This is a work of fiction. None of the events or characters are real. This story should not be read by persons under the age of eighteen as this story has extreme sexuality and consists primarily of homosexual and bisexual thought and content. Any attempt to misread the direction of this short story or to implicate Nifty Archives in any form of duplicitous act would be completely misguided. All content is the intellectual property of Thomas Wright (pseudonym of the author who wishes to remain anonymous). It is solely for the erotic entertainment of persons who enjoy this particular type of media.

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The Most Amazing Thing

By Jazz (Thomas Wright)

Wow! As I whistled, I realized another opportunity for a smashing orgasm just past me up. I really didn’t know how I was going to handle my present state. Three girls in the past three days that would have made my life a little better for having known them and I just didn’t react with anything but a whistle. That is not like me at all. I usually smile, say something nice, smile again and that usually gets them to come say hi, back. Unfortunately, recent events have tired me out.

Where to start…I guess I will start with who I am, what I do, and the circumstances behind my job. My name is Thomas Wright. I am ex-Army and I just broke up with my lover, Jack, a man I met and made love to in the desert of Afghanistan. We had been shipped home together after our sergeant and several of our team mates were killed. We remained homosexual lovers for the remainder of our tour and when we got home we stayed together for two years. Jack missed his flings with the girls. He told me I had become boring and I told him if he needed to go, it would not bother me. It did, but I am slowly getting over it. I realized that I like both sexes as well and it has paid off that Jack decided to take off and leave.

I guess a description is in order. I am approximately five foot eleven inches tall, athletic in build, naturally blond hair, deep blue eyes, chiseled features and a dominating personality. That is one of the reasons I have little trouble attracting both sexes. You see, I have come to realize that I am bisexual. Thinking I was completely gay was wrong; I was just in love with the newness of man-love and Jack. My seven and a half inch cock has been in every human access point imaginable since and I have had all of my orifices compromised by either sex, one at a time or several, on many different occasions.

I work as a booking agent for a civic meeting area in the Seattle area, very close to the home of a major coffee cafe. When someone or some company needs a place to meet, my occupation provides small meeting rooms in the city building that they can rent at moderate prices. My job is to simply book their use and bill them for the amount of time occupied. Although the meeting room wing of the particular city building I work in stays quite busy, there are days that there are little, if any occupants. Even so, there has been an enormous selection of different uses for these rooms, but none as fantastic as the one I am about to tell you about.

My staff consists of a secretary, Ann and a janitorial worker, Mark. Both have been with me since the job was created five long years ago. Each of them has their quirks, but they are considered friends, as well as co-workers.

Ann (tall, statuesque, redhead, voluptuous, and all around beautiful) and I had a fling during the first year we were together. She found someone else after we had been seeing each other for fourteen months. I was devastated that she chose someone over me, but after a while I became use to the idea and even sort of liked it. You see, she developed a relationship with another woman, just as tall, statuesque, and voluptuous as she was. Her name was Nancy. They invited me into their bed on several occasions. As many times as we have shared sexual escapades, they won’t let me live with them.

Mark is a knockout, but he’s not very bright. One night while I was working late, Mark came in and we had a long conversation. As is almost always the case when two single men get together, the talk turned to sex. After talking for several hours about how he would like to make mad passionate love to Ann, I turn the conversation to the idea of gay love. At first he did not want to even talk about it, but after I told him that I had many exciting gay experiences, I convinced him to suck me off. He now likes to suck my dick all of the time. I have never reciprocated and he has never expected me to; Mark just likes to suck my dick. To imagine having a six foot five inch giant on his knees in front of you is quite scary, but he will come into my office and ask me from time to time if I need him to service me. He has learned to swallow and loves to milk me for all I am worth.

My job is not necessary a hard one, but it is one that I stay hard quite a bit. There are those times when the contacts that come into my office find me irresistible and I end up screwing them in my office, male or female, sometimes both. The most fantastic serendipitous experience that I ever had was a transsexual that I thought was a woman. When I found out she was really a she-male, I lost it. I will tell you that I felt like I had the best of both worlds and made a point to get his/her address. We have seen each other many times and I have taken Paulette out on a date more than once. In public, Paulette appears to be one of the most beautiful women one has ever laid eyes on. Naked, Paulette has a ten inch boner that is as scrumptious as any man’s. With size 38 D boobs and such a big wanker, Paulette is more than any man or woman can handle and she can function eloquently with both.

Now that you know a little about my life and the people involved, I want to tell you a story that most people who hear it find unbelievable. This story is true, very true and one in which I almost lost my job. The story takes place in January 2006 and although it is so cold in Seattle at that particular time of the year, the story will warm you up any time.

I had a call from a girl named Joanna, who made an appointment to book one of the larger meeting rooms for a Thursday afternoon. It was simple; her organization needed the room to go over some important changes in policy that had been sent down from the Federal Government. The changes, I was told, were brief and the meeting should last only two hours. Joanna asked to have any fees waived and after hearing the reason for the meeting, I agreed. Even though the meeting’s subject is not necessary to the story, I will tell you that it involved mentally retarded children and young adults. I asked Joanna to stop by the office and fill out the appropriate paperwork, but she declined and gave me the information over the phone. I noticed that there were to be only six others besides herself who would attend the meeting, two women and four men.

Her voice had been fantastic and because she didn’t come in to make application, I was intrigued. This girl sounded like she was a doll. I will say this; the sound of her voice was nothing like the girl in person. When I saw her, I thought she was the most innocent, naïve, cute, girl next door types I had ever had the privilege to lay my eyes on. To say that she was childlike was an understatement: very petite, strawberry blond, deep green eyes, five foot two inches, almost no breast. I could have been looking at my kid sister when she was in middle school. The most amazing thing was that I knew immediately, I had to have her.

When we shook hands, it was as if I had the school boy jitters. There were the familiar butterflies in the stomach; the cold, sweaty palms; and the occasional peek down the white oxford style blouse. What was I doing, I thought. This girl must not be more than eighteen at the most, I thought.

“Before you say anything, I can tell you think I am a child. I am twenty eight years old,” she said waking me out of my stupor.

“I was just thinking that I have never seen a more beautiful…”

“…girl?” she finished.

“No I was thinking…woman.”

“Really,” she replied sarcastically.

“Really…as a matter of fact I was so surprised because your personal appearance is even finer than I had imagined after talking with you one the phone. You are beautiful.” I meant it.

“Well, thank you for the compliment, kind sir.” Her eyes brightened when I had said those words. I realized that she was extremely touchy about her stature and her immature appearance. There was a file in my mind for information like that.

“I have you scheduled for meeting room C. You did say that you wanted one of the larger rooms, correct?” I asked, getting back to business.

“Yes, a small room would never do. We have activities planned that we need the extra room.” She smiled. I melted.

“What kind of activities?” I asked ignorantly.

“Well, I am sure you do not need to know,” she replied smiling.

“I did not mean to pry. I was just…”

“I know. You were just wondering. That’s all right. I’ll tell you one of the activities.”

“It is not important,” I said lowering my eyes a little.

“It is alright. I warn you what I am about to say, however, must be kept between the two of us. You can not tell your superiors what is going to go on in this meeting. Promise me you will not tell anyone.” There was sternness in her eyes that made her look years older almost immediately.

“I promise.” I was like a little puppy dog getting ready to receive a reward for not pissing on the carpet.

“All of the people coming here today will be learning how to do certain tasks for their clients. Now, understand, most of them have clients that cannot do anything for themselves. The clients are considered to be almost vegetative in state. Do you know what that means?” she asked.

I nodded my head.

“When these clients go bathroom, they do it in a diaper.”


“Those diapers need to be changed often. Our case workers have to do it. That is part of what the client’s families hire them for.” Her eyes twinkled a little bit.


“The Feds have changed the rules a little, because there have been cases reported of some of the case workers sexually abusing their clients.”

“That’s sick,” I exclaimed immediately.

“…Right! That is why we are here today, among other reasons. I am here to train them how to change a diaper without the possibility of them being accused of sexual abuse. We are sure that the reported cases are exaggerated, so we must train our case workers to be above all of that and do the details correct.”

“So do you need help bringing up the dummies?” I asked.

“What dummies?” she responded.

“The ones you will need to practice on…changing the diapers…you know.” I felt like a school kid again.

“We won’t be using dummies.”

“You won’t? What will you be using?” Sometimes I am extremely dense.

“We will be changing each other. John should be here any minute with the adult size diapers.”

“…over your clothes?” I asked stupidly.

“Of course not, silly. It must be exact. We will take turns and we will change the diapers of our partner and then they us. They will powder us, remove any evidence of discharge, and they will do it without sexually abusing us. We are all adults and we have all seen the human anatomy before.” She could have added a “duh” to her words and it wouldn’t have cut near as much as that comment did.

I stood there dumbfounded. Surely she was teasing, I thought. Her face, however, told a different story. A very determined young lady stood before me. “Is what you are going to do legal?” I asked.

“Sure. Everybody has already signed waivers and all of us are professional. We intend to do this so that we all will get in-service credit. The credit will be documented and it will give us an advantage if any of us are ever accused of sexual abuse.”

“How is that?” I questioned very innocently.

“We will have witnesses that will know our techniques,” she replied matter-of-factly.

“I still don’t see how that will be evidence that one of your teammates didn’t go bonkers and abuse one of the clients.”

“It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that there are those who would be willing to witness to the fact that each member of the team had been trained and trained properly,” she retorted.

“I still don’t understand?” I said, growing a little frustrated.

“These clients do not know whether they are being touched inappropriately or not,” she continued a little aggravated. “They have no faculties to perceive such a concept. They are incapable of telling on the case worker anyway. It is the families that suspect that there is sexual perversion going on and that causes all of the problems. A family member walks in when a case worker is swabbing the vagina of a client to remove excess feces that may have gotten in there. They see the client writhing uncomfortably, as they do sometimes, and the family member just assumes that there is abuse. If a male client is cleaned, sometimes they get an erection. The mind reacts the same on them as it does on a normal man. They get an erection and sometimes they even ejaculate from the stimulation of wiping their penis down.”

“Shit, I didn’t know that…but why can’t someone just tell them that?”

“Sometimes family members want to believe the worst. Sometimes they are looking for an excuse to sue. Can I shut the door and give you an example?” she asked suddenly.

“Sure, go for it.”

After she shut and locked the door, she turned quickly to me. “Take your clothes off,” she demanded.

“Excuse me,” I exclaimed.

“Take your clothes off. I want to show you the difference between professionalism and abuse.”

“uh…sure,” I said warily. I bent down and took my shoes off first. Soon I was standing before her in just my jockey shorts.

“Those, too,” she ordered again.

“Really?” I questioned uncertainly.

“Take them off,” Joanna repeated.


“Off, damn it all.” I believe if I hadn’t taken my jockeys off she would have slapped me.

Standing nude and very exposed, hands covering my genitalia, I began to shiver.

“Now lay down on your desk,” she instructed a little gentler.

I did as I was told. I simply brushed the few things I had on the desk to the floor and then I lay down. The desktop was cold and I began to shiver. Never in all of my years had I been dominated as much as I had been in the last several minutes. This woman-child seemed to know how to punch all the right buttons.

“One thing for sure…”she said calmly.

“What’s that?” I shivered out.

“I don’t come across too many clients with your features,” she grinned lasciviously at my very erect cock.


“Now…this is how we professionally treat our clients,” her instructor voice said. She reached into her purse and pulled out some latex gloves, a box of lubricated wipes, and a small bottle of baby powder. Provocatively, she pulled the gloves on slowly. Plucking three wipes from their box in an exaggerated fashion, she moved toward my genital area. She took a wipe and slowly cleaned the area around my pubic hair. Gently, the motion moved to my cock and she quickly, yet sanitarily wiped up, and then down on it. Finally, her hands wiped my balls, caressing only long enough to get them totally saturated.

There was a moment when I though I would cum, but that soon passed. For several moments after she had finished with the wipes, she waited. My cock deflated somewhat while the coolness of the alcohol lubricant evaporated. Then, she took the baby powder and sprinkled it over the surface of my entire genitalia. Still gloved, she slowly rubbed the fine particles into the skin. Joanna stood back proudly to see her finished work.

“Now, that is how we do it professionally. See, you had an erection and now you don’t. It was…very clinical if I do say so myself. Now, don’t you dare move. Remember, you are a mentally retarded, very unmoving, client. It is now time to sexually abuse you.”

“What are you talk….” I started.

“MY CLIENTS CAN’T TALK,” she said loudly. I stopped talking and remained motionless.

She pulled the latex gloves off and moved until her body was positioned similarly to the way it had been previously. There was a sudden feeling of warmth around my cock as she wrapped her hands around it and began pumping up and down. I laid my head back and smiled. What a dope I been to even question where this was headed.

Immediately, I felt the most intense pleasure I had felt in a long time as she leaned over and took my now very erect cock into her mouth. I guess I was more than just an acquaintance now. Her mouth began sliding up and down faster and faster. I did not feel her teeth nip at the nerve filled phallus at all. Very good job, I thought and suddenly she quit.

“Now do not move a muscle,” she said as she climbed up on the desk and straddled my thighs. “If you do, we both could go for a tumble.”

There was a moment when I almost lost control, but I quickly thought about something other than the most erotic thing that had ever happened to me. Joanna knew exactly what she was doing. She lifted her skirt, pulled her panties to one side and slid down onto my aching cock. At first, she simply sat there; I guess getting use to the feeling of my large girth implanted all of the way up her. Slowly she began to move and sooner than I thought possible she was riding me like a bronco, screaming delicious nothings into the air. I liked the nasty talk she was spouting so much that I began to get into it completely and then suddenly she stopped, got off and stood beside me, again in the clinical manner.

“What are you…?” I choked out just before she engulfed me with her mouth once again. Using her hand to pump me from the base and her mouth to suction me on the glans, she soon had me cumming hard into her mouth. A little drooled out of the corner, but she kept most of it in. I didn’t know whether she had swallowed or not until she lifted her head and I could tell she had not. She moved to my face, used her hands to force open my mouth, and then she spit about half of my own load into it. I tried to turn my face, but she held me tight. Once the deed had been done, she pulled me into a sitting position where I could look at her straight on. I had not swallowed and she had not either.

“We are going to swallow at the same time,” she said between clenched teeth. “One, two, three…” She swallowed and then so did I.

“What have I gotten into,” I said softly, looking away, completely embarrassed. How could I have been embarrassed? My life had been devoted to taking advantage of others sexually. This lady was a master. Never in my entire life had I been so dominated and in a deep subliminal way, I enjoyed it.

Joanna pulled my face toward her and then slowly, gently laid the most wonderful kiss on my lips. My mouth parted a little and soon we were wrapped in a wonderful soul kiss, swapping what was left of my own cum from her mouth to mine and vice versa.

“Just the start of what is to come, my new luscious lover,” she commented.

“What do you mean?” I asked subserviently.

“I have just requested that I have a representative from the town at our meeting. You do do boys, I suppose?” she asked glibly.

“How did you know?”

“Although you resisted when I was trying to force your mouth open, when I put your cum into your mouth, you didn’t try to spit it out. You had eaten someone’s cum before. You were use to the texture and taste. Am I right?”

“Yeah, I have sucked and ass fucked about twenty guys in my life.”

“I knew it. I knew something as luscious as you couldn’t possibly be reserved for women only. I plan to take our training session and turn it into an orgy today. Since there are more men than women, I want to watch you seduce and make love to all of the guys there. By the way, if we go into the evening is there going to be a problem?”

“No, except that the janitor will come in around seven or so. You won’t have to worry about him, however.”

“Why is that?”

“He gives me a blowjob about twice a week,” I said.

“Sweet! You do this for me today and I will be yours to do with as you see fit for a long while to come.”

“Why do you think I would want you?” I said keeping my face as straight as I could.

“You wouldn’t?” she pouted sticking her bottom lip out slightly.

“Oh … I guess so.”

“I knew you couldn’t resist. You are my kind of guy, too.”

“How’s that?” I asked cautiously.

“You are willing to do anything for sexual pleasure and release. I find that attractive in a man. Someone who is willing to please his partner’s every desire is very rare, very rare indeed.”

“There is one thing I won’t do,” I said firmly.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“I’ll tell you if it ever comes up.”

“I have about thirty minutes to get ready for this meeting. You wouldn’t by chance have a shower somewhere?”

“Believe it or not, I do. We sometimes have speakers who fly in to do a meeting and the first thing they want to do is take a shower. It is out the door, to the left and six doors down on the right. Soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, towels, bath cloths and bathrobes are all in the closet in there.”

“Great….care to join me?”

“Why not,” I said as I smiled from ear to ear. “But we won’t be able to mess around, having only thirty minutes or so.”

“I expect you to perform well. Although you will probably not be my partner today, I know that sometime this afternoon we will have the opportunity to share our bodies once again.”

“Cool…let’s go get cleaned up.”

The shower was nice, her hands moving over me and for the first time since we met I was able to use my hands and mouth on her. When I knelt down in front of her, spread her thighs and began to lick her cunny, I felt she was about to buckle. Without even blinking an eye, however, she allowed me to do it and quickly after about twenty seconds she pushed my head away.

“We’ll have time for that later. There is only about ten minutes and our case workers on us,” she said moaning slightly.

We got dressed and headed for Meeting Room C. Joanna led the way and as I watched her go before me, I marveled at the beautiful, elfish, woman. When we entered the room, John was already there. He had been escorted by my secretary, Ann. They had been having a casual conversation, laughing and carrying on about who knew what. When Ann saw Joanna, a spark of excitement came into her eyes.

“Joanna, this is my secretary, Ann,” I said. Turning my attention to John, I offered him my hand. “My name is Thomas.”

“John…I find Ann quite amazing,” he confided in a whisper.

“So do I, but she is basically lesbian,” I whispered back.

“No, you can’t mean that,” he whimpered softly.

“Actually she is bisexual, but prefers women. Why do you think when Joanna entered the room your conversation stopped.”

“I see what you mean,” he said admiring the rapport between the two women. “I can certainly get into that.”

“What else do you get into?” I asked, making him slightly off-balanced.

“What do you mean?” he inquired.

“I mean are you bisexual as well?”

“Well…I do not consider myself so, but I have had an occasion…”

“…an occasion to do what?” I prodded.

“You are certainly the nosey type aren’t you?” he exclaimed, still a little under his breath. “But if you must know, I have been with a man before.”

“Now I will tell you that I am also bisexual, but there is one difference between me and you.”

“And what is that?” he smiled, kind of relieved to have that little piece of knowledge.

“I have been with more than one man,” I taunted.

“Well, now that you have come clean, I will also admit to multiple attractions and trysts.”

“What are your leanings?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” he countered with a question.

“Do you prefer girls or boys?”

“Oh…I am more comfortable with girls at times and boys at others. It simply depends on the mood I am in. If I want a man, I go to the local gay bar and pick up somebody.” His eyes were plastered on me to see if that shocked me. I simply thought it was stupidest thing I had ever heard.

“Aren’t you afraid of HIV or AIDS,” I asked.

“I was just teasing,” he came back. “My multiple sexcapades with men involved two, one in high school and my college roommate. I was just testing you to see if you lived the dangerous life. I would have been wary if you had even suggested you approved. If you even alluded to it, I would not even consider…”

“…consider what?” I questioned feigning surprise that he would even head in that direction.

What happened next was completely unexpected. John reached down and cupped by cock and balls giving them a slight squeeze. “This,” he smirked.

“Jeez, guy, not in front of the girls,” I said. When I looked at them they were both looking in our direction and smiling. Ann knew of my leanings toward homosexual encounters, but she had never witnessed me with another man. Joanna, I knew, was relishing what was to come. Ann walked toward me.

“Joanna has explained what is going to take place and has invited me to stay and participate. Is that all right by you, boss.”

“You know what she plans?” I questioned.

“Sure, an orgy might be exactly what this old girl needs. I have always wondered what it would be like to see you with another man. She told me that all of her participants knew what was going to happen today. That is why they are getting together. They fuck and suck and they earn in-service hours. What a cool way to get educated,” she said in her ditziest manner.

“She is incorrigible, isn’t she?” I remarked.

“I am looking forward to eating her twat,” Ann said taking me again by surprise. She never talked like that. Maybe the fact that she was going to participate in an orgy with men and women, she allowed her inhibitions to relax. She noticed my reaction and added, “Are you planning to suck all of the men?”

“What did she tell you?”

“Everything,” she smiled. “Everything and when this is all over you and I need to revisit some of the territory we have left unexplored.”

That was promising anyway. I made an excuse to go back to my conversation with John and slowly turned my back on her. There was no hesitation on her part; she returned immediately to Joanne who casually cupped one of Ann’s breast and leaned to kiss her on the cheek. I was rock hard. One thing in my life that was an instant hard on was seeing two women together. That kiss set me off to the point that I wanted to get naked immediately, but I gained enough composure to wait for the others.

The door to the meeting room opened and in walked Timothy. I almost fell out. This man was an Adonis. John was nice to look at, I am considered handsome, but Timothy, he was simply perfect.

“I have wanted to get into his pants for quite a while,” John mentioned softly, obviously licking his lips. “Joanna says he is completely straight, however. He must be metro-sexual, because he sure looks gay to me.”

I simply stared. This young man looked like a movie star, the handsomest man I had ever seen. Tall, but not too tall; Sexy, way too sexy; fit, athletic to the nth degree; and polished, manicured nails, GQ looks, clean. Oh, and his eyes twinkled; he was alive, vibrant, and so unique. There was no way I was going to drool; there damn it all, I did it anyway. What was somebody this fine coming to a cheap fuck fest for, I thought. This man could get anybody and I mean anybody, anytime, and anyplace.

I walked over as casually as I could and put out my hand, offering it for him to grasp for a handshake. His attention immediately turned to my direction, we made eye contact, I almost past out, and he took my hand and shook it. Some men’s hands are too rough and calloused; some, sweaty and limp; and yet others never know when to grasp, so they either get to much of your hand or too little. Timothy’s hand shake was none of the above. His hand fit into mine perfectly and his eyes never left mine. I wanted to gather him up and take him home.

“My name is Thomas,” I said kind of shyly.

“Hi, I’m Timothy. Joanne was just telling me about your wonderful hospitality.”

“I am sure she was,” I replied as I shot a furtive glance toward Joanne, who threw me a kiss.

“I understand you run this setup,” Timothy brought me back to him.

“I have, for about seven years now. I am independently wealthy from an inheritance that my grandfather left me, but I needed something to do. This fits the bill nicely.”

“I am sure it does,” he said smiling.

“What are you into?” I asked a little suggestively.

“Just about everything,” he replied with a slight wink of his right eye. It was a wink. I know I saw it and it was directed at me. So he did have leanings in guy directions. Or I think I saw it. There would have to be much more investigation before I made my decision to go for it.

“Real Estate? Medicine? Law?” I prodded.

He laughed and said simply, “you know what I mean. I saw it in your eyes when I said it. Come on, lets go over to those chairs and sit for a while.”

“Sure,” I said and followed him like a puppy dog and sat where he motioned me.

“I’m bisexual, a new one at that. I had my first experience about a month ago and have been longing to try it again. Joanna, knowing what had happened and how I had taken to it, called me and told me this meeting would be the perfect opportunity to expand my horizons. When she told me as I walked into the door that she had a new man coming, I was ecstatic. When she pointed to you and said you were the one that she had invited, I became even more excited. Finally, when she said you were bi as well, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I drooled over the thoughts of being with you.”

“Why would you drool over me?”

“Thomas, there are not many men out there that have your looks and I will tell you I became week kneed when I walked in and saw you standing over by John, who by the way is a jerk,” Timothy commented losing his smile slightly.

“Why thank you,” I reacted to his comment. “But why is John a jerk?” I asked after a pause.

“I had not had experience with a man. He was so nice at first and I had considered trying it with him, but when I told him that I was heterosexual, he reacted by turning and storming off to Joanna. She came to me later and told me that John did not want to be at any of the parties I was at anymore, because he said I was a…bore.”

“That’s not exactly what John told me a minute ago,” I remarked. “He told me he was infatuated by you, but he was going to give you your space because he believed you were truly a hetero man.” My little white lie would later prove to be what kept the party alive.

“He said that?”

“Yep,” I responded looking toward John, who I found was eyeing us carefully. I motioned him over.

“What is it?” John said tersely.

“It’s OK, John you can relax. Timothy, here, has been swayed to the dark side,” I joked.

“He has?” John replied a little less rudely.

“Yes, he has,” I answered.

“Well, I’ll be damned. What have you experience with Timothy, if you don’t mind me asking?” John, who had almost gotten sweet sounding, peered directly into the eyes of the handsome one.

Timothy looked at both of us and began to speak slowly.

“I met a man, Jamie Jones, about four weeks ago. He is the husband of a co-worker. Jamie told me that he admired my looks and wondered if I was homosexual. I told him that I did not think I was, but I had been having fantasies about having sex with a man.”
“Jamie told me I looked gay and that disturbed him. I asked him why. He told me that it was because he had several homosexual experiences as a boy and it brought back those memories and desires. I asked him what his wife thought about it and he told me that she knew nothing of those experiences. I told him he needed to tell her so that their relationship would be an honest and true one. He was the one who suggested what happened next.”

“…and that was?” I inquired. I knew John’s interest had been peaked just like mine was.

“He invited me to a threesome with his wife and him. His wife, Madge, had to be talked into it, but soon succumbed when Jamie told her that he was considering making love to me. According to him, it was something he had always fantasized about. She fell for it.”

“Madge knew what to expect from me sexually, because we had been occasional lovers before she and Jamie got married. She had never considered me the type that would do anything with a man and the prospect intrigued her, thus her agreement. She had always known Jamie had homosexual tendencies because of his love of oral and anal sex. She commented after the sex that if she had been a man there would be little difference in their relationship. I found it funny that she knew her husband better than he thought she did.”

“Well, what did you two do?” John impatiently asked.

Shooting John a dirty look, Timothy continued.

“I made love to Madge while Jamie watched. I did not orgasm and as soon as I pulled out of Madge, I lay on my back. Jamie began sucking my dick. Madge was beside herself and began masturbating furiously. She had just had an orgasm with me and she was about to bring herself to another watching her husband suck her ex-lover’s cock.”

“I will say that Jamie was very good and I was getting into it. When he twisted his body around and straddled my head, I was faced with the decision of whether to suck him or not. I gobbled him down. I heard Madge cum and then cum again. When I came, I expected him to pull off, but he did not and he drank me dry. He came only a few seconds later and I could not bring myself to swallow it. I spit it out. Madge greedily came over and wolfed down Jamie’s seed from my mouth, and then brought it up and kissed me. She held her lips and open mouth on mine, swirling the cum between our tongues until I no choice but to swallow.”

“Later, I fucked his ass and he mine. This was one of the most intense experiences I have ever had. When we were completely spent, they both kissed me. When I got dressed, they both ushered me to the door. Madge told me that I had helped them open their relationship to a whole new level. I smiled and left. I have thought of nothing since. I want to experience that feeling again. I want to suck and fuck you, Thomas, as much as I can today.”

“What about me?” John pouted.

“I think I forgive you enough to include you, John. Just remember, I don’t play mind games. If you ever pull what you did last time we met, I will never want to see you again.”

“OK, I promise I will try not to cop an attitude.”

I was really looking forward to our soon to be sexual experience.

“OK everyone, gather around.” It was Joanne. Two more women had made their way into the room. I did not see the other two guys, so I assumed they were just late. Every one made their way to the sofa and easy chairs over where Joanne was. Timothy, John and I stood behind Ann and the two other women. Joanne began talking.

“I want to apologize to you all, but Ted and Joey will not be here. They had an accident at Columbia St. and 5th Ave. They were turning to get on Interstate 5 when they were broad sided by a Metro bus. They are all right, but Ted’s car is totaled.”

“We will begin by talking about the new rules that the Feds have place on us,” she instructed. For the next thirty minutes we listened to the new rules placed on home case workers that involved the proper procedures for handling mentally retarded or physically handicapped persons while changing their diapers. Joanne went into the details about the reasons the decisions had been made. I was so bored, but I feigned interest knowing what was about to take place.

“Since we have an equal number of the sexes, I think it is best if we work in co-ed pairs at first. Since I am the instructor, I do not have a need for a partner at this time. John, I would like you to go with Ann; Timothy, you should have as your partner Tonya; and Thomas, Amy will be your partner. This portion of the experience will be monitored and you will be expected to play by the rules. No one must touch another in a sexual way. You are to put diapers on your partner, and then change and remove the original and replace it with a new one. In the process, I want you to clean the genitalia of your partner with the provided supplies. Let’s do it properly the first time so we can get on with our other scheduled activities.”

After meeting my new partner, a refined, slightly plump brunette, we went to a corner of the room. I marveled at Amy as she removed her clothing without batting an eyelash. Soon enough she was totally nude and lying on the carpet slightly spreading her fleshy thighs. She was not huge and her body was pleasing to look at, but you could tell she spent no time at the gym. There was no definition in the musculature. Was I offended? By no means, I would have chosen her myself.

I took the adult size diaper and stretched it out. Clumsily I positioned it under the girl’s legs. Try as I might I could not get it under her rump so that I could position the tabs at the waist. Finally, I rolled Amy on her side, put the diaper into the proper placement, and then rolled her back on it.

“Good,” Joanna said behind me. “Amy pee into the diaper. Poop if you can, sweetie. Thomas when she begins whimpering, change her. Reverse what you just did, but remember to put a changing cloth underneath her in case she has an accident. Clean her with the provided supplies and then re-diaper her. When you are through it will be Thomas’ turn to be the guinea pig. Amy you do not need to dress while you minister to Thomas. Simply stay in the diaper.”

We set about what Joanne had instructed us to do. I watched as Amy’s face turned red and wondered what kind of surprise I would find when I changed her diaper. She soon began whimpering and I smelled the answer to my question. She had shit as well as peed. I shook my head in disgust, but went about my task, first putting on my gloves. After undoing the tape at the tabs and pulling down the front of the diaper, I rolled her to her side. There was a four inch glob of feces that centered itself on the diaper. Amy’s ass was messed up.

Cleanup was easier than I thought. I slowly wiped the area around her ass making sure to get all of the crap from everywhere including her hole. I cleaned the front part like I had been shown earlier, taking a clean wipe to her vaginal slit. When I was through wiping everything, I put the wipes in the dirty diaper and folded it. The new diaper went on easier and within two minutes, I had succeeded in doing the exercise.

It was now my turn. I slowly peeled off my cloths and lay down on the carpet, the same as Amy had done. Then I lay motionless. Amy was quicker than I was, more skilled, and also more tolerant. When the diaper was on me, I tried and tried to pee into it, but found that I could not.

“It’ll be alright. I know it’s your first time doing this and just so you know, I had it hard the first time I did it,” Amy said soothingly.

“I have never purposely pissed in front of someone before,” I commented.

“I love water sports,” Amy enthused. “I love to feel the warm flow of urine on my skin.”

“Oh, great!” I began to have the feeling this was going to be a long day. This was that one thing I had referred to Joanne that I would not do. I was not turned on by the prospect of becoming a human sewer. I stopped what I was doing and just sat there.

Finally after what was several minutes Joanne came over to us. There was a sudden tension between her and Amy that I did not quite understand at first, but after several admonishments about bringing her unsanitary fetish to the party I began to understand. This was not a fetish party and fetishes were not welcome. We were here to enjoy sex in the touchy feely sort of way. I appreciated Joanne for realizing what had happened.

“Even though it is not a fetish event, you must try to soil your diaper. It will make the experience much more realistic to Amy. She will not talk to you about her perversion. I quite easily realized the one thing you would not do; almost the moment you said it.” Joanne was a very perceptive young woman.

There was another quick whispering session between the two women. Amy got up and followed Joanne somewhere on the other side of the room. When she returned a bottle of water was in her right hand and a cup was in the other. She opened the bottle right in front of my face and began pouring the clear liquid into the foam cup slowly. I watched intently as the water flowed from the bottle to the cup in drips. Then I heard the drops as they hit the water. Next thing I realized, I had to pee and I did so in the diaper without another thought. Soon, I was whimpering.

The procedure was the same as it had been with Joanne earlier, except this time I did not start out with an erection. Amy used the tools the same as I with the exception that her touch on my genitalia tended to cause me to become aroused. So instead of starting with a hard cock, I ended with one. Instead of being entirely clinical, Amy leaned over and kissed the tip.

“I don’t think…” I started to say.

“It doesn’t matter. What Joanne doesn’t know, won’t hurt her or us,” she commented reading my mind.

“I feel violated,” I teased feigning a pout.

“Poor boy, have you been sexually abused?” she inquired mockingly with a huge grin on her face. “Just you wait until its time to sexually abuse you.”

“I think we are going to change partners before that happens,” I said still pouting.

“Well, pooh!” she exclaimed. Then we both laughed our asses off.

“If it wasn’t for your strange fetish, I might consider asking you out,” I remarked.

“Well, if you have never tried it, you can’t pass judgment. Anyway, Joanne said I couldn’t talk about that here and if I did I would be asked to leave. I told her I would stop.”

“OK, so I won’t bring up the subject again,” I said.


I had been correct. Joanne instructed the person changing to move to the person of the right. Amy stood up and moved to Tonya, Ann moved to John, and Timothy moved to me. He smiled gently when he knelt down beside me.

“It is now important for you to feel what it is like to be helpless and have someone sexually abuse you. The partner kneeling will be the first abuser and then we will swap places. Start to change their diapers and then do sexual things to them.” Joanne, who had gotten undressed, moved to one of the chairs, spread her legs and began playing with her clit. I instantly got a hard on simply watching her and remembering our afternoon activities.

“I will be gentle,” Timothy tenderly whispered.

I didn’t say anything, simply smiled. I had anticipated this all day. I looked over at John to find him looking at us as Ann was attempting to sexually assault him. He stuck his tongue out at me and then turned his attention to Ann’s ministrations.

Timothy undid the tape and released the diaper. Gently, he rolled me on my side and slid the diaper away. When I was once again on my back, he grasped my erect cock and began jacking me. The movement felt so good, but I was anticipating his mouth. It never came. When Joanne called change, we reversed. I did not put my diaper back on as the others did not. Maybe Timothy thought that this session was still part of the in-service, I considered. As far as I was concerned, this was the beginning of the orgy.

I removed his diaper as well, but instead of manhandling his dick, I put it in my mouth. The sensation was unbelievable: smooth glans, very thick meaty substance, hard as a rock, and hot. I was getting into the “abuse” of my patient and he was getting into it as well when suddenly I felt a hard tap to the back of my head. I looked up to see Joanna standing above me.

“Not yet, Thomas and cover yourselves. Get dressed as calmly as you can. Pretend this is the end of our meeting,” she said calmly.

I looked at her in utter bewilderment. How dare she, I thought. I couldn’t believe she would interrupt my ministrations to this fabulous hunk simply because she was the one who had instigated this meeting in the first place. I had pulled my clothing to me and began dressing slowly. Timothy had scurried to get his pants and shirt on, which were on the other side of the room. We all finished getting dressed about the same time. I was about to argue with she walked out of the room and escorted another person in. The police commissioner entered and stood by the door, waiting patiently.

“Did he see me?” I questioned.

“No he didn’t see you with that gorgeous cock stuffed down your throat, but he is here to see you. He said he had an appointment scheduled for six o’clock.”

“Shit, that was today?” I panicked. I was definitely in a form of disarray. The room smelled like sex, even though nothing sexual had actually happened during the meeting other than diaper changes. For me I thought that I was through. I shivered as I got up to meet the man.

“Commissioner Reynolds, so nice to see you,” I blurted as I neared him, bumping and tripping around the rest of the people in the room.

“It is six thirty, Wright. I’ve been waiting patiently by your office for the longest time. Do you know you don’t have any chairs outside your office for people to wait in? If it hadn’t been for Joanne there, I would have never known where to find you. What is going on in here anyway? It smells kind of funny…” He was being very considerate not jumping me hard in front of these people, but unless I coddled him a little, he certainly would later when we were alone.

“I was assisting Joanne in a class concerning mental retardation, Commissioner. There were not enough participants, so Ann, my secretary, and I were asked to participate. I think I got wrapped up in the moment and simply forgot about the meeting, sir.” I was concerned that he had seen something other than what he let on. If he did, I was cooked.

“A very admirable idea, Thomas,” he said as he called me by my first name. That was a good sign. I knew there would be no penalty if he caught me having sex with a man. His oldest son is gay and the Commissioner has always been an outspoken activist for gay rights. I knew, however, he would not tolerate having sex in a public place, especially during working hours.

“Thank you, sir.”

“I’ll tell you what, you see me tomorrow evening at the same time and I will forgive this mistake. You will be able to finish your assistance.” He was being more than generous.

“Thank you again, sir.”

Taking leave of my group, who, by the way, I think were freaking out; I walked the commissioner to the front door of the meeting building. We ended the conversation with friendly small talk and as I said my final goodbye, I closed and locked the main entrance. Sure, there were those in city government who had a key, but all of them had long gone home by then. I was sure that we would not be interrupted by anyone else.

When I returned most of the group had packed as if they were leaving. I pulled Joanne, who had her satchel filled, aside and asked her what was going on. She told me that nobody was in the mood anymore and that they realized that they had almost been caught by the one man who could have put them all away. Joanne told me the story of how she had come to meet the Commissioner in the hall and how, basically, she saved the lot of us.

“Come on, guys, he’s gone and he won’t be coming back. I don’t think he suspected a thing, thanks to the fact that Joanne got dressed before she went to the restroom earlier. When she met him in the hall, it was if everything was normal. It was lucky he decided to go to the restroom himself before he came here. It gave Joanne time to warn us all. I don’t know if you noticed how close it was from the time we got our clothes back on and he entered into the room. Sheer luck, I say. I was worried at first that he had seen something, but while I walked him down to the main entrance he did not let on that he had. Anyway, his son is gay. I would have been chastised for allowing it to happen, not for the fact that I had Timothy’s dick down my throat.” I smiled at him and he flushed a little, but then smiled back.

“I wish all of you would stay. Let’s regain the momentum and let’s have the wildest time of our lives.”

“Why don’t we go to one of our apartments or houses?” Amy asked.

“By the time we got there, we would be out of the mood and would have to start over. Besides, I experienced a little rush knowing we almost got caught,” I commented, almost laughing.

Everyone but Joanne seemed to calm a little. “I don’t want to take a chance of losing my job.”

“Shit, Joanne, every time you have one of these things, you take a chance that you’ll be found out,” John remarked sarcastically.

Joanne sat there a moment and thought about it. I really thought we were going to lose her, but soon she put her satchel down, took her coat off, and began unbuttoning the top buttons on her blouse. The look of resignation left her face and an evil grin appeared.

“Yeah, why not? If you say that we are safe now, I’m game to get started,” she said.

I looked at everyone and said, “Now let’s see where I left off.” I walked over to Timothy, knelt down in front of him, unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock and proceeded to give the man a blowjob. To say that everyone was surprised is an understatement, but soon garments began flying and everyone began to get back into the scheme of things. I heard Ann moan and looked as she was fingering herself while watching me. This, again, was promising for later on.

I had not had time before to appreciate the cock I was sucking on. Perfection is a word that describes very little in my life, but I considered this cock perfection: nine inches long, circumcised, thick, smooth skin, and hard as a rock. I pulled it from my mouth, lifted it slightly and ran my tongue from the base to the tip. I tongued the glans, round and round, until Timothy had to sit down. I found it harder to get to, so I had him lay on the floor.

Ann continued her moaning, but she had been joined by Joanne, who, now totally naked, was licking her cunt with enthusiasm. Amy and Tonya were busy messing with John. I don’t think he minded at all and he seemed to be enjoying eating Tonya while having his dick attended to by Amy.

I removed my mouth from Timothy’s cock and moved upwards over his clothing until I was even with his mouth. I gently kissed him on the lips and he returned the kiss so passionately, I almost came simply from the feeling of his lips on mine. Our tongues intertwined playing tag with one another. We felt eyes on us from around the room, so we teased the tips of our tongues outside our mouths, much like the lipstick lesbians do in porn movies. That brought several sighs from the girls, as well as John.

We had become the center of attention. One thing that I had learned many years before was that women like to watch two men fuck as much as men like to watch two women. I intended on giving them a show the likes of which they had never seen before. I slowly undressed Timothy beginning with his shirt unbuttoning it with my tongue and teeth as much as I could. When all of the buttons were undone, I pulled it back over his shoulders revealing his perfectly formed chest, muscles well defined from the exertions of the last few moments.

Although his hard cock was exposed to everyone he still had his socks, shoes, and pants on. With my hands, I pulled each one of his shoes off and quickly followed with his socks. Perhaps the ugliest part of Timothy was his feet, but that’s not saying much as the rest of his body was scrumptious. Next, I used my teeth to loosen his belt. It was a little difficult, but it soon released. His pants were easier and as I undid the clasp on his pants, I engulfed his cock once again. I worked my mouth up and down, quickly about twenty times. There was no effort at all in removing his briefs and soon he was completely naked being consumed by my ravenous self.

Moving from his dick, I made my way toward his nipple via the navel. His navel was an in between one, not an inney or an outey. My tongue did its business there leaving him shivering with the desire I was creating, much like Tinker Bell sprinkles pixie dust on people to make them fly. Trailing from his navel to his nipples was special to him, because I found out later one of his erogenous zones was his rippled stomach. As I moved forward, he began to lose control.

I was pushed off, successfully stopping my assault. Timothy decided it was reciprocation time and he quickly began undressing me. I felt his hot breath on my ears, my neck, my chest, and finally my genitals. As my pants went to the floor, I felt the searing heat of his breath warming the length of my cock. Then it happened. I almost collapsed. His mouth consumed me in a single instant and it felt if every fiber of my being was attached to what he was doing.

Not to be outdone, I swung my body so that I too could complete what I started. Finally, after some of the most amazing contortions I have ever been able to accomplish I had access, with my mouth, to that most amazing thing. Every time he would do something to me, I would copy it. Timothy ran the edges of his teeth the length of my prick: I ran the edges of my teeth along the length of his. The feeling of his wonderful tongue lapping gently at my balls was, of course, duplicated by me. We were competing to see how much we could take and I wasn’t going to be the loser in this. I planned to make him cum first and as I found out later, his intention was almost exact.

Our audience oohed and ahhed. They had not gone back to the intense sex that Timothy and I were experiencing, but they were masturbating while they watched us. Later Ann told me it was the hottest sight she had ever witnessed, two buff males going at it with complete abandon. The most amazing thing she had ever seen was the sixty-nine we were experiencing. She said it was like we were trying to eat the very soul of each other. Our faces were red, our mouth gorged full of the other’s dick, both of us had tears in our eyes and the tears were streaming down our faces. Ann described our actions as sensual, wild, animalistic turn-ons that none of the women, or John for that matter, could tear away from. They were symbiotic, almost feeling what we felt. When we began our orgasms, Ann swears that more than two of them came at the same time. When the cum was leaking from between our lips and falling all over the place, John shot his wad and the semen was quickly recovered from his aching cock by Amy, who said she relished the taste.

I finished and lay panting, collapsing on Timothy. He, too, was almost lifeless. I licked my lips and tasted the final stage of the intense sex we had just experienced. There had never been a period in my life that I had experience the totality of what had just happened. Surrealistic clouds of imagery wandered in and out of my mind as I contemplated the final let down of the encounter.

Joanne had gone back to eating Ann’s pussy. Amy and Tonya had gone into a sixty-nine. John had walked to the door and was about to exit, I assume, to the restroom to take a piss. He was completely naked, so I assumed he was completely comfortable with the accommodations. When he opened the door, however, he yelled and slammed it shut.

“Shit, shit, shit…” John screamed.

“What’s up?” I asked, suddenly concerned that the police commissioner had returned.

“There’s a…” he continued to shriek.

The women had stopped and had started to reach for their clothes. I jumped up, with new found energy and ran for the door. Pushing John out of the way, I grabbed the door knob. It was already too late if it was the Commissioner, but I had thought of something else. I opened the door.

“Hey boss, what’s going on?”

It was Mark, my janitor. I had never been so glad to see someone in all my life.

“Hey Mark. Some of us got together and decided to have an orgy. Want to come join us?”

“Sure boss. You gonna need some extra attention?” he asked with a wink.

“I think everyone is, Mark. I would like everyone to meet Mark. Mark, this is everyone.” I remarked formally. “Mark is going to be a new little morsel for us to enjoy.”

The group relaxed, smiled, most waved Mark in. John was still holding his chest like he was going to have a heart attack and I noticed that he didn’t need the toilet anymore. We would have to clean that up in the morning for sure. Right now it was time for everyone to attack Mark so that he could get caught up.

I grabbed him by the shoulders and held him in place, unzipped his trousers, whipped out his cock and began sucking him. I don’t know who was more surprised that I did that, him or me. He was soon full length and pumping my throat. It didn’t take him long before I had a mouthful of cum. He collapsed to his knees, grabbed me by the arms, and looked me deep into the eyes.

“Thanks, boss.”

“You deserved it kiddo. Remember, when you get the urge to come visit me from now on, expect the favor to be returned.”

The rest of the evening, well into the night, was spent fucking and sucking in everyway possible. All the women daisy chained while we watched. When they got finished, all of us did the same. When the action got a little boring, we played games like stick the cock into the ass. We took turns blindfolded and attempted to butt fuck somebody, it didn’t matter who, just somebody. I ended up finding John and screwing him until he had come.

There really wasn’t a stop to the party. It just ended up with us all asleep on the floor. I woke up the next day to a kiss from Joanne who thanked me for the experience and asked if we could do it again in about a week. Needless to say, I was game.

“Next time it is going to be me and eight guys,” she said.

“Sure, just so you can watch some gay shit going on,” I smirked.

“I think I want to get gang fucked first,” she giggled.

After everybody left Ann, Mark and I, still naked, looked at each other.

“I guess this changes our relationship forever,” I announced smiling.

“I guess so,” Mark said.

“I don’t think I am going home today,” Ann remarked almost laughing out loud.

We all gathered our stuff and went to the showers. What happened in there, however, is a completely different story.

I will say this, to wrap my little tale up, Timothy and I have become a little more than casual lovers. He now lives at my apartment and we share everything: women, men, ourselves. There is never a night that we don’t do something sexual together, but there is only one night a week where the eight of us always get together in Meeting Room C for a little more exploration into the mandates of the Federal Government. I bet you never even knew education could be such fun, did you?


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