Written by: Sandy Smith


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Exhibitionist 1


I have had exhibitionist tendencies since I was a teenager. I loved to be naked in front of others and I also loved to display my sexuality for others to see, and hopefully to enjoy. It started in high school gym class, in the showers actually. I was one of those boys who reached puberty earlier than the rest, my cock had grown to its permanent length (not long I have to admit average) and I had a healthy growth of hair around it and elsewhere on my body. I was the exception in the boys shower and I enjoyed showing off my development. Other boys who were still a couple of years from puberty quickly showered and slunk to their lockers to dress as quickly as they could while I enjoyed a long, hot shower with lots of pubic soaping.

I know there were some boys who watched me, perhaps they had homosexual tendencies and enjoyed seeing another boy stroking himself. I always kept my eyes slit so I could see if anyone was watching and could put on a special show. If I did have a watcher I would take extraordinary care in washing my cock and balls, I would spend time soaping my bum and even slipping a finger in. When I turned I would masturbate and shoot my semen onto the tile floor before I stopped and opened my eyes to feign surprise at my watcher. I got to the point with a couple of my watchers that I would keep my eyes open and when I had cum I would ask them if they enjoyed the show. I always received a positive response, but more about that in another story line.

When gym class was the last one of the day the guys often bolted out without showering, telling the teacher they would do it at home. I always stayed to wash and my gym teacher was often my watcher. When this was the case, if he was the only one watching, I put on a more active show and also voiced my pleasure as I masturbated to orgasm. More than once I noticed he had an erection and once after dressing I snuck to his office door to hear him masturbating and groaning into his own orgasm. I did ask him if he wanted to join me but that is another story line.

Of the girls I dated I only had one, in my senior year, who enjoyed watching me masturbate. For some reason all of the others were put off by my suggestion that I masturbate for them. I think they thought that semen was gross although I think that most of them also masturbated in the privacy of their bedrooms. I did ask one if she masturbated at home and she blushed scarlet before stammering that she did but didn't want to see me do it. I bet she went home and stroked her virgin pussy to several orgasms that night thinking about what I had offered to do. We didn't date much after that question, her loss I'd have to say.

My one interested girlfriend was a nymphomaniac who loved masturbation. She was happy to have me undress her, she had red hair (on her pussy too), beautiful large firm tits that stood out without a bra and very sensitive nipples. We would undress; she often would suck on my cock for a while as I fingered her clit. We never had penetrating sex, she wanted to stay a virgin until she married, but we had hot masturbation sessions with her cumming on my fingers and me cumming in her mouth or on her tits.

Judy liked to have me masturbate for her, while she was also masturbating. It became sort of a contest, she would masturbate and try to have multiple orgasms before I shot my load. I learned to hold off my orgasm for her to achieve several of her own. When I was ready I would lean forward to cum on her tits or into her mouth. Sometimes I'd miss and she would end up with cum in her short hair, we'd laugh about it as I helped gather it and feed it to her, she loved the taste of my semen.

My life moved on and soon I found myself away at university in Waterloo. I lived off campus in a co-op residence for men. There were communal showers on each floor and if you had your girlfriend or any woman over who wanted a shower they had to be prepared to shower in front of other people, men and women. It became quite a challenge to find a girl who: a) wanted to have sex with you and b) who still wanted to do it when she found out where you lived. There were a few regular women who weren't put off by the thought of showering in front of other men and I settled into a fairly routine sex life. Those few weekends that I didn't have a partner I would shower by myself and watch the others. On rare occasions that a woman was by herself in the shower I often masturbated for her. It did result, on occasion, with me getting the woman to join me for at least mutual masturbation if not actual intercourse.

I finally met the woman who would become my wife of nearly 25 years and moved into an apartment with her while I finished my degree. She had a fairly low sex drive and was not too interested, at the start of our relationship, in masturbation. Later we spend several years using a vibrator on her clit then having me mount her doggy style to get my own rocks off. She kept that vibrator busy when I wasn't around and wore out two before we parted ways. She never liked to see me masturbate and ejaculate, I think she found semen disgusting and the scene of it spraying out of my cock onto my stomach slightly revolting, even though that was what it did when I had it buried in her cunt.

During the second year of our marriage I approached one of her co-workers who she had identified as gay and asked him to introduce me to gay sex. We started slowly with a partly-dressed masturbation session and I guess I impressed him with my stamina, my ability to cum multiple times and the amount of semen I produced because he suggested we start a regular relationship. He was in his late 30's at the time while I was nearly 15 years younger, I had the edge in my youth for sexual prowess. We began a 10 year relationship that included sex on at least a weekly basis.

Regular parts of our sex play included mutual masturbation and giving and receiving semen facials. Larry also introduced me to his regular non-live-in partner Ted and I regularly masturbated for the two of them. At this time I developed an interest in wearing lingerie. Larry went with me to a shop that sold lingerie and sex toys to help me pick out many beautiful, sexy sets of lingerie. Whenever possible I would buy bra, panties, garter belt and maybe a slip (full or half) that all matched. I'd buy various colour stockings and sometimes stay-ups that didn't need a garter belt (these I could wear under my dress pants to work). I would model the lingerie for Larry and for Ted and it would inevitably lead to torrid sex with either or both of them. Quite often I would find myself dressed in sexy lingerie with Ted's cock down my throat and Larry's in my ass. I was a silky sex sandwich and both men came very strongly into me.

I kept most of the lingerie at Larry's house but had a small stash in a gym bag locked into a privacy compartment in my car trunk. I would regularly wear silk thongs, stay-up stockings and a camisole under my suit to work. I loved the feel of the silk and by lunch time I would have to close my door and masturbate. One day I forgot to lock it and my secretary walked in, she stood taking in the scene for just a moment before she decided to participate. Coming to my side she began to rub her hands on my silk clad legs, across the panties which were already stretched to bursting with my erection and up my stomach to caress each nipple through the camisole. "Sandy, I never knew, didn't have a clue that you liked to wear sexy lingerie. I did think that you masturbated in here, sometimes I'd see your erection when you came in here to `eat' your lunch" she said.

"That's right Nancy, I do enjoy it and right now I am enjoying the feeling of your hand on my body. I would like you to kneel down here and suck on my cock."

Nancy knelt on the carpeted floor as I stood in front of her. "Pull my panties down and suck on me now."

Nancy did as she was told and my straining cock was soon wrapped in her wet lips and pushing down her throat. She didn't gag at my invasion of her mouth and set to sliding up and down my stiff cock until with little warning I began to ejaculate into her mouth. She swallowed all of my jism and licked my cock head clean. "Thank you Sandy, I enjoyed that. Would you give me a little attention now please?"

Helping her to her feet I lead her to my boardroom table and lifted her so she could lay back on it. As she raised her hips I pulled her pink panties down and off of her legs. What I saw was a completely shaved pussy that was moist with her pre-cum. I held her by the hips as I tongue-fucked her wet cunt and licked and sucked on her stiff clit. I was able to bring her to two substantial orgasms and enjoyed the taste of her girl-cum. "Thank you Nancy, that will be all for now" I said as I helped her to stand and to put her panties on.

We began a regular sexual relationship that involved role playing and lots and lots of cumming (another story line my friends...).

Near the end of my 10 year relationship with Larry he told me that he and Ted were moving west to be near his aging father. Unfortunately they wouldn't be around to enjoy my body but they said they had fond memories of the sex we enjoyed together. As a parting gift they introduced me to a man, Dick, who was mid-fifties, married but enjoyed having a bi-sexual relationship. They told Dick that they were giving me to him to use and I slipped easily into my role as Dick's slut. (more to cum...)

At the same time, because Dick had to balance his marriage and me and I wasn't getting as much sex as I'd wanted; I began to check out the local gay bath scene. We had two bath houses in our city; an older one that was not the cleanest but certainly the busiest and a newer one that was always spotless but for some reason never attracted a large crowd, at least at lunch when I favoured going. I settled into a routine of going for a `sex lunch' once or twice a week and usually took a selection of lingerie with me. (I had had to find a safe place at home (in my garage) to store my lingerie collection)

I often would dress in the sexiest lingerie I had, complete with life-like breast forms, and parade around the bath house soliciting interest in oral, anal or masturbatory sex. I never had difficulty in attracting attention; sometimes I had so many interested men that my nice lingerie was soaked from head to toe in semen. I had to have a sealable laundry bag that I could put my jiz-soaked dainties into to take home for washing. I'd sit at work and slip the bag open to smell the sweet scent of semen. If I had a particular piece that was really soaked I could take it and suck on it to get some cum out of it, depraved but very erotic. (to be cum-tinued...)