(This story has to do with gay , and straight sexual fantasies , none of this is true , and it graphically explains sex between boys aged sixteen to thirty.)

It was a place of mystery , of terror , and of pleasure . The castle held excitement for whoever entered it's walls . That's what this story is about , but that's not where it begins . It begins on a bus . A bus heading south , and aboard this bus are five boys , and a bus driver ........

Nick's head bobbed up and downed as he swallowed the older man's penis . The man's name was Eric , and he was the bus driver . Eric was black with a seven inch boner , that Nick had no problem shoving deep into his mouth . Nick moaned as he sucked , slowly circling the older man's shaft . He brought his head off of Eric's dick , and slowly licked the head of his black cock.

Eric had a hard time keeping his eyes on the road , and the bus out of the ditch . Driving and blowjobs , a nasty combination . Also , Nick had a hard time giving the blowjob with the little room underneath the steering wheel . Do the best with what I've got , he thought , and went down again on Eric's love tool.

Of course , deep in the back of Nick's mind was the fear , of one of the others coming out of their rooms and seeing him doing what he was doing . That idea only turned him on more.

Eric moaned as Nick , the youngest member of the backstreet boys swallowed the complete length of his cock.

Brian was sharing a room with Howie near the back of the bus , and they were talking . It was maybe eleven o'clock at night , but Howie refused to go to bed . Even when Brian insisted that he do so. The truth was Brian wasn't tired . It was just he had been horny all day , and hadn't had time alone to release the pressure that had been building up inside of him.

He had tried , oh lord he had tried , even at the autograph signing he had tried to jack off , by rubbing his crotch against the desk , but he soon realized that it would be impossible to cum wihtout anyone notice .

"Aren't you tired ? I think we should sleep , we have a really long day tomorrow , concert and all . "

Brian insisted.

But Howie pestered ," I'm not sleepy , and what are the possibilties I'll fall asleep during a concert , eh dickhead?"

"But all those poor girls that are going to be looking forwar to you ...." Brian was really trying , but it wasn't working .

Finally , he gave up , " I have to go piss." he said .

He walked out of his room to the back of the bus and entered the only slightly bigger than a closet bathroom that the five boys shared .

He sat down on the toilet and pulled his pants down , followed by his trademark Backstreet Drawers.

His nine incher spran out of it's confinement , with already a dribble of precum coming out of the slit. He couldn't keep his hands off of it .

Brian didn't even have to fantasize , because it felt so good to beat his meat this way . The musky smell from the toilet , and the odour of his crotch filled his nostrils and he started to jack off even harder . He stared down at his dick and groaned . He was in absolute pleasure .

For about three minutes he massaged his pole , and then to his surprise the bathroom door swun open. He couldn't remember if he had forgotten to lock it or not . His face turned a million shades of red , but for some reason he couldn't stop stroking his cock .

Kevin stood in the doorway watching him for almost a minute . Brian wasn't beating quite as hard anymore , but he was still jacking off .

Finally Brian went to cover himself , but Kevin leaned over and stopped him . His crotch was about at Brian's eyelevel , and there was a tent in it . To his astonishement , it was quite evident that Kevin was not wearing the backstreet Drawers , or any other drawers for that matter.

" Don't stop ," he said ," I'm here for the same reason."

"What?" Brian asked.

"Ive beeen dying to beat off all day , but haven't had a chance ." Kevin explained .

Brian's colour returned , "Well then , would you please lock that bathroom door."

Once Kevin had entered and the door had been locked there wasn't much room in there , but there was enough .

While Kevin dropped his bottoms , Brian tenderly started at it again .

Kevin couldn't keep his hands off his penis , and he was so horny that it had grown to almost eight inches .

In a blurred motion he started beating off.

Kevin had been sharing a room with AJ , and they had both been asleep , well , not exactly , they had both been pretending to sleep . Kevin had been anxious to relieve himself , so he waited till he was sure AJ was asleep , but even then , he was so horny that he couldn't help but make noise , so he had left to the bathroom.

AJ had been waiting for him to leave to try out his new toy , and the moment Kevin left the room , he took it from it's box .

It was a vibrator he had bought that morning at the triple x shop in the town they had been in. He smiled remembering what had happened that day , but that's another story .

The vibrator , here on called Joy toy , was shaped very much like a penis , and the box boasted that you could arrange it too feel either like the best face fuck , or the best blowjob ever , yeah right .

AJ had been sporting an erection for the past halfhour and easily filled the length of the tube with his mammoth cock.

At first nothing happened , all it did was put his dick in a nice warm cozy place , but he noticed that it was getting hotter and hotter in the tube .

He didn't understand that it was a heat activated joy toy , because this was his first one ever.

All of a sudden it started to do what it was supposed to do , pulling and pushing his dick back and forth and vibrating the whole time .

It felt incredible , much better than just beating off .

He made a moan , and decided against doing it again .

He felt the tension in that little tube building up , and was it his imagination or was it stroking even faster than before .

But it felt so good , and he started bucking the bed , and pushing his thigh way up into the air , the machine was so wild it made it look like his dick was dancing everywhere . He bounced around so much that he was worried the bus would bounce too .

And then he came , hot sperm sliding down the length of his tube and juicing his cock.

His tongue was wet as it pumeled deeper and deeper inside of her . She was a fan , and she had been hiding in the closet in their room all this time , and when Brian left she came out .

Howie at first didn't know how to react until she sat on his face , showing him her cunt . He couldn't stop himself from reacting .

First he licked around her pussy , tasting her dark black pubic hairs , then he just stuck all of his tongue inside of her , and he had to admit , she didn't taste that bad . She moaned and he moaned , he had a wicked boner now .

He swung his toingue past her clit a few times causing her to push down on his face , as if she wanted all of his head inside of her , and almost causing him to gag . He did this for about three minutes before she got up and ploopped herself down on her four front paws , pleading for him to take her doggie style. How could he refuse?

He unbuttoned his pants , and pulled his dick out . He stroked it for a few seconds , and then caressed her tender ass .

He entered her slowly from behind , but soon was dicking her so hard his balls made a loud slapping sound when they made contect with her . The smacking of flesh against flesh just turned him on more .

Her pussy was tight and wet and felt incredible , and ...

"Do you mind if I join ?" a voice asked .

He spun around only to see AJ undressing while walking towards them .

When the girls saw the size of his dick , the only thing that escaped her lips was ,"he's so hung ."

And soon that so hung dick was pressed right against her face . She opened up her mouth and swallowed the farther half of it .

Howie fucked her , and the girl sucked Aj , all at the same time , and there was a lot of moaning going on .

"You bitch , you fucking bitch , how did you get on this bus ?" Howie moaned , ad he drove deeper into her.

Of course she couldn't answer , her mouth was full of AJ

"That right you slut suck me good . Ohhhh . You feel so good . Deeper."

She could only take maybe half an inch more of AJ into her mouth , he tasted salty . She couldn't believe that she was being fucked by two if the backstreet boys .

"OHHH." AJ moaned as he felt himself coming ,"I'm going to cum."

She looked up at him as if to say it would be okay .

"Me too." Howie yelled , out of control of even his own body .

Howie came first with a yell and rammed into her with all his might . His sperm being propelled deep into her body .

Howie rammed her so hard that she swallowed all of Aj's dick and he came downher throat , his come coating her air pipe.

"I have to get back to my room," Aj said , belting up his pants , and you missy should get off of this bus."

Aj left , and the girl , whose name was Claire , slid back into the closet , leaving how alone , naked on the bed , drenched in sweat .

Eric shoved his thigh up , pushin his dick deeper into Nick's throat . Nick had no problem taking his meat .

He paid no attention to his own pleasure except to rub his hand against his crotch every once in awhile.

When ever a car came in the other direction Eric took one hand off the steering wheel and shoved Nick's head down . Of course , he sometimes did this not only for a car coming .

He could feel himself going over the edge . Nick too , wasn't stopping his climax either , they were both on their way to extasy.

Brian was furious , he had beat his meat for so long and still had not cum , while Kevin being so horny , had had time to cum all over himself and Brian , and get hard again .

"Wow , you really last long ," Kevin said .

Brian groaned ," I'm trying Kev , it's just not working ."

"Well , " Kevin said , " I can help."

"How ? "Brian asked.

"Let me jack you off man ."

"Cool ."

"Just wait a second though ."

And with that Kevin came again , this time sending his sperm flying onto Brian's face and chest . Brian didn't even wipe it off .

Kevin leaned down , and took Brian's cock into his hands and started pumping it up and down really slowly and loosely , and then tighter and faster and harder .

Brian was close , but even when he pressured himself , he still got nothing .

"Shit , I was sure that was going to work ." Kevin moaned , " well , time for plan B."

"Plan B ?" Brian asked.

"I'm going to suck you off ." Kevin told Brian , it was more of like saying he had no choice . But Brian wanted this badly , he had wanted it for a long time .

The tip of his head was in Kevin's mouth , and Brian brought his head back in excitement , and then they both went flying into the air landing ontop of each other .

"Shit , Shit Shit !" Eric yelled . he had come all right , cum so hard he went flying off the road into a tree .

"Quick , man pull your pants up !" Nick told him , and Erick did so .

"And you ?" Eric said .

Nick was puzzeled ," what ?"

Then he looked in the mirror and saaw the white cum all over his face , he wiped it off .

"Your pants man ," Eric said .

He was right , in the center of his pants was gigantic wet spot caused by his semen . He untucked his t'shirt and covered it .

In a moment Aj and Howie appeared , "What happened ?" they asked .

Eric explained that a car had come and run them off he road . "The bus won't start."

Kevin and Brian appeared a moment later , both seemed really furious . "How the hell did this happen ? Can't you get us out of here ?"

"Yes , I can , but it will take till morning . "

'Great , we'll be late for the concert .' Nick yelled .

Eric frowned , " Unless somebody has a phone ."

None of them did , strangely enough .

"Look ," Aj said ," there's a light up there , I bet it's a house ."

Howie opened the door and got off the bus ," I'm going to see."

And the other four joined him outside in the crisp night air.

"I'll be here fixing the bus." Eric yelled to them .

But they were already gone into the forest , heading in the direction of the house .

The house would be the wildest place of sexual fantasies and dark secrets , but they wouldn't get to it right away , first they had to get through the forest . ......

To Be Continued...........................

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