A Promise ch. 4

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They parked at the restaurant and walked inside, Joey gave their name and the waitress said it would be a 10 minute wait. JC had to use the rest room, and Chris said he wanted to get some air so he decided to step out. He conveniently asked Lance and Joey if they wanted to come. They agreed and Justin said he would wait for their name to be called.

Chris said, " Um guys ya know how I told you JC had feelings for Justin?"

"Yeah...?" Joey asked.

"Well he had a dream about Justin and him last night, and not a sex dream." Chris said as he watched the couple hold hands submissively.

"So... what do we do?" Lance asked seeing the gleam in Chris's eyes.

"Ok here's what I was thinking...."

NOW CH. 4:

"So what are we doing today?" Justin asked as he looked over the menue.

Chris looked at Lance and Joey over the top of his menue the replied, "Ok I thought we could do something fun today, and I know you guys will hate me for it. But since it was a wednesday and in the fall I thought we could get away with it."

JC and Justin looked at Chris strangely. "Where are we going then?" JC asked.

"We are going to DisneyWorld." Chris stated.

JC and Justin's along with Lance's and Joey's, for good acting, jaws' droped.

"Um no." Justin said staring at Chris as if he were nuts.

"Why not? We haven't been there is a long time." Chris wined.

"Um duh. Chris we'll get killed!" Justin said not beleiving Chris was serious.

"Yeah Chris, Disney is a family place which means teenagers, hundreds of teenage girls." JC said.

"Oh C'mon! It won't be that bad, and besides we can wear disguises." Chris said hoping they would agree.

"I hmmm it actually sounds kinda fun. I wanna go." Lance said poping into the conversation.

"I dunno, Well I geuss we could go." Joey said.

"I dunno... Well maybe but I mean we would have to be VERY careful." JC said not really liking the idea.

"YES! OK Disney it is!" Chris exclaimed.

After they were finished Chis opted to pay for lunch since they were going to where he wanted to go.  Afterwards they all piled into the same cars as they came in and headed for Disney World. They parked in the visitor lot and took the mini tram to the monorail. They boarded the monorail without any trouble and were on their way to the Magic Kindom. They got off the monorail and went to get their tickets to enter. Justin noticed a rather suspicious looking girl around 13 standing over towards the side of the ticket line. He gulped and quickly pulled on his shades. He turned quickly and came face to face with JC. JC looked at him strangely.

"Look behind me about 2 o' clock." Justin said.

JC looked behind him and gulped as Justin had done. He pulled his baseball cap lower and tapped lance and Chris, who were standing next to them, on the shoulder. They looked at JC questioningly.

"Teenybopper behind Justin, 2 o' clock." Chris and Lance looked in that direction when they noticed the girl cought them looking at her. She gasped and tugged on her, what looked to be, mom's sleeve. Her mom turned to her and asked her something. The girl replied and the mom looked towards the guys. She turned to her daughter and looked as if she was scolding her. she held up her index finger and the girl smiled brightly and eagerly waited for her mom to take something out of her pocket. The mother fished around in her pocket and then pulled out a pen and piece of paper. The girl shyly walked over towards nsync and smiled.

"Are you guys Nsync?" she asked nervously.

Justin turned and smiled a little he did have to admit he always liked meeting fans. "Why yes we are, can I help you?"

She smiled, "Can I have your autoraphs?"

They all smiled and nodded. "What's your name?" JC asked taking the paper and pen from the girl.


"Hi Julie I'm JC." he said extending his hand.

They all said hi and gave her a hug. After they were all done signing the paper Chris handed it to her. "Here ya are, it was nice meeting you, maybe we'll see you again sometime."

"Thank you sooo much! I wanna apologize for taking your time, but I just had to come over here." She smiled brightly.

"It's alright we don't mind, just try to keep it on the downlow so we aren't spotted." Joey said smiling down at her.

She grinned. " Well I have to get back to my family, but it was REALLY nice meeting you."

There was a round of 'bye Julie' s and they grinned as she walked over too her parents and jumped around like crazy.

Justin smiled brightly and turned to the guys. "She was nice."

They all agreed and walked to the ticket window. Chris paid for all the tickets since he hadn't paid for stuff in awhile when they did group things. They got a map and headed for the gate. They all entered and wondered where they should go next. Joey grinned like a cheshire cat and turned to the the guys.

"Oh no." Justin said in a warnign tone." You guys know I hate rollercoasters."

Joey just smiled and tugged on Justin's hand. JC grabbed his other arm and they started to drag him to there destination.

"No guys. C'mon guys please no." Justin whined.

"Space Mountain here we come!" Lance exclaimed.

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