There, I finally did it.  I had been sitting in the bar for twenty minutes with the message just sitting on my cell phone.  It wasn't like this was anything new for the two of them to hook up, but it took a few glasses of wine for the nervousness to start to pass.  My own man doesn't give me butterflies, but he can.  Always has since the night they met.  But I had things in mind for tonight that we had never done.  Toys R Us was in my purse!

Message sent.

Guess there's no backing out now, as I ordered her fifth or sixth glass of wine, at this point it wasn't worth keeping count. I had a plan, there is always a plan.  Just stick to the plan.

Returning my attention back to the woman next to me who was talking to me about something, I couldn't help wonder what she tasted like.  Not part of the plan I quickly reminded myself.  I know I doesn't like to share him, but I was wondering what it would be like to watch him fuck her. Change of plans.

I knew i had fifteen minutes or so till he arrived.  Not only did I create a new plan, but I had to figure out how to quickly make this happen.  She had quite a bit to drink and was apparently upset over her ex and wasn't sure she could drive home, then a coy smile came across her face.  She asked a few questions about why I was there and when I was heading home. 

I told her about the guy I was waiting for, I didn't offer too many details and i could tell by the look on her face that she wasn't sure if I wanted what she wanted.

Mission accomplished.

Be right back.  I went to the front desk to inquire about room availability.

Perfect.  Room 207.

Walking in the door to the bar, no surprise that you have sat down and are already staring at her.  Her legs do look good in that short skirt.  If she bent over you would know if she had on panties, I'm certain thats what you are thinking at that very moment.  I walk strait passed you to whisper in her ear.  "You still need a place to relax while you sober up?"


That, "I hope thats what I'm getting" smile is hard to mistake.  And as a matter of fact, when I look down at you, your a little hard to mistake.

I grab your hand and walk you up to the room.  It's just the two of us, please try and hide your disappointment alittle.  It's not like I'm bad at giving head, or not a good fuck.  I

 know I'm much more the submissive type, but the wine, all that wine, well it can have an effect on a girl ya know.

The new plan is in effect.

Being you, your first thought is to tear off my clothes and fuck me, wrong.  Radio on. 

On the bed you go, shirt off, blind fold on, one arm, now the other, please don't fight me.  With your arms tied to the bed I get my way with you.  A long hard kiss while I run my hands down your chest seems to do the trick. Taking off your pants, rubbing your hard cock over your underwear, I know you want me.  I also know you are still thinking about her.  Thats ok, just for tonight.  Underwear off, now I'm sucking, but alittle too lightly for your tastes and you beg to be sucked harder.  Nope.  Your not cuming just yet. 

I stop sucking and get off the bed.  Now there's a very hot wet pussy on your face.  It doesn't take you long to realize thats its not me.  I think her piercing gave it away.  Should have asked, it would have been more of a surprise had you thought it was me for a bit.  I return to hard cock.  She pulls my hair hard so that I have to stop sucking you. She wants you. She licked the tip and a bit of pre cum came out. She licked that up quickly and then nipped at the head. She took the head of your cock into her mouth and slowly took you all the way in.  You came quickly.

Guess its the girls turn. 

All you hear is the two of us moaning.  Do you want the blindfold off?  I guess we can do that.  Back to the comfortable sixty nine position we were enjoying next to you on the bed.  Her tongue is in my wet pussy fucking me.  God she feels good.  Happy we are letting you watch?  I hope so, if your not good we won't fuck you later.  And I do mean later.  I know I came atleast twice in the first few minutes we were licking each other.  She stradled herself just above your head so you could only look up at her pussy.  She wants to be fucked, but not just yet, not by you anyhow. 

Time for the toys. 

Inches from the reach of your tongue I insert a nice hard dildo in her pussy while staring into your eyes.  I want to make sure this is just perfect for you.  She rises and lowers herself onto the toy I hold just out of your reach. "Ohh God".  And she comes, pulls out the toy, and sits down so you can lick up all that cum.  See what I can do to another woman.

My turn.  Only this time I choose not to let you watch her fuck me.  Instead, we tell you how it feels.  How hot it is to have her fucking me while you listen.  You like to listen.  It didn't take long for her to have me screaming in ecstasy.

Between our long kisses and tit sucking, we share a glass of wine and a smoke.  A very sexy sight if I may say so myself. 

Now it's time for your fantasies. 

My first question to you, "Which one of us are you fucking first?". She unties your hands.

Oh, you have your own ideas first.  Ok.  We can give you control back. 

Punished.  Yes indeed, we tie you up and tease you.  Very very bad girls. 

Both of us bent over the side of the bed being spanked, quite a sight indeed.  Your hand smacking hard against my ass feels so good, I could cum right then.  But no, I'd rather wait till your inside me to cum. 

So she's going to be fucked first.  You flip her over onto her back, pull her feet over your shoulders and slam your hard cock in her pussy.  Her entire body was writhing with pleasure as your cock filled her tight pussy and she moaned.  You fucked her for what felt like an eternity.  I couldn't stand to watch anymore.  I was so hot, and still had part of the first plan left to conquer.

I knew if I was going to let you do this, it had to be now.  Right now.  Bent over the side of the bed, I told you it was my turn.  Happily you slide your cock in me from behind.  Damn that feels good.  I pull away from you, causing you to slide out, annoyed you pull me to you hard.  I pull away again and grab you cock and slide it down my ass.  Wish I could see the look on your face, but I bet its priceless.  Yes, thats what I want, I know its what you want.  I grab her ankles and pull her pussy towards me.

Easily, I feel the head of your cock enter my ass.  Ouch, but no, ohh, that feels good.  I have wanted this, but alittle scared of the pain.  Between the wine and her pussy in face, I think I can let you do this.  I want you to do this. You keep pushing slowly into my ass.  It is so tight.  I push my hips toward you to force your cock into my ass more.  I want you in me.  Slowly you glide your cock back and forth in my ass.  I can hear you moan, its rare that you moan, I know you are enjoying this.

You let me know that you are about to cum and start to pull away.  I thrust back at you and pulling my hair you cum in my ass.