This is just a short little tale, written one morning while I was waiting for inspiration to continue my longer stories. Hope you'll like it. If spanking or a slightly sexual contact between a mother and her son, or implied homosexuality, offends you, then don't read any further. Likewise for minors, get out! As for the rest of you, feel free to drop a line and tell me how you liked the story. I love feedback, and I always answer mails. My mail address is winterimage(at)hotmail(dot)com.

Missed My Curfew
by Winter

"Where the hell have you been, young man?" Mom's voice was a mixture of anger and worry, and it made me feel guilty. "I thought I told you your curfew was eleven o'clock?"

"Well, mom, we were kind of watching a movie and, well, I forgot to check the time." Now this was a lie. I had known fully well what time it was, but I hadn't wanted to leave since I was making out with Jerry, a potential boyfriend and one of the cutest boys in school. Couldn't very likely tell mom, though. "I'm sorry, it'll never happen again."

"Damn right it won't!" Her stern face suddenly turned soft. "You know I hate it when you do this, Tommy, especially when your father's out of town."

"Yeah, I know. Sorry, mom."

"Go up to your room!"

I walked up the stairs, feeling like I'd been hit with a ton of guilt. A few years back, a burglar broke into our house late one night, and didn't leave until he had threatened mom with a gun to her face. After that, she had been scared to stay alone in the house at night, always having one of my aunts or uncles staying over whenever dad was away on business. Once I'd turned fifteen last year, though, she had accepted me as her safety blanket, only it didn't work if I were out partying until half one in the morning. I sighed as I stepped into the bathroom to relieve myself, knowing I had screwed up again. But Jerry had been really hot that night and had come on to me like never before, and I just couldn't resist him when he wanted to sneak up into his bedroom for some tongue duelling. The thought of our kissing and groping and fondling made my cock grow, and I knew I'd have to do something about it before I went to sleep. I dressed down to my badly tented briefs, then went down the hall to my room. To my surprise, the light was on inside, and when I walked in I was met by mom's still angry face. She was sitting on my bed, glaring at me.

"Don't think I can't smell the liquor on your breath, young man," she said in a low, almost threatening tone that I had never heard her use before. "You know damn well what your father and I have said about that!"

"Mom, I only had a couple of beers!" I whined. This was true, I was never a heavy drinker, and never had anything stronger than beer. "Just a couple!"

"And since when is beer not liquor?" she hissed. "If it were just the missed curfew, Tommy!"

"What do you mean?"

"Come here!"


"Fucking come here, Tommy!" I obeyed automatically. She hardly ever used profanity, and this was the first time I had ever heard her use the f-word. Luckily, my cock had wilted by now, but I still felt a bit scared when I walked up to her. "Drop your undies and get over my knees, right now!"

"What?" I couldn't believe it! She was going to spank me! My last spanking had been when I was eleven, and more or less accidentally set fire to a pile of leaves in the back yard. "Mom, you can't..."

"I can and I will, young man!" She grabbed me around the waist and kicked my feet away from underneath me, and I landed on her lap with a thud that took the air out of my lungs. My mom isn't a big woman, but she's stronger than she looks, and with tenacity to match. Before I knew what was really happening, I felt my briefs come down and off. "Now stay still!"

"Mom, please!"

"Shut up! Stop squirming or I'll spank you 'til the sun goes up!"

I obeyed, blushing like crazy from lying there, naked and with my butt raised high in my mother's lap. If she moved her head just a little bit, she would see every last detail of my male anatomy between my spread thighs. I decided to endure, though. After all, a couple of swats wouldn't really hurt me. Maybe I'd even have to act like I was in pain, so that she'd think my punishment was having the desired effect. As it turned out, I didn't have to worry about that. I felt her hand rub my butt cheeks, then disappear, and I knew that the first swat was coming. It was still a surprise, though, when it stung like hell, sending waves of pain throughout my body. I yelled out and tried to twist my head to see what she had used on my exposed rear, but she grabbed my neck and held me down.

"I said shut up and stay still! You're getting the paddle, young man."

Before I could react, another stinging swat landed just on top of the last one, hurting oh so much more. I gritted my teeth, but couldn't hold back a whimper of pain. Four more swats set my entire butt on fire, and by then my tears were flowing freely. What I had thought would be a walk in the park had turned into a nightmare. I grabbed the bed cover and held it to my face, both to muffle my cries and to hide my tears. My feet kicked every time she brought the paddle down, but she firmly held me in place. I yelled out for her to stop when she reached eleven, having hoped she would have stopped at ten, but she immediately delivered one more.

"Don't scream, boy! Crying's okay, but keep it down." Her voice had turned almost tender now, and I began to think that maybe she didn't like this any more than I did. "I'm giving you twenty, honey, so you'll remember this for a long time."

"I will remember it, mom, but please stop!" I whined, dignity thrown to the four winds. "Please stop, it hurts!"

"It's supposed to hurt, now shut up and take it like a man!"

I didn't. I turned into a little boy again, crying and whining and pleading with her to stop, promising I'd be good for the rest of my life if she'd just stop. All for nothing. She delivered the last few swats every bit as hard as the first ones, really driving home the lesson. By the time she stopped, I was crying openly, not bothering to try and hide it. She let me down off her knees, then took my head into her lap and let me cry myself out. By the time I had stopped sobbing, it was nearly two o'clock. She got to her feet and told me to stand up, and I obeyed without hesitation, not even bothering to try and cover up my cock and balls. She looked me up and down, then told me to turn around.

"My, you're way more red than I'd thought." She touched my butt, making me gasp with pain. "Poor baby, but you brought this to yourself, you know."

"Yes, mom, I know. Look, I'm sorry..."

"No more apologising. Stay here." She left the room, but returned a minute later with a tube of ointment. "This'll keep you from bruising too bad, and it's got a mild painkiller to let you sleep."

She sat down on the bed again, and I couldn't help but noticing that her face was just inches away from my cock, but I did nothing to hide it. She reached around me and started applying the ointment, and it felt so soothing and cool on my burning buttocks that I sighed with pleasure. Before she was even half done, I felt my cock stir, but I didn't dare to try and cover it up. When she was done, she leaned back, only to come face-to-foreskin with my nearly full erection. She looked up to me and smiled.

"So, that felt good, eh?" I nodded meekly. "You know, I never told you you couldn't keep your modesty."

To my surprise, she grabbed it with her hand, and I immediately felt a squirt of pre-cum lobbing up my foreskin. She pulled it back and stared at the glistening head.

"My, you've grown since the last time I saw you hard." She smiled again. "Do you want me to help you out?"

"Yes, please."

"You're not being punished any more, you know. Just tell me if you want me to stop."

"Don't stop, mom, please don't stop."

Laughing at my desperate plea, she started stroking me slowly, while I stared, transfixed, at how her hand soon turned wet with pre-cum. She was good, way better than me, or any boy I'd been with, and I soon felt the tingle grow stronger. She seemed to know that I was getting close, because she picked up my briefs and wrapped them around the tip. It didn't help, though, because I shot so hard some of my cum still dribbled down her arm. With a mischievous smile, she held her hand up to my face, and I was only too happy to lick it clean.

"So, who's Jerry?" she suddenly asked, and I felt an icy hand grip my heart. "You moaned 'oh, Jerry' when you came, and I was wondering..."

"Uhm, Jerry's a girl in school, mom. She's really cute..."

"It's Jeremy Chambers, isn't it?" She was still holding my cock, which hadn't gone down one inch. "Well, I can't say I blame you, he is a sweet boy."


"It doesn't matter, baby. If you're gay or straight or bi, doesn't matter one bit. Your dad and I will still love you. Do you love Jeremy?"

"I think so," I confessed, blushing deeply. "Tonight we... well, we were kissing. That's why I forgot my curfew."

"You mean ignored?" I felt my blush deepen even further. Even my chest was turning red. I nodded meekly, half expecting another punishment. "Don't worry, baby, but if it ever happens again I'll give you a reason to worry, all right."

"Yes, mom. Sorry."

"So..." She pulled at my still rigid cock. "Looks like you need another round. Ah, the endurance of youth..."

"Mom, you're embarrassing me..."

"I am? You're standing here all naked with your hard penis in your mother's hand, expecting her to masturbate you, and you say I'm embarrassing you?"

"Mom, please..."

"All right."

She started stroking me, faster this time, while her free hand cupped my balls, kneading them gently. I lasted way longer this time, like I always do during the second time. Mom knew how to bring me off, though. She let go of my balls and wet her finger with my copious pre-cum, then she started rubbing my anus. By now, I was moaning loudly, and when she stuck the finger in, locating and rubbing my prostate, that was all I needed to start shooting like a hose. Once my second, much stronger orgasm had abated, mom got to her feet and gave me a kiss on the cheek, letting go of my cock. This time, too, she let me lick her hand clean, and then she pointed to the messy floor.

"Better wipe that stuff up before it dries in, or you'll have to live with a stained floor." She laughed at my blush. "So it is love, then?"


"You moaned Jerry's name again."

"Did I?"

"Yes. Better stay faithful, Tommy, or you'll find yourself in trouble. The wrong name during orgasm is not a good thing."

"I believe you."

"Good. And you promise not to leave me alone any more? And to stay off the booze?"

"Yes, mom, but it was just a couple of beers."

"No matter. Next time I smell in on your breath, you get thirty."

"Consider me a teetotaller." We laughed, then she walked out of the room. "Mom?"

"Yes, dear?"


"No problem, but this was a one-time-only thing, and you'd better remember that."

"I will. Thanks anyway."

"Like I said, no problem." This time, she was the one who blushed. "You've got a nice one, you know."


"Well, it's true. But let's agree not to tell your dad, okay?"


"And honey? Better let Jerry know how you feel, before it's too late."

With that, she wished me good night, and I picked up a box of tissues to wipe the floor with. As I got rid of the cum stains, I thought about what had happened, but even more about Jerry. Did I really love him? The answer was easy; yes, I did. I hadn't told mom that the two of us had had our hands down each other's briefs, squeezing our cocks like it was the most natural thing in the world. Jerry had seemed like he wanted more, but I had been the chicken that time. Tossing the used tissues into the bin, I lay down on my stomach, but I knew I wouldn't get any sleep until the ointment had dried. My butt was still throbbing, and the thoughts of Jerry made my cock stir once more. Like mom had said, the endurance of youth is a good thing. Knowing that the party at Jerry's would be over by now, I picked up my cell phone and dialled his number. After a couple of rings, he answered, sounding sleepy but awake. When he heard it was me, he seemed to get defensive, but I asked him to be quiet.

"Listen, Jerry, I've got something I need to tell you. I... I love you, man, and I need to know how you feel about me."

The answer made a big smile spread across my face, and I reached for my stiffening cock and started stroking it as Jerry told me exactly how he felt.