Jock Locked High
by Maletrain

© 2000 by Maletrain
All rights reserved.
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Chapter 6

It turned out that I was the only one to meet the grade goal for the midterm. The other guys were close, and of course they had emotional feelings like losing a close game, but we played by the rules. The intern had agreed to meet me halfway bringing down my key and that I would get 5 minutes free to beat off. Well, not like fucking Jason or Brent, but at least I would be feeling my cock and balls and getting that good sensation as my load blasted down my fast stroked prod. Five minutes, well, I could probably get two loads off, sure.

Then as I was driving along the freeway with a full up tank of gas but dressed down to just my cup I realized that that intern would be there by himself. Now he was 5 years older and had an athletic body, but he hadn't been working out nearly as much as I had this last year. I was very, very strong, very hard except for my cock. I had always wanted to punish-fuck that bastard and make him suck my cock. Well, it would be just him and me. I could already feel his anal ring snapping down hard around my cock. All those times when he squatted with his head just inches from my equipment as he checked for security violations, his mouth just inches from my poor bent and shriveled member, how much I had thought about when I would get the chance to violate his throat. Just a few minutes of this and I had to stop to towel off the car seat; the male drool dripping from my jock was beginning to build up even as I made my plans for the meeting.

I finally decided that his mouth could wait. What I really wanted was to do an anal rape. My two buddies had got to rape those ladies and I had never had the experience. I wanted to try a rape before I got much older. Who better to rape than the intern? But wait a minute! It is politically correct to rape the guy who holds the keys to your cock? It is wise? What would he do? Lock me back in? Well, he was going to do that anyway. But would he extend the time I had to stay emasculated? Well, he sure couldn't rape me, with that lock on his jock. He must have the same feelings I do, the same desire for a good hard man up his butt. Maybe if I really fuck him hard, rough-ride his rectum, he will enjoy it so much he might not even lock my steel jock back on me. But, and wow! What is this I am thinking? That I wouldn't want that? What? That I want to return home and complete the last three weeks locked fast in crotch confinement? Yes! Wow! I am really messed up! First I have switched from liking girls to lusting after boys and now I am worried that I might actually have the free use of my private parts for 3 whole weeks. I couldn't take the freedom; I needed that control. Wow! Well, these ideas were running in my head when I pulled into the remote highway rest area where we agreed to meet. I jumped out of my car and jogged up the little exercise trail to where I was to meet the intern. I must have been a little early and so I stood there dealing with my emotions abs contracting, pecs rising and falling, hole clenching, and cup dripping.

Then I saw him jogging up the trail and wow! He was also naked but for his steel jock. Must have driven down from the big city that way. He had the key to my cock on a chain around his neck. This was going to be easier than I thought. I will wait and let him do the honors of unlocking me and then there would be that little time where I had to fold over and pull out my cock, and then pop out my balls one at a time, and then I would "spring" into action. No need to waste any of my 5 minutes, I just grab him and rape him. I think I'll hold him in a full nelson, and then plunge in deep all the way, not let him get used to it, make him yell, maybe cry, yeah! I could get to like this rape work.

The intern was happy to see me, well, I thought he was. As I said before one of the benefits of wearing a steel jock is that you can hide your sexual feelings from others. So neither of us could see if the other was up for some action, well we knew we weren't because his cock was pushed down and hanging small in mid-air inside his cup just like mine.

After a few pleasantries the university graduate student took the key from around his neck and released my privates. He stood up and back as I worked myself free. He had a stop watch and had just clicked it on when it was knocked to the ground, both his arms held up uselessly clawing the air, his neck bent down painfully now and more pain was on the way if he didn't cooperate. I held him there, my alert nipples drilling into his shoulder blades, my cock already well into the crack between his ass cheeks. Then as his resistance strength was leaving his full-nelsoned arms, I made the quick release, grabbed his wrists, and he was bent over in a double hammerlock before he could get out a "Sup?" Now with only a few seconds of my 5 minutes gone off the clock, I pushed him down on the ground, rammed his arms way high on his back, held them there easily with my left hand as my right hand moved down to help guide my already streaming tool fast and deep into his fear contracted hole.

But what was this my cock-tip touched? Something hard and smooth? I couldn't feel where his rectum was. My plan was coming apart. I weakened in surprise and his arms fell back down to a locked but tolerable position. I quickly took both of my hands and rolled his body over and tossed his legs up over my naked shoulders. I was going to get to the bottom of this, to his bottom, one way or another. But there instead of a pinkish brown hole I saw the ugly glint of stainless steel.

My cock dropped fast, almost as fast as my face. My mind was running at warp speed. Slowly I realized that I would not be riding his hole, at least not today. Why is he both cock and rectum locked? Who has the key? How long is he locked? What if he needs to shit?

Well, being the more mature individual of the two of us, he understood where I was coming from and as he crunched his abs and lifted his legs down from my shoulder ball caps he told me to stand up. I did and he was soon standing also. I didn't know what to do with my hands so I dropped them to my cock and even though I wasn't really hard, damn if that human touch wasn't enough! Blam!, Blam!,...Blam! Followed by Thunk! Thunk!..Thunk! My seed sailed out, curved down and landed quite a way off on some leaves. I had lost track of the time, must have frozen up there when I saw his butt hole was also locked in chastity. Anyway, I continued to have a pretty steady flow bubble out my cock, nice thick and white, and as my hands cupped my balls and held my tool, I saw him bend down, check the stopwatch and reach for my steel jock.

I never did get to rape that dude, but I did hear his story.

On the way back to my hometown, I thought about how much I had really learned from school this year. Now in the future, maybe after college, I still might start fucking the ladies but for right now, I realized I needed to be controlled, that I couldn't really get to all my goals of college, collegiate sports, maybe professional sports, I couldn't really get to where I wanted to go with my cock and balls in control of my head, I needed to keep them locked up, let someone else control my reproductive organs and that would let me be free to pursue the good life.

Another thing I thought about was that I was almost having too much fun with guys up my hole. Perhaps I too needed to be locked up in one of those steel rectum rods like the intern had. It would certainly cut down the risk of getting aids that's for sure.

The intern told me there were different styles of rods I could get. Some were hollow and did allow a guy to shit without being unlocked but of course not even a dildo or finger or other pleasure-giving tool could get close to the prostate. The kind he wore, well he had to wait until his key-holder unlocked that stainless steel rod before he could dump his shit. The point was that there was a punishment factor and a denial of pleasure in either system. The smooth narrow metal extension was inserted straight up the rectum and then locked onto the base of the steel jock with a sort of loosely connected hinge-universal joint. This allowed the jock to move some as it would without the rectum rod. Also the rod slid up and down in the asshole some, but neither did it give any pleasure doing that nor was it in any danger of sliding all the way out. I guess with either just the steel jock or with the jock and hollow rod, a guy could go on for years locked up and then be remasculated when he had satisfied the demands of his key-holder. The solid rod version required pretty much daily visits to the key-holder, not bad if he were a good-looking stud. If the guy were strictly hetero, then there was no real need for the rectum rod; but if a guy enjoyed a hard cock up his ass from time to time, then to be really chaste, he ought to be locked in the full jock and rod set.

We three buddies did pass pre-calculus. By those last weeks of summer, when we were all free from our jocks the recruiter, the wrestlers and the gymnast had all moved out of our lives, as had any girls we used to know. So we spent those last few weeks of the summer just enjoying each other. I can still feel that stud Brent working my hole and still feel Jason's anal muscles milking me dry. We got to have as much sex as we could take, and that was a lot! But then Brent was going off to boot camp, Jason off to the state university, and I to begin my local college degree program playing interscholastic football to pay the freight.

I had several major decisions to make at the end of the summer. Of course I knew I needed to be locked back into the steel jock. But I wondered whom I should get for the key holder. My mom? No! She would never let me out for even a single load shoot until I got a Ph.D. or landed a NFL contract or both! Maybe my new football coach? or the athletic dean? or the dean of students? or maybe my counselor? Also, should I just go for the jock part or add that steel rectum rod? Would I be wasting time looking for guys to fuck me now that my buddies were no longer around? On the other hand, what if I met some new studs in college? They might not like me if I didn't have my hole available for them to shoot into.

There was a day or two there between the time that Brent and Jason left and when I started school myself. I spent a lot of time just feeling my balls, gently pulling on them, twisting them, and of course wrapping my fist around my cock and working up as many loads as I could shoot. As I was playing with myself I was thinking of Jason and Brent, but also I thought about that gym-rat guy Tony "hard" at work down at the GM dealer.

In my cockstroking dream I put on some jeans but left my shirt off and went down there to talk to Tony. His eyes fixed on my body as I walked up to the counter. I told him I didn't need any parts but since I was out of high school now I was looking for a place to keep my body up and I saw he had a pretty pumped up build. He told me that he worked out a private gym out by the expressway and was going there after he got off work. Said if I wanted I could meet him there. Deal!

I wondered of Tony would be my key-holder?

My X-rated dream continued: the juice running out of my cock.

I saw myself waiting outside the gym just standing around in my shorts and pecs and abs, nipples hanging out, and then Tony pulled up. Instead of getting out, he called me over to his truck. I got in and he said he was sort of wondering if he might fuck me sometime. No problem man! I would be happy to open my hole for him, but didn't he have a nice girl friend? Well, I guess Tony's girl was OK but he needed more than what she had to give him. My bedtime dream continued as he gave me some heavy prostate attention before we went to workout in the gym.

If I can't find any new guys at college who want to ram me, maybe I can look up Tony for real. I did see that sparkle in his eye that time at the Baskin-Robbins... But then maybe I need to have my hole steel-rodded and locked down too. At least until I make a few of my goals, like passing tests, winning games, etc. I wonder what it would be like to be totally locked up? Well, maybe I should find out. Maybe Tony would be my key holder? At least the rectum rod key... Oh, oh, just shot another load thinking that one through.

Well, that about sums up my senior year in high school.

But before I sign off, I don't want you to think I am trashing Marines, or cutting down wrestlers, or saying the Pineville sheriff has a homosexual on his staff, that fucker is probably married to a babe for all I know. I don't blame these people, nor the coaches, principals or parents, hello mom! The girls have every right to say no. These innocent folks did what they had to under the circumstances, circumstances caused by my buddies. It was just that Brent and Jason could not control their equipment and this led to the situation at my high school that senior year.

If you know a kid down the street who is skirting with trouble, if you see your paperboy shirtless down by the river standing with some ladies on a school night, if your high school has entirely too much sex taking place, if the students in your area are just not as serious about school or sports as they once were, if it bothers you to see teens wasting their futures, you might want to consider suggesting the jock lock solution. It doesn't hurt those guys full of piss and vinegar, if anything it figuratively forces them to hold onto those two liquids and literally allows them only a safe and very slow discharge of their semen. The chastity cup forces guys to use their natural reproductive energy in different and positive goal-oriented ways. A few years later when the guys' heads have matured as much as their bodies then they can intelligently decide in which hole to place their personal equipment. Your principal and coaches may want to consider putting some or all of the young men in your local high school in controlled castration. It goes right to the core of the teen-age male problem, large-scale reversible emasculation, a win-win solution.

Well, I better shower off all this cum, get my cock down to a polite angle and go get a haircut before I start college. I wonder if I will run into those two high and tights again? Maybe I can fuck their asses for them this time we meet. Or maybe they will fuck mine? I'm "open" and "up" for anything.

Who can I get for my key holder? Will I go with just the jock, or the hole plug too?

Wonder how Jason is going to use his steel cup this year at the university? And would they allow that jarhead Brent a steel jock in boot camp? After the drill sergeant sees what it does to focus Brent's attention, gee, he might have to lock all the recruits in the cups.

Well, that, and my freshman year of college life is another whole story.

© 2000 by Maletrain
All rights reserved.