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Aunt Misty, The Agent.


Andy Mann


Hi everyone. My name is Christian and I'd like to tell you a story. It's the story of my sexual awakening. Please note that I was born in 1998 and am now sixteen. This story starts six years ago, so it is 2008 at the beginning. Please be aware of that in terms of the celebs mentioned at various points during the six years of the story.








It all started out when I was ten years old. For years, I had been constantly told that I was going to be a little heartbreaker, that I was cute and my cheeks were constantly pinched by female relatives, family friends and strangers who my parents stopped to talk to alike. I had mousey blonde hair and brown eyes, while my body was slim and firm from all of the outdoor fun that I had with my Dad and my friends. The only woman who never seemed to fawn over me like the rest of them was my Auntie Misty, my Mom's younger sister. She was really cool, really pretty and would talk to me properly, not like some kid.

It was on my tenth birthday when I was allowed to have a friend sleep over after my party and as we settled on top of our sleeping bags in my treehouse, Aaron turned to me and whispered.


"Your Auntie is so fucking hot!" he giggled. "Her tits look really nice and her ass, man, that ass looks fine."

"Ew!" I gasped. "That's my Aunt you're talking about."

"But come on Christian," my dark haired friend replied. "You must have thought about her naked and stuff. I would be jerking myself silly if I had an Aunt like her, not like my Aunt Jessie."


I pulled a face, thinking about the whale of a woman that went by the name Aunt Jessie. She was easily five hundred pounds, okay, maybe not that big but she was immense. She sweated a lot as well and the three occasions I've been unlucky enough to be hugged by her, I came away gagging and wet.


"So have you ever, like, seen her naked or nothing?" my friend pressed. I looked at him and noticed a tent in his pyjama shorts and realised it was his dick. I found my own dick beginning to grow in response, something that had started to happen for no reason a couple of months before.

"Noooo... well, once maybe," I flushed. "I was staying at her house when my folks went away for a weekend and after I'd had my bath, she took one. I needed to piss and couldn't hold it so she told me to come in and `drain the snake' as she called it."

"REALLY?" It was Aaron's turn to gasp. "You took a piss in front of your Auntie. That's so cool."

"Is it? I was like, mega embarrassed!" I huffed.

"But you got to see her tits?" I nodded, my dick actually getting harder as the image flashed through my mind.

"Did you see her pussy as well?" Aaron asked, his left hand straying down to grip the front of his shorts.

"She hasn't got a cat," I replied, confusion on my face which caused my friend to burst out laughing. I flushed red and started to ball up a fist.

"Sorry buddy but you kill me, you really do!" he chuckled. "You know what a pussy is, don't you?"

"Um, it's a small cat, init?" Aaron was my best mate so I knew he wouldn't take the piss out of me at school for not knowing something that must be this important.

"Well, yeah, but on a girl, her slit is called her pussy."

"Why?" I asked.

"I dunno," he giggled. "It just is. So did you?"

"Sort of," I admitted. "She was sat down in the bath but didn't have any bubbles in the water. She had hair down there as well."

"Cool," Aaron cooed. "I'd love to see a real life hairy pussy."

"Like you've seen any pussy," I tried out the word, lightly punching my mate on the arm.

"Have to."

"Have not!" We did this a couple of times before he paused, a look of thought on his face.

"You gotta pinky promise me to keep this secret." He held up his little finger, which I immediately took hold of with mine.

"I swear by Falcons shirt," I promised. My Atlanta football jersey was more important to me than any other possession that I had.

"Okay, you know my cousin Louisa-May." I nodded, the image of the thirteen year old blonde coming to mind. "Well she showed me hers in return for me showing her my dick."

"Really? You let a girl see your dick?" I felt mine getting snagged in the folds of my shorts and I reached down to make room for it, now that it was at its full two inch length.

"Even better& she jerked it off for me as well."


Now my folks had never had the talk with me yet, so I was still a little unsure over some of the words that he was saying. We went to a fairly conservative school where sex education was not on the menu so I was a little bit of an innocent in terms of sex. However, it was obvious that my best mate wasn't as he noticed my pensive look.


"You do know about jerking, don't you?" I could feel tears beginning to well in my eyes as I was sure that he would start to take the piss out of me sooner or later, but he surprised me by leaning over and wrapping an arm around me in a hug. "Look Christian, I'm lucky that Louisa-May has told me a load of stuff so I'm gonna share it with you so that you know it as well."

"You don't think I'm stupid or anything then?" I asked, my breathing beginning to get back to normal.

"No way, you're well more smarter than me," he laughed. "But unless someone tells you something, how are you supposed to know?"

"Yeah, I guess," I smiled at him. He hadn't moved his arm and it felt quite nice actually so I didn't say anything about it. "So what's a girl's pussy really look like?"

"It's weird looking. Her's was really just like a slit in her skin, but with a bit of puffy lips on the sides but if you want to see a proper pussy, hold on a sec."


He let go of me and leaned over to his backpack and pulled out a tablet. I had been so jealous of him when he got the new i-pad for his birthday but Auntie Misty had got me one for mine today so I was well happy. He turned it on and after keying in his passcode, he fired up his internet. My eyes almost boggled themselves out of their sockets. On the screen was a close up pictures of a woman's pussy. He scrolled through picture after picture of naked women and I felt myself growing very hot and bothered. My dick ached, it was straining that hard against my shorts.


"You wanna see something way cool as well?" Aaron giggled.

"Sure," I replied huskily. After the naked women, what could be even cooler? "Holy fuck!" I swore as a picture of what looked like a middle aged black man came on to the screen. He was naked, of course, and my eyes were drawn immediately to the massive dick that he had. The bloke had a boner and it reached up well past his stomach. "That's like, what, a metre long or something. It can't be real!"

"Sure is," Aaron had settled back beside me to my left. I could feel the warmth of his bare leg pressed against mine. He held the tablet in his left hand and was using the right hand to zoom in and out. "Can you imagine having a dick that big?"

"It would reach my chin!" I sniggered.

"You could fuck some pussy with a dick like that, I bet," he whispered. He flicked the screen and shot after shot of the man followed his fingers. Each of them showed him in various poses and while I knew that looking at naked men would be considered gay by the lads at school, for some reason I wasn't put off by it. In fact, my dick was still as hard as ever. "Here, hold this and keep flicking left like I was," Aaron said, handing me the i-pad.


I took it and my eyes were glued to the screen as I continued to look at pictures of him. Eventually the man changed to another black man, then a white man and finally a set of pictures with both men and women in them. I felt like a whole new world had opened up before my eyes and my dick must have agreed as it began feeling even better. I glanced down as, for some reason, I no longer felt the tip of my dick pushing against my shorts and I nearly dropped the i-pad.


"What are you doing?" I hissed as I saw Aaron's hands in my shorts. One of them was holding the material away from my body while his right hand was touching my dick.

"Teaching you," he replied in a soft tone. "You're my best bud. You trust me don't you?"

"Well, yeah, but you're touching my dick, dude!"

"Feels good though, doesn't it?" He had wrapped his first two fingers and his thumb around my thin shaft and was pulling and pushing it up and down. I watched as my foreskin was pulled back and forth, exposing the sensitive head of my dick.

"Uh huh," I nodded.

"Come on, take off your shorts so I can do it better for you," he suggested.


He removed his hand and I knew that I wanted him to do it again so I lifted my butt up and Aaron pulled my shorts down and removed them totally from my legs. He sat on his heels for a second looking at my nakedness. I started to move my hands to cover up myself as I was self-conscious about my dick with the other lads at school as I was uncircumcised, unlike all the other boys. My Dad was half English, half American and he wasn't cut as my Granddaddy was also English. He had won his argument with my Mom about having part of my dick cut off, as he said it, something that I was really pleased at cos it sounded painful!


"I love looking at your dick," Aaron whispered, causing me to glance up at him in concern. My mate wasn't one of those gays was he? If you listened to people talk, then those gays were like Satan's spawn or something. "Um, I mean, it's different from mine and I like the way the skin covers the head."

"So what's yours like?" my mouth asked before my brain engaged. Sure enough, within seconds Aaron had removed his shorts and we were both buck naked. His dick was hard but looked a little smaller than mine, but not by much. I reached my hand forward before pulling back.

"It's okay if you want to touch it," he told me. "We won't tell anyone what we do tonight. Pinky promise remember."


That settled my nerves and I reached back down and took hold of his dick. It felt weird, holding someone else's dick. I mean, it was like holding mine but missing the sensation of my dick being held. Aaron started his slow pulling of my dick again and motioned for me to do it to his. Of course, being circumcised, his skin didn't slip as easily and he told me to stop for a moment.


"Here, I need to slick your fingers a little," he said, and took hold of my hand. I felt my dick quiver as he sucked my fingers into his mouth, all the time while he was looking straight into my eyes. He continued his slow, rhythmic motions on my dick and I felt my breath getting quicker and harsher. He slipped my hand back onto his dick and I tried to duplicate what he was doing to me but I couldn't concentrate.

"Don't worry about doing me for now, let me give you the tingles," he whispered, leaning close to me. I nodded and let go of his dick but wasn't prepared for what happened next.


My best mate in the world kissed me. On the lips. And not a peck either like my Mom gives me. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and wrapped a hand around my neck to hold me to him. I toppled backwards in surprise, breaking the contact, landing on my back on my sleeping bag. I stared at him, open mouthed while he looked down at me, a worried look on his face.


"Um, Aaron," I stammered. "Why did you just kiss me?"

"Well, Louisa-May told me that the only way to get good at something is to practice," he responded. "You're like, my best buddy ever, and I want us both to be great at kissing so that when we get girlfriends, we'll be the best at it in the world."

"Oh, that sort of makes sense," I replied, breathing a sigh of relief. He wasn't a gay after all. He just wanted to practice.

"So can we?"

"Yeah, it was quite nice actually," I smiled at him.


I started to push myself up but he placed a hand on my chest to hold me down.


"Trust me," he said. I nodded and he moved himself until he was straddling my hips. My still erect dick poked his buttocks, which I giggled at before he leaned down and kissed me once again. I tried to work my arms around him, like I'd seen men do to women on television and I guess he must have taken it as an invitation as he shifted himself and was lying on top of me. We were both the same height so while our mouths were locked together, our groins were also planted next to each other. I could feel the hardness of his two inches pressing against my crotch while my own dick was trapped underneath his. As we continued to kiss, I felt Aaron start to grind himself into me, rubbing his dick against mine. The friction of it started my heart beating faster and faster and within moments, I couldn't get my breath. I tried to pull my mouth away from his but he showed his superior strength and held me still. Suddenly my body felt like it had been hit by an electric shock and every muscle seemed to shudder and shake. Stars flew across my vision and I moaned in pure pleasure into Aaron's mouth.

As I panted, sweat dribbling from my body, I felt Aaron still moving his hips on top of me. The tip of my dick was starting to get very sensitive and I was just about to ask him to stop when he let out a soft groan. I stared at his face as it scrunched up with a look of painful pleasure and he seemed to suffer with the same shakes that I had moments earlier. I felt his dick throb on my skin before he collapsed on top of me, breathing heavily.

The heat from our bodies was like a furnace and we laid there for a few moments in a peaceful silence. He turned his face towards mine and kissed me again on the lips, this time more a peck than anything else.


"That was fricking awesome, Christian," he yawned at me. "I've never humped with another boy before."

"Humped?" I asked, but nodding in agreement about the awesomeness of the activity.

"Yeah, it's like fucking but not getting your dick in the pussy but it feels fucking great don't it?" Aaron said. I looked at him and could see his eyes beginning to close as exhaustion swept through both of us.

"Yeah buddy, it was fucking awesome," I agreed as I felt my own eyes closing.




Over the next year, Aaron and I explored and experimented in various ways, mainly kissing, humping each other groin to groin and jerking each other off. Neither of us thought it gay or anything, despite an intense explosion of hatred a few months previously when a local priest was caught by the parent of a choirboy with his dick firmly implanted in said choirboy's bottom. He was lucky that there was a passing police car otherwise the Father would have been beaten to a pulp by the father.

All in all though, homophobia wasn't really a problem, despite being towards the south. In my family, while it wasn't talked about by my parents, my Aunt Misty was in the entertainment industry, an agent or talent scout or something and she had regular contact with people with `alternative lifestyles' as my Mom called it. So Aaron and I never gave it a second thought that if we were ever caught, that people would think that we were gay because we were just doing what felt good to our bodies.


It was a sunny Thursday afternoon when both of us lay panting heavily on my bed, our dicks shrivelling up after the third cum of the afternoon when my friend rolled off my body and turned to me, propping himself up on his elbow.


"So, my Aunt Jessie is coming to visit this weekend and I wondered if you wanted to have a sleepover?" he asked me, a smile on his cute face.

"Urgh. The whale?" I grimaced, my subconscious bringing the smell of stale sweat to my nostrils.

"Yeah, I know& but who comes with her?"

"Um, your Uncle Jim?"

"Duh, yeah... but who else?"

"Fucked if I know," I grinned. I was going through a rebellious stage, using the f word wherever I could, except around my parents of course. Or my Aunt. Or my teachers. Or any adult really. Hey, I was a rebel with a cause... not to get my arse belted!

"Louisa-May dummy," Aaron ran his hand over my chest, which had a thin sheen of sex smelling sweat on it.

"Yah, okay."

"Well, I was maybe like, you know, talking to her and stuff on Skype..."

"About what?" I asked, my heart beginning to beat a little faster at the thought of his hot, now fourteen year old cousin.

"You won't be mad at me, will you?"

"Course not, unless you don't tell me!" He paused while his fingers circled my left nipple, something that I found extremely horny, which my dick seemed to agree with as I felt it starting to regrow into its three and a half inch length.

"Well, we were talking about you."

"ME?" I croaked. "Why?" I propped myself up on my left elbow so that we were both looking at each other.

"I kinda mentioned that we had done some messing around to her,"

"WHAT?" I gasped. "You pinky swore!"

"No, no, it's cool. Honest!" he garbled out. "She thinks you're pretty hot and wants us to sneak off somewhere and have some fun."

"Really?" I asked. I had sneakily been watching porn on my i-Pad when I was alone or in bed and had gotten hooked on videos of men and women going at it together. Weirdly, and something that I hadn't told Aaron despite us having virtually no secrets, I enjoyed the videos where there was an older woman and a college aged guy and in my mind, with Louisa-May being three years older, that counted for something, didn't it?

"Yeah, really," Aaron poked my stomach. "You have gotta get out of that habit you know!"

"Really?" I giggled. I knew that it annoyed my Dad, but whenever I got nervous or flustered, I tended to say the word `really' quite a lot.

"So can you, like, stay over? She told me that she had sex with her boyfriend last month and wants to teach me, and you of course."


My dick quivered at the thought. There was a girl who was beautiful and who wanted to have sex with me. I grinned before my eyes glanced past my dark haired friend onto the Suite Life of Zack and Cody calendar that Aunt Misty had gotten me, signed by both of the Sprouse twins!


"Oh no!" I cried. "I can't this weekend."

"Why?" Aaron pouted.

"Cos my Dad has got some business meeting in Seattle and him and my Mom are going for the weekend and I've gotta go stay at Aunt Misty's." Normally I loved going to her house as it had a swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, a gym and well, everything that you could think of really.

"Aw maaaan, that's a bummer!" he moaned. "Guess I'll just have to fuck her twice to make up for it," he giggled.

"Fuck her! I'll fuck you!" I laughed and grabbed hold of him, flipping his body so that he was face down. I climbed on top of him, positioning myself so that my dick rubbed between his butt cheeks and began to hump.

"No way dude!" he yelled. "Get off me before I snap your dick off with my awesome anal superpowers!"


I humped him a couple of times more before rolling off him, laughing as he turned over, red faced.


"Dude, my asshole is a one way door," he poked me.

"Well, that might be but now my dick is hard and I'm not gonna get any pussy so what are you gonna do about it?"


I laid back on the bed, my hands linked behind my head and watched as my best mate took hold of my stiffness and jerked me off to my fourth cum of the afternoon. A birdie tweet startled the pair of us and as Aaron checked his phone, he face screwed into a frown.


"I've gotta go home," he sighed. "My old man wants me to do the lawns."

"Well, see ya at school on Monday," I hugged him before we both dressed. Well, Aaron fully dressed while I just put on a pair of shorts. We didn't have school tomorrow but what looked like being a fantastic long weekend for him was going to be rubbish for me. As he stepped out of the front door, he turned to me.

"You could always try it on with your Aunt Misty," he grinned. "Bet she's got a great pussy that you could fuck!"


I reached down, picked up some mud and threw it at him to usher him on his way just as my Mom pulled into the drive. I saw her frown and decided to make myself scare before she took to me task for throwing mud at Aaron. I sat back down on my bed, grabbing my i-Pad, pulling up my favourite free porn site. It was so unfair. Aaron was going to lose his virginity, screwing a hot girl while I was stuck with my Aunt. She was fun and everything, and also really hot, but I was going to be reduced to humping my pillow to relieve my own pent up horniness.


"Christian honey," Mom said, knocking on my door. I quickly hit the screen saver on the tablet and placed it over my lap to hide my hard on.

"Yeah Mom," I invited her in. Privacy was a big thing in our house. I had heard my parents going at it, but never once tried to open their door to sneak a look. After all, I wouldn't want either of them watching me jerking my dick.

"Have you packed everything for your Aunt's?" she asked. I scrunched up my nose.

"Yeah, I think so," I replied, pointing at my bag.

"Well let me have a quick look," she said. Moms are like that, I've been told. They never trust men to be able to pack the things that they are supposed to, and I guess she was right when she pointed out the fact that I had only packed two pairs of briefs. I blushed as she held up the pair of salmon pink briefs that I had packed. While I'd never wear them to school, I loved the colour of them against my skin and as Aunt Misty was the one who had bought them for me, I thought that I'd wear them this weekend.

"You'll need to pack a smart shirt and your good shorts," she told me.


"It's a surprise," Mom told me with a smug look on her face.

"Aw Mooom!" I whined, following her out of my room and into my parents. "You can't leave me hanging like this!"

"Well, call it a punishment for throwing mud at Aaron," she chuckled.

"Who threw mud at Aaron?" my Dad's voice echoed behind me as strong arms picked me up and carried me into their room. He sat me on his bed while he took off his work shirt.

"Noooo... he started it," I fibbed, trying to escape what I knew was coming.

"Is that so?" Dad asked, a pensive look on his face. "So if I ring and tell his father that Aaron was throwing mud at our house, what will happen to him?"


I crumbed. I couldn't put the blame on my mate, knowing how strict his old man was. I mumbled words to the effect that he hadn't thrown anything and that it was me who threw it. Of course, I then received my punishment for it. Actions like harmless fun were always punished in the same way and I was soon screaming for forgiveness as I was reduced to a blubbering mess on my parents' bed as both of them found my ticklish spots, my Mom concentrating on my armpits while my Dad held my legs while he tortured the soles of my feet.

Finally they released me and I lay panting on their bed, my hair stuck to my forehead with sweat. My Mom had a funny look on her face and said that she needed to make a start on dinner while my Dad sat down on the bed beside me. He started to gently stroke my stomach, his hand rubbing in a circle.


"So, Christian, there is something that I think we need to have a talk about," he said softly.

"Look, I'm sorry Dad," I told him, confused. "I won't throw mud again."

"Ho, no, not about that. You know that if you're just having some fun with Aaron and nothing get broken, the worst you can expect is the tickle torture," Dad smiled at me, reaching up to ruffle my hair.

"Then what do we need to talk about?" I asked, and started to push myself up onto my elbows. My face must have blushed bright red as I followed my Dad's eyes down my body and onto the front of my shorts. Shorts that were tenting with a boner that I hadn't noticed getting. "Um. Ah." I stammered.

"It's okay, son," he stroked my hair again. "It's the most natural thing in the world, but um, we should have a talk about, ah, what it means and how you will start to change."

"Dad. Please. Don't." I blushed even deeper as I realised that my old man was about to launch into the sex talk.

"But Christian, you need to know about certain, um, things."

"Please Dad," I begged, not wanting the talk with him. He was already blushing himself. Coming from a conservative English family, he wasn't used to the subject and could tell that he was probably more uncomfortable than I was.

"Well, someone needs to talk to you about it," he said. "Would you feel more comfortable with your Mom?"

"God no!" I cried. My boner wilted at the prospect of talking sex with my Mom.

"How about your Aunt Misty?" My head turned towards him, my eyes lighting up.

"Um, maybe that could work," I said, trying to sound reluctant.

"Okay then, I'll speak to her tonight and see if she can think up how to talk to you about it without embarrassing you both." He stood up, pulling me up from the bed. He swatted my backside, making me yelp in surprise before heading downstairs.


I shouted down the stairs to find out how long dinner would be and finding out that I had around an hour, I ran back to my room, closing the door firmly behind me. I flicked on my i-Pad and pulled up the secret folder that I had hidden away under a fake name. It held pictures that I had found of my Aunt when she tried to break into the acting industry when she was younger as well as some pictures that I had taken of her in her bikini. I set the pictures into a slide show and set it going before reaching up and grabbing a pillow. I pulled off my shorts, leaving myself naked to the world and rolled up the pillow, placing it firmly against my re-erected dick and laid down carefully onto my bed. My face was lying on my other pillow and with one hand underneath the rolled up pillow, I started a slow hump, raising my hips backwards before pushing forwards, the friction between my body and pillow causing my foreskin to pull back, exposing my sensitive head. I started to kiss the pillow as if it was a real person and with my eyes fixed on the screen, my imagination finally gave in to the suggestive comments that Aaron had been making over the last year.


"Urgh, Aunt Misty, that's it," I moaned. "Let me get inside you," I groaned as I humped the pillow. She answered me in my mind and as my mouth met hers, well, the pillow, I poked my tongue out to kiss her properly. Hugging the pillow to me, I felt my dick begin to heat up and as I imagine her hands on my body, I slipped my own hand from underneath and worked it around my back, sliding it over my buttocks in a similar fashion to how Aaron caressed me. It seemed like an eternity that I was pleasuring my Aunt, hearing her begging me for release before the tingles started in my toes and worked their way through my whole body before I let out a stifled scream as my body shook with a mind-numbing climax.

"Ah fucking hell, Aunt Misty, that was awesome," I crowed into the pillow as I planted kisses onto her face. Rolling to the side, I looked down at my dick and saw a faint glistening to it. I reached down and rubbed my finger over the tip of my slit and found it to be sticky. I sniffed it and there was a faint smell to it and shrugging my shoulders, I licked it. There was a sweet taste to it, one that I found enticing so I ran my finger over the tip of my dick, licking it clean each time until my dick was clean. I laid on my bed for a few moments, before knowing that Mom will want me to clean up before dinner. I jumped up and took a shower before pulling on a pair of clean shorts and a t-shirt and headed downstairs to eat.




I waved goodbye to my folks as the taxi pulled out of my Aunt's driveway and sped off towards Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, leaving Aunt Misty with her hand on my shoulder as she watched her sister and brother in law leave for the weekend. She turned to me, lifting my head by my chin. I always got a little depressed when my parents went away on business as you never know when terrorists might blow up the plane, something that my Dad chides me about continually.


"Come on, Chrissie," she poked me in the ribs, causing me to both laugh and scowl at the same time. "Let's go and get you unpacked then we can have a swim for a bit before lunch."

"Don't call me that, Aunt Misty," I complained. "It makes me sound, you know..."

"I know? No I don't know... what does it make you sound?"

"Gay!" I huffed.

"Hey, that's not a bad thing, you know," she reached forwards and ruffled my hair.

"Argh! Leave off my hair," I whined.

"Seriously though Christian, I don't want you having that attitude," Aunt Misty frowned at me. "In the job that I'm in, I meet a lot of people who are homosexual, bisexual and straight and let me tell you that some of the nicest people I know are gay and some of the worst are straight."

"I guess, I'm sorry," I hurried out, sensing that she was upset with me.

"You better mean that, otherwise I will have to change our plans tomorrow," she replied.

"Huh? Why?"

"Well, there is a party that I've been invited to and was going to take you as my plus one," Aunt Misty led me inside. "But it is an industry party so there will be people there of all sexualities so unless you promise me that you are not going to have a problem with gay people, then I'm ringing up and cancelling."

"A party? With like, actors and shit, um stuff?" I was flabbergasted. I could actually get to meet some famous people.

"Yes with actors and shit," she giggled. "I believe that some of the Glee cast will be there as well as Miley Cyrus."

"Can we go? Pleeeaaassssseeee!" I dragged out the please while putting on my best puppy dog eyes.

"Well, tell me how you are not homophobic and we can go," she pointed to the kitchen chairs and I took a seat. She cracked open a can of soda for me and poured herself a glass of wine.

"Um, I'm not, I promise," I tried.

"So if a gay guy comes up and says hello, what will you do?"

"Say hello back and ask if he's having a nice evening?"

"What if he says that you're cute?"

"I'll, um, say thanks and probably come looking for you," I blushed.

"What if Miley asks you to kiss her?"

"Urgh!" I turned up my nose. "I'd prefer Taylor Swift to kiss me." That got a chuckle from her.

"What if some random older movie exec asked for one as well?"

"Ah... I dunno," I replied honestly. I was surprised as the thought of an older man kissing me didn't send shivers down my spine. In fact, all the talk of kissing had woken up lil Christian.

"So your Dad says that we should have a talk this weekend."



"Aunt Misty!" I flushed bright red. "I'm only eleven!"

"And old enough to be downloading porn onto the i-Pad that I bought you."

"How do you know about that?" My life flashed before my eyes.

"Because I pay the bill, dummy," she stood up and moved over to me. She wrapped her arms around me from behind, reassuring me with her presence. "It's a good job as well as I don't think your Mom would appreciate you watching Moms vs Sons," she whispered into my ear.

"I, ah, I can explain," I babbled, trying to pull away from her, but she was too strong and held me in place.

"Go on, tell me about what you like watching on there." I felt my earlobe nibbled and a hand worked its way underneath my t-shirt.

"Um, I like, ah, looking at older women sometimes, you know, being made love to by, ah, younger guys," I murmured as I felt my dick straining in my shorts.

"Do you sometimes wish that it was you who was making love to the older women?" A kiss on the side of my neck caused me to lean my head back, giving my Aunt better access. Both of her hands were now roaming underneath my shirt, one rubbing my nipples while the other circled my belly button before heading lower.

"Yeah, sometimes," I confessed.

"So have you kissed anyone before?" she asked, leaning over me, her face turning towards mine as I looked her in her eyes.

"Um, yeah," I blushed, "but I'd prefer not to talk about it."

"Why not?" she said softly. "Didn't you like it?"

"No, no, I loved it, it's just," I paused. Hold on a sec, I could use this as the way to prove that I can go to the party. Damn, I'd pinky promised not to tell anyone, but then again, didn't Aaron tell his cousin? Surely Aunt Misty counts the same? "I've done some stuff with Aaron." There. I'd said it.

"Aaron as in your best friend? The cute little black haired lad?" She'd released me for a moment and turned my chair around to face her.

"Ah, yeah but I've pinky swore not to tell anyone so don't tell anyone else, please!" I begged.

"Whatever we talk about stays between us, okay?" She held up her little finger. I grinned and took it. "And whatever happens this weekend will also stay just between us?"

"Yeah. I promise."

"So did you like kissing him?"

"It was just practising ready for when we get girlfriends," I stated.

"So, let's see how well you've been practising," my Aunt said.



My sentence was cut short as her lips pressed against mine. I was kissing a girl, well, a woman! She tasted different to Aaron definitely, much nicer! Her hands worked their way around my back and she pulled me up from my chair. Even though I was only eleven, I was only a couple of inches shorter than Aunt Misty so we were able to embrace properly as we traded tongues. I felt her hands underneath my shirt, rubbing my back so I decided to do the same, slipping my own hands underneath her blouse. My Aunt had a firm body, working out at the gym I guess helped her, and I liked the feel of her skin, the smell of her perfume and the way that her hair fell across my head as our mouths pressed against each other.

I felt my dick straining against my shorts as feelings that I wasn't entirely sure about coarsed through my young body. I tried to hold myself away from her body but Aunt Misty was stronger than she looked and she pulled me close to her, our similar size frames pressing up against each other. I knew that she had to have felt my log pressing into her thigh and I squirmed in her grasp.


"What's wrong, honey?" she asked, breaking the kiss, holding my gaze with her eyes.

"Um, I, ah, um," I stammered.

"You liked it?"

"Fucking yeah," I giggled. I got an immediate swat on my rear end.

"No swearing in my house, it doesn't become a young gentleman," my Aunt chided me.

"Can we do it some more?" I asked, hope shining in my eyes.

"In a while. It looks like you have a problem that needs taking care of," she nodded downwards. My eyes followed her's and, sure enough, there was a massive tent in my shorts.

"Ah, well, that's what happens when I kiss someone pretty," I explained, trying to score brownie points. I'd heard some right corny lines that my Dad used on my Mom and it always worked on her.

"You'll go far," Aunt Misty smiled at me. "Let's see if I can help you out here."


Now, even though my school was very conservative when it came to explaining sex in any detail, we had been warned over and over about the stranger danger stuff, about not letting anyone touch our dangly bits especially after Father Bernie had been caught, but I knew what I wanted and if my Aunt was going to be willing to do stuff with me, I was going to jump in head first without complaint. I felt my breath quicken as she ran her hand down the front of my t-shirt, pausing slightly at my stomach to pull it up and rub my smooth, flat tummy. My eyes were constantly flicking between her hand and her face, watching her watching me as well as seeing if she would cross that line and actually touch me down there.

I sucked in my breath, my stomach bending inwards creating a small gap between my body and the waist of my shorts and with seemingly practiced ease, Aunt Misty slid her hand down inside my shorts. I let out a small moan as I felt her hand rub over my tented briefs. I looked up and saw a worried, pensive look in Aunt Misty's eyes and I nodded my acceptance of her unasked question, giving her the permission she sought to molest my young body.

She removed her hand from the front of my shorts, much to my disapproval before I realised that she wanted to undo them and pull them down. As she did, I decided to help things along by taking off my t-shirt and kicking off my trainers, leaving me stood in the middle of her kitchen wearing a pair of pastel yellow briefs and a boner. I saw Aunt Misty's eyes travel up and down my body and for a moment I felt very self-conscious. After all, I was standing, nearly naked, being looked over as a sexual object.


"Oh my Christian. You are perfect," she sighed. "You're a real sexy boy who looks like he's ready to be brought into the real world."

"Really? You think I'm sexy?" I asked, a little confused. After all, Aunt Misty was in her thirties and I was only eleven. Why would she think I was sexy?

"Oh my sweet baby," my Aunt whispered, pulling me against her once again. "You have no idea how many people in this world adore young boys and girls of your age."


Any chance I had to form a response was cut short as her mouth found mine once again, her tongue pressing home inside me. Her hands roamed my nearly naked body once more, only this time, with no pesky shorts to block the way, her hand found the tented front of my briefs. I moaned loudly into her mouth as I felt her grip tighten around my little shaft and before I knew it, my underpants were down by my ankles and her hand was on my naked dick. I shivered in delight as she slowly stroked my foreskin back and forth over the sensitive tip of my head.


"I'm so glad that you're uncut, unlike most of the boys that I come into contact with," she nibbled my ear as she told me.

"Most of the boys?" I gasped out as I felt my tingles coming on already.

"I'm one of those people that I mentioned earlier," Aunt Misty smiled at me as she manipulated my dick. I rocked back and forth, my back pressed up against the counter and I let out a loud squeak of pleasure as my toes curled up and my tingles shook my entire body. I slumped backwards, the wood cooling my hot flesh and I gazed up at the first woman to bring me to an orgasm.

"That was awesome," I huffed, getting my breath back in short gulps.

"I knew that you'd like it," my Aunt stroked my now damp hair. "Is that what it's like with Aaron?"

"Nah," I shook my head. "We tend to hump against each other. He said it's the best way to practice getting ready for a girl."

"So you kiss each other while grinding your dicks against each other in a fucking motion?" she asked. Seeing my nod, she continued. "Sounds like Aaron might not be practicing for a girl."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that he might like you a little more than he's letting on," she smiled. "I can see why because kiddo, you've got looks that most boys in the industry would kill for."


I blushed bright red as my breathing finally calmed down. I realised that I was still naked and Aunt Misty was fully clothed which I frowned at. I wondered how far she would actually go when she suggested taking a dip in the hot tub. I loved the way that the bubbles felt and started towards my bedroom when my Aunt called me back.


"Where are you going?"

"Um, I was going to get my swimming trunks so we can go in the Jacuzzi," I replied, confused.

"I think that as it's just the two of us, you can stay as you are, don't you?" she asked, tilting her head to one side to look at my body once more.

"Um, I guess," I started before I decided to get brave. "But only if you don't wear a costume either." There. I'd said it!

"So you want to have a look at this old woman's body?" she smiled at me.

"You're not old," I argued, putting my hands on my hips, as I normally do if I'm going to get on one. "You've got a great body and I'd love to see it."

"Then let's go and get in the tub," she put her hand on my shoulder and led me outside.


It felt weird, wonderfully weird to be outside without any clothes on and as the sun beat down onto Aunt Misty's enclosed back garden, my body warmed in the summer heat. Aunt Misty reached over and turned on the Jacuzzi, telling me that the water was already warm so I could get straight in if I wanted to and I giggled as I took a running jump, vaulting over the side to land in the middle. I knew how deep the tub was so was in no danger of hurting myself, especially with no-one else in it.

As my body submerged in water, a water jet caught me square in the balls and I sighed in pleasure as I felt myself grow hard with the stimulation of the air bubbles. I moved over to the side, kneeling on the underwater seat in front of the air jet so that as I watched my Aunt kick off her flip flops, my balls and dick were getting a hands free massage. Aunt Misty looked at me, staring at her intently and smiled as she undid the short skirt that she was wearing and let it slide to the floor. I hotched myself on the seat to try to see her panties but her blouse hung down, covering up any glimpse. I huffed in disappointment, which brought a laugh from my Aunt before she undid the buttons to her blouse and opened it, showing me the front of her body. She had a white bra on, but it barely covered up her tits which looked like they had gotten bigger from the last time I'd seen her in her bikini. I sighed as she let the blouse slip off her body and my eyes flicked from her tits to her panties. They were white as well, and had about the same material coverage, basically next to nothing.


"It's called a g-string," my Aunt explained and turned around. I could see all of her curvy butt! There was a sliver of string that went right up her crack and I shook my head thinking how uncomfortable that must be. She turned back to me and reached up behind her back and in an instant, her boobs were uncovered to the world, well, to me anyway. My dick throbbed as she stepped closer to the hot tub and I reached my hands forwards only to have them gently slapped by her.

"Not yet, honey," she told me. "It's all about educating you about how to please your partner."

"But, but..." I started.

"Christian, you're here for three days," she stroked my face. "We have plenty of time to show you all of the things that you want to know about."


I settled down, sitting my butt on my heels as she stepped back and placed her hands on the straps of her g-string. This was it. I was finally going to get to see a naked woman in the flesh. It didn't matter to me that it was my Aunt. In fact, that made it a little hotter to me but as she bent over and pulled her underwear down, her upper body hid her pussy from my view. I let out a low growl of frustration which caused her to giggle and I knew then that she had done it on purpose. I smiled as she stood up straight, her hands at her sides and walked forwards until she was just out of my reach.


"What's wrong Aunt Misty?" I asked, suddenly concerned for her health.

"What do you mean, honey?"

"You've lost all of your hair down there," I croaked, pointing at her bald slit.

"How do you know that I had hair there?"

"Um, last time I was here and you were in the bath," I stammered out. "I kinda saw it."

"Oh, that's okay, don't worry. I shaved it off a while ago as there are some men, and boys, who don't like women with hair," she explained. "If a boy's first experience with a pussy is a big fat hairy forest, then it can put the boy off for years."

"Um, Aunt Misty," I asked, my voice beginning to catch as she climbed into the hot tub, taking the seat next to me. "You keep saying about boys and men."

"That's right, honey," she leaned in to me, whispering in my ear and placing her hand on my butt. She turned me towards her so that I was facing her once more.

"Does that mean that you, maybe, like, you know..."

"Just ask whatever you want, Christian," she kissed my nose. "This weekend is a freebie. No holds barred on questions and nothing gets back to your parents, remember?"

"Uh-huh. I remember." I took a deep breath. "Do you have sex with men?"

"Of course I do sweetie," she chuckled, stroking my back. "I haven't got a boyfriend so I'm free to have fun with whoever I want."

"Ah, well, do you also, maybe, like have sex with boys as well?"


Aunt Misty held my face with her hands, staring me straight in the eyes. She had a serious look upon her face.


"Before I answer that, I need to know that you understand what it means to keep secrets," she said. "What we talk about here can never be spoken about to anyone, not your parents, not even to Aaron, okay?"

"Yeah. It's like a super pinky swear?" I nodded my understanding. "I won't ever tell no-one."

"In my job, I sometimes have situations where clients have to go a little bit extra to get a role in a film or television series, or to get a record deal or be part of a tour or gig," she explained. "Sometimes that means that they have sex with directors and producers, and with executives or other actors and pop stars. Sometimes I get to join in."

"And sometimes they're not always grown ups," I finished for her.

"That's right," she kissed me gently on the lips. "Most child actors or pop stars at some point have performed in a way that would shock the majority of the world if they found out. Sometimes it's only it bit of kissing and fondling."

"And sometimes it's proper sex?" I asked hopefully.

"You're a smart lad, Christian," her mouth found mine again. We kissed for a moment, her tongue pressing into my mouth in a way that I was really liking.

"So the party tomorrow," I broke the kiss. "Is it gonna happen there as well?"

"I'm not sure but I would expect so," Aunt Misty replied. "There's a fifteen year old singer from Canada who is due to release his first song and his manager wants me to help promote him. I'm looking at getting him on the same gig as Miley Cyrus so they have got to butter me up a little."

"You gonna fuck him?" I giggled.

"Well, he is a little cutey, if a little annoying," she frowned. "But once I get a boy in bed, he tends to become a little pussy cat."


I paused in thought before looking back at her. I reached forwards and placed my hands on her tits for the first time. I gave them a gentle squeeze before Aunt Misty reached up and covered my hands with her own. I thought that she was going to take my hands off her body but instead, she took control of them and started rubbing her boobs and squeezing them a little harder. I felt my boner start to ache once again as my hormones started to run through my young body.


"Aunt Misty," I started. "Are you gonna have sex with me?"

"Do you want me to?" she countered.

"Um, well, fuck it. Yeah I do," I blurted out before I could stop myself with any second thoughts. "It's not weird is it? You know, wanting to have sex with your aunt?"

"When we're naked, Christian, I'm not your aunt and you're not my nephew. We are just two people who want the pleasure of sexual release, okay?"


I nodded my head and leaned forwards to kiss her again. As our tongues touched, I felt her move my right hand down and off her left tit. It travelled slowly into the water, rubbing past her belly button that I found out had a piercing in it before stopping just short of touching her... you know. There. I opened my eyes and saw her looking into mine. There was a glint in them and then my hand was on her pussy. It felt weird. Not like a dick at all, obviously. It was soft and I felt my forefinger slip inside. Aunt Misty let out a moan and I tried to pull out, thinking that I'd hurt her.


"No honey, leave it in," she told me. "Rub it up and down, just there, oh that's it honey."


I let her use my hand, rubbing it, pushing two and then three fingers inside her and returned to kissing her. It wasn't long before she broke the kiss and threw her head back. She used her spare hand to guide my head to her tits and I got the idea as I started to suck on her nipples. I heard her groan and her body shivered before I felt her pussy clamp on my fingers.


"THAT'S IT HONEY! I'M CUMMING!" she cried out, before slumping forwards onto my body. I held her up, her head resting on my shoulder, her breath panting warm air onto my back. "That was wonderful, sweetie," she kissed my cheek.

"Did I do it right?" I asked, concerned that it was my first attempt at frigging a woman off.

"You made me cum, honey," Aunt Misty smiled. "So yeah, you did good kiddo."

"Cool." I shifted against her body, my dick catching against her hip.

"DO you need to cum again?"

"Come where?" I asked confused.

"Oh I love the innocence of virgin boys," she kissed my forehead. "Cumming is what it's called when you climax. You know, orgasm?"

"You mean get my tingles?" Comprehension dawned on me. "I gave you your tingles!" I gushed, pleased at myself.

"You did indeed, now sit up on the edge and I'll show you something that I bet your friend hasn't yet."


I did as I was told, forcing my hands to my side despite the natural urge to cover up my three and a half inches of boy meat. I gripped the side to steady myself as Aunt Misty moved herself so that she spread my legs open and knelt on the seat in front of my groin. I thought that she was going to jerk me off, just like Aaron but as she took hold of my boner in between her fingers, she lowered her head and peeled back the foreskin of my dick, uncovering the head. She kissed it! Aunt Misty kissed my dick! I nearly giggled but after she kissed it a couple of times, she licked around the glans. Fortunately I had cleaned myself in the shower that morning, my Dad having told me about the importance of cleanliness but when my Aunt swallowed my dick into her mouth, I let out a loud yelp of joy. My hands automatically wove themselves into her blonde hair as she started to bob up and down on my stiffy. It wasn't just her lips that were giving me pleasure, her tongue was swiping around inside her mouth, adding extra stimulation to my already fired up dick.


"FUCKING HELL!" I yelled as a shudder ripped through my body and I felt my dick swell and throb in her mouth. My balls felt tight against my groin and I felt like I was peeing massively in her mouth. I prayed that I wasn't as I didn't want this to end but as my tingles came to an end, Aunt Misty released my dick and looked up at me. I felt my eyes rolling and with the sudden release of my dick, I felt myself topple backwards, despite the attempted grab from my Aunt. I hit the decking head first, bumping the back of it, causing tears to immediately leak from my eyes.

"Christian! Are you okay?" Aunt Misty shouted as she jumped out of the hot tub and cradled my head in her lap.

"I think so," I tried to stop the gulps of tear filled sobs that were threatening to break through. I rubbed the back of my head and winced as I felt a bump. Aunt Misty quickly had a look at it but satisfied that there was no blood, she picked me up and led me into the kitchen. I soon had a bag of cold ice packed against my head, sending shivers through my very being, my dick now completely limp. Annoyingly, despite me being bigger than Aaron when I was hard, when I lost my boner my dick shrivelled up to a miserly one inch of flesh.


Aunt Misty handed me a bottle of soda, which I gulped down, letting out a loud belch. I giggled as she pretended to be offended and the pain in my head was forgotten. We moved into the lounge and settled onto the sofa to watch a film. Normally we would sit at opposite ends of the couch, unless I was feeling clingy which wasn't often with Aunt Misty as I had never wanted to let on how much I craved her body. This afternoon she pulled me onto her lap and we sat watching Twilight New Moon before she put on Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Being in the industry had its advantages I guess. I found myself getting hard a few times as I saw Emma Watson in the Harry Potter film but of more interest to Aunt Misty was my boned up reactions to Tom Felton and Taylor Launtner. I guess seeing the hunky so called Indian running around, all muscled up and bare chested turned me on a bit.


"It's okay to like looking at boys and men as well as women, you know," Aunt Misty whispered in my ear as her hand found my dick. She started to slowly stroke it as she reached for the remote to select another film.

"But Father Bernie got put in prison for having sex with Kurt Grogan," I argued. "If he got put in prison, it must be wrong for two men to have sex."

"Christian, that's not why he got put in prison. There is no law against two men having sex. What he did wrong was that he forced Kurt to have sex with him when Kurt didn't want to. Now that's wrong."

"So, if Kurt had wanted it, then he wouldn't be in prison?" I asked.

"Well, that's not entirely true," she sighed. "The law says that you have to be a certain age to have sex. In Georgia, it's sixteen so he would still have gone to prison. But there are a lot of people who believe that as soon as someone knows what is involved and asks the right questions, then they are old enough to make that choice. But the law doesn't agree so it has to be kept secret."

"Oh. That makes sense I guess."

"So, let's watch this movie and see if you like it." I felt a kiss on my neck and as the television flicked onto another channel, my eyes widened in shock. On the screen was a man who looked older than my Dad with a girl who looked to be a year or two older than me. They were having sex, I could clearly see his dick sliding in and out of her bald pussy. She was loving it by the sounds of her moans and as they moved around on the bed with the girl switching to be on top of the man. She was bouncing up and down on him and after a few more minutes, he took hold of her and rolled her over. He pulled out of her pussy and I saw him shoot white stuff over her slits.

"WOW!" I gasped. "Was that spunk?"

"Yes honey," Aunt Misty told me. "A man will spunk when he cums. You will too, soon enough I'm sure."


"It can happen anytime from now until your sixteen or so. Don't be in too much of a rush to grow up though. There are plenty of men and women who like boys who can't spunk."


"Well, how many times do you normally cum?"

"Um, sometimes I do it, and then do it straight away again. Aaron said that he did it ten times straight but I don't believe him. I tried it and it hurt my dick."

"Did you use any lube?"

"What's lube?"

"Oh dear... looks like something else to show you. Don't worry, it will only further add to you enjoying it."



I returned my gaze to the screen as I heard a high pitched squeal come from the speaker. My dick throbbed in my Aunt's hand as I saw a boy who must only have been nine or ten on his back with a big black man shoving his dick inside his butt. This was butt fucking! For real! I thought it was only something that was joked about as insults or the like but watching the small boy getting fucked turned me on immensely. I came there and then, my body quivering in my Aunt's grasp and I flopped backwards against her.


"You liked the look of that?" she asked.

"Um, yeah. I did. A lot." I nodded. She had said to be truthful and she would answer any question. "Did it hurt him?"

"It can hurt if not done correctly, but watch the screen, sweetie," my Aunt told me. I looked back and saw that the boy had a contented expression on his face and his dick was stiff. The man was moaning louder and louder and was getting faster with his thrusts into the boy before I saw the small body shake. The man shouted something about the bitch boy cumming good and hard before he pulled out and grabbed the lad's hair. He pulled the boy until his face was level with the huge black dick. He gripped his shaft and stroked it a couple of times before he shot his cum, all over the face of the boy. I watched transfixed as the boy's tongue licked around his mouth before the black man wiped the remaining cum onto his finger, feeding it to the boy.

"Is it safe to eat cum?" I asked.

"Oh yeah. Some people really love the taste, but others don't. It's all personal taste."

"So, um, the party we're going to," I started. "Um, is someone like, going to want to do that to me?"

"I will guarantee that when you turn up, all of the people there will want to have some sort of fun with you," Aunt Misty told me. "However, that's not why you're going. You're there purely as a guest and I have told everyone that you are not to be touched, unless both you and I say it's okay."

"Um, so like, if I want to do something, then I've got to ask you?" I flushed red. Even though we had just been sexually active with each other, the thought of approaching her to ask permission to have some fun was embarrassing.

"It's for your own safety, baby boy." I hated that nickname. "There are some people who do not know what lines are drawn and sometimes they push further than the boy or girl is willing to go. There will be people there tomorrow who fall into that category so I don't want you going off with anyone unless you ask me first, okay?"

"Okay!" I smiled. "But if I want, I can have some kissing fun?"

"You can kiss anyone at the party that you want."


My stomach chose that moment to grumble and she pushed me off the sofa and spanked my butt, telling me to have a shower to get rid of any chemicals from the hot tub as well as the sweaty smell of sex while she fixed up a snack. I did ask if she wanted to wash me to make sure I was clean but she just swatted my naked butt once again, told me to stop being a horn dog and to get clean and come back downstairs. I took the stairs three at a time, my youthful enthusiasm causing my Aunt to chuckle and I walked into the main bathroom. It had a huge shower, one that could easily fit in more than a single person and it wasn't long before I had the warm water spraying over my body. I turned to the side to get my Aunt's shower gel, not being bothered to have gone to my room to get my own and I saw my reflection in the full length mirror on the opposite wall. I don't know how it worked, but the air con unit kept the room, and the mirror from steaming up and I could clearly see myself.

I squeezed some of the gel into my hand and started lathering up my body, replacing the smell of chlorine with the scent of honeysuckle flowers. My hands dropped to my groin to wash myself down there, hoping that if it smelled nice then maybe Aunt Misty would suck my dick again later. As I felt the suds wash over my body, I could feel them trickling into the crack of my ass. The memory of the big black man shoving his cock into the boy's ass hit my mind and I decided that I wanted to see what it felt like. Well, not a huge monster dick like the man had but as I ran my hand over my butt, I decided that a single finger shouldn't hurt me.

I pushed my finger in between my cheeks and found my little hole, a hole that had only ever been used for pooping from. I shivered as my nail scratched slightly over the surface of my hole and I gritted my teeth in anticipation of any pain. As I eased my finger inside me, my little dick plumped up again, returning to its full glory of three and a half inches. I took hold of it in my other hand and for a few moments, I slowly jerked myself while pushing and pulling my finger in and out of my butthole.


"Oh fucking hell," I gasped as I felt my thin finger press against something deep inside me. My legs quivered and I tried to find that spot again. However, no matter how I tried to angle my finger, I just couldn't find it as I gave up and concentrated on finishing off my jerking. I cupped my balls with my now butt-released hand and within seconds, I was grunting as my dick shivered through another cum. I turned the shower off and stepped out, grabbing a towel to dry myself.

"Need any help?" Aunt Misty asked as she walked past the open bathroom door. She had put her blouse and g-string back on, much to my disappointment.

"Do you mind?" I asked. "Mom won't dry me anymore. She says I'm old enough to do it myself."

"Well, my sister has some funny ideas at times," she frowned. "If you were my son, I'd be taking every opportunity to get my hands on your naked body."

"But why?" I asked. "Why don't you prefer hunky guys or something?"

"Come here, Christian," Aunt Misty told me, taking my hand and leading me to stand in front of the mirror. "Tell me what you see."


I looked at myself and shrugged. She repeated her question so I looked hard.


"I see a scrawny little twerp who's got a small dick," I moaned. The body of the black man firmly was planted in my mind.

"Do you want to know what I see, what Aaron sees, and what so many more people see when they look at you?"

"Sure," I shrugged again.

"I see a beautiful young boy with soft brown locks and wonderful brown eyes," she ran her hands through my hair.

"You have an adorable smattering of freckles across a nose that is just the right size," turning my head slightly and she leaned down to peck the bridge of my nose.

"Your lips, those ruby red lips are a tease to men and women alike. They beg to be kissed," and kiss them she did.

"Your neck is slender, just perfect for nuzzling," and her lips gently kissed my neck. I lost interest in the mirror as my head tilted up and her hands caressed down my body.

"Your body is hairless, which is wonderful as it is silky smooth and you don't have an ounce of fat on you. Your legs are toning up slightly, which we will work on but then we get to your most important parts." I looked back to the mirror.

"You think that your dick is small, I say it's perfect. Can you imagine how silly you would look with a twelve inch cock?" I giggled at the thought. "You are actually bigger than average for your age so don't you worry about comparing yourself to lads older than you. I have seen a sixteen year old lad, an actor who I'm not going to name before you ask, who has a dick that is smaller than you. Believe me, there are millions of girls around the world who would be so disappointed if they ever saw him naked."

"But if they would be disappointed cos he's got a small dick, then why is it okay for me to be this small?" I asked confused.

"Because a sixteen year old lad is supposed to be reaching his prime of puberty, ready to fuck the world. You, at eleven, are ready to be loved and enjoyed. Women won't want you to have a twenty inch cock, they want you just as you are with your nice love shaft that will thrill them as you plunge it into their pussies." She had started stroking my dick as she talked.

"What about men?" I asked the question that had been on my mind ever since I'd seen the video earlier.

"Men will want to suck on your dick, to bring you to orgasm before slipping their own cock in between those ruby red lips." I frowned at the thought of sucking a dick but then thought about how great it felt when Aunt Misty had done me. "Then they will turn you over and spread your cheeks before rimming your little hole."

"What's rimming?" I questioned.

"Do you really want to know?" she asked, a pensive look on her face. "Not many women enjoy doing this so if I do it and you enjoy it, it will mean that you are really opening yourself up to the idea of man boy sex."

"I guess I am, huh," I giggled.

"You know that you don't have to do anything that you don't want to," Aunt Misty reassured me. "Don't feel that you have to do anything just to please me."

"I know that I don't," I insisted. "But that video of the man and the boy really made me horny and I think I might like some of the stuff that they did."

"In that case, come with me and I will show you what rimming is."


She took my hand and led me into her bedroom. My heart was pounding, despite what we had already done, to me that was just us `messing around' like Aaron and I had been doing. However, I was now in a woman's bedroom with sex on our minds. She walked me over to the bed and told me to get onto it. I climbed on, stretching out on the firm mattress. I linked my hands up behind my head and spread my legs slightly. I looked down and saw my dick was standing up proudly. My Aunt licked her lips and looked me up and down.


"You look so good, Christian, that I just want to lick and eat you," she said and crawled onto the bed. She spread my legs and lowered her head. She kept her eyes on mine as she took my dick in between her lips once more and I was again subjected to the warmth of her mouth, her tongue rolling around my cock head. She licked my shaft up and down, kissing the tip before licking down towards my balls. I gripped the duvet as she took each of my miniature marbles into her mouth, rolling them around. I was making all sorts of funny noises but the loudest one was a groan of frustration as she suddenly stopped. I reached down to bring myself off to my much needed climax but just like outside in the Jacuzzi, Aunt Misty slapped my hands away.

"Roll over and put a pillow underneath your midsection," she told me. I did as she asked. "Now, reach back and pull your cheeks apart."


Again I did as she asked, exposing my most private hole to someone for the first time. I shivered in anticipation and felt a warm breath blow across my hole. I was really pleased that I had cleaned myself back there in the shower as I realised that rimming was something to do with my butthole. However, I very nearly shot off the bed as I felt wetness lap against my hole.


"Shit Aunt Misty," I gasped. "What are you doing?"

"I'm rimming you, sexy," she replied huskily. "Rimming is tonguing a nice, tight hole just like yours now relax and enjoy it."


And enjoy it I did. I have no idea how her tongue didn't drop off but after what seemed like an hour of my hole being licked and probed by my Aunt's tongue, she kissed each of my cheeks. I rolled over, panting, my dick as hard as ever.


"That was awesome!" I sighed. "If that's what it's like for a man and a boy then I deffo want to do some stuff."

"Oh no!" Aunt Misty groaned. "I've turned you away from wanting women!"

"NO! NO! No you haven't!" I jumped up. "I'm so sorry Aunt Misty... I really wanna do stuff with you as well."

"Calm down, honey. I was teasing," she smiled at me, stroking my face. Somewhere, somehow, my Aunt had gotten naked. I gulped as I looked down at her body, her nakedness all the more apparent because of being on her bed.

"So do men or boys, um, you know, rim women as well?" I asked. "I mean, I really loved it when you did it to me."

"Well sweetie, some women like their butts being played with, but if you really want to please a woman, or a girl of course, then it's not their butt that you lick."

"Then what?" I felt the frustration bubbling inside me until it dawned on me. I scrambled around on the bed until I was in between my Aunt's legs. She smiled at my intuition and nodded at me. I lowered my head and stuck my tongue out in anticipation. My Aunt eased my fears by telling me to kiss her down there, rather than go straight in with my tongue. I looked at her slit and thought that it looked a little like a mouth and shrugged to myself. I knew how to kiss and so I planted my lips on her pussy lips and tried to imagine that I was French kissing her mouth and I felt a thrill as my tongue pressed inside her and I heard her moan at my efforts. Feeling more confident about having my mouth down there, I stopped kissing and started licking all around her pussy. Unlike my Aunt though, my tongue soon tired and my licks were getting less and less. Just as I was about to pull away and apologise, I felt hands on the back of my head and my face was pushed firmly into her pussy. However, instead of feeling like I was being forced to do something that I didn't want to do, I loved the fact the she had taken some control and I re-energised my tongue attack on her slit.

"Oh fucking hell, sweetie... that's it... eat me out!" she cried and held me for a few more moments before she pulled me away from her pussy. She showed how strong she actually was again by pulling my body up and over hers. She planted her lips on mine, her hands rubbing my back. My sweaty chest was pressed against her naked breasts, I could feel them pushing against my own nipples and my cock, my wonderfully hard cock was pressed up in between her legs.

"Aunt Misty," I mumbled, my body temperature as hot as it had ever been. A momentary thought flashed through my mind that Aaron might just be in the same naked position as me, with an equally naked Louisa-May ready to take his small dick in her slit. As I looked into my Aunt's eyes, I decided that he could keep his cousin. I wanted my Aunt and I wanted her now.

"Do it, Christian," Aunt Misty begged. "Fuck me now."


I hotched down slightly and felt a hand grasp my dick. I knew that I was in safe, experienced hands to lose my virginity and so I looked back up at my Aunt's face. There was a look of desire, of wanton need in her expression and I pushed my hips forwards. I felt my dick guided in and the tip of my cock touched the damp lips that I had been licking moments before. Aunt Misty nodded at me and I pushed in. I knew that my dick was small, no matter what she said about being big for my age, compared to men my little stick wouldn't trouble her so I didn't hold back. I shoved in as hard as I could, trying to imitate some of the pornos that I had been watching. I knew that some women got off on being fucked hard and I wanted to try my best to give my Aunt the best fuck possible.

Her hands gripped my butt cheeks and steadied my rabbit fucking into a more rhythmic fuck and I felt her tongue in my ear, poking inside. I thought that it would feel awful, Aaron's favourite prank is the wet willie, but there is something a hell of a lot more sensual, more sexual about having a tongue in your ear while your dick is powering in and out of her pussy. I felt her hands on my buttocks, pulling me into her. She was pulling my cheeks apart and I felt her rub a finger down the crack of my arse as I continued to fuck her. I shivered in delight as I felt her finger rub over my tight hole, but with the wetness left over from the tonguing that she had given me, my hole gave way and her finger pushed inside me.


"Oh fuck!" I gasped as I felt the spot inside me that I had discovered in the shower prodded over and over. "I'm gonna cum, Aunt Misty!"

"Then cum inside me, sexy baby," she cooed in my ear and I thrust myself harder and harder into her, trying to reach my nirvana.


Aunt Misty's body began to shiver as well and as her breathing got heavier, her bosoms heaved against my chest and she let out a loud groan of joy. Her pussy lips tightened against my dick which was enough to send me over the edge and my dick throbbed and spasms. I knew that if I was older, if I was able to spunk then I'd be seeding her with my babymakers. My dick stayed at full hardness at the thought of having a baby with my Aunt and despite the tiredness in my body, I carried on fucking her. I could hear the low grunts coming from my own mouth that sounded like the man on the video from earlier but before I had a chance to bring myself to a second cum, my Aunt squealed loudly and grabbed my arse, rabbiting my cock in and out of her pussy. She cried out once more before my body stiffened, my own mouth letting out its own scream of pleasure before I collapsed on top of her body.

I lay on her, my head resting just over her left nipple. I could feel the dribble of my sweat as it ran down my forehead, dripping onto Aunt Misty's chest as she gently stroked my hair, pausing occasionally to kiss the top of my head. I looked up at her through tired eyes.


"Did I do it right?" I asked.

"Honey, you were fantastic," she cooed at me. "You made me cum twice and for a virgin, that was awesome."

"I'm not one now though, am I?" I giggled. "I did it. I had sex."

"You sure did, sweetie," Aunt Misty stroked my whole body, paying a lot of attention to my lower back and buttocks. "Well, you've lost one virginity anyway if you are going to play the whole game."

"Huh?" I yawned at her.

"There are many virginities for you to lose if you want to be with men as well as women. You've had a blow job and given me oral, and now you've had full sex with me, but there is still sucking off a dick, fucking an ass and the best one, getting your little virginal hole rammed by a nice thick dick."

"OW! That makes it sound painful," I frowned.

"Trust me, Christian... I will not ever allow you to be hurt. I'll make sure that if you want to have anal, then it will be with a gentle lover."

"I love you Aunt Misty," I snuggled into her embrace.

"I love you too, baby boy."



I awoke to an empty bed, a full bladder and a raging hardon. My thoughts flashed back to the incredible sex that I'd experienced last night and I couldn't help but groan loudly as my right hand took hold of my dick. However, I knew that if I didn't get to the bathroom, I would make a mess in Aunt Misty's bed, something that I did not want to do so I jumped up and thought about getting the towel to cover myself up. Fuck it, I thought. After what we did yesterday, being naked in front of my Aunt is now way down the list of things not to do so I strolled out onto the landing and headed to the bathroom.


"Looks like little Christian is wide awake," my Aunt giggled as she appeared at the top of the stairs. She was holding a tray that was full of food and two glasses of orange.

"I'm just as tall as you are," I argued, pouting at her.

"I was talking about him," she chuckled, nodding down at my flagpole. "Let me put this down and I'll help you out."

"But I need to pee," I explained and had to actually pinch the foreskin of my cock to stop myself from dribbling onto the carpet.

"I know sweetie." She placed the tray on the floor and took my arm, guiding me into the bathroom. She stood me in front of the toilet and lifted the lid before snaking her arms around my naked body.

"Aunt Misty& I've really gotta go!"

"One more moment," she licked my earlobe, causing me to shiver. She placed her hand on mine, telling me to squeeze my bladder tightly before she took hold of my tip, my hands falling to my side.

"Now Christian, let it flow," Aunt Misty whispered. She started to slowly jerk my dick as I felt my pee splatter against the toilet bowl and I had to fight to keep myself from shaking and splashing everywhere. I'd never thought about jerking off while I was peeing but in the experienced hands of my Aunt, literally, she had me on my tiptoes, gasping loudly as I felt my orgasm hit me.

"Oh fucking hell," I moaned out, earning myself a sharp slap on my naked buttock.

"What did I say about swearing?" my Aunt scolded me.

"Sorry," I rushed out, while rubbing the stinging handprint. I looked down at the floor as I felt warmth on my toes. I could see my yellow fluid pooling on the white tiles. "Ah, Aunt Misty... I've made a mess on the floor," I apologised, my chin hitting my chest in embarrassment.

"Don't worry about that," she smiled as she lifted my head. "I knew that it would happen, but I couldn't keep my hands off your wonderful cock when it looked so beautiful."


She dropped to her knees, holding me in place and with a lick of her lips, she sucked my semi-limp dick into her mouth. I wrinkled my nose at the thought that she would taste my pee as I hadn't shaken it off but I could hear her slurps as she worked my dick back to full hardness with her tongue. My hands wove into her hair and in true boyhood wonder, I started to hump my hips back and forth, sliding my cock in between her lips. Whether it was the dirtiness of the situation, the fact that I had only lost my virginity last night or simply that she was such a skilled cock sucker, the second orgasm of my morning hit me hard and I squealed as I tried to seed her mouth. She pulled off my dick just before it turned too sensitive to touch and stood up. She pulled me to her and in horror, I saw her lips approach mine. No way! I wasn't going to kiss her when she's just sucked off my pee coated cock! Once again, Aunt Misty showed how much stronger a grown woman is as opposed to a scrawny eleven year old boy as she held me firm, planting her mouth on mine. She ran a finger along my crack as I kept my mouth closed, not wanting to taste my own pee but when she pushed her digit inside my hole, I gasped. That was what she wanted and her tongue was inside my mouth. It actually didn't taste horrible, just kind of salty and as Aunt Misty worked her finger deeper inside me, all thoughts about pee covered tongues vanished as I got into the kiss.

I sighed as our mouths parted, squirming slightly as she kept her finger inside me. I could see a glint of something in her eyes. It looked like my Dad when he was trying to figure out how to keep my Mom happy, or Mrs Lister at school when she was losing control of our history class. She always managed to get us to calm down and listen to her.


"Turn around and lean against the sink unit," she told me. I felt her finger leave my hole as I did and it was weird.

"Are you going to put it back in me?" I asked hopefully.

"You like it when I put my finger inside you?" my Aunt countered, a smile on her face.

"Um, yeah... it kinda feels weird but in a nice way. Especially when you poke that spot inside me."

"That's your prostate," she explained. "That's the little spot that makes boys like you love having their bums played with and fucked by men with big cocks."

"Kewl!" I gushed and got into the position that she wanted me to. I folded my arms on the worktop and leaned over until my head rested on them.

"Open your legs a little further sweetie," she asked me, which I did. "Actually, let me put this towel underneath your head and then hold open your buttocks."


I did as she wanted and suddenly felt very vulnerable. The angle that she had placed me meant that most of my weight was resting of my head, which didn't hurt, but without using my hands, there was no way that I could stand upright. Being completely naked and holding my own cheeks apart, exposing my hole, the thought flashed through my mind about how depraved I must look. My dick responded of course, plumping back to full hardness as I felt her push her finger back inside it. It felt colder than it had done moments earlier.


"That's lube, dear," she explained to me when I commented. "It's what you will need when it comes around to being penetrated by men."

"It makes my hole feel slimy," I giggled before letting out a loud moan as my pucker stretched. I tried to glance backwards but couldn't properly move my head and I didn't want to risk breaking off whatever it was that Aunt Misty was doing to me. It felt wonderful.

"Ow!" I hissed, flinching for a moment as I felt a shock of pain run through my backside.

"Sorry, sweetie. I guess I went a little fast," Aunt Misty gently stroked my back. "I'll go back to just the two fingers."

"You mean you were putting three fingers inside me?" I gasped out. My dick strained at the thought.

"One day, when you have a man's cock inside you, your bum is going to stretched wider than that," she cooed to me. "And one day, you may even enjoy a man, or woman's whole hand inside you."

"NO WAY!" I yelled out. "That can't fit, surely?"

"Sure it can," she told me. She stopped her probing of my behind and gave me a couple of quick jerks. "Come on, let's go and eat breakfast."


I groaned as she turned and left the bathroom, leaving me stranded with a hardon. I thought about finishing myself off, but then remembered that she was heading to the bedroom with the breakfast tray. It looked like we would eat in bed and with me still naked; maybe she was planning on something else as well. I quickly mopped the floor with the towel, threw it in the hamper before running after her into the bedroom. She had already stripped off again and I stood stock still, in awe of her body. She was truly stunning, even better than some movie stars in my opinion. She motioned for me to get back into bed before climbing in herself. Pulling the duvet back over us, she placed the tray over my lap and the smell of bacon distracted me from my sexual thoughts. I took a couple of bites before picking up a sausage. It was fairly thick and reminded me of one of the men's cocks from the videos the night before. I held it against my lips and turned to her.


"So is this how I do it?" I joked and ran my tongue around the end of the meat. I opened my mouth and slid it back and forth, trying to replicate what she had done with my own three and a half inches of boy meat.

"Oh dear God, I've created a sex monster," my Aunt chuckled. "Now, while we eat, have a look at this."


She reached over to the remote control of the wall mounted television and flicked it on. It was a smart tv or something and as she scrolled through directories of folders on screen, the titles got my mind focussed one hundred percent back on sex. My eyes boggled with some of the names that I was seeing, especially as they were under a main folder heading of `private auditions.' She settled on a folder that had my favourite pop star, Aaron Carter as its title.


"Aaron really was an amazing kid," she explained. "He was so supple that he could do the splits without any problem. You have no idea how popular that made him."

"Why? Did people like watching him dance then?" I asked naively.

"You'll see," Aunt Misty chuckled and pressed the button to access the folder. "Now this was from a few years ago, when he was still only eleven, just like you are now."


There were pictures, hundreds of them. I had seen some of his music on YouTube and had developed a crush on him, only to find out that he had grown up. I kept it a secret from my friends though. After all, it wasn't cool to be a fan of Aaron, unless you wanted to be labelled gay. It looked boring at first, just a normal photo shoot. However, as the pictures scrolled through, Aaron's clothes slowly started to be removed from the pre-teen's body and my cock quivered as the little boy's own dick was exposed to the camera. It was rock hard, I could tell and the smile on his face showed that this wasn't the first time that he had been naked in front of a camera. There were even pictures of him turned around and in a similar position to one that I had been in myself, just minutes before. His small hands spread his cheeks open and I could actually see his little pucker.


"Oh wow!" I moaned. "This is so cool."

"You like Aaron?" Aunt Misty asked.

"I love him. Well, his music is great but he was cute, wasn't he?"

"Damn right he was," she replied. "And a little bottom boi to boot."

"Bottom boi?" I asked.

"It means someone who loves to be fucked by big hard cocks without the need for him to do the fucking as well."

"Oh, I don't think I'd want to be one of them," I frowned. "I really liked fucking you last night."

"I'm sure you're going to be versatile," Aunt Misty ran her hand underneath the duvet, cupping my little testicles. "You're going to love both sides of the game."


I shivered in pleasure as she gently squeezed my little ballsac before sliding her fingers down and underneath them. She pressed against my flesh and I felt the little spot that she had teased before prodded but from the outside. My eyes though were glued to the screen. A man had come into the photos and there was a close up of his dick firmly in Aaron's small hole. The blonde pop star seemed to like it as his dick was rock hard and he was still smiling. A few more pictures flicked on the screen, each of them showing Aaron being fucked from behind before my Aunt picked up the remote.


"Now dear, I think this will open your eyes," she smiled and scrolled onto a video file. Pulling the covers off of us, she motioned for me to shift over and between her legs. I laid back, my head resting on her ample bosom, and I groaned as she ran her fingernails over my nipples. Her right hand was back down, underneath my balls, probing and pushing against my hole.

"Wow! Am I actually gonna see Aaron get fucked for real?" I gasped as I realised that it was the same man with my little pop idol.

"Not quite," Aunt Misty nibbled my ear.


I watched the screen as Aaron jumped up onto the desk that was in the room. It had been cleared of all the crap that was on it and Aunt Misty was right, he really could do the splits. His legs were at a one eighty angle, perfectly straight and he was laid on his back so that his hole was once again the focus of the camera. It zoomed in and I could see a small trickle of white liquid dribbling from his pucker.


"Did that man cum inside him?" I asked, frowning. "Shouldn't he have worn a condom?"

"Well, it's good that you know about safe sex, but in certain circumstances, it's fine to have sex without," my Aunt explained. "In this instance, the man is one of Aaron's promoters and he is known to be clean. He gets checked regularly for diseases as he loves taking his boys bareback."


"But nothing, sweetie. After all, we didn't use a condom, did we?"

"Well, no..."

"So if it's okay for us because we're family and know that we are safe, it's okay for close friends as well."

"I guess."

"Plus, it helps Aaron with what comes next."


I was about to ask what did come next but I saw the man with a large jar of Vaseline. He was scooping it onto his fingers and rubbing it around Aaron's hole. I wrinkled my nose up at how greasy and slimy it must feel, having to have had some rubbed on my leg last year when I burned it on a heater. My jaw dropped open as I watched the man push all four of his fingers inside Aaron. The moans from the television were a testament to the fact that the young boy was getting pleasure out of having his hole stretched by the man. I let out a gasp as the man pulled his hand away and the camera zoomed in, showing Aaron's hole twitching to close up, but remaining open. You could almost see inside the hot preteen.


"Oh fuck! Never!" I almost yelled as the man returned his hand to the lad's bottom, only this time his thumb was tucked into his palm and with a painful yelp of pleasure from Aaron, the man's hand slipped inside him until I could only see his wrist. My dick throbbed at the thought of being inside Aaron like that, and also of what the lad must be feeling. It sure felt good when Aunt Misty had fingered me early but this was in a different ball park! The man started to push further inside Aaron until he was about three or four inches further in before he pulled out to his knuckles. Then he pushed back inside and within a minute was literally pulling out the whole way and pushing his arm inside the gasping boy. I saw Aaron's body shudder and the cameraman changed his angle to show the little pricklet spasming as the young star climaxed with the man's hand firmly inside him.


I felt my own body spasm in what I thought was a reaction to the video but as I looked down to see my legs spread apart having been hooked over my Aunt's. I had been moved up slightly, altering the angle of my lower body and she had used the distraction of the video to finger my hole once again. She pulled her hand away and I could see that four of her fingers were greasy and my bum ached a little. I rubbed myself down there and found that three of my fingers slipped inside my still open hole.


"Oh yeah... you're going to be sought after at the party tonight," my Aunt kissed me.


We got out of bed and took a shower together. My body was sexually sated and my dick stayed limp throughout, despite my hands being all over her fit body. I tried to get a small piece of revenge and get my small fist inside my Aunt's pussy but she gently stopped me, telling me that I needed experience before I could do that. I did make her promise to show me at a later time and we were soon back out, relaxing in the garden. Again, due to the high fences and distance from her neighbours, the garden is completely private so we forwent clothes allowing us both to work on an all over tan, something that I had never had before. For the next couple of hours, I swam in the pool and laid on the sunbed while I listened to my Aunt's near constant phone calls as the plans for the party were put into full swing.


There was a buffet at the party so I didn't need much before we got there. After showering and eating, I put on the smart shorts and shirt, selecting a dark pair of trainer socks and my blue pair of decks. Aunt Misty sprayed me with some aftershave which smelled really nice and we got in her Porsche, heading away from her private drive and into Atlanta and the hotel where the party was.



We parked in front of the hotel, a massive building that stretched high into the cityscape and as Aunt Misty got out, a young man in a smart brown uniform took her car keys from her. I looked on bemused as he got I the car and drove off, panicking that he was stealing it until Aunt Misty explained about the valet service. We walked towards the door and another man in uniform opened the door, tipping his hat to my Aunt who held out her hand and put something in his white gloved hand. It was my first lesson in how the rich people are expected to behave towards to so called normal people, like paying them a tip just to open a door. I was wondering how much I could make, just by standing there opening doors but as a massive crack of thunder ripped across the sky, I ducked inside just as the heavens opened with a torrential downpour. The poor bloke who was holding the door open for people got drenched to the skin within moments and I revised my ambitions, deciding that an inside job would suit me better.

Aunt Misty said hello to a few people in the lobby as we walked through. I thought that she would need to book in or something but she just waltzed straight through and into an elevator. There was another young man who pressed the buttons on the elevator and I felt myself getting a little stiff down below as all of the young uniformed guys looked hot. I shook my head mentally as I realised what I was thinking but with the flashing image of the black man having sex with the white kid on the video, I came to the conclusion that I must be one of those bisexual people that Aunt Misty had explained about.

We stepped out of the elevator and walked a short distance along the corridor and stopped in front of a room which had two security guards standing outside. Again, little Christian twitched as they both were built, muscles straining through their dinner jackets. The leader of the two nodded to Aunt Misty and opened the door and we were both ushered inside, the door closing behind us.


"MISTY!" A loud voice echoed around the room. I glanced around and saw that we were in some sort of a conference hall. It looked like it could hold around fifty to eight people and there were already about thirty people inside. Most of them were middle aged men and women, but I saw a smattering of younger people, older teenagers mainly. There didn't seem to be anyone my age which I frowned at.

"Hello Scooter," Aunt Misty hugged the man, giving him air kisses in true entertainment industry fashion. "How was the journey?"

"Horrible!" he sagged himself on the spot. "You know I can't stand flying but young Justin was entertaining enough to keep us all occupied."

"So you think he's going to be a hit?" she asked, placing a hand on my shoulder as the man seemed to notice me for the first time.

"Oh definitely. Usher and I have big plans for him, but it's just that first step up that we are going to need some help with. He's not really ready made for backing Usher himself so we need to hit the Disney market," the man said. "Is this another new client?"

"Christian? No Scooter, he's my nephew," Aunt Misty introduced me. "His parents are away and I thought he would like to come along and mingle with the stars. Christian, this is Scooter Braun, the man who discovered the boy we're here to talk about."

"That's cool," I shrugged, offering my hand like my Dad had taught me. The man took it and I squirmed slightly as I felt his damp palm holding on to me longer than would be normal. I looked him in the eye and had a sudden urge to run away from him. Now I could see why my Aunt had given me the rules that she had.

"You really need to try singing, or acting, young man," Scooter patted me on the shoulder. He held his grip and tried to turn to walk towards a table. "You would go down a storm, especially in the Disney markets."

"Ah, thanks but I'm going to be an accountant," I lied, pulling myself away from his grasp. I saw him frown.

"An accountant? Why on earth would you want to do something as boring as that?"

"Cos that's what my Dad does and I love math and I want to follow in his footsteps," I fibbed. "Well, it was nice meeting you but I think my Aunt wants me to meet that man over there." He looked behind him and I ducked away, skipping behind my Aunt who smiled at me.

"Very smooth, sweetie," she congratulated me. "Maybe you don't need my protection after all."

"Is he one of those men who like boys?" I asked, trying not to glance at him, while I could feel his eyes still fixed on me.

"Oh god, yeah. I wouldn't be surprised if he had his boy spread eagled over the airplane seats on the way down here, but then again, from what I've heard, Justin is a bit of a lady's boy."

"A lady boy? What& like he dresses up and has got boobs?" I giggled.

"No dummy," she poked my rib. "I mean that he has an eye for the women and will happily get it on with anything with a skirt."

"Is that why you're wearing a skirt today?" I pushed. "I saw the picture of him on the folder on the table and he looks quite cute. You want to fuck him, don't you?"

"I wouldn't kick him out of bed," Aunt Misty smirked. "Just as I am sure that you wouldn't kick out a certain Miley?"

"Urgh. She was okay in Hannah Montana but I prefer Taylor Swift."

"Well, that's a shame," a southern drawl came from behind me. "I was so looking forward to talking to a fan as well, especially a little cutie like you."


I span around and was face to face with Miley Cyrus! The seventeen year old looked stunning, even if she wasn't on my top five. She looked totally different to her character from the television show, wearing a tight fitting white shirt that only came down just past her boobs and a short blue skirt that I am sure if she sat down, I would be able to see up it easily.


"Ah, I, um, you know, I didn't mean that." I stammered out. The last thing I wanted to do was compromise whatever business deal my Aunt was working on.

"It's okay cutie," she smiled at me, her white teeth flashing. "I'll let you say whatever you want to me as long as I'm holding your naked body next to mine," she whispered in my ear. She had placed her hand on my back and I jumped in surprise as she squeezed my buttocks.

"Miley, he's off limits," Aunt Misty frowned at her client. "This is my nephew, Christian and he isn't on the market unless we both agree."

"That's a shame, but you can't blame a gal for trying," Miley chuckled.


They made small talk for a few moments and I was impressed at how easily my Aunt could smooch her clients and the other people at the party after several businessmen were introduced, talked to and moved on politely. I started to fidget, feeling like was I being looked at as a piece of meat by some of the men when my eyes met the brown eyes of a mid-teen lad. He had a face that lit up every time he smiled, which was often, and hair that looked so soft that I found myself wishing that I was stood next to him, running my fingers through it.


"Ah, here's the main man of the moment," Scooter raised his voice, causing everyone in the room to stop their conversations. I saw the boy blush as every eye was fixed on him and Scooter led him to the front of the small stage that had been erected. "Ladies and gentlemen, may I be the first person to introduce you to the next pop phenomenon, all the way from Canada, Justin Beiber."


There was a polite round of applause for him but as I looked around, I could see several men and women, my Aunt included, licking their lips at the sight of the fifteen year old as he climbed up onto the stage. He stuttered an introduction before nodding to Scooter who started a cd with the backing tracks for his set. He sang perfectly for around thirty minutes and by the time he finished his final song, the room was in uproar. People were clamouring to shake the boy's hand or pat him on the back, which I thought was more to do with actually getting their hands on him, rather than any celebratory meaning. I could hear Miley loudly confirming to my Aunt that she would be delighted to have Justin, but I wasn't sure if she meant in bed or as a support act. I figured both.


I took the opportunity to escape to the side and hid myself away on a chair in the corner. As much as I had imagined jumping into the party head first, and finding myself being sexually active with these famous and powerful people, the truth was that I had discovered that I was still the shy little boy who was scared stiff of what sex actually involved when it came to doing it with a stranger. I picked at a plate of food, my stare stuck downwards as if to avoid the attentions of the adults who obviously were interested in me sexually when I heard the chair by the side of me move.


"You don't seem to be enjoying the party," Miley frowned as she sat down beside me. She held out a glass of cola, but as I took a sip, I could taste alcohol in it. "Don't tell anyone," she giggled.

"I won't," I smiled. I took a couple more sips before looking back at her. "I thought that I might be ready for all of this, you know, but some of the people here scare me."

"I know what you mean," she patted my hand. "When I was first introduced to the way that the business works, I wanted to run a mile. The thought of having a sixty year old bloke groping at my body repulsed me, but I knew that I could either take my chances and try to make it on my own or let these men and women use me while I used them."

"How old were you when you first did it?" I asked, curious to find out from a star's point of view, rather than my Aunt's side of the equation.

"I was a bit older than you," she smiled. "I'd had a couple of minor roles on tv but there was a call out for auditions for a new series when I was fourteen and I really wanted the part. My Dad knew some people and I went for the audition. Unknown to my Dad, when the casting director and his assistant asked for my Dad to leave the room so that they could see me perform without him being there as my `safety net', as they called it, they started to make suggestive comments and putting me in poses, which let them put their hands all over me."

"Really? Your dad was outside and they were feeling you up?" I gasped. "Didn't you shout out for him?"

"Nah... I was fourteen and thought that I knew what I was doing," Miley shrugged. "I really wanted to be Hannah as I knew it could launch my career so I let them touch me all over and before the end of the audition, I'd sucked both of them off."

"When did you first, you know, have full sex?"

"Second audition," she giggled. "By this time, the producer was involved and him and the casting director had me on the desk. It was dirty and I really didn't like the producer but the casting agent was a hunk."

"And you're okay with knowing that it goes on?"

"Hell yeah... some of my best shags have come through getting work," Miley chuckled as she stroked my knee. "Now I'm on the up, I can actually start dictating a little as to what I want."


She leaned in close to me and her hand slid up my leg, settling on my three and a half inches of stiffness.


"And I would really like to have you, Christian," she whispered into my ear.

"Um... thanks," I gulped. I looked into her eyes and saw the longing in her eyes. My eyes flashed across the room to see Aunt Misty with her arm across the shoulders of that Beiber kid who had just performed. "I think I might need to speak with my Aunt."

"I'll come with you," she stood up, holding my hand. "I want to talk to her about Justin anyway."


We made our way over to where my Aunt was talking quietly to Justin, who was nodding quickly with a broad smile on his face.


"Hello Misty, and you must be Justin?" Miley started.

"Oh my god, Hannah Montana?" Justin stumbled out. "I mean, Miley, of course. Stupid me. It's great to meet you. I love your show."

"Hush Justin," Aunt Misty patted his arm as he flushed bright red at his mistakes.

"This is Misty's nephew, Christian," Miley pushed me forwards.

"Um, hi Justin," I smiled. "You sounded good up there."

"Thanks... are you an actor as well?" he asked.

"Nah, I'm just here for the party," I giggled.

"And what a party I think it could turn into," Miley said. "Misty, could I have a quick word."


I watched the two females walked to the side, leaving me with the new, upcoming pop sensation. I looked at him and noticed how cute he really was. My dick quivered a little thinking about him being naked at some point. However, his eyes were firmly fixed on my Aunt, or rather, my Aunt's tits.


"So, you like my Aunt, huh?" I poked his ribs.

"What? No. I mean. She's cool and everything cos she's going to get me on to Miley's concerts but that's it," he flustered. I glanced down to see an impressive tent in his jeans.

"That's not what your dick is saying," I giggled. He glanced down and blushed again.

"Well, sorry cos I know she's your Aunt, but she is fucking hot!" he said, looking at me to see what reaction I'd give.

"I know, my mates are so jealous of me," I replied. I leaned in, placing my hand on his arm and whispered, "and her tits are amazing aren't they?"

"Man, yeah! I'd love to get a feel of them," Justin blushed.

"I bet that can be arranged, and more," I told him. I decided to take a risk, but having had the conversation with Aunt Misty earlier, I was confident in reading the older boy's interest in my Aunt and decided to see if I could be as confident as my Aunt obviously is. I moved my hand down his arm, tracing my fingers across his palm before sliding my own palm over the front of his jeans. I gave his tent a slight squeeze, causing the teen to let out of soft groan.

"Oh God, do you really think you could?" he panted as I took hold of his tent.

"If you want me to, I'm sure that I can have you in bed with my Aunt before the hour is out."


He looked at my Aunt before looking back at me. It was only after he saw my smile that he seemed to notice my hand slowly squeezing him.


"Ah, um, well, what would the price be?" he asked nervously.

"Price?" I queried.

"Yeah. I know how this works now," the smile disappeared from his face. "Just to get in front of Miley and your Aunt, I've had to let three different men do stuff with me. You know, sex stuff."

"Yeah, I know," I patted his hand. "As long as you make my Aunt happy, that's all that I want."

"Really?" he asked, a look of shock on his face. "I thought that, you know..."

"Well, I wouldn't mind watching, if that's okay?"

"You'd want to watch your Aunt have sex?"

"Look Justin, you've just told me that you've had sex with men," I paused. He nodded and motioned towards Scooter. "Okay, I'm trusting you. Me and my Aunt have played around together so it's not like I haven't seen her naked. I'd like to see you naked cos your cute, and I think it would be well hot watching you and my Aunt."

"I can live with that," the smile returned. He gave me a hug just as Miley and my Aunt walked over, closely followed by Scooter.

"Well, I think it's about time to wind things down," Aunt Misty announced.

"Um, Aunt Misty," I piped up. "I think that Justin would like to discuss things with you and Miley about the show."

"I'm sure we can all talk together," Scooter clapped Justin on the shoulder. I saw the boy cringe slightly as the man slid his hand down the teenager's back, rubbing it up and down.

"Actually Scooter, I was thinking that Miley and Justin need to brainstorm and I would like to make sure that they go in the right direction," Aunt Misty interrupted him, seeing the teenager's dislike of his manager touching him. "I'm sure he will be okay with just us girls."

"Yeah Scooter, I'll be fine," Justin breathed a sigh of relief and stepped forwards and placed Aunt Misty in between himself and Scooter who frowned. I shivered as his eyes strayed from his client and settled on me.

"Well, in that case, why don't I take young Christian here and keep him out of your hair," he suggested. I had lingered too long in my place beside the now empty space that Justin had vacated and had to keep myself from jumping in the air as I felt the man's hand slip under my shirt. He rubbed my back a couple of times before moving down to cup my buttocks.

"Well darn it!" Miley frowned. "Christian was telling me all about his ideas about how Justin and I could duet on a couple of my songs. I really hoped that he would join in the discussions."

"I'm sorry, Scooter," my Aunt smiled sweetly at him as she pulled me to her. "Looks like this one is needed as well. I think that if you're quick, you could catch hold of Corbin. I heard he was in the hotel sauna."

"Hmm, Corbin Bleu?" Scooter's eyes narrowed before he seemed to mentally shrug. "I'll see you in your room later, Justin."

"Can Justin stop over?" I asked, putting on a whine. "I've never met a proper star before and really wanna talk to one."

"How about I hire a couple of rooms and the boys can have some fun after the work is done?" Aunt Misty suggested. Knowing that he couldn't really refuse, Scooter grunted and left.

"Thanks Miley," I hugged the pop star.

"I don't like him at all, Misty," Miley said to my Aunt. "He's slimy."

"He's horrible," Justin moaned. "I hate him but he's friends with my Mom and if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be here now. I'm just pleased you didn't let him take Christian."

"Why?" my Aunt asked. "Christian knows what happens and is prepared, aren't you honey?"

"Uh-huh," I nodded slowly.

"But not with him though," the teen stated. "He's really rough and doesn't care if you end up crying. As long as he gets himself in a hole, he'll fuck anything and do it as hard as it takes for him to spunk."

"What an ass!" Miley muttered and put her arm around me. "I'll never let him have you. You're mine tonight."

"Well in that case," Aunt Misty chuckled as she looped an arm through Justin's. "Looks like we're together, if that's okay?"

"Damn straight it will be, Aunt Misty," I giggled. "Justin popped a massive one looking at your tits!"


I got three different slaps to shut up as we headed out of the conference suite. Miley had told us that we could all go back to her room and upon opening the door, it was obvious why. The room was huge with a capital Huh. There was a massive four poster bed which both Justin and I couldn't help but launch ourselves onto, bouncing up and down like the kids that we were supposed to be. Justin started a tickle attack on me, which soon had me crying for mercy before two coughs brought us back to our senses. Looking over, our mouths dropped open as Miley and Aunt Misty approached the bed, both very naked. My eyes were drawn immediately to my Aunt before I looked Miley over, comparing her body to the only other woman I had seen naked. Her breasts were nowhere near as large, of course, but her stomach was flat with signs of a six pack that any sportsman would be proud of. My gaze lingered on her innie belly button before dropping to see a small patch of hair topping her slit.

I looked over to see Justin transfixed on my Aunt's body. His jeans were fully tented once more and I could see a little amount of drool sliding down his mouth. I was about to say something when my face was turned back to look at Miley as she reached out her hand. Leaning in, she placed her lips gently on mine and I forgot all about Justin and my Aunt. Miley Cyrus, THE Miley Cyrus was kissing me, ME, an eleven year old boy! She showed how strong she was once again as she climbed onto the bed and pushed me backwards, laying my head onto the pillow as she continued to kiss me. My hands acted on their own, circling her back, stroking her smooth skin as she looped her own arms underneath mine. With her holding me tightly, the strength of her kissing increased as she pushed her tongue inside my mouth and, although I tried to battle back with my own, I found myself sucking on hers.

The bed moved slightly next to us as my Aunt and Justin obviously got onto their own kissing. I could hear little whimpers coming from the teenager, something that I am sure I sounded like the previous night. Miley lifted her lips from mine and I took the chance to steal a glance across. Justin was already shirtless and Aunt Misty had unbuttoned his jeans. Her hand was down the front of them, rubbing his obvious erection and I smiled as I remembered the touch of her hand on my dick for the first time. My voyeurism was soon cut short as I felt pressure on my own tent and I looked back at Miley who was grinding herself on my shorts. I smiled up at her and I reached up to run my hands up her sides before touching her pert breasts. I ran my fingers around the nipples, just as my Aunt showed me last night and got an appreciated groan from Miley.


"Justin, can Christian borrow a shirt from you in the morning?" Miley asked suddenly. Justin glanced over at Miley, dragging his eyes away from the naked form of my Aunt.

"Um, sure... why?" he replied.

"Because this one is ruined!" she laughed and took hold of the top of my shirt and pulled it apart, popping buttons and exposing my hairless, skinny chest to the world.

"MILEY! My Mom is gonna kill me!" I groaned, thinking that it was one of my best shirts.

"I'll cover it with your Mom, don't worry," Aunt Misty chuckled. However, that was all she said as she leaned forwards and started to nibble of Justin's nipples.


Miley helped me out of my now torn shirt and pushed me back down onto the bed. She locked her lips on mine once more, only this time, our naked chests were touching each other. I could feel her small breasts pushing into my flat chest and I shifted underneath her as my three and a half inch steel rod got trapped between us. Miley slid off to one side of me, keeping our lips sealed before starting to trace her nails down my chest. She scratched my nipples, causing them to harden in an instant. My own hands were trying to stroke her body but she broke our kiss to tell me to relax and let her make me feel good.


"It's not every day that I get a cute eleven year old boy to pleasure, so let me enjoy it honey," she told me. I nodded and raised my arms, interlocking my fingers behind my head. I pursed my lips, ready for the next kiss but instead, Miley sucked my left nipple into her mouth. I writhed in pleasure as her hand continued downwards, stroking my smooth belly until her hand cupped my groin. I could feel her gently squeezing my dick and balls through the thick cotton material of my shorts and without warning, my body shook as a dry orgasm wracked through my small frame.

"Oh fucking fucking fuck fuck!" I cried out as sweat pooled in my belly button.

"WOW!" Miley paused in her caressing of my body. "I've never seen a boy as young as you cum before."

"He doesn't cum yet honey," my Aunt shamed me. "He still shoots dry at the moment." I would have complained about her embarrassing me in front of Justin and Miley but I was panting too heavily to make words.

"Maybe, but the best thing about that," Justin leapt to my defence, "is that if you give him a minute to catch his breath, he'll be good to go again and again."

"That's the truth," Aunt Misty agreed. "He's a horny little bugger so be prepared for him to have multiple orgasms!" Miley and my Aunt both laughed at the weird joke that they shared, while Justin smiled at me and shrugged. I saw his eyes flick over my body and I could have sworn he rested his gaze on my crotch. However, that was soon interrupted by my Aunt telling him that he needed to get naked. My eyes widened in delight as I watched the new teen pop sensation strip off his jeans and boxers, leaving himself only wearing a pair of white socks. His dick was fully erect and looked to be twice the size of mine. My heart sank a little when I saw it.

"What's wrong honey?" Miley asked me softly.

"Why would you want me when Justin's got a much bigger dick?" I complained. "I mean, I'm tiny compared to him."

"I bet you're a decent size," Justin argued.

"Only one way to find out," Miley chuckled and undid the button on my shorts. She slid the zipper down and against my better judgement, despite knowing that I would be naked at some point but with all eyes on me, I lifted my bum off the bed so that she could slip my shorts from my body. I was wearing a pair of dark blue boxer briefs which hugged my body, my little ballsac and cock very evident in front. Miley gave me a little rub, reawakening my limp dick slightly and she took hold of the sides of my underwear. With a nod from me, I lifted up again and she pulled them down, exposing my nakedness to the room. I flushed red in embarrassment as my dick popped into view. It was only semi-erect so it looked to be around the two inch mark, confirming what I'd said earlier.

"See!" I cried out. "I'm tiny!"

"You're not fully hard so that's a bit unfair to judge," Aunt Misty said. She looked at Miley, who's gaze was transfixed to my hairless crotch before motioning to Justin. I could see him question himself before he reached over and took my dick in between his fingers. He slowly started to jerk my skin back and forth over the tip of my dick, causing me to moan slightly. This was no inexperienced best mate like Aaron but a teenager who'd been jerking for years and probably had to do it to men as well. Within moments, I was back at full mast and he let go.

"That looks a good size," he smiled at me. "What are you, about three inches?"

"Three and a half!" I told him.

"Well, I'm just over six inches but that's cos I'm older than you," he ran the back of his hand over my cheek in a gentle manner. "You're still growing and you know something? When I was twelve, I only measured up at two and a half inches and I know cos I used to measure myself all the time."

"Really?" I perked up. "I'm bigger than you used to be?"

"Sure thing, dude," Justin ruffled my hair. "So don't worry about your size when looking at older guys. You're doing just fine."

"Thanks Justin," I sat up and hugged him. I felt a surge run through my body as our naked chests touched each other and I looked up into his eyes. I could see a little confusion in them but before I could say or do anything else, Aunt Misty pulled Justin back to her and Miley had snapped out of her trance.

"Okay Justin, I want you to get that condom on and fuck me hard," my Aunt told him.


I laid back down onto the bed with Miley by my side and we watched as Justin unwrapped a rubber and slipped it onto his dick. With my Aunt on her back, Justin eased himself on top of her, pausing to give us a view of his circumcised cock head at the opening to my Aunt's slit before pushing inside her in one long, hard push. My Aunt grunted as she took his six and a bit inches into her before he pulled out completely. He rammed himself back inside her and repeated this several times before settling into a steady fucking rhythm. He positioned his body on top of my Aunt and began to kiss her as he fucked her. Miley had been playing with my balls while we watched the pair having sex and I turned back to her to see her smiling her bright smile at me.


"Um, do you want me to, you know, fuck you now?" I asked.

"Maybe, but I'd love you to do something first," she replied. "That is, if you're willing. I don't know how much you've already done."

"I've done a bit of stuff with my Aunt now," I stated proudly. "She told me that I need to learn how to satisfy a woman's needs as sex isn't all about, you know, just a dick and a pussy."

"That's so sweet," Miley leaned in and kissed the tip of my nose. "Have you eaten out a pussy yet?"

"Yeah... I did it last night with my Aunt."

"Would you eat me?"



I smiled, remembering how much my Aunt loved me tonguing her so I clambered down the bed until I was kneeling in between Miley's spread open legs. Her pussy lips were already glistening and I leaned forwards, taking a quick sniff as I remembered Aaron telling me that women smell of fish. Miley didn't. She smelled real good. I placed my hands either side of her pussy and ran my tongue from the bottom of her slit right to the top, pausing at the little hard nub of her clit. Aunt Misty had told me that playing with that would make women real happy so I concentrated on licking it and nibbling at it. I was rewarded with a loud series of moans from Miley as she worked her hands into my hair, holding my head in place as she squirmed, pressing her slit into my mouth as if it would get my tongue deeper inside her.

I heard my Aunt cry out in joy and guessed that Justin had brought her to an orgasm, but again, my ego took a little dent as she was certainly screaming louder than when I made her cum last night. Her shout was soon joined by the slightly high pitched groan from the teenager pop star as he must have been filling up the condom that he was wearing.

However, all thoughts of my Aunt and Justin were taken away as I felt Miley's slit quiver and before I knew what was happening, liquid was spurting into my mouth. I thought that she was pissing on me and tried to pull away but her hands were too strong and she held my mouth against her pussy, the warm flow of liquid gushing down my chin. I couldn't help but swallow some of it, and wondered if women's piss tasted different to my own. Yeah, I had tried it. Doesn't everyone?

Finally, Miley let go of my head and reached underneath my arms and pulled me up on top of her. She had a satisfied smile on her face as she locked her lips against mine. I thought it was a bit weird that she'd want to kiss me after pissing on my mouth but she didn't seem to mind. Her hands roamed up and down my back, settling on my buttocks and she squeezed them together and spread them apart several times. We broke the kiss.


"You've got a very talented tongue, Christian," she kissed me again.

"Um, did you pee in my mouth?"

"No, of course not honey," she told me. "When some women cum, they shoot juices just like a man does."

"Wow! So that was your spunk?" I heard Justin giggle and I flashed him an inquisitive look.

"No honey, it's not spunk. Just my juices that get me all ready for the main event," Miley explained.

"The main event?" I asked.

"Oh yeah. Now I want you to fuck me."

"Cool. Shall I get a condom?"

"Misty, I'm clean and I assume Christian is," Miley turned to my Aunt. "I'm happy for him to go without if you are."

"That's okay Sweetie," my Aunt replied. "Go for it Christian. Let your dick feel the warmth of Miley's pussy."


I slid myself down slightly, with Miley being an inch or so taller than me and lined myself up. I couldn't believe it. Okay, I'd lost my virginity to Aunt Misty last night, but this was Miley fucking Cyrus! Hannah fucking Montana! How many boys at school talk about her and here I am, about to fuck her! I couldn't stop myself from grinning like the cat from that Alice in Wonderland film as I felt the tip of my dick push against her very damp pussy lips. I easily slipped inside her, my dick nowhere near as thick as Justin's and I pushed myself in until I felt the warmth of her skin against my pubic bone.


"Oh fuck!" Miley moaned. "This is so hot!"

"Go on, Christian," Justin encouraged me. "Screw her good and hard."


I flashed a grin at him and pulled back, slipping out frustratingly before lining back up and pushing back inside. I measured the depth of my thrusts and within seconds, I was banging away at the seventeen year old superstar. I'm not sure what Miley was doing but I could feel her pussy tightening around my shaft as I stroked it in and out of her. She beckoned me to lay on top of her, which I did and her arms slid around me once again, her hands automatically finding my buttocks. I felt her begin to guide my rhythm and allowed myself to match what she wanted me to do.


"Man, it looks so cool," I heard Justin's voice. "I wish that my first few times had been with women."

"Give me a couple of months dear," Aunt Misty soothed him. "Then you will have a lot more say in who you have sex with. Plus, with your looks and talent, I'll have every teenage girl and gay boy masturbating themselves silly thinking about you."


The thought of jerking off to the naked image of Justin flashed in my mind and guilt reared up in me. Here I was, having sex with Miley Cyrus and I was thinking about a naked boy! I felt my body squeezed and glanced down to see that Miley had wrapped her legs around my body, her calves pressed into my bum, forcing me deeper and deeper into her. Her moans had turned into pants and I could see that her hair had darkened as she became hot and sweaty. My dick throbbed and shivered and I let out a loud gasp as I tried to shoot spunk inside her willing groin. This must have sent her over the edge as I felt warmth spread over my groin and Miley cried out in pleasure.

I collapsed on top of her, my own pants echoing around the room. I was still hard, still firmly inside her as she held me tightly to her. My head was resting in the crook of her neck, which I decided to kiss a few times as a thank you for the amazing experience. Just as I thought that I had fallen in love with her, that the moment could be any more romantic, the bed moved by the side of us.


"Really sorry but I need to piss like a racehorse!" Justin yelped as he ran towards the bathroom.


My eyes followed him across the room, fixed firmly on his very sweet buttocks. I missed the knowing glances between Aunt Misty and Miley as Miley rolled me from her. I rolled onto my back, my flagpole still proudly standing to attention when Miley leaned over to my ear. I shivered as she gave it a little nibble before she whispered in my ear.


"You'd like to have some fun with Justin, wouldn't you?" she asked. I flashed them both a look and hesitantly nodded. This was almost admitting that I was gay, or at least partly gay anyway.

"That's okay, sweetie," my Aunt said softly. "I think that both Miley and I would like to see you two have a little fun."

"I don't know if I want him up my butt though," I frowned.

"You don't have to," Miley said. "At the end of the day, while it is generally consensual, if Justin wants in on my tour, he'll agree to whatever we ask him to do and if that means playing around with you, he will."

"I will what?" Justin asked as he walked back into the room. His dick was hanging down by his balls and I could see a nice patch of hair topping his shaft.

"You will go back in there and wash your hands, mister!" my Aunt commanded. She got off the bed and took the lad by the hand. Justin blushed and let my Aunt lead him back into the bathroom and we heard the tap run. After a couple of minutes, they walked back out into the room, Justin's gaze switching between looking at me and looking at the floor.

"Now come over here, honey," Miley said. "I think what would be really hot would be to watch you two kiss a little."

"But we've already seen Justin kissing Aunt Misty," I said, a little confused.


My Aunt came over to me and took my hand, pulling me up from the bed. She guided me in the direction of the still blushing fifteen year old and it dawned on me what they wanted us to do. I blushed as I shot a glance back at Miley, who was encouraging me forwards with her hands. I walked over to Justin, pausing in front of him.


"Um, look, if you don't wanna do stuff with me," I started but got no further as he quickly wrapped his arms around me, pulling me to him. Our naked bodies touched and I felt a thrill of excitement run through me. He tilted his head to the side and bent his neck to cover the few inches of height difference. I licked my lips as I watched his face loom into mine and our lips touched. I opened my mouth and felt his tongue enter. I sucked it in, wanting to taste him. His hands roamed down my back, cupping my buttocks and he pulled me tight into him. I felt my hard dick press into his leg and his own boner was rubbing against my stomach. My hands took their own journey over his smooth back, before settling on his soft butt cheeks and I couldn't resist giving them a slight squeeze. We broke the kiss for a moment, my eyes gazing into the beautiful browns of Justin and I could see a slightly confused look in his expression.

"What's wrong?" I asked. "Didn't I do it right?"

"No, no, you're a great kisser," Justin quickly replied. "It's just, well, I normally hate it when I have to kiss another guy but... well, kissing you was brilliant. It really turned me on."

"That's cool cos I liked kissing you as well!" I hugged him tightly before looking down at his six inches of hardness. The videos that Aunt Misty and I had watched the previous night flashed through my mind and I knew instantly that I wanted to taste his cock. I dropped to my knees, wincing slightly as I landed on the edge of my knee bone, but looking adoring at the flashy stick in front of me.

"Ah, Christian," Justin started. "You know, you don't have to."

"I want to," was all I said in reply and opened my mouth. I stuck my tongue out and gave the circumcised head a lick. It didn't taste awful at all. It was kind of salty but sweet at the same time and I took hold of the bottom of his shaft and licked up and down it. I felt hands weave into my blonde hair as I nuzzled against his hairless balls. I took in a deep breath and my cock gave a little throb as I smelled boy sweat, mingled in with the smell of sex. It was a smell that I was already becoming accustomed to.

"Ah shit, please, take it in your mouth," the teen idol to be begged.

"Tell me if I do it wrong," I asked him. "I've never done this before."

"Oh God, you mean I'm your first?"

"That has just upped the hotness stakes," I heard Miley sigh.


I opened my mouth wide and swallowed in the thick mushroom head. My mouth watered at the taste of him and I instantly knew that I was born to do this. I started sliding my mouth down his shaft, trying to get it all in but when I felt him hit the back of my throat, I gagged.


"Easy Christian," Justin stroked my head. "Don't try to deep throat me. It takes practice to do that."

"Deep throat?" I asked, coughing.

"It's when you have a cock that's too big just for your mouth and it does into your throat," he explained. "Some men like fucking a throat so you can angle yourself to get it in."

"Have you deep throated?"

"Ah, yeah," he blushed. "Usher's dick is fucking huge and it really hurts when he fucks my ass, so he tends to use my throat instead."

"Usher does it to you as well?" I gasped. "How big is he?"

"He's massive and thick," Justin shrugged. "Eleven inches."

"No way!" I gulped. "I can see why you don't want him in your butt."


I returned to my sucking, making sure that I kept the end of Justin's cock away from the back of my mouth and I was soon being rewarded with his precum dripping out of the end of his dick. I had swallowed the first small pool of it and found that it tasted nice so I continued to suck on his dick, trying to get more of it. Justin had taken over command of the blow job, holding my head still and slowly but firmly thrusting himself in and out of my mouth. It felt great, being there on my knees while at the command of the older boy as he fucked my face. I heard him grunt loudly before he started to pull out of my mouth. I guessed that he was about to cum and didn't want to do it inside my mouth so I grabbed his bum and held him so that he couldn't pull out. I felt him tense up as if he was trying to hold off spunking but with a high pitched squeak, I felt warmth splatter against the back of my throat. Slime oozed its way down my throat as more and more shots of warm cream burst from Justin's dick before it finished with a dribble.

Justin wobbled backwards, sitting down heavily on the bed as I savoured the taste of his cum in my mouth. Again, I found that I liked the taste of it and swallowed the remaining liquid, wiping my mouth as I did.


"Looks like your nephew is going to be a cum guzzler," Miley giggled at Aunt Misty.

"It certainly does," my Aunt replied. I looked over at her, wondering if she'd be disappointed in me but I saw a calculating look on her face. I'd seen that look before, normally when she was on the phone on a business call.

"That was so cool, Christian," Justin gushed as he picked me up from my knees and pulled me on top of him as he lay back onto the bed. Our lips met and he showed me how much he appreciated it with a series of passionate kisses. "Now it's your turn to have some fun."

"I've had fun," I argued. "I liked doing that for you."

"Well, I guess I'll return the favour," he smiled.

"Hold on, Justin," my Aunt put out a hand. "I think that Christian would much prefer something else."

"Like what, Aunt Misty?" I started to whine, seeing the possibility of having the sexy lad suck me off vanishing.

"Well, I thought that maybe you would like to take Justin."

"Take him where?"

"I think your Aunt means that she wants you to fuck me," Justin sighed.

"It would totally be hot watching that," Miley panted. She was fingering herself as she looked over the two of us.

"You mean... me put my dick in your butt?" I gasped in surprise. "You'd let me do that?"

"I guess," Justin shrugged. "It wouldn't be the first time for me."

"No," I stated flatly. "I'm not gonna be like those others. I won't do it if you don't want me to. I'm happy with what we've done."

"But Christian..." Aunt Misty started.

"No, Aunt Misty," I interrupted her. "I read that it's supposed to be consexual and that means I'm not gonna do it unless Justin wants me to."

"Consensual," Justin said.

"Huh?" I replied.

"I think you mean consensual not consexual, although that would be funny," he giggled. "I appreciate what you've said, but you know what... if this is going to be your first time, I'd love to be your first."

"You would?" I stared at the sexy teen. "Really?"

"Definitely& you're really cute and from what you've just said, you're really a nice person as well. So I would love you to make love to me."

"KEWL!" I bounced on the spot. My dick was rock hard again at the thought of being inside Justin. "Do I need a condom?"

"Justin?" Aunt Misty asked.

"Well, from my point of view, he's not gonna shoot in me so I haven't any fears but from your point of view, you don't know my history," the teen replied. "However, Scooter made me get checked out a month ago and I came back one hundred percent clean."

"So is it okay for me not to use one?" I asked. I'd ripped open a packet rolled one over my shaft. There was no way that it would stay in place. At least, not without an elastic band.

"I think in this instance, you'll be fine," my Aunt smiled.

"So how do we do it?" I asked Justin.

"Why don't you start by getting his hole wet?" Aunt Misty suggested. I wrinkled my forehead in thought before realising what she meant. Now, it was one thing to suck on his dick, but my Aunt was telling me to lick his bum hole.

"Um, are you clean down there?" I asked Justin. He nodded with a shrug.

"I never know when Scooter or Usher are gonna want to play with me so I have to keep myself clean just in case."

"Okay, cool. Turn onto your front," I told him and watched as he did. "Now, spread your cheeks."


Again, the older boy did what I asked him to and I was presented with the view of his hole. My first ever pucker. I could see bruising circling the hole and it looked a little puffy. I ran my fingers over it, causing Justin to moan slightly as I touched his rosebud. Knowing that my Aunt and Miley were waiting, I leaned in and took a sniff. He was telling the truth as I got a whiff of scented soap. I licked my lips in anticipation of what he would taste like, and instead of being turned off by the propsect, I felt my dick quivering by the thought of licking his hole. I ran my tongue over his opening and Justin let out a loud growl of surprise.


"Aw man, you're rimming me?" his voice quivered.

"Is that okay?" I stopped. The last thing that I wanted to do was upset him and stop me from getting inside his bum.

"It's awesome, dude," Justin cooed. "Please, keep doing it."


I smiled and returned my mouth to his hole. I tried experimenting with various ways of licking him, rolling my tongue around the edge and trying to poke it in, as well as actually locking my lips on his hole and pretending it was a mouth so I could French kiss it. I could feel the saliva beginning to dribble down my chin when my Aunt touched my shoulder, bringing my head up and out of his valley.


"I think his hole is wet enough, but you still need to get your dick ready," she told me. "It could hurt him if you ram it in dry."

"I don't want to hurt him," I agreed naively.


Miley led me to the front of Justin and told him to open his mouth. We got the idea and I soon had my three and a half inches of steel sliding in between the ruby lips that I had loved kissing. Justin proved to be much better at cock sucking than me as he had me on the verge of cumming within moments, something which Miley spotted. She pulled me backwards and before I could stop her, she flicked the exposed head of cock.


"OW!" I yelped. "That hurt!"

"Sorry honey but I didn't want you to cum in his mouth," Miley hugged me. "Let's get that dick in his butt so you can lose your virginity."


I grunted an okay, rubbing the end of my dick. She was right though. I had almost ruined the moment by cumming but the sharp flick had taken me back from the edge. I slipped around the bed and positioned myself over the still prone Justin. I lined myself up with his hole and pressed forwards. Frustratingly I didn't seem to be able to get inside him.


"I knew I was too small!" I moaned out loud. "I can't get my dick to reach!"

"It's just how he's positioned," Aunt Misty stroked my hair. "Justin, lay on your back. Miley, take hold of Justin's knees and hold them up."


I watched as he rolled over on to his back and was surprised to see that his dick was hard again. He bent his legs which Miley took hold off and she pulled them up and apart so that they were spread either side of his body. He seemed to be as flexible as Aaron Carter was on the video. I didn't care though as my eyes were fixed on his groin and ass. I trembled slightly as I realised what I was about to do. I was about to become a butt fucker and it gave me a thrill as I looked at the sexy teen, ready and willing to let me use his hole.

I lined myself back up and with his cheeks completely spread open, I had no problem in pushing inside him. I felt his warmth wrap around my slim dick as tightness like I'd never felt enveloped my cock. I could only growl quietly as I felt my foreskin peel itself back as I pushed in until my balls were resting against his flesh. I heard a whimper and looked up at Justin's face to see him smiling in pleasure at me. Having had sex with both Miley and Aunt Misty, I now knew how far back to pull on my outward stroke so I didn't have any repeat of popping out of the boy and I soon found myself thrusting into him.

My knees started to cramp as I fucked Justin so the thought flashed into my mind that with him on his back, it was basically the same position as when I had sex with the women, so I eased myself forwards, making sure that I didn't pop out and I laid my body on top of the smooth chest of the pop star. He figured out what I wanted without me telling him and he bent his head forwards and our lips locked. With my body pressed firmly against his, I could feel his hardness pressing into my stomach and with my movements of my hips causing my body to slide against him, I was effectively jerking his dick with my stomach. With Miley holding his legs, his hands were free and I felt them slid down my back until they were gripping my ass cheeks. He pulled me into him, guiding my thrusts before I felt a finger slip into the crevice of my ass. I was about to break the kiss and complain when I felt him rub his finger over my hole.

It felt good but when he pressed it into me, my mind exploded. Never had I felt sensations or feelings like this before, not even when I lost my virginity the previous day. Justin was sliding his finger in and out of me in rhythm with my own thrusts into his rear. I felt my toes curling up when Justin groaned into my mouth and his dick spasmed against my lower chest. Dampness spread across me and I realised that he was creaming my chest which would have been enough to spur on my own orgasm but when his pucker clamped itself around my dick, it was too much. I thought that I was seeing stars as I let out one almighty wail of pleasure as I rabbit fucked my dick into him, bouncing the pair of us on the bed as I felt my dick throb and spasm inside the warm tunnel of Justin's anus.

I went limp. My whole body was shaking at the intensity of the feelings coursing through me as Justin slowly stroked my back, planting gentle kisses on my cheek. Eventually I looked up at him.


"That was fucking awesome," I gushed, only to have my naked rear end smacked.

"Language!" Aunt Misty scolded me, a smile on her face.

"So did you like it?" Justin asked.

"It was brilliant, thank you so much, soooo much for letting me do it," I kissed him over and over.


I rolled off him, letting him stand up although he did stand a little awkwardly. I frowned.


"I didn't hurt you, did I?" I queried, concern in my voice.

"Not inside, but you were very energetic at the end," he chuckled. "I'll be fine though, don't worry."

"Well, if you're going to be okay," Miley smiled sweetly at him. "I'd like to get that cock inside me now."

"Can I take a minute to recover first," he replied. "Christian made me cum so give us a second."


I glanced down at my belly and saw Justin's deposit still dribbling down my stomach. I quickly scooped it up with my fingers and slurped it into my mouth. I heard a chuckle from my Aunt and looked up at her, my hand pausing just before my mouth.


"What?" I asked.

"Looks like you really enjoy the taste of cum," she replied, motioning me to finish.

"It's tasty," I grinned as I licked my fingers clean.


Justin came back out of the bathroom, having wiped himself clean. His dick was hanging limply down by his balls and I felt a little guilty as Miley hadn't had sex with him yet. Aunt Misty pulled me over to her and we laid down on one side of the large king size bed as Justin lay on the other side. Miley hovered over him and sucked his dick into her mouth. I felt tiredness sweep through my body as the adrenaline of the sex left my system and as Aunt Misty slowly started stroking my stomach, I fought to keep my eyes open, wanting to watch the two hot teenage pop stars have sex.

However, just as Miley coaxed Justin's dick back to full hardness, I lost my battle and drifted off to a relaxed sleep.



End of chapter.

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