The Forest

"Oh shit !" Nick said to himself , when he spun around and saw the he had managed to get seperated from the others .

"Howie ! Brian !" he yelled , and waited for an answer , but none came .

He continued to walk . "Forget those shits ," he said .

The moon was full in the night sky , and the forest was well light. After awhile Nick came to a crystal coloured lake .

The water was the deepest , clearest blue he had ever seen , and realizing he hadn't had a shower for a while , he couldn't pass it up.

Ever so slowly he peeled off his shirt , and smiled when he saw the cum stain in the middle of his white jeans .

He took them off too , and the then rest of his clothes , until he was completely naked . Nick had never been afrai of showing off his body . He had worked hard to get it in the condition it was in , and he wante everybody to know it .

His meat wan't that bad either , it was long but not quite as thick as most .

The water was cold as he put his foot in , and his dick shot up to attention when it felt the temperature . He couldn't help but laugh .

Without a second thought , he dove into the water and surfaced towards the middle of the lake , swinging his hair at the night , propelling water everywhere .

When he looked back to the beach , he noticed that his clothes were gone , and it's place stood Howie , laughing .

"Your dork , where the fuck are my clothes ?!" Nick yelled .

Howie laughed , " I don't know , be nice and maybe I'll tell you ."

Nick swung his legs and arms in circles in the water to keep himself floating ," Come join me ," he said ," The water is so fine ."

With that , Howied undressed , and Nick couldn't help but sneak a peak at his cock . He was shocked to find it semi-erect . He himself , had a raging hard bone .

Howie dove into the water and didn't resurface .

Nick knew he was playing some kind of joke , he had just jumped in there and had been fine , so how could Howie have gotten hurt ?

After fifteen seconds , Nick was really worried , he spun himself around and around , looking for his friend to resurface .

Suddenly he felt his dick get really warm and dry , and he brought his head up to the moon and moaned . Howie was sucking him off underwater .

Howie resurfaced gasping for air .

"Why did you stop ?" Nick asked .

"I kindof needed air you ediot ."

Then he was under again , and Nick's dick was in his mouth . Howie sucked on it like a lollipop . And Nick was really feeling good .

This time when , Howie went up , Nick went down , and shoved his penis deep down his throat.

Howie had never felt anyone give head quite like Nick was doing .

Nick went up , and Howie went down .

The way they were rotating , they could last a long time without coming , but after about fifteen mintes of sucking and slurping . Nick came buckets into Howies mouth . He couldn't swallow it all , and some of it escaped out of his mouth and floated in front o his face .

And in the next switch , with the taste of Nick's salty cum in his mouth , Howie cam and Nick took it all .

They both swam back to shore , and Howie showed Nick where he had hid his clothes . He had thrown them in the lake .

How embarrasing , now that Nick's white pants were wet , you could see through them .

Aj was alone , and he wasn't really scared . He came to the castle first , and found a really cool car parked in front . A man came out of the car dressed in old style clothes , and opened the door for him . Aj , thinking that Eric had sent the car , got in , but was shocked to see that there was somebody else in the car .

The guy sitting in front of him , was a stranger , he looked about seventeen and could've been a stunt double for Johan Paulik . Aj had to admit he was cute .

"Hi , who are you ?" Aj asked .

"Your servant ." the guy answered .

Aj crossed his eyes , 'What?"

"I'll do anything you want me to do ."

"You're joking me , right ?"

The guy smiled ," No , I can do anything you want me to do , and nobody ever knows ."

Aj contemplated what to ask the guy to do , it seemed so ridiculous , so he asked for the extreme .

"jerk me off ."he said

The car shaped like a limo had a lot of room in back , and the guy got out of his seat and knealed on the floor in front of Aj . He couldn't believe this was happening .

They servant unzipped Aj's zipper and pulled out his dick which was already extremely stiff.

Aj's eyes went wide when the servant started to pump his handle hard and quickly . It felt so good , he thought .

"Do you like it , sir ?" the guy asked .

"yes , it feels great ." Aj responded .

"You like it when I stroke your big fat dick?"

"Oh yes ," Aj said , "Talk dirty....please. Tell me about ...."

The guy stared intimately at his dick , "I know what you want . The car had broken down , and the girls with the big breasts didn't know what to do . She checked the engine , leaning over ,showing her ass to the oncoming cars , but still couldn't find anything wrong ."

Aj groaned ," Oh YEAH , tell me more ,Oh." As the servant continued , he pumped even faster.

"She didn't hear the car stop behind her . Didn't hear the guy walk up behind her . She didn't hear him unzip his pants and pull out his pole . She did however feel two arms grab her , and push her onto the hood while the other hand lifted up her skirt , revealing her pussy . that was slowly getting wet . The guy was really ugly , and fat an he just entered her , by shoving his greasy dick deep into her thighs."

"Oh!" Aj yelled , "I'm cuming !"

Aj came all over the car , some even splattered against the wall , most of it landed on his servant .

Then he heard voices approaching from the woods , it sounded like Nick and Howie . Aj quickly got out of the car .

Brian and Kevin couldn't keep their hands off each other . They stopped walking and kissed each other . Kevins tongue stuck deep into brians mouth , and Brian swirled his tongue around Kevin's tongue , and they both moaned . While they were kissing , Brian was slowly caressing Kevin's buns , squeezing them and feeling their curves .

Kevin was using his hands to rub Brian's smooth washboard chest. His fingers circled Brian's nipples and gently tugged on them .

Kevin pulled Brian's shirt off and started sucking and licking his nipples and chest , while Brian leaned against the tree and distorted his face with pleasure emotion .

Then they both started playing with each others cock's through their clothing . They could feel how excited both of them were , and it was all they could do to keep from cuming right then .

"Let me blow you ," Kevin said ."

Bria nodded .

Kevin got onto his knees , and pressed the side of his face against Brian's crotch , feeling the length of his dick running along his cheek .

He slowly and seductively , pulled Brian's zipper down . The sound of it , made his dick become even harder if possible .

He stuck his hand into the darkness , and found that Brian was wearing underwear , wet , slimy underwear , filled with precum.

Kevin stuck his hand through the slit in Brian's johns , and managed to get the gaint piece of meat through .

Here I come , Kevin thought , Finally as he swung his head , mouth open straight at Brian's cock . Brian leaned his head back anticipating the suck .

"Brian , Kevin! Where are you ?" a voice called , it sounded like Aj .

Kevin and Brian both cursed , and dressed themselves respectively before walking off towards the voice .

The forest had taken it's toll on them , and they were probably very exhausted , but the castle would get them excited again . In more ways than one.