Hey, kids. I know I’ve been terribly quiet since Retreat, but here’s a little something that just sort of spilled out of me the other day and I thought I’d post it as a little Christmas treat. I hope you like it. Thanks to my many EdComms (and by that I mean Dru and Mike) and to everyone in chat. Got something to tell me? Just want to chat with someone terribly interesting. Schuydncer@aol.com Enjoy!

Disclaimer : As far as I know, the men of NSYNC are not homosexuals. (But wouldn’t it be fun if they were?)

The Babysitters (Come Get It)
by Schuyler

“Oh come on,” Joey whined. “It’ll be fun.”
“No, absolutely not,” JC replied. “When I turned twenty-one, I gave up babysitting for good.”
“Just one night,” he begged.
“Why can’t his brother look after him?”
“Cause he thinks that his brother and those guys are ...”
The kid in the armchair spoke up, “Jaded.”
“Yeah, jaded. Justin, Chris, and Lance have already gone out to the club downstairs. So that just leaves you and me.” Joey put on his best pout. He knew that his best friend couldn’t resist that. “But if you want to stay here in your room, I’ll watch him. It’s okay.” Joey walked over to the boy, pouting too. “Come on, we’re gonna leave JC alone now.” The boy looked at the floor and took Joey’s hand, walking with him to the door.
JC groaned. Joey knew what he was talking about, JC couldn’t resist that adorable little pout. And he couldn’t deal with the idea that he was even slightly inconveniencing Joey. “Come back. We’ll do this together.”
“Yes!” Joey hissed. He skipped over to JC. “We can practice being dads for the evening.”
The kid had jumped onto the chair and was bouncing up and down. “Fucking score!”
“Aaron!” JC snapped, “don’t curse. And get your feet off the furniture.”
Aaron Carter sat in the chair, laughing with Joey. “Someone’s already in dad mode.”

NSync, the Backstreet Boys, and Aaron Carter were in Las Vegas for the rehearsals for the MTV Video Music Awards. Aaron had promised his mom that he would stick close to his brother, but, to be brutally honest, that whole gang was seriously getting on Aaron’s nerves. Like he was explaining to Joey over a room service hamburger. “Ever since you guys royally kicked their asses on the charts, they’ve been so ... grown up. And I mean that in a bad way. The last thing I need right now is to watch them drink and talk about business and relationships.” He popped the last french fry into his mouth. “So what are we going to do tonight?”
“Well,” JC said, pushing back from the table a bit, “tomorrow is a big day. Maybe we should just watch a movie, then turn in early.”
“Boring!” Aaron called out. “I’m young and I’m in Las Vegas! I can’t just go to sleep. I need to go wild!” Aaron ran to the sliding glass door and out onto the balcony. “Do you hear me, Las Vegas?” He leaned far over the railing. “Aaron Carter’s going wild!”
JC panicked a little at the thought of his young charge falling off the top floor of the MGM Grand. “Aaron Carter!” he yelled. “Get back in here!” Aaron just laughed. “Aaron!” JC started to march towards the door.
Joey stopped him and walked out onto the balcony. “Come on, wild man.” He picked Aaron up, still giggling, and threw the kid over his shoulder, walking him back inside. “What do you want to do?”
“I wanna do the whole Vegas thing, showgirls and gambling.”
“Well, you’re terribly underaged, but, JC, can we help the kid out?”

Aaron sat at the table with a bubble gum cigar clenched between his teeth and an official Las Vegas dealer’s visor on his head. He dealt the cards while, on the TV across from him, a Siegfried and Roy tape played. Joey pensively held his pink cigar, then squinted at JC. “I’ll bet twenty.” He threw two green M&M’s into the center of the table.
JC’s face was blank. “I’ll see your twenty, and raise you eighty.” He tossed in a blue candy.
“Too rich for my blood,” Aaron said, folding and sitting back to watch the display before him.
Joey smiled at JC, their eyes locked together. He watched JC’s lip curl and felt a shiver run through his spine. JC always did this to him. Flirting, bringing Joey to the edge of madness, then stopping, abrupt, and leaving Joey wanting more. And Joey knew that he was doing it too. The way he’d brush JC’s arm under a table, or knock on his door, barely clothed, to borrow toothpaste. It was a game for them. A wonderful, teasing game with no end. And Aaron loved watching it. He wondered if they knew what they were doing to each other. What did they really want to accomplish? But it was amusing nonetheless.
“I’ll see your eighty,” Joey half growled. “And raise you a hundred.”
JC unconsciously licked his lips at the sound of that delicious growl. “I’ll see it,” he said, flushed and breathless, “and raise you two hundred.” He could feel his blood pressure rising. He knew he couldn’t take much more of this. Joey was doing incredible things to him.
Joey was almost to his limit too. Every time JC blinked, Joey missed a breath. Such gorgeous, perfect eyes. And they were staring at him, meant only for him. He pushed all of his M&M’s to the center. “Everything I’ve got. One last hand.”
Aaron’s head turned to JC, like watching a tennis match. JC pushed in all his M&M’s. “One last hand.”
“Call,” Aaron said, leaning forward. Terribly dramatic.
Joey laid down his cards, full house, tens and jacks. JC grinned just a touch, and then laid down his hand. Four of a kind, aces. There was a silence while both smiled. This was how their games always ended. Everyone felt like a winner. JC pulled the candy from the center towards him. JC and Joey still stared at each other across the table, smiles playing across their lips. “Well, now I’m exhausted,” Aaron said, sitting back again. “But it’s only midnight. Nick and them will be up for at least another four hours, assuming they’re even back from the clubs.”
“You can sleep in my room,” Joey said, never looking away from JC, “I’ll just crash on JC’s extra bed.” JC smiled at him. Teasing bitch.
Joey finally stood up and went to Aaron, taking the kid’s ankles and dragging him out of the room. Aaron laughed as his perfectly styled blonde hair ran against the carpet. Five minutes later, Joey had little Aaron tucked into his giant bed. “Goodnight, kid.”
“He’s good.”
“What?” Joey sat on the edge of the bed.
“JC, he’s good at that little game the two of you play.” Joey blushed. “Don’t try to deny it. You’re good too.” Aaron paused for a second. “Do you like him though?”
“Of course, he’s my best friend.”
“No, I mean do you like him.” He said it in that little kid way, emphasizing the difference between like and like.
“I don’t know.” Joey had the sweetest confused look on his face.
Aaron smiled. He knew. He reached up and hugged Joey. “Goodnight.” Aaron pulled the covers over his body, turned his back to Joey, and closed his eyes. “And turn the lights out, will ya?”
“Brat,” Joey smiled. He clicked off the lights and left the room, headed back to JC’s.
JC still sat at the table, eating the M&M’s. “I counted up after you left.” Joey sat back in his chair opposite JC. “You’re short. You still owe me a hundred.”
Joey leaned across the table. “What do you want, then?”
“Well,” JC leaned too, his nose inches from Joey’s. “You did say you’d give me everything you have.” Joey nodded. He had a good feeling about this moment. “I want your heart.” He lunged and easily caught a surprised Joey. Their lips touched and both gasped, then laughed and continued, holding each other for support. Joey followed JC as he scampered from around the table, never breaking the kiss. JC turned Joey around and fell on top of him to the bed. The kiss itself was just what both had always imagined, warm and passionate, nibbling and biting, soft and hard.
JC finally broke away and Joey had a blank look on his face. “Before I came in here, Aaron asked me if I liked you.”
“Do you?” JC said, grinning already at the answer.
“Nope,” Joey opened into a sly smile, “I’m madly in love with you.” JC kissed him, softly, a momentary touch. “I want to be with you forever.” His hands slid up JC’s legs and under his shirt, pulling it off. “I want to touch every part of you and be with you and,” Joey broke off into a moan as JC’s hand went for his belt and pushed down his pants.
“I love you too.” JC thrust his leg down between Joey’s legs and he braced himself as Joey’s hips came up to meet his. “God, you’re gorgeous and sweet and,” he paused to moan as Joey started licking his neck. “Perfect,” he finished in a grunt. They began sliding against each other, grinding together, frantically trying to get each other’s clothes off, finally fulfilling a promise years old.
“For God’s sake,” Aaron yelled through the paper thin wall, “can you two lovebirds keep it down? I’m trying to sleep!”
JC froze for a moment, then began to laugh, burying his face in Joey’s neck. Joey brought up his hand to cover his own mouth, then wrapped his arms around his JC, his beautiful lover. His.