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The Naked at Home Programme (3/3)
Y Lee Coyote & Steam Train


Anthony and Charles though not happy about being put under the control of a twelve-year-old girl that evening, had both taken a liking to Tiffany and were mature enough to accept their fate graciously remembering how they chatted with her earlier.

Tiffany returned to the Havering household to begin her first babysitting session.  She had all four boys there again whilst their parents were out to dinner with the vicar and all were naked.  They had dinner and Sean had to dispose of the smelly waste whist naked in the outside garbage bin.  He did the chore in record time in case anyone was about.

When it came time for bathing, Tiffany chose to bathe Edward first as he had always been the neighbour who tormented her the most.  He resisted at first but Tiffany threatened to spank him and both Anthony and Charles offered to help if necessary.  As she washed him, enjoying the feeling of his silky smooth skin for the first time, she was especially thorough with his little boy parts as she again reminded him how he had said she was sufficiently mature to be in charge of immature little boys like him.  Hearing this again whilst she was actually handling his underdeveloped boy bits the words cut deep.

Unfortunately for him, Edward lost control of himself and unleashed a flood of very naughty words.  Some were so naughty that Tiffany did not even know them.  This earned him a spanking and an immediate mouth soaping.  Since Tiffany had the soapy flannel in her hand, she just popped it into his mouth to, as she put it, "TO WASH THE FILTH RIGHT OUT!"  Edward was not happy about it at all.  The two fourteen-year-old thought he certainly deserved it.

After she had dried Eddy, Tiffany sat on the closed toilet and ordered him to get over her lap.  He made lots of excuses but when Anthony and Charles both advised him to comply he did.  Tiffany spanked him a bit with her hand but Anthony knew that was not sufficient and handed her the bath brush.  That properly got Edward's full attention for he was begging and promising in hopes of it stopping the spanking as he cried.  Anthony was especially pleased at how babyish his cousin proved to be.

Edward was in the corner with his hands on his head while Sean got bathed as had his brother plus some addition shaving.  Tiffany did his pits and redid his pubis to assure that they were both baby smooth as the Reverend Parks said they should be.

Both Anthony and Charles had relieved themselves while they watched her bathing the brothers apparently not caring that she watched back.  The brothers were terribly embarrassed to be required to go wee-wee as she watched and it was only the threat of being diapered that convinced them.  She tucked them in a few minutes before the specified bedtime.

Anthony and Charles had entirely different feelings about being bathed by Tiffany than the brothers had.  Both got boners when Tiffany began to gently wash their bodies greatly enjoying the attention of a nubile girl rather than being embarrassed.  Tiffany got a real unexpected boost to her education when she was diligently washing Anthony's penis.  He had not masturbated for several days and the nubile girl's touch was very thrilling.  In her naivete she stroked the hard shaft and caused the horny boy to ejaculate.  He was embarrassed but the other two insisted that was natural and ok under Programme once they understood what had happened.  Afterwards in the TV room they had a very pleasant conversation which included teaching Tiffany what the range of genital development was for boys now that the babies were in bed while waiting for the adults' return.

When they were told to dress for the trip home both boys were so relaxed about their nakedness that they said since it was dark and their parents' cars were right in front of the house they did not need to bother to dress to go home.  The Reverend Parks was most pleased at how well the Naked at Home Programme  was working.

Mrs. Havering noticed the immediate improvement in her boys' behaviour after that day and night and decided it was certainly due in no small measure to Tiffany's involvement.  She told Mrs. Webb the next day that Tiffany had been most helpful and showed great maturity and she hoped Tiffany would be able to sit for her regularly.

The Reverend Parks was also astonished at how effective Tiffany was in modifying the behaviour of Edward and Sean and how she had immediately brought out a new level of maturity in Anthony and Charles.  The Reverend knew from the experience of watching Tiffany that the involvement of younger girls in overseeing boys had to be incorporated into his Programme but he still wanted to get girls not just involved but naked and fully participating in his new Programme as well.

At the dinner discussion it was finally agreed that some girls would benefit from the Naked at Home Programme  and so on the suggestion of Mr. Cobb, it was decided that the sisters of some of the parish choir boys who were very bitchy and troublesome teen and preteens, would be the first girls to have their behaviour and attitude adjusted by also being placed in the Naked at Home Programme.

The Reverend Parks was also totally convinced that with patience he would eventually persuade the reluctant Mrs. Webb that Tiffany should also be one of the girls fully admitted into the Programme!

* * * * * * * * * *

It was Thursday afternoon.  Edward and Sean were in for a surprise.  They had figured that they could stay dressed at home until dinnertime because it was their mom's bridge club day and they would be unsupervised.  They each had brought home a classmate – something which they had not done since the previous week to avoid being made to be naked by their mother with a guest present.  The four were happily in the TV room playing a video game when things changed.  Tiffany had let herself in with her own key and took several pictures of them before interrupting.  To complicate matters, Ronda, Tiffany's BFF was with her and most anxious to see the two naked boys that Tiffany had told her all about.

"Are you behaving yourself boys?" she said.  Edward and Sean were shocked.  Since they seemed tongue-tied Tiffany continued: "Are you following the naked at home rules?"  Sean finally asked what she was doing in his house and how did she get in.  "I used the key your mother gave me as YOUR BABYSITTER so that I could check up on you two.  I see it was quite necessary."

While the brothers blushed at the word babysitter, Edward's classmate Juan and Sean's classmate Nicky both wanted to know what naked at home was.  "Tell them what naked at home is Edward." Tiffany ordered.

"It's some Programme that the vicar started and Mom put us into it.  But Tiffany we are not alone so it's for later."

"That's NOT correct Edward.  It applies all the time at home unless something is very special.  Your friends do not meet that requirement.  Now tell your mates what it is all about."

"It is about being naked at home." said the starting to blush Edward softly.  "We have to be naked at all times when at home."

"Right.  Now STRIP Boys!" ordered Tiffany properly exercising her authority or should I strip you like I did last Sunday.  She did not have to threaten to tell their mom for the boys knew she would if they did not comply and maybe even get spanked.  Slowly they stripped as their friends watched with saucer eyes.

As their trousers dropped it exposed their undies and Nicky exclaimed in shock: "They are wearing LITTLE BOY PANTS!" immediately adding to their embarrassment.

When the little boy briefs came down Juan reacted first to seeing Edward: "You got a tiny dick – not the beast you boasted having.  Juan was not in the same PE class as Edward so this is the first time he saw him naked.  The guys are going to love that."  Edward realised that the school boy code of silence that prevailed about what happened in the locker room did not apply here and that his lack of development was getting less private.

Nicky was also surprised but for an entirely different reason, because he had seen Sean naked  "What happened to your pubes, Sean?"

"They not allowed in the Naked at Home Programme  so they were shaved off." he replied grimly.

"We don't have to be naked do we?" asked a very nervous Nicky.

"No.  But you may undress if you wish." replied Tiffany hoping to get to see two more boys naked.

"I have pubes so I will just keep myself dressed, thank you." said Nicky and Juan concurred.  Tiffany was surprised that Nicky had pubes when older boys like Anthony and Charles did not but was delighted that the news had the two Havering boys once again ashamed and embarrassed.

As delighted as Ronda was in seeing the two naked boys as she had been promised, she also saw an opportunity to double her prize.  "Since neither Juan nor Nicky are formally in the Programme, Tiffany, wouldn't it be OK if they kept their pubes while they are naked like their hosts, as long as they stay in the house?"  Tiffany quickly agreed having the same hope that Ronda did and reciting to all present the vicar's exception about pubes for family and close friends.

Juan quickly stripped declaring that he liked to be nude although the real reason was he wanted to show off to the girls and reveal that he was more of a man than the two Programme boys.  Not wanting to be the only dressed boy (and possibly being called chicken) Nicky a bit more shyly followed suit.

Tiffany told her charges that they may play ten more minutes but then must come to the dinning room to start their homework.  The two girls discussed the mature development of the boys as they got started on their homework sitting at the head of the dinning room table.  Edward already having had the unpleasant experience of being spanked by Tiffany and definitely not wanting it to happen again made sure that Juan and he got down to business promptly.  After twelve minutes Tiffany acted.  She went and fetched Sean gabbing him by the ear.  Sean felt obliged to follow her to the dinning room rather than part with his ear.

Having gotten the boy's full attention she sat down and directed Sean to get over her lap.  He pleaded not to be spanked in front of Nicky but Tiffany was insistent.  "Sean, if you don't get over my lap immediately, I will tell your mother who will surely spank you and then send you to me for this spanking."  Sean knew he hadn't any choice and got over Tiffany's lap.  She grabbed his waist and gave him a few spanks.  She liked how her hand print showed but she knew more was needed.  As previously arranged, Ronda handed her the hairbrush she had brought.  Sean's howls indicated that he was receiving the message loud and clear.  Soon after Sean and Nicky were seated across from Edward and Juan also doing their homework.

Mrs. Havering was positively amazed when she returned home later.  Sitting at the head of the table were the two girls and on each side her two sons and their classmates doing their homework.  The four boys were naked.  Tiffany explained why the two visitors were naked and that she had spanked Sean before the girls left.  Even before reaching her home the two girls were discussing the differences of the boys' genitalia.

The next day the talk started at school amongst the friends of Juan and Nicky about how the Havering brothers were in a new Programme that the Reverend Parks had introduced that made them go naked at home and treated them like the hairless babies they were while Juan and Nicky boasted that they had showed Tiffany and Ronda what real men with pubes were like.

After Mrs. Havering told the Reverend about Juan and Nicky being voluntarily naked, he immediately added them both to his recruitment list.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was late Saturday morning when Mrs. Havering sent Edward to fetch some stuff from Mrs. Webb.  Just as one would expect, the naked boy asked to put his clothes on to go out.  "That's not necessary, Edward, for you can go through the backyards and the Webb's house is included in the Programme for you."  He dashed across the back lawns and felt safe once he was on the porch and rang the bell.  Tiffany invited him in and asked why he was visiting.  Upon hearing his reason, she declared that she did not know anything about the things his mother wanted.  Just then one of her girl friends rushed into the room with her mobile.  As she handed it to Tiffany she saw the naked boy and screamed in surprise.  In an instant three more girls were in the room staring at the blushing Edward who was trying to cover his immaturity.

"Edward Havering put your hands to your side IMMEDIATELY.  You know that covering up is not allowed by the Naked at Home Programme.  You certainly don't have anything worth covering up." commanded Tiffany.  So the embarrassed Edward did as he was told and then Tiffany directed everyone back to the lounge where she explained to her friends that little Edward was one of the first boys in the Naked at Home Programme  and told Edward to have a seat and wait a short while, since the text message was from her Mother explaining that there had been an accident and traffic was snarled, but that she would be home as soon as possible to get the stuff his mother wanted.

Edward was beside himself with the embarrassment of being naked with five girls ranging in age from eleven through thirteen-years-old.  There was an awkward pause as they all stared at his hairless little boy parts until Lynn, his fellow classmate as well as Tiffany's friend asked: "This is such a wonderful opportunity.  May I draw you Edward while we wait?" immediately digging in her bag for her sketch pad and pencils.

"No!  Definitely not!" snapped the naked boy angrily.

"Edward, your tone is most improper.  Also Reverend Parks explained that you don't have to be shy about being naked.  In fact it's supposed help you to overcome your shyness.  Now apologize to Lynn and ask how she would like you to pose or you'll have a discussion with my hairbrush."  The other girls giggled at that.

"It's not just because you're in the Programme, Edward, but because artists frequently draw nudes.  I've seen hundreds in the art museum.  It's something that I need to practice to become proficient at." added Lynn.

A couple of minutes later, Edward was posing with all eyes on him as Lynn drew him.  She had Tiffany sitting on a plain chair and with Edward standing next to her with one hand on the chair back.  His underdeveloped privates were fully exposed to the delight of the girls.  Although the girls whispered, Edward could hear that they were discussing the size (or more precisely the surprising lack of it) of his penis and that he was not shaved but still bald.  He blushed the most when Tiffany explained to the girls that it wasn't he that she had shaved but his kid brother Sean who was much more developed.  Lynn added the title: "A Little Boy and His Babysitter".

Mrs. Webb soon returned and Edward returned home with the stuff for his mother.  The girls could then openly discuss how immature he was for his age and several made unfavourable comparisons with their brothers.  Edward was not so worried about how much Lynn would talk as word had already spread around school but he was concerned that she would show her drawing in class.  He actually liked the drawing as it showed him in a nice pose except that his mini boyhood was all too apparent.  Several of the girls had said it was an excellent and faithful rendering. They also liked the title.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was after services on Sunday the next week that Mrs. Hettie Green hosted a BBQ for the people most involved with the Naked at Home Programme.  Also invited by Mr. Cobb were Mr. and Mrs. Sanders and their two children – Oscar who was a ten-year-old choir boy and his sister thirteen-year-old Lois who, like Edward and Sean, had an inflated opinion of herself.  Mr. and Mrs. Sanders had readily agreed to the proposal of the vicar and Mr. Cobb that both children should be inducted into the Naked at Home Programme, although neither of the children knew this.

Edward and Sean had come home from wearing their new trousers that their mum had gotten them for church and they had completely resisted the temptation to tease their cousin Anthony for wearing the terribly short trousers that his mother insisted upon.  That was because they were more than happy to be wearing their new SHORT trousers which were identical to Anthony's school uniform short trousers rather than being naked.

Once they were at their auntie's house however Edward and Sean along with the other naked at home boys had to strip naked.  Initially Lois and Oscar were greatly amused by the four naked boys who were about and told roughly about the Programme.  Oscar at ten was really too young and innocent and immediately saw one advantage of being in the Programme – he wouldn't be yelled for getting his clothes messy.  Lois took comfort that the younger Tiffany Webb was dressed and thus obviously not in the Programme all of which led her to assume it was only for boys.  She was old enough that she appreciated the boys' nakedness and even told her brother to undress like the big boys.  If his dad had made that suggestion, Oscar probably would have done just that but his sister was just too bossy so he refused.

It was a little latter, when things got formal that the two Sanders children learnt they were now in the Programme.  Their reactions could not have been more different.

Oscar immediately ripped off his clothes and asked about a lawn sprinkler since it was a hot day.  He was a bit disappointed when he was told that he could not play in the cooling water.  When his sister started to protest and refused to undress, he got interested since that could lead to a spanking and maybe if he was lucky he could even watch this time since she was not home.  The four older and already naked boys were certainly interested in what was happening.

Lois tried to run away but Anthony and Charles easily caught her and brought her back.  Her mother was disappointed in her behaviour and told the two older boys to undress her.  She yelled and struggled but was not any match for the two older and stronger boys.  They were quite amused when the paddling dropped out of her bra showing that she was almost as flat as her little brother.  "That's false adverting which is a LIE and a SIN." commented Charles causing the vicar to smile and agree that he was correct. Tiffany was not smiling, for seeing the first girl in the Programme stripped made her nervous, wondering if she would be next?  Tiffany also noticed her mother's slight nod of her head when the vicar agreed that padding a bra was false advertising and thus a sin.  Her mother had allowed her to pad her bra so she would look more like her friends who had noticeable breasts unlike her embarrassing flat chest with its humiliating rose bud nipples.

Lois' skirt was quickly removed revealing her lacy pink panties. The boys agreed to lower them jointly revealing her private parts as she yelled: "No.  Noooo."  She had only the first beginning of a bush but rules were rules and so the vicar produced his shaving kit and asked the experienced Tiffany to do the honours.  Anthony and Charles each privately wished they had gotten that chore but were happy to watch from close up.  Edward and Sean just wished that they were closer to the action.

Lois was very unhappy and continued to make it known.  She did not lie down as the vicar directed so that she could be shaved so all the boys were asked to help.  The four of them easily held her down safely so that Tiffany could do as the vicar directed without risking injury to her.

Tiffany was happy to oblige.  She felt that trimming another girl's pubic hair would help her to learn how to take care of her own.  Of course, she had to use the scissors much closer than she would have on herself.  The shaving cream and the razor soon had Lois as bald as Tiffany had made Sean the week before.  The four boys all had erections enabling everyone to make comparisons.  Once the shaving was finished, the Reverend Parks again recited his mantra: "No hair – it is all right to be bare!"

There was one more bit of business to be taken care of before desert.  Lois had earned a spanking by running away.  Since the adults all wanted to talk, Tiffany was delegated that task as well.  Again the two older boys made sure that everything went well by steadying Tiffany's chair and assuring that Lois could not jump up.  Little Oscar was most enthusiastic about seeing his annoying big sister get spanked and even volunteered one of his flip-flops to use.  It was most effective and she was crying in short order.

The seven kids then sat on the back lawn and talked while the adults got desert ready.  Anthony and Charles showed their maturity by behaving well and not staring too much at Lois like the three younger boys were constantly doing.  Tiffany was relieved that she had survived the afternoon and was not in the Programme like Lois. She was also proud that she had been delegated tasks to do and was nominally in charge thanks to being the only juvenile present who was dressed.

Reverend Parks was delighted that this Sunday he had managed to add two children to his Naked at Home Programme, especially since one of them was the first girl.

* * * * * * * * * *

On the way home after the BBQ Tiffany was still concerned by the comment Charles had made when the boys were very properly removing Lois' clothes as directed by the vicar: "Lois padding her bra was a lie and thus a SIN."  The vicar had even agreed.

Because Tiffany's best friends all seemed to have more advanced breast development, her mother had allowed her some padding.  Despite all her self justification she was now feeling very bad about having done so.  Since she had not really seen her friends naked (nor they her) perhaps some of them were also cheating.  Until she had witnessed Lois padding her bra she had not considered that some of her friends might also be doing so.  Tiffany was quite satisfied with how nicely her pubic hair had developed and that it was getting close to the time to keep it trimmed like a proper woman but her breasts were lagging a long way behind in development.  Lois may well have been almost flat chested but she had more than Tiffany who only had some budding behind her little girl nipples despite all her pubic development.

When Tiffany raised her concerns with her mother she replied, "Tiffany, we cannot undo the past but can only change our future behaviour.  You certainly can stop using the pads if it concerns you.  Think about what you think is right and what is wrong, what you want to do, what you should do and what will be the consequences of your decision."

Over the next couple of days Tiffany did think a lot about it, especially the consequences of no longer padding up.  Everyone – both the boys and the girls – at school would notice for sure.  Her friends she could deal with but some of the other girls were real bitches and she knew they would give her a hard time.  Would her new flat chested appearance weaken her hold over the Havering boys?

A couple of days later Tiffany managed to have a long private discussion with Charles Cobb about lying and sinning.  Tiffany had come to the hard conclusion that rather than seeing the padding as a way of being like her friends, it was a means to pretend to be what she was not.  She asked Charles about Lois and the bra padding, he replied "It is like a boy putting a rolled up sock in his pants or swimsuit to make it look like he has a large penis.  What would happen when a girl actually sees he has only a little one?" he paused to allow her to answer  but when Tiffany couldn't come up with an answer he suggested one.  "She would probably be disappointed and laugh.  The boy would be humiliated and embarrassed.  She would then tell her friends and he would suffer added humiliation."

Tiffany was quiet for a bit and Charles gave her time before asking if there was something bothering her.  She nodded.  "Do you want to talk about it?"

"It's very private – you can't tell anyone." she said, "Promise?"

"Does your mother know, Tiffany?  If she does then I can promise."

"She does." said Tiffany and then with hesitation said: "…  I …  am …  a …  sinner."

Charles went into his head chorister mind set where he tried to emulate the vicar.  "Then you must stop sinning and repent.  There is no other way to avoid damnation."  The most that he dare to do was to hold her hand which reminded him how she had bathed him just a few days ago.  "This isn't that you touched my privates when you bathed me?  That was NOT sinning for you were doing what you were supposed to be doing."

"No, not that.  It's that I have padding in my bra like Lois.  You called her a sinner and the vicar agreed." confessed Tiffany.

"You must certainly stop padding your bra immediately but perhaps there is more you should do.  Tell me Tiffany have you noticed changes in us four boys that are in the Naked at Home Programme?"  She nodded.  "I know I have changed and so has Anthony and for the better.  Perhaps the Programme will help you?  You could ask your mother to speak to the vicar.  Do you think she would agree?"

"I think she has already been considering it, so certainly."

"Ok, well I have to go see the choral director about this Sunday's service so we can continue this later."

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a couple of days later that the Reverend Parks was invited to dinner by Mrs. Webb.  Mrs. Webb had explained to him the reason for the invitation and how Tiffany wanted a chance to explain her feelings.  The vicar was pleased that she had seen the beneficial effect on the boys knew and that she now felt she needed to mature more.  However he did not expect that she would have a couple of specific requests.

"I can't imagine doing this without Ronda – my BFF – being there.  We do everything together.  I've talked with Charles Cobb and I would like him and Anthony Green to help me join the Programme.  I know that they will be supportive and we get along really well.  I rather not tell the Havering brats that I am in the Programme at least for a while." said Tiffany practically in one breath.

"I'll have to ask Charles and Anthony's parents but I don't see any reason not accommodate your requests, they sound very reasonable." purred the vicar who absolutely delighted and excited that Tiffany would soon be naked and in the Programme.  "It just a matter of setting a date, perhaps Saturday at ten for the six of us to get together."  It was agreed that the vicar would arrange for the two Programme boys and Tiffany could invite Ronda herself.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was at ten am sharp that Mr. Cobb dropped off the vicar, Anthony and his son at the Webb's house.  Ronda had been there for a sleepover since the previous evening which had given Tiffany the opportunity of revealing the humiliating truth about her breasts to Ronda.  As Tiffany expected her BFF gave her as much support as was possible.

Unlike all the previous inductions, this one was not a surprise to anyone.  Since there was a special issue, the vicar had instructed Tiffany to be wearing the padding.

Both boys undressed right after they got into the house, neatly folding and placing their clothes on the side table in the entry hall and then joined the others in the lounge.  After some polite exchanges they got down to the reason for the gathering.  Tiffany had a last minute request.  "Please Reverend Parks and Mother could you leave us alone until it is over?  The boys are quite experienced at this and I'm going to cooperate."

The four juveniles went off to the TV room leaving the vicar and Mrs. Webb to chat over another cup of tea.  Charles started the proceeding even as Ronda was carefully comparing Edwards Havering's lack of development to the two boys who were now before her eyes.  "Tiffany Webb do you want to join Reverend Parks' Naked at Home Programme?"

"YES!  I want to be in the Naked at Home Programme." replied Tiffany more forcefully than anyone expected.

As the boys approached her to undress her Ronda said: "Be brave, Tif, be brave."  They slowly unbuttoned her blouse and removed it.  They could see some hair in her arm pits for the Reverend had told her not to shave.  Then they had her slip out of her slippers and opened her skirt and let it fall exposing her simple panties.  The boys both had full erections by this time but the vicar had warned them that it was probable and not shameful.

The second stage began by removing her bra exposing her barely developed rosebud nipples as the sinful pads fell out.  "This is a sin which you must renounce!" stated Charles.  Tiffany picked up the pads and took a pair of scissors from Ronda and cut each of them in half.  "NEVER AGAIN!" she said each time she made a cut destroying the evil things.  The three witnesses clapped showing the approval.  Now was a very scary time for Tiffany and a very exciting one for the boys who slowly lowered her panties exposing her hairy mound.  Ronda gave her a supporting hug and then they got back to business.

Anthony rubbed some water and then shaving cream on her left arm pit and carefully shaved it smooth and dried it.  Then Charles did the same on the right side.  Tiffany was a little fearful of what had to be next.  They spread a beach towel on the floor and she lay down on it with her legs spread exposing her previously most secret of parts.  The boys took turns with the little hair clipper that Charles' father had lent to remove her beautiful bush.  Then they carefully shaved her baby smooth and dried her.  While chanting the Reverend's mantra they held hands: "No hair – it is all right to be bare!"

The boys could not be faulted for satisfying their curiosity about female parts but they were polite about it.  Tiffany understood for she had done the same with the boy when she could.

There was the required spanking for lying and the boys had figured out how to share this task totally fairly.  They set two chairs a hand span apart and sat facing each other with their knees alternating.  Tiffany lay over their double lap and they spanked her interlacing their spanks.  Since there was just cause to spank her, they did a good job and made sure that she was crying.  It was good that Ronda was there to provide comfort and support.

After she had calmed down Tiffany said that she felt better already.  She was sure that like the boys she would quickly get used to being naked.  The four decided to chat and Tiffany fetched some refreshments allowing the two adults to see her naked at home for the first time.

After they chatted for a while, Ronda professed that she felt very strange being the only one wearing clothes and decided that she should also be naked.  "It was all right for Juan and Nicky to undress when visiting their friends even though they were not in the Programme." she said.

Despite her willingness to undress, Ronda still blushed profusely as she allowed Charles and Anthony to undress her.  Tiffany was as equally supportive as Ronda had been to her earlier.  Ronda had pert 'A' cup breasts that were firm and shapely, capped with sharp pink nipples.  Nestled between her thighs she had a soft but thick, pale brown bush of pubic hair that totally covered her female secrets.

Although it was probably more overt than the Reverend's concept the four did take full advantage of the opportunity to learn even more about the other sex.  Ronda was more excited than ever once she was undressed.  The boys were most excited at seeing her breasts and slit as they could examine them closely unlike Lois'.  Ronda could not keep her hands off the two hard shafts the boys had.  Truth be told, the boys loved the feeling.  Eventually Charles' excitement overtook him and he ejaculated.  They cleaned up with some napkins which they flushed away but the girls did take a taste of his boy juice.  They discussed what had happened and had moved onto some church event by the time the adults came tell Mr. Cobb was ready to take the boys home.

As Mr. Cobb drove the vicar back to his church they discussed how well the Programme was working and both Anthony and Charles agreed.  Of course, the vicar was delighted that Tiffany had joined and that Ronda could now be added to the recruitment list.

The End

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