Becoming Q
Chapter 1: Christmas In Space

a note: okay, since I've constantly ignored real life events, I'm going to do so here too. JC's birthday is going to be January 29th. (that's a very good day <g>) and Josh is just about to turn 22. Also, the Tom/Harry action may be farther off than I originally intended as I'm not sure where the story is going now (for all my P/K enthusiasts) :(. and also, random thoughts are in [brackets]

Josh Chasez looked out of his bedroom window amazed. 'The only place where it's still green on Christmas Eve' he thought, tracing lines in the fog that his breath left on the window.

In the yard, his dog Toro playfully chased his tail, thinking that this time, he might actually catch it. But then, don't dogs think that all the time? Josh smiled, he hadn't wanted to name the dog Toro, but the first thing the pup did when Chris brought him home, was headbutt JC's leg. That was Chris's first gift to Josh, the first of many. He still remembered quite fondly the day that the dog was brought into his life.

It was a soggy day, Josh recalled. It had been raining for days as yet another tropical storm barely missed the Florida coastline. Chris had been out for hours, claiming he had some last minute shopping to do. For what, Josh didn't know. Christmas has passed, and he'd just celebrated his 21st birthday with Chris and the rest of the guys only days before.

Josh had lazily loafed around the living room, not wanting to do anything in particular when the doorbell rang. He reached over to steal his robe from the chair, and threw it over his shoulders to protect him from the cool Orlando weather.

'Why the hell is Chris rining the bell?' he thought. Surely he was comfortable enough to let himself in. When he opened the door, there stood Chris, in a light winter jacket, carrying a cardboard box.

"Afternoon," he said, walking past Josh, setting a large box gently on the floor.

"Yes, bright one, it is," he said smiling, "What's in the box?"

"You're not very patient! It's a suprise."

"For?" Josh asked.

"Do I really have to tell you?" Chris asked. Josh only rolled his eyes. "It's for you, retard. Open it!"

Chris squirmed on the floor next to the box, hoping Josh would love the suprise as much as he did. Hopefully, this was the best way for Chris to tell Josh that he loved him. Chris wasn't trying to buy the younger man's love, just trying to push it along a little.

Carefully, Josh opened the flaps of the cardboard box. When the last flap was pulled back, a grin as wide as the grand canyon, found its way to his lips.

Inside the box laid a small German Shepherd pup, no more that a month old, curled up, sleeping. It's snow white fur, shone against a dark blue backdrop. Every facet of the sleeping animal fascinated Josh. It was beautiful.

"He's beautiful, Chris." Josh whispered, "Thank you."

He gently took the puppy out of the box, laying it on the floor next to him. A tear escaped his eye, this was the nicest thing anybody had ever done for him. Chris reached over and took Josh's face in his hands, wiping away the tear.

"Don't cry, Josh," Chris said softly.

"But nobody...*nobody* has ever done anything like this for me. How can I ever thank you?"

"Love me, Josh."

The tears came stronger with Chris's words. "I always have," Josh said, falling into Chris's arms, crying. "I'm sorry I was scared, Chris, thank you for not giving up."

Chris lifted Josh's chin untill their eyes met. The tenderness, the innocense, and love in Josh's eyes shattered everything Chris had been. Walls had been destroyed, and in that one brief moment, he became a different man, a better man.

Josh's lips met Chris's with such fury, and such intensity, that both fell to the floor, kissing and caressing, absorbing one into the other. Like all good moments, however, this one ended....with a thud.

Josh looked over to where the sensation had come from, and again it happened.

"You're excitable, aren't you?" Josh asked the pup, who for a third time, headbutted his leg. "Let's get you some food."

"I'll get it, it's in the car," Chris smiled and walked out the door.

Josh was startled from his daydream by a pair of arms wrapping themselves around his waist.

"Good morning, love, daydreaming again?"

"Yeah, and thanking you for playing dirty!" Josh said, playfully slapping Chris's hand.


"Nevermind." Josh said. "Uncle Erik will be here soon, we need to get ready."

"Soon? He won't be here for another six hours! That's plenty of time to get ready, cook dinner, call the guys and....stuff."

"Uh-huh, I know what kind of 'stuff' you have in mind mister, and no, we don't have plenty of time. I still have to go to the store to buy the food for dinner."

"But...." Chris tried to protest.

"But nothing, I'm sorry, sweetie. Now, while I'm out, I want you to get this disaster area cleaned up. Then you can do whatever your little heart desires while I'm making dinner."

"But my little heart desires you," Chris pouted.

"I know, love, but, we'll have to wait...I promise, I will more than make it up to you." Josh said with a mischivous grin.

Josh playfully swatted his lover's behind and went into the bathroom. He'd truly wished he had more time to prepare for Erik's visit, but he got the call only two days ago. He wanted to make the visit special, for he had not seen his uncle in years.

He carefully adjusted the temperature of the water and stepped under the spray. 'Uncle Erik.' he thought. He'd always felt a strange closeness to the man, even though he rarely saw him. It was like Erik understood the way Josh thought and felt. When Josh came out to him, Erik took it with stride and understanding. Although the uncle didn't accept Chris right away, he stepped in when his parents failed to.

When his parents had turned him away, and practically destroyed *NSync, Erik was there to help not only Josh, but the rest of the guys as well. He'd managed to destroy the rumors, saying that the people that started the rumor, were only claiming to be his parents. This alienated Erik from Josh's parents, but the man didn't seem to mind.

Josh always thought it was odd that Erik seemed to magically appear when he was distressed, but Josh just though the man had good timing. He'd never questioned it when Erik called at *just* the right moment to "catch up".

Josh stepped out of the shower, reaching into the closet for a towel. He looked in the mirror, playfully slapping his belly. "Yep, I'm gonna have to go on a diet this year." This year, he fully intended to take *full* advantage of the holiday festivities, especially the food!

He dressed quickly, hoping to get to the grocery store before the crowds were thick, and the traffic worse. It was still early enough in the morning, but this was Christmas Eve, and he was sure that people would be pushy as they were doing their last minute preparations.

"Chris, I'm leaving!" he shouted as he was on his way out the door.

"Alright, oh don't forget the eggnog!" Chris said, knowing very well that Josh would forget it.

Chris wouldn't hold it against him, Josh had a lot on his mind. There was something fishy about this uncle that Chris couldn't quite explain. Even though he couldn't place it, he knew there wasn't something right. He was very grateful that Erik was in his and Josh's life, but that *something* was still there.

"Oh well, I've got some calls to make."

Chris walked to the bay window, watching Josh speed off to the Giant Eagle. He knew Josh wouldn't take long, not with the hurry he was in, so he set to get the rest of the day in order. Calling the rest of NSync could wait, no doubt that the guys were already awake, going about their own business.

Chris stepped into the kitchen, remembering why he didn't want to undertake the task of cleaning it. Plates were stacked eye-high on the counter, a result of yesterday's Christmas party. On the floor were empty glasses that were once filled to the rim with eggnog (Chris's special blend), accompanied by the bowl that housed the drink.

Determined to complete his mission befor Josh returned home, he set to work. First, he emptied the floor of the glasses, cursing at each one. "What pigs" he thought, "who would just throw glasses to the floor." "Drunks" his brain answered.

The counters were next. One by one, he cleared the plates, cramming each into the dishwasher, hoping that they would all fit. "Next time, we're using styrofoam!" he complained. The floor was in mild disarray, now that the glass was cleared, a simple mop would do.

With the kitchen out of the way, the living room would need a once-maybe twice over. Pictures were broken, and hangning from the walls. The carpet was soiled from spilled drinks, and he was sure, from one spilled stomach. It was a heavy task to be sure!

Through the living room he went, scrubbing floors, hanging pictures, and vacuuming spilled dirt (from the nearby plants). He couldn't remove some of the stains from the rug as they were deep sitting. A couple of strategically placed throw rugs hid the disasters, much to Chris's delight. It wasn't an arduous a task as he first thought, but it was one that made him sweat.

An hour passed before Josh's return. He was suprised to see that Chris had done *exactly* as he had said, and nothing less. "It's the something *more* that I'm worried about," he thought. He came in the front door, amazed that Chris had been able to make such short work of the tragic living room.

"The guys will be here in about five hours," Chris said, wrapping his arms around his lover.

Josh jumped, "I *hate* it when you sneak up on me!"

"You love it. Now, for this dinner, do you need help?" Chris asked.

"In fact, yes I do. Come with me," Josh said, a little less seductively than intended. 'But,' he thought, 'seduction can wait.'

For the next four hours, the duo cooked a meal well suited for a king. A glazed ham, exquisitely decorated with pineapples and parsley, would sit in the center of the table. Joining the ham would be varieties of vegetables. Chris had insisted on serving sweet potatoes (much to Josh's dislike) along with mashed potatoes and gravey. The desert, however, was nothing short of astonishing. It would serve well.

No sooner than Josh had finished preparing the meal, the doorbell rang. Much to Josh's suprise, the remaining members of NSync arrived early. . . and together. Each of the three guys were greeted with a hug and kind words, and were ushered to the living room.

"When's dinner?" Joe asked.

"It's nice to see you too!" Chris replied sarcastically.

"As soon as Erik arrives, we eat, not a moment before, Joseph!" Came Josh's reply.

An hour was spent talking and watching television, each of the guys giving an opinion about one topic or another. Lance had suggested a movie after dinner, while Justin wanted to go to yet another Christmas party. Chris and JC had opted out, saying they had other plans for the evening. Joe was the only one without any particular plans.

"We can't leave him alone on Christmas Eve, sweetie," Josh said, privately to Chris.

Chris grumbled. He had really wanted to have time with Josh this evening, but the younger man was right. "Why don't we just hang out here and watch movies? Besides, Josh's uncle has travelled a long way, I'm sure he'll want to stay for awhile before going wherever it is he has to go."

After some deliberation, Lance, Justin, and finally Joey agreed.

The doorbell rang.

"He's here!" Josh exclaimed, jumping off of Chris' lap, all but running to the door.

He opened the door revealing an attractive man who appeared to be in his middle fourties. His demeanor was one that demanded immediate respect. Josh swore he could see Joey 'checking' his uncle out, but he couldn't be sure.

"Josh! How are you?" the older man asked, pulling him into a fierce hug.

"I'm well, thank you. You remember the guys?" Josh asked, motion to the other men in the room.

Erik exchanged pleasentries with the entire group, but stopped with Chris. He eyed the man deeply, before hugging Chris to him.

"Thank you for taking care of him," Erik said, privately. "He's a special boy."

"Yes, I know," Chris said smiling, "We'll be serving dinner soon, you better get settled in. The guestroom is ready, if you'd like to stay tonight."

"I'd love to Christopher, but, time waits for no man! Even on these wonderful holidays, I'm a very busy man. I'll see myself to the bathroom, I must wash up."

"That was a rather odd exchange," Josh said as Erik walked up the stairs.

"Quite. Let's get dinner on the table before Joey wastes away to nothing."

Dinner came and went, giving the six men a chance to renew the friendship they had with Josh's uncle. Stories were shared around the table, even (much to Josh's embarassment) tales of Josh's childhood.

"Joshua, may I talk to you privately?"

"Yeah, sure. Chris, can you all clean up?"

At Chris's nod, Josh led his uncle to the study, offering him a seat on one of the plush leather sofas. Josh sat across from his uncle, wondering what he could possibly have to say.

"Is everything okay?" Josh asked.

"Honestly? No. T--"

"What's wrong?" Josh asked alarmed.

"If you'll let me finish," Josh nodded. "There are some things about you that you don't know, Josh."

"Like what?!"

"Well, I'm not sure how to say it."

"Then just say it however you have to."

"You're not human." Erik said bluntly.

"Um, sure, okay. Are you well, uncle?"

"Don't patronize me, twit! I'm only telling you this because I have to. We can't have a Q coming into power at this time in Human history."

"A Q? What the hell are you talking about? How does it involve me?" Josh asked, slightly angered.

"Don't inturrupt me again! Almost twenty-two years ago, I came to Earth, the year was 1979. I don't know why, but I was feeling rather....anxious. It's never happened to me before, but I've been told that the 70's were one of the most sexual times in human history.

I ended up 'having sex' with a woman from that time period. Well, needless to say, she birthed a"

"What the fuck? This conversation is over! GET OUT!"

"There's more..."

"I don't know if you heard me the first time, but I said, *get out*." Josh said, in a low growl.

Erik waved his hand, and Josh found himself restrained to the same sofa he had just occupied. "It's no use struggling, you won't break out. Now, I'll continue the story.

I couldn't be hemmed down by a child at that point. There were events that had to be carried out. I had a species to destroy. Humanity actually, but a man named Jean-Luc mettled in my affairs, and fucked the whole thing over. But I digress.

So in comes the man that for almost 22 years you call daddy. Your mother thinks that *he* is the real father, all because I have the power to do so. I was quite content to leave it at that, but no. The Continuum wouldn't let it, I had to serve some purpose in your life."

"The Continuum?"

"That is where you originate, see, you are a part of us. We are immortals, omnipotent. We have powers that you've only seen in what humans call movies, and some that you never dreamed of."

"Prove it."

In a bright flash, Josh found himself standing on a mountain, overlooking a deep purple ocean. The sky was a bright shade of pink, interrupted by three green moons.

"This is Risa. It's about thirty light years from Earth."

Josh was in awe, the planet was beautiful. He could surely sit for hours and gaze at the moons.

"You've seen enough" and suddenly, they were back in the study room. "Are you convinced? Or do I have to turn that wretched dog into a camel?"

Josh was starting to cave. As much as he didn't want to believe, he was beginning to do just that. "Then, if I am part of this Q Continuum, why haven't I experienced these powers?"

"Weren't you listening? You are so *human*" Erik said, spitting at the last words. "You're not comletely a Q. You have no powers until your twenty-third birthday. Which is why I'm here now.

You CANNOT come into your power here, it would be too dangerous, to you and to this misbegotten species that wouldn't be here if it weren't for that wretched man. You must be moved to an environment where you can expand your mind.

It should have been done years ago, but I've been procrastonating. It has to be done now. The environment is perfect now for rapid expansion, and when you have reached your power, you will be free to do as you wish. So, are you ready?"

"Now? What about the guys?"

"They will forget you exsisted. Let's go."

"NO! Not without Chris, not without the guys." Josh pleaded. He couldn't exist without Chris.

"Fine, they will probably be killed by a Hirogen or a Borg or something."

"Can't I at least explain it to them? They deserve to know what's going on."

"There's no time. You'll have to tell them when you reach the destination."

"Which is..?"

"You will see. Now, no more delays Joshua! It must be done now!"

With a snap of the man's fingers, and a blinding flash of light, Orlando, Florida was gone. It was replaced by a cold metal environment with flashing lights and a rather surprised/angry-looking woman.

The five members of NSync looked around in awe.

"What the fuck happened?" Justin exclaimed.

"Josh?" Chris said, running to the side of his lover.

The woman crossed the room to where the men were standing. Her arms were folded across a black-and-red jumpsuit, a scowl was prominently displayed on her face.

"Who the hell are you?" she demanded.

"I...I'm Josh." he spoke up.

"Now, Josh, how the hell did you get here?"

A bright flash of light marked the entrance of Josh's uncle Erik.

"Q!" the woman growled.

"Come now, Captain Kathy, is this anyway to greet my son? Surely you see the resemblance."

"Q, what the hell is going on?!"

"You'll see dear Captian. Consider these boys a gift, from me to you." Q said, and disappeared from the spot he was standing.

This would prove to be an interesting day for NSync.