Some Legal stuff: I don't know if they're really gay or not. I don't really care, either.

If your reading this... Well.. I LOVE YOU! Now... If your reading my Celestial Journey, don't worry, I'm still workin on it.. I just wanted to write something silly, and the guys from 2gether gave me a wonderful idea. For more good reading mateiral, read... Hey Mickey... It's 'N Sync, and i've been enjoying it (Even though I haven't emailed the author yet).


2gether - A Humor Tale
By Nova StarFox

"DDDOOOUUUGGGG!" Chad rocketed into the room, diving behind Doug in pure panic. "Saveme saveme saveme!" His blue eyes buldges and you could see more of the whites than was normal.

"Save you from what?"

"Mickey." He sat heavily on his brother's bunk. "He said he was going to 'cap my ass'."

"Now, why would he wan't to do that?" Doug sat down next to Chad. "What did you do to him?"

"I didn't DO anything!" Chad bounced on the bed like a nervous little kid. "It was something I said..."

"What did you say to him?"

"Well, here's the WHOLE story..."


Chad stood frozen in the doorway, listening to Mickey talk to himself. "Why does he have to be so cute?" He was starring at the reflection in the mirror like it would ansewer. "Why am I in love with Chad?"

"Your in love with me?" Chad's voice had a stunned tone to it. "I didn't know you were gay."

"I am NOT gay!" He pointed his finger at Chad in an indignat way.

"Your in love with me, right?"

"I... Ahhh... Yes." His voice got quieter as he spoke.

"Then your gay." Chad walked in and floped on the couch. "It's really that simple."

"I am NOT gay!" Mickey's voice has been reduced to a growl. "Don't ever say it again."

"Then you must be bi."

"DON'T MAKE ME BUST A CAP IN YOUR ASS!" Mickey sprinted towards him, hands streached out like he was planning to choke him.

"I though you loved me!?" Chad yelped, scrambling for the stairs.


"Mickey's in love with you?" Doug gave his brother a confused look.

"I don't think so." Chad shook his head almost violently. "You don't try and 'cap' people you love."

"Mickey being in love with you dosen't bother you?"

"Should it?" The blond tilted his head, his eyes trusting and calm now.

"Do you like him back?"

"Never though about it befor." He shrugged, then scrambled behind Doug again when someone banged on the door.

"Doug, I know he's in here!" It was Mickey's voice. "Give me Chad and I won't key your car!" His fist slammed agains the door three more times.

"Stay here, Chad." Doug stood up and slipped out the door, careful to keep Mickey on the same side as him. Chad stared at the door with wide, fearful eyes, wondering if Mickey would cap his brother's ass to get in here to cap his. Befor he could continue with that train of through, Doug slipped back in. "Mickey won't kill you now."

"Really?" A smile crept over Chad's face.

"Yes, your perfectly safe now."

"Thankyou thankyou thankyou!" Chad squeeded his brother as tightly as he could.


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