Affairs of the Heart
Written by Jayson Colin Vascardi
Legal Disclaimer: This is fiction and not meant to imply anything about any of the celebrities mentioned herein. If you are offended by material of a homosexual nature, or if such material cannot be legally viewed in your area, stop reading this now. Otherwise, I hope that you enjoy reading this work.
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Chapter 7

Ashley gives Kevin the address of his apartment, before hanging up the cell phone. He then heads into the kitchen, where Zach, Scott, and Kerr now sit, all with answer keys and red marking pens, grading the tests for Zach's classes. Diana is still in her bedroom.

"Hi guys, well, I just got off the phone with Kevin," replies Ashley, "He and the others are all going to stop by here. I guess they'd all like the opportunity to get to know us all better."

"Cool, Ash," replies Zach, as he briefly looks up from the test he's grading, smiles, and then goes back to his work.

"Okay, well, I'm just going to make some lemonade then," replies Ashley as he goes over to the refrigerator and removes a bag of lemons to run through the juicer. Ashley stands at the counter, first peeling the lemons, and removing as many of the seeds as he can find, before powering up the electric juicer and running the lemon slices through it. While the juice pours into the pitcher, Ashley also sprinkles in sugar to dull the tartness. Ashley soon realizes however that there is only enough lemons to fill half the pitcher, so he goes back over to the refrigerator, and removes a large container full of raspberries.

"How's the test grading coming along?" asks Ashley as he starts washing raspberries and running handful after handful of raspberries through the juicer.

"Okay, I think," replies Kerr, as he adds up the number wrong on the test that he's grading, then briefly looks at the grading scale, before marking a big red F at the top of the paper, "Though it doesn't look like these kids studied very much."

"Why's that?" asks Ashley.

"Well, there's 50 questions on this test," replies Kerr, "So far I've graded three that had more then half wrong. Which according to Zach's grading scale here, 15 or more wrong is an F. This one for example had a total of 33 wrong answers."

Ashley looks over at the grading scale, and nods his head, thinking that Zach's breakdowns are more then fair, probably a bit too lenient...

Letter Grade Number Wrong Letter Grade Number Wrong
A++ 0 C+ 9
A+ 1 C 10
A 2-3 C- 11
A- 4-5 D+ 12
B+ 6 D 13
B 7 D- 14
B- 8 F 15+

"I really don't understand why these kids are doing so badly though," replies Zachary, as he marks another test with a D-, "I told them that this test was coming up two weeks in advance, and told them they should take their books home and study. Not to mention the three days before the test that we reviewed for it."

"Well, if they didn't take their books home and study," replies Ashley, "And they didn't pay attention during the review, it's their own damn fault."

"Yes, well I had hoped that these kids would have gotten a sense of responsibility by now," replies Zachary, "I do after all teach 11th grade United States History. This is the midterm and from what I'm seeing, if these kids don't start shaping up by the time for the final, I'm going to have to flunk over half of my students."

"Well, Zach, don't blame yourself," replies Scott, "It's not your fault. It sounds to me that you gave these kids every opportunity to do well on this test, but they just didn't take them. So it's nobody's fault but the students who decided to goof off rather then study for their midterm."

"I know Scott," replies Zachary with a slight frown as he finishes grading another test with an F, "But this is just very discouraging to see so many of my students doing so badly. Ashley after grading these tests, the idea of my giving up teaching and joining you in front of the camera and such is looking better and better."

"Well, bro, at least see this through to the end of the year," replies Ashley, "If you still want to quit teaching, then I'm sure that I can get you a contract with the modeling agency."

"Well, that shouldn't be any problem at all," replies Kerr, "Didn't I hear somewhere that Smith Industries Incorporated bought your modeling agency, Ash?"

"Yeah, that's true."

"Well, then Zach getting a modeling contract shouldn't be all that hard since his father is the Chairman of the Board of the modeling agency's parent company," replies Kerr, "Even if Zach is butt ugly."

"Oh no you didn't," replies Zach as he looks up at Kerr, anger written all over his expression.

"If the truth hurts," replies Kerr, as Zach jumps up and replies, "Okay, that's it!" and chases after Kerr.

"Scott! Help me!"

"Sorry, honey, you got yourself into this one," replies Scott, as he laughs slightly as Ashley and him watch Zach chase Kerr around the living room.

Finally Zach catches his cousin, and throws him down on the couch before he starts to tickle Kerr like there was no tomorrow, knowing that he's severely ticklish.

"Okay! Zach, please stop!"

"I don't know, it doesn't look like you're sorry."

"I am, Zach! I'm very sorry. You're not butt ugly," replies Kerr, "But hey I'm you're cousin! You shouldn't want me to find you attractive!"

Zach takes a moment to consider this, before he stops his attack on Kerr, "Okay, just don't call me that again, or you're in big trouble."

"Yeah, like you'd actually do anything."

"Don't push me, Kerr. You call me that again, or anything remotely like it, and I'll have to kick your ass," replies Zach, "And you know that I can do that, too."

"Yeah, yeah, I know," replies Kerr, with a slight grin on his face, knowing that Zach is only kidding about kicking his ass.

Suddenly the intercom beeps and Ashley goes over and presses the talk button before asking, "Hello?"

"Hey, Ashley, it's Kevin," comes the sound of Kevin's voice through the intercom.

"One second," replies Ashley through the speaker as he presses the button to open the door downstairs so that Kevin and the others can get in.

About ten minutes later the doorbell rings, and Ashley opens the door with a smile, as Kevin, Kristin, Brian, Lance, Nick, JC, Justin, and Chris come into the apartment.

"Welcome to my home away from home," replies Ashley with a grin, as he motions towards the sofa and chairs here in the main room, "Please make yourselves comfortable."

"Can I get any of you something to drink?" asks Zach.

"Zach, shouldn't you be grading tests or something?"

"Well, Kevin, yes I should be," replies Zach, "Though from what Kerr and Scott have already helped me grade, I'd say grading the rest of them later will be very, very easy."

"Why's that?" asks Kristin as she carefully sits down on the sofa next to Kevin.

"Well, we've got about half of them done now," replies Kerr, "And despite Zach telling his classes for two weeks in advance to take their books home and study, and then reviewing in class for three days, most of them still got failing grades."

"Yikes," replies Lance, "What do you teach, Zach?"

"Eleventh grade United States History," replies Zach, as he sits down in a chair, "I can only hope that my classes start to buckle down now, because this was the midterm. At the moment it looks like I'm going to have to fail over half of my students, which will make me very unpopular, considering that my class is required in order to pass the 11th grade."

"Zach, as we told you earlier," replies Scott, as he comes out of the kitchen, "If they fail it's not your fault. You don't just give them a grade, they earn the grade. If they earn an F, then that's there own damn fault."

"True," replies Zach, "Oh well. So, does anyone want anything to drink? Ash made some raspberry lemonade I know. And I know there's Coke, Sprite, and Evian in the refrigerator."

"I don't suppose you happen to have any chocolate do you?" asks Kevin, with a grin, "Kristin's been craving it all morning."

"Kevin!" replies Kristin with mock anger as she hits him lightly in the shoulder.

"Well, Kristin, I do happen to have some homemade fudge with walnuts," replies Ashley, "It was my grandmother's recipe. You can have some if you want. Diana has had enough of it already today."

"Sure, Ashley, that sounds good," replies Kristin with a smile.

"Please call me Ash, everyone does," replies Ashley as he goes into the kitchen.

Scott walks over and sits down on one of the sofas next to Kerr, and is a bit shocked when Kerr pulls him down into his lap, considering the current company. Of course Scott doesn't have any objections.

"Don't you two ever stop?" asks Zach, "You'll all have to excuse my cousin and his boyfriend. They can't seem to keep their hands off of each other for more then twenty seconds at a time."

"It's okay," replies Justin as he points to Nick and JC, followed by Lance and Brian, "We're all used to it. Those two can't keep their hands off each other either. Nor can they."

Kevin's mouth drops open in shock and he gives Justin a look that could probably very easily kill him. Noticing the look on Kevin's face, Zachary speaks up, "It's okay Kevin. You needn't worry about anyone here outing Nick, JC, Lance, or Brian. Kerr and Scott both have celebrity status, so they understand first hand what it's like to have to stay in the closet. My brother Ashley is pretty famous too, so you needn't worry about him. As for Diana and I, you needn't worry about us telling anyone either. We all love your music, we wouldn't do anything that could harm your careers."

Kevin's look towards Justin softens as he simply nods to Zach. Ashley soon comes out of the kitchen carrying a tray with some glasses full of ice, the pitcher of raspberry lemonade, a few cans of Coke and Sprite, a container of his grandmother's fudge, and a bowl of pretzels. Ashley sets the tray down on the coffee table, and hands the container of fudge to Kristin with a smile.

Kristin grabs a piece of it, as does Kevin, before handing it to Nick.

"Mmmm, this is exquisite," replies Kristin, as she savors the rich, yet delicate taste of the fudge.

"Yeah, grandmother was always the culinary type."

"I'm sorry, my condolences," replies Brian.

"Oh she's not dead, Brian," replies Kerr, as he continues to run his fingers through Scott's hair, smiling down at his boyfriend, whose head is resting in Kerr's lap.

"Then why do you refer to her in past tense?" asks Lance.

"Well, we use past tense, because she was a good cook, but not anymore," replies Ashley, noticing the confused looks on their guest's faces, he elaborates, "Grandmother has been in a nursing home for the last six years with full blown Alzheimer's Disease. So she doesn't even remember any of the family, let alone how to cook anymore."

"Well, I suppose I need to get back to grading those tests," replies Zach after awhile, "I need to have them all done by tomorrow, because I'm going to need to be heading back home to Middlebury. School will be back in session soon, and I need to have a serious talk with my students.

"You coming, Kerr? Scott?" asks Zach as he stands up.

"Yeah, sure," replies Kerr and Scott as they stand up from the sofa as well and  following Zach back into the kitchen.

"You guys need some help?" asks Lance, "Brian and I would be glad to help."

"Thanks," replies Zachary, as Lance and Brian head into the kitchen as well.

Everyone else just stays in the living room, chatting with Ashley for awhile. Eventually, Zach, Kerr, Scott, Lance and Brian finish up on grading all of tests and rejoin everyone else in the living room. Eventually, Diana also puts in an appearance in the living room, quite shocked at first to see the guests, but certainly isn't complaining, as she too joins in on the conversation, since her four hours of not being able to talk are over now.

Two hours later, Chris, Lance, Brian, Nick, JC, Scott, Kerr, Justin, and Zach all decide to go out clubbing and have some fun. Diana, Ashley, Kevin, and Kristin opt to stay behind, as the others head out.

"So are you guys ready for the twins?"

"Well, not quite, no," replies Kristin, "We still have a lot of shopping to do. We had bought some stuff, but now that we know we're having twins, we need to buy twice as much."

"We thought we'd head on down to that new baby store that opened up a few blocks from here," replies Kevin, "Check out what they've got and stock up on some essentials for our little bundles of joy."

"Well, you're in luck," replies Ashley.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, Kevin, what Ash means is that we can get you a 20% discount at that store."

"How?" asks Kristin.

"Well, Di's and my father is Donald Smith, the Chairman of Smith Industries Inc," replies Ashley, "And that new store you're talking about just so happens to be owned by Smith Industries. So Diana and I get a 20% discount, which we'd be more then willing to give it to you guys."

"Thanks, but that really isn't..."

"No that's okay," replies Diana, "Ash and I don't mind. I think it's safe to say that we both consider you friends, so anything that we can help you with, it's our pleasure to do so. So, shall we go and do some shopping?"

"Alright, yeah, let's go," replies Kevin, with a smile as he helps Kristin up off the couch.

"Okay, well, it's a nice day outside," replies Ashley, "And it's only three blocks from here, so maybe we can just walk there?"

"Can you handle that, honey?" asks Kevin.

"Yes, Kev, I may be pregnant, but I am capable of walking three blocks," replies Kristin, with a smile, "Especially on such as beautiful day like today."

Kevin nods, as he and Kristin follow Diana and Ashley out the door. Ashley quickly locks up the apartment, before they all board the elevator. Twenty minutes later, they're about half a block away from the store, when suddenly someone screams, "Look out!", and then...



To be continued...

Ya'll just hate me now, don't ya? Leaving you with this rather scary cliffhanger? Stay tuned to Chapter 8 of Affairs of the Heart to see what happens next.

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