the one at hotel: all black and all business. Then she saw a blonde goddess standing still at the front of the group and she knew this this woman was the leader.

Just by sight Hannah knew this woman knew how to delegate. It wasn't just how she stood still waiting for the handlers to come report to her but everything about her was built to reinforce some other part. There was no one part that drew attention but everything.

"Welcome," She powerfully called out with open arms with the palms facing outward which brought stillness to the area. Hannah recognized this was the woman who spoke to her on the phone, who convinced her to come. "My name is Mistress Drilling. I run this place. This was my idea, my child, so if you do anything wrong here it will not be just breaking the rules but you will be disrespecting me. I do not accept being disrespected. You all have undergone extensive interviewing and tests to be in this spot. You have been given a manual of what will you be expected of you and what this place is like. I hope you have read it for it will make it a whole lot easier for you. Now, you might be asking why you are here on this spot. You will be each be assigned an owner and handler who will be in charge of you, of your well being for the length of your stay. But the exact owner and handler has yet to be chosen. This is why we are here. A suggestion was made that we should have a hunt and this is what this going to be."

Hannah looked up and saw the handlers circle through the group handing out jail orange jumpsuits and tennis shoes.

"What is going to happen is when we are finished you will be released into the forest like escaping slaves. You will be given a hour head start then we come after you. How difficult or easy you make it is up to you. A couple of head ups though. There are no poisonous or dangerous animals or plants on this island. We also demand you keep the jumpsuit on in case of an accident we can easily find you. If you come upon an injured sub you have immediate immunity to capture to get help. Also this area around here is sanctuary. There will always be someone here with food and drink for the length of the hunt. We also command you appear here every few hours and in the evening so we can be sure you are safe and unharmed. Those are the rules, so now you may get dressed and run."

Everything was set for the subs to be captured and Hannah knew that. They knew of all her secrets, all of her ways were known to them. They probably knew her habits and ways better then she knew her own self. A few in the group dressed and left quickly. Most left together. She was one of the last to leave the field into the woods. As Hannah dressed she managed to get her bearings. She gathered her sense of directions by eyeing the road. She made an deducted case of where she came from, and where the compound was. She slipped into the forest alone and worked way down a bit then crossed the road and doubled back to a point where she could oversee the field. Not long after the last of the subs left the field several cars came the road and turned into the fields. Mistress Drilling greeted the men and broke them into groups with assigned handlers. Hannah couldn't hear the Mistress but she assumed the Mistress went over the rules of the scenario with lustfully eager men. Hannah remembered being told both men and women came to the island, but she only saw men in this group. The Mistress released her charges and watch them scatter into the trees. For a moment she stood alone in the field. Her eyes made a complete circle and, perhaps it was just Hannah's imagination, her eyes lingered on the woods Hannah hid. A car came down a road and several people got out and started to set up a buffet table. The Mistress exchanged some words before she moved into her car and drove away. Hannah followed on foot in the woods.

She figured it was main road of the island and a key maker in understanding the island as it lead to the resort compound. Hannah guessed there was at least six buildings in the complex though she could not see all of it because of the tall stone wall that surrounded it. The central building was a large renaissance style mansion in the center of the complex. She circled around the complex before moving on. She spent rest of the day exploring the island surprised to discovered it was probably a couple of miles at most in diameter, bigger than she thought it would be. At the end of the day she returned to her watching place across the road from the meadow . She watched as each sub who wasn't caught wandered into the camp. The were checked off the list and immediately taken care of in all ways. By the time of the dusk arrive Hannah guessed half the slaves had been captured. She also noticed worried tension appear in the some of the handlers. Hannah guessed it was due her not returning. She plopped off her perch and circled around. There was some relief but it wasn't completely gone. She knew something else was wrong and it was confirmed when she saw Mistress Drilling with very concerned look on her face. Hannah believed from her discussions Mistress Drilling was not someone who showed visible stress. She learned through camp gossip that one other girl did not return.

Through hushed conversations in the night Hannah learned in the general direction the missing girl had gone. She was awake at first light. It was a cool morning but Hannah knew from her experience of growing up in the south it was a deceptive coolness. She stealthy moved through the camp and stole three bottles of water and fruit then moved into the trees. She thought she had disturbed no one but she didn't the dark eyes follow her entire journey.

Hannah knew the sooner she found the girl the better. She guessed the girl couldn't move since she didn't return last night. From her explorations the day before she discovered the island was pretty flat so unless she fell from a tree she guessed the girl stepped in a whole and twisted a knee or an ankle. If the girl was like herself she played the game seriously she would make a serious attempt to hide detection. During the night Hannah learned the girl left in a small group and traveled with them until she saw something in a clearing that made her veer off. Hannah found the clearing and went to stand in the middle. She made a slow complete circle twice before she saw it, an area of forest which looked a bit denser and rougher than the rest. A perfect area to get lost, to hide, to get injured. She took off into that area. She found the missing girl curled up in a ball asleep. She gently nudged the girl awake. She could see the girl's eyes were red in tearful pain.


"Hi. I sprained my ankle really bad. I was climbing through these brushes and one of my legs got caught . When I pulled it free I lost my balance and fell forward and I guess my foot landed in a hole or something. I can't put any weight on it at all."

Hannah looked over the ankle in a light gentle way. It was so swollen she knew it was out of her league to help. She pulled out one of the bottles water out and gave it to her. They sat silent and drank the water and ate some fruit. It took some time to get the girl on her feet. She still couldn't place weight the injured ankle so Hannah took most of the girl's weight on her own frame. They slowly moved back out of the bushes stopping frequently to rest. It took them almost three times as long to get out of the bushes as it for Hannah to get in. When they finally made it out Hannah propped the girl up against a tree trunk then plopped down besides her taking out another bottle of water.

"Where are the others?" the girl asked.

"I hope they will be along soon. I was the first one out this morning worrying about you being dehydrated. I guess the good thing about getting hurt where you did was that you in the shade the entire time."

"You they didn't start looking for me till now?"

"They didn't realize you were gone till it was dark last night. They didn't even entertain going out last night," Hannah commented dryly.

She could see the girl was a bit pissed about being left out all night. Hannah agreed with her. Someone somehow made a huge mistake. She suddenly remembered that the Mistress had commanded yesterday that they check in every few hours. No one seemed to realize the girl hadn't check in until darkness. And it just wasn't one, Hannah suddenly realized she didn't check in at all either. She wondered if the Mistress knew. Almost on cue there were rustling in the trees across the trees. Hannah stood as the Mistress broke through the trees.

"Good you found her," The Mistress gleamed as she pulled Hannah aside allowing the medics to get to the girl. They started to walk across the meadow. "How did you find her so fast?"

"I found out which way she headed off alone Mame, then I just followed my instincts as a escaping sub." The Mistress nodded her acceptance then started to turn back. "There is one more thing Mame."


"Apparently she hadn't checked in all day Mame. I apologize to say I didn't check in either. Shouldn't have someone noticed that before darkness fell Mame?"

"Yes. Someone didn't do their job correctly. I will look into it and rectify it immediately. Thank you for making me aware of the situation. You may go."

And so Hannah was dismissed. At first Hannah was a bit angry. Mistakes had been made and injury had occurred and it could have been a lot worse than it was but the game still went on. But she eventually realized the game had to go on. There were people who paid a large amount of money to the play the game and she was paid a lot of money to be a toy in the game. She spent the day exploring the other of the island. The only change she made in her routine was that she checked in at the sanctuary a bit more often. It was obvious that Mistress Drilling had done investigating as the handlers were hyper attentive.

By the end of second day Hannah was the only sub who had yet to be caught. During dinner she learned about the compound from the handler. She was amazed in how easily she was learned the details right down to where The Mistress held her rooms. It didn't surprise her that it was on the top floor of the mansion.

In the middle of the night Hannah rose from her sleep and moved quietly to the outer walls of the compound. She took her orange jumpsuit off and moved stealthy through the sleeping compound into the mansion and up the elegant white wood spiraling staircase. There was no sound and no movement. She guessed the guests held court in the lower half of the mansion as the hallways were extravagantly decorated. The upper floors were quite plain with simple wallpaper and bare hallways. As she rose the staircase became smaller. On the top there was only a landing and a single thick wooden door. Hannah was only slightly startled that the door was unlocked and moved without the sound. She was more simple how simple and clutter free the rooms were. They were arranged in order to take advantage of the sun coming through large schoolroom windows with mirrors across the room from the windows so the light was captured and bounced around rooms. The only artificial light would come from small lamps on end tables next to plush chairs and couches. There were books on every table and a full wall had been converted into a gigantic bookcase. She scanned the Mistress' private library seeing titles from all different genres.

She moved into the bedroom. Mistress slept in the shadows in a canopy bed fringed with lace. What slightly surprised Hannah was that Mistress slept so lightly. It seemed she hardly made an indention into the mattress. It seemed her sleeping body had no weight whatsoever. Hannah moved through the room and curled up into a plush easy chair in the corner of the room by the window and watched her Mistress sleep. She didn't fall asleep as she lived only several hours of sleep a nigh, especially during the summer hours when she awoke with the first shards of light. Hannah watched her quietly awake. The Mistress body gradually became heavier, more solid, as her conscious soul came back from wherever it had retreated. Then the head with a slow graceful fluidity turned the dark eyes of her Mistress was staring clearly at her. Hannah wondered if her Mistress body had been aware of her even before waking.

"How long have you been there?"

"I'm unsure."

"How did you get here?"

"It was quite easy. If that question was meant to imply there is security I didn't encounter any coming here," Hannah reported matter of factly before teasing: " Then again I had a job in college where I tested various security systems, both physical and electronic. It got to a point when I approach a security system the first time I had an eighty percent success rate."

"So why did you go into teaching?"

"It was more of challenge and rewarding to break into minds than breaking into corporations and buildings."

"And here you are, labeled as a fugitive sub going into the lion's den."

"I like playing with fire."

"People who play with fire usually get burned."

"Sometimes that is the objective."

"Is that why you are here, on this island, in this role? You are tired of playing with fire and not getting burned?" Hannah didn't have an answer to that question. "I do give you credit. We have played this game six times and none of the subs ever made it this far and none have dared to steal their way into my chambers. So tell me what you have been doing in your time here?"

"Learning and exploring the island Mistress."

"I have a feeling this will be a very strange year," The Mistress mused as she scuttled into a sitting position. "It is getting light so there will be movement soon. You better leave before you get trapped. Don't worry, you be back here soon enough."

"What makes you say that Mistress?"

"From the day I first talked to you I claimed you as mine. Because of circumstances I haven't been able to participate in the hunt and have to relied on other to do it for me. But today I hunt you myself."

"I won't give up easily."

"I don't expect you to do so. There is no fun in that. The burn doesn't sting enough in giving up."


The day wasn't as hot as before. Hannah reported back to the lake where she had breakfast then took off into the woods. She hooked around the meadow to her perch. Not long after she arrived a single jeep came into the meadow. The Mistress got out with two very stocky but muscular men got out. She was greeted by the handler. From the way they talked Hannah surmised that they were partners more than boss and employee. The handler pointed off in the direction that Hannah had taken off in then pointed directly where Hannah was hiding. Mistress turned and looked directly at Hannah. She jumped off her perch and started running. She didn't need to look back to know they were following her. The chase was on.

At one point early in the day she stopped and listened and realized she heard no motor. They were following her on foot. Mistress may have wanted to capture her but she was not going to take away the sporting element of the chase. She was not to take away the thrill of pursuit. She guessed the men had paid good money for this, maybe paid a little extra for being a part of the final pursuit. Well, if Mistress wanted to make this a thrill she wasn't going to disappoint. Over the last day and a half she had come to know the island and would not give up easily.

She came to a stream and plunged into it both cooling her skin and refreshing her throat and body. She trudged through the water upstream a ways until and then finished the crossing . She ran along the stream remember there were some fruit trees by a stream and was correct. She pulled off some fruit, climbed a tree and ate and waited. It wasn't as long as she hoped till the hunting party came along. Mistress called for a break and men plopped down , obvious tired. The handler pulled out a radio and told people where to go for to deliver lunch.

"She's good Michelle," Mistress acknowledge.

"According to reports she has spent a good deal her time exploring the island. My guess, Jacqueline, is she probably already knows the island better than most of the long term subs." Michelle reported then quietly smiled. "Did you enjoy your visit with her last night?"

The question caught Hannah so much by surprise she nearly dropped her fruit and fell out of the tree.

"She is a fascinating creature. I'm going in enjoy her immensely," Jacqueline joked before returning quietly serious again. "But I sense something else. I feel there is something I need to learn from her."

"The men are growing restless. They want to capture her today."

"That is the one flaw with many of the men who come here," she commented with soft laugh and small wicked smile. "They want everything now. They don't enjoy the hunt. Well lets see if we can satisfy their lustful urges. Well you might as well get them going . Maybe our luck will change."

"Yes Jacqueline." Michelle gave a polite bow and went back to rouse the men. Mistress laughed to herself as she finished off her coffee and cigarette. Then she took a chillingly long stare into the tree Hannah sat in so very still. Mistress nodded in both respect and acknowledgment then moved on down the path back to the group.

Both Hannah and Mistress were perplexed. Neither had played this game this way before. Hannah didn't know how seriously to take this game, didn't know long she was suppose to stay out. Mistress had never come across a sub who played the game so seriously. She wasn't quite sure if it was proper to admit the sub had gotten best of her. She wasn't sure, even if she wanted to, how to order the sub to give in. All she knew though was the game had changed. Mistress sensed the sub was in the trees when they had rested. She almost believed she saw the girl. And now instead of them tracking her she was tracking them. She was following them so stealthy that she could only sense her, maybe she saw a shadow once or twice. It was slightly unnerving to the Mistress to be stalked.

Jacqueline had become a mistress to give herself power, to give herself the confidence of control. She came here to escape the stalking of people who had didn't understand her. She came her to escape the ones who stalked her because she threw them aside because they didn't understand. But she understood. She played this game seriously, so seriously that she didn't know it would end. The sub played the game almost too seriously for her.

Then in the late afternoon the presence was gone. It startled Jacqueline since she startled her because she had gotten used to the presence. It also started her because it was gone as quickly as it had came. She wasn't quite sure where the girl had gone but she knew the girl had gone somewhere with a purpose. If it was one thing she had already learned was that Hannah always had a purpose to what she did. It made her wonder why Hannah was here. Why did she give up everything to be here?

The answer to that question would have to wait though when they came into a meadow. Hannah was in the center of the field waiting on her knees with her head bowed in defeat. She was nude with her orange jumpsuit folded neatly in front of her. For a moment the sight took the breath of every member of the hunting party away. There was something spiritual about it to Jacqueline. Something about how the sunlight covered her, wrapped around her, consumed her made her seem so much greater than anyone else around.

Jacqueline smiled at that sight when the sounds of the lustful men brought her back to the present. She was giving an image that she was giving up, surrendering because she had been hunted to the point of being worn down. Jacqueline knew that was far from the case. She knew if Hannah wanted, she could have spent the entire year on the run, But that wasn't her purpose. Hannah's purpose just like her own was to serve, to play out a fantasy the men wanted. It was the sudden shock of realization that took her breath away. It was in complete contradiction of what she held for herself by being here, by being who she was. She was brought back the second time by a nudge by Michelle.

"We caught her men," she laughed with a wicked smile. "Take her."

The men let out a hoot and raced to Hannah to see who would be the first to take her. Hannah prepared herself by laying down on the ground and spreading her legs.

"Are you okay?" Michelle asked.

"Yes, I`m fine," Jacqueline answered quietly. "You better go down to make sure they don't get out of control. You can take your pleasure too."

Michelle jogged down the group. The first man had already undone himself and was on top of Hannah. With Michelle there Jacqueline didn't have watch too closely. For some reason she couldn't bare to watch the brutal thrust upon Hannah. The first man seemed to punch Hannah with his entire. He was trying to prove himself with the violence of his sex but all he seemed to be showing was how much powerful Hannah was. She was taking all the weight of his violence without a sound. It almost appeared she was opening herself up, flattening herself on the ground so the violence of his thrusts resonated all over her rather than just in her sex. It was as if she was opening herself up his violent, but Jacqueline knew what she was doing was widening and thinning herself so his thrusts went calming through her, his thrusts were absorb by nature which was far stronger than her body. The man released one big animalistic grunt and was spent. His body seemed to melt with the release of his manly passion. And while the man seemed to fade the body of Hannah grew more solid, stronger.

Even before the first man was off her the second man was upon her. He literally pushed the first man away. He flipped Hannah over and bent her up. Hannah was like a plastic doll in his hands, allowing him to easy manipulate her body into the position he want. He entered her ass with one solid thrust that it took her breath away with a soundless gasp. Jacqueline gave the second man credit for knocking Hannah off balance, off center. Hannah was in control with the first man but fought through the assault of the second man to regain her poise. What surprised Jacqueline was she managed to get some control once again. She guessed that the man was too caught up in releasing his passion that he didn't know what she had inflicted on the sub. It was too bad because he could have inflicted some serious punishment if he had paid attention to Hannah. By the time the man exploded Hannah had regained control over herself. Her moment of weakness had passed and she not be as vulnerable again in this session.

When the man came he released Hannah she just dropped to the ground and rolled onto her back. Jacqueline saw her body relaxed with the realization she was half way there. She taken the will of the first two of the party of four. Jacqueline wondered if Hannah relaxed because she felt he through the worst of it. If that was her thinking that was a weakness..

When Michelle straddled Hannah Jacqueline felt she had given her a little to much time to recover from the brutal assault of the men. But Jacqueline trusted Michelle's judgment. Michelle had been of the first subs at the resort. Over the years Michelle became a switch and a powerful ally to both the subs and the doms since she had been on both ends. She was without question the best handler because the experience. Michelle sat down on Hannah's face forcing her to drink to do so. In giving the slight fear of suffocating Hannah worked with desperately. Jacqueline smiled as started down to the group. With the men Hannah was a passive recipient but with Michelle she had to be active. She had to be in the present and here, realizing her humiliation and realizing she was a willing and active participant in it. Hannah made Michelle climax with intensely with having to come so far too quickly. Michelle rested slightly on Hannah before removing herself.

"She is good," Michelle whispered weakly as she passed.

Jacqueline unceremoniously removed her panties and hiked up her outdoor trekking skirt. She straddled Hannah's midsection and looked down into her eyes. The locked gazes as Jacqueline sensed Hannah's body flattened out below her has if she trying to expose all her flesh to her Mistress. Jacqueline wondered if Hannah already knew what she was going to do.

"You are mine. I own you. Anything outside of me doesn't exist unless I will it," Jacqueline remarked as a flat fact. Thus I mark you with my scent."

And on cue her bladder released and her piss rained down on Hannah. Hannah arched the small of the her back to the urine would flow off her flat stomach over all her torso and groin. She was wanted to get her Mistress scent all over her. And when the flow ended her Mistress' sex came up to the her lips and she was forced to clean it taking the last of her Mistress salty sweet scent into her. The Mistress rose before allowing to Hannah to give her pleasure just as she expected her to do. For this wasn't an act for pleasure but an act of claiming.

Jacqueline went over Michelle after it was over and gave orders for the sub to be bound and gagged and thrown over a horse. When they returned to the compound Jacqueline ordered Hannah to be taken to the infirmary and checked out. She was particularly concerned the anal assault had done some damage. Then she was to be cleaned and fed. Only after all that was done, and if there were no injuries, was she be brought to her. Michelle acknowledged the orders and the trek back was started. Somehow Hannah fell asleep somewhere on the way back.