As soon as she walked into the room, I knew my life had changed forever. I had been told to take off my clothes and kneel in the centre of the room until she arrived. So there I knelt, staring wide-eyed at the vast array of whips, chains, paddles and other strange toys hanging from the walls, wondering just what I had let myself in for. The session had been set up over the phone, so I had never met Mistress Katya. We had, however, spoke about my fantasies, and agreed on what the session would include, what areas were no-go etc. Just before she entered I was having serious second thoughts.

But then, there she was. Flame red hair cascading half way down her back, with a black leather biker cap on top. Black leather boots with a four inch heel, zipped all the way up to her incredible thighs. Miniscule black leather panties and matching half cup bra. And just to complete the picture, black elbow length latex gloves. She came and stood right in front of me. My breath caught in my throat, and my prick stood to attention, harder than it had ever been in my life.

"Do you accept that I am superior to you in every single way?" asked this leather clad goddess.

"Yes" I replied eagerly.

"That's yes Mistress!" she said sharply.

"Sorry, yes Mistress".

She glanced disdainfully at my hard on and said "First things first, stand up slave". I obeyed. She took hold of my cock with one latex covered hand and, with the other, she rolled a tight rubber cock ring on to my tool. It was quite a painful process, I'd heard you were supposed to put them on flaccid first, but I wasn't about to argue with her. She then tied a thin leather cord tightly around the top of my ball sack. This made my already stiff member throb. It was uncomfortable, but a real turn on too. I was then led to a table. "Bend over" she commanded. I did as I was told.

"I like to lay down the law straight away with new slaves" she said, selecting a leather covered paddle from the wall, "Punishment sets the tone well". She was now standing directly behind me. There was a long pause before anything happened, I tried to brace myself. Whack! The pain was unlike anything I had imagined. Whack! It felt like my ass was on fire. Whack, Whack, Whack! I gripped the table's edges for dear life, as she paddled by butt until it was as red as her hair.

"Now what do you say bitch?".

"Thank you Mistress" I whimpered.

She spun me around and threw me to the floor. I winced as I landed hard on my ass. She then stood astride me, her crotch mere centimetres from my tear streaked face. I couldn't help but stare. "You like that don't you? You'd love to fuck me wouldn't you? Do you seriously think you could satisfy me?!" she grabbed my shaft and squeezed hard, "With this little thing?!".

"No Mistress. I'm not worthy of you".

"You'd need a much bigger cock wouldn't you?"

"Yes Mistress".

"So you'd like a big man sized cock wouldn't you?".

"Yes Mistress".

"On your knees".

I quickly scrambled to my knees as Mistress left the room. She was gone for a couple of minutes and when she returned she was not alone. She led a masked slave on a leash into the room and positioned him before me. He also was wearing a cock ring, which made his dick really stand to attention. It was thick, throbbing and 8" long, and staring me right in the face.

"You said you'd like a big cock, well here it is" said mistress "Now put it in your mouth faggot!". I looked up at her pleadingly "Mistress that's not what I m...". The look she gave me stopped that sentence dead in it's tracks. I opened my mouth and mistress slid that fat rod inside. She grabbed the back of my head and pushed it down on him `til I gagged "Mmmmpphh". I started sucking, thinking, the sooner I get this over with the better. To my surprise, it actually tasted okay. It was really hard and smooth. I eased as much of it as I could into my throat. "Mmmmm" I moaned as I licked and slurped on that stiff pole. "That's right you little cocksucker, I knew you were a queer" I heard Mistress say. By now there was pre cum oozing out of both our dicks, mine onto the floor, and his into my mouth. It tasted so sweet.

Mistress whispered in his ear. He grabbed the sides of my head and began probing deeper. I struggled, but he was relentless. Mistress was laughing as he finally buried himself, balls deep, in my throat. "Uuugghhh!" I spluttered. He then withdrew before ramming it right back in. He held me tight and fucked my face fast, hard and deep. Once I relaxed into it, it felt really good, being used as someone's personal fuck toy, his balls slapping off my chin. I felt his cock begin to throb in my mouth. This is it, he's going to shoot. Just as he came, he pulled out and spent his load all over my face. I gasped as it landed on my face, in my mouth, in my hair, everywhere. I had no idea some guys could come so much. I licked the last drops of sweet spunk from his bulb and swallowed. Mistress led him out of the room, leaving me on the floor panting for breath and covered in jism. "Don't even think about about touching your cock while I'm gone" she said over her shoulder.

This time, when she returned, she was alone. "Did you like that?" she asked.

"Yes Mistress".

"Then what does that make you?".

"A...a cocksucker Mistress?".

"Very good, now get back over to that table and bend over you little cock loving whore".

I assumed the position. Now that the adrenaline had calmed, I could feel my ass smarting again. She selected a very similar leather paddle to the last one, only this one had small metal studs on it's surface. She rubbed my butt, almost lovingly, before dealing out 20 vicious least I think it was 20; I couldn't be sure as I was half way between delirious and euphoric. My prick was absolutely pulsing with the desire to cum. The tension of the cock ring and ball strap had turned my knob bright red. Mistress wiped the remaining cum, mixed with my own sweat, and fed it to me. I licked and sucked her fingers nice and clean as she called me her personal wet wipe.

"You really are good at sucking slave" she said "I think you need something else to suck on".

She returned to the wall of delights and took down a massive, black, rubber strap-on dildo. I gaped, open mouthed, as she stepped through the leather loops and fastened it tight at the back. She jacked it slowly as she stalked her way towards me, running her latex fingers up and down the smooth rubber shaft. "Knees" she said, and I was on the ground practically before she even finished the word.

At first, she teased me with it: rubbing it against my lips and face, smacking my cheeks with the shaft, pulling me away by the hair just as it came in contact with my open mouth. "Beg me for it" she whispered. "Oh please Mistress! Please let me suck on it! Fuck my slutty mouth!".

"Okay cocksucker".

She rammed that massive black invader right down my throat in one fell swoop. It was even thicker than the other slave's cock, and it stretched my lips to the limit. One long continuous moan emerged from me as I sucked and gagged on the hard rubber. She removed it from my mouth coated in saliva. "Okay worm, now I want to fuck your other hole" she said.

It can't be done, I thought as I rose and once again bent over, it'll split my tight ass in two. But there was nothing I wouldn't do for her. I realised then that she could use me in any way she saw fit and I would take it. This was no longer a paid for service, but a very real case of Mistress and slave.

I felt the end of the dildo probing my hole, and then easing past the outer ring. Mistress was gradual, but not tender. I screamed out as she pushed deeper and deeper...and then relief as she withdrew. Mistress just laughed and called me pathetic. The respite was short lived, as she thrust back into me, much harder than before. Progress was achingly slow as she wasn't using lubricant. I felt her nails dig into my hips as, with one almighty heave, she buried the massive dong right inside me. I sobbed gently as I felt her leather boots pressing against the backs of my thighs.

"Aw, doesn't the little fuck toy like Mistress fucking him up the ass?" she asked mockingly. Then seriously "Well why don't I just take it out then?!!".

"No! Please Mistress! Fuck my ass! I beg you! Fuck me!".

Mistress went into over drive and started pummelling my stinging hole. I groaned, half in pleasure and half pain. She pounded that huge cock in and out of me like a jackhammer. Faster and harder, fucking, slamming. This was beyond pleasure, I thought I would pass out, and then... "Aaaaaaggggghhhhh!!!!!!" I moaned as I shot my load all over the floor. The cum blasted out of me, and I slumped on to the table as Mistress removed the dildo with a loud plop.

I gasped for air. Mistress looked down at the cum drenched floor and then in my eyes. She shook her head sombrely and picked up the paddle once again.

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