A Promise ch. 3
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"Where have you been?" He asked.

"I took a walk."

"Um have you looked at the time?" Justin questioned as he pointed to his watch.

JC looked at his watch. "Shit." He cursed. "C'mon we gotta hurry."


JC stopped and turned, he watched Justin take out his cell phone and dial a number.

"Hi..... Yeah but um there has been a slight change of plans..... um ya know the park in our neighborhood?...... yeah can you stop by there and pick us up?..... Ok yeah..... Uh huh thanks...... bye" Justin pushed end and put the cell phone in his pocket. "The guys will be here in 10 minutes."


They both sat own on one of the swings and started to swing.

"So what are ya doin' out here?" Justin asked looking at the ground.


"Bout what?"



They sat in silence for a minute. "Ya want ta talk about it?"

"Er...." JC hesitated, should he talk to Justin? "....no thanks Justin it's something I have to do on my own."

"Ok but if ya need me I'm there."

JC and Justin heard a honk and looked up. There was Joey's Green SUV and Chris following in his Silver BMW convertible. JC looked between the two and ran two Chris's BMW before Justin could move. Justin laughed and walked to Joey's SUV.

"Hey guys where are we goi.... " Justin said then stopped in mid sentence when he saw Lance leaning over the middle arm rest and passionately kissing Joey.


Justin's jaw dropped, "Um, um...um...oh-mygod." Justin stuttered.

Lance broke the kiss and looked in the rearview mirror at Justin. "Well are you going to get in the car or not?"

"I, I, ...I Ok." Justin got in the car shocked and stared at Joey and Lance. "Ar.. A.. AreA.. Are u guys together?"

"Duh." Joey stated as if it was nothing. He pulled out of the parking lot and headed toward there destination.

"How long have you been together?"

"About a month." Lance said.

"Why are you guys acting as if this isn't a big deal?"

"Cause its not, I mean we know your bi so we both figured it wouldn't matter." Lance said turning to look at Justin.

"Wait, You told him I was bi?!?!" Justin exclaimed.

"Yeah...so?" Lance said matter-o-factly.

"SO!?!??!! Lance! You don't just go around telling people secrets about other people!" Justin said with a huff.

"Relax, jeez Justin its not like I told him your in love with JC." Lance said then smacked his hand over his mouth as his eyes went wide.

"OH MY GOD! LANCE!" Justin screamed.

" Your in love with Josh?!?" Joey asked.

"Shutup! OK! Lance first of all How could you?!?! second of all Joey No I'm not in love with him!"

"Suuuure ya aren't." Lance sang.

"I am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am Not!"

"Are too!"

"Am Not!"

"STOP!" Justin and Lance looked at Joey.

"He started it!" Lance and Justin said at the same time pointing to each other. Joey just rolled his eyes.

 JC hopped in the car and said, "Hey Chris."

"Hey Jace."

Chris pulled away from the park and it was silent until they got on the freeway. Chris pulled the top up on the car and waited till the bewildered looking JC could here to say something. "OK, what?"

"huh?" JC asked staring at the dashboard. He moved his gaze to chris questioningly. "Why's the top up?"

"You were acting weird." Chris said. "Something on your mind?"


"So... talk"

JC sighed he had to talk to someone and Chris was the only one that knew he was gay. "I had a dream."

"Bout what?"


"Ooooh I see, but why do you have to think about a sex dream?" Chris asked confused.

"It wasn't a sex dream, It was... it was, nice. It was sad. It was myself and Justin 'cept, we were different."

"Different? how so?"

"Well... It was Justin and myself 'cept it was like a long time ago in the middle ages and like 60 years ago and we were like dressed different, and.. and he loved me."

"Whoooa ok, slow down and start from the beginning." Chris stated.

JC went on explained the dream and the song and the promise. Chris listened as JC told about the dream and started a plan forming in his mind, but he would need Lance and Joey's help.

They parked at the restaurant and walked inside, Joey gave their name and the waitress said it would be a 10 minute wait. JC had to use the rest room, and Chris said he wanted to get some air so he decided to step out. He conveniently asked Lance and Joey if they wanted to come. They agreed and Justin said he would wait for their name to be called.

Chris said, " Um guys ya know how I told you JC had feelings for Justin?"

"Yeah...?" Joey asked.

"Well he had a dream about Justin and him last night, and not a sex dream." Chris said as he watched the couple hold hands submissively.

"So... what do we do?" Lance asked seeing the gleam in Chris's eyes.

"Ok here's what I was thinking...."

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