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If you aren't old enough or offended by boy/boy sexual stories than don't read this. This is not meant to imply anything about the real sexuality of any members of *NSYNC or any other celebrities that is mentioned. After all it is just a story, and is a work of pure fiction.

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Chapter 4

I decided for the best not to tell him at all. I can't risk everything and ruin my life. I'm not going to lose my best friend. I can't risk everything and ruin my life. I'm not going to lose my best friend. I'm not going to lose my best friend. I'm not going to lose my best friend. I'm not going to lose my best friend... Best friend... Life... Ruin... Risk... Gone... Friend... Best... Gone... Hate... Ruin... Life... Justin... Gone... I awoke sitting in my bed with sweat going down by forehead gasping for air.

"Sebastian!" Justin said sitting up from his bed. "Sebastian... You `kay? You were having a nightmare again. You wanna talk about it?"

"Um... Nah..." I told him. He looked disappointed.

"C'mon Seb, best friends right? Something has been bothering you for the past month. I wanna know what..."

"Justin..." I looked into his eyes.





"Sebastian... Tell me or I'll get pissed..."

"I'm gay..." I looked at him and the caring look on his face disappeared.

"You're WHAT?!" He shouted jumping out of his bed, "You're gay? You're a fag? A queer? Oh my god! Get away from me." He started to throw things at me... "Get away from me Sebastian!"




"Sebastian! Wake up!" Justin said as he was shaking me. "Sebastian!" I awoke with a huge look of terror on my face. "Sebastian... you `kay? You were having a nightmare again. You wanna talk about it?" I just stared at him still breathing hard. This has been going on for the last couple of months. All the nightmares end up the same. "Well?"

"...It...was...nothing..." I said slowly.

"...Are...you...sure?" He mimicked me.

"You idiot!" I said taking my pillow and smacking him with it.

"Okay... okay... Stop it... Now all seriousness, you wanna talk about the dream?"

"Um... No..."

"You sure? Something has been bothering you for the past two months. Y'know you could tell me anything... best friends..."

"Forever, yeah I know. It's just..."

"Yeah?" He looked at me with concern written all over his face.

"Justin... Can we just forget it? I can't tell you right now..."

He looked a little disappointed. "Kay..." He got off the bed and stood for a moment. "Um... Sebastian?" I looked at him, "Can I spend the night with you."

"What do you mean?" I asked, Come on what do you think? I thought to myself.

"Can I stay in your bed with you for the night? Y'know like when we were little."

"Yeah... Anytime..." He crawled into my bed and sat down. He stared into my eyes for a second. Don't you just wanna take him right here right now...No! Stop! He's your best friend, you can't think that about him, you don't know if he is or not... He's not but still you want him!!! Different thoughts raced through my head as Justin continued staring at me. Oh my god, isn't he fine... Makes you wanna do all kinds of naughty things with him...I was having trouble concentrating, his eyes were melting my heart. Why couldn't I have a best friend who was... I don't know... uglier? I couldn't stand it anymore, and the tent I was putting up down there was not helping. "Uh... Justin..."


"Stop staring at me, you're creeping me out and stuff!" Yeah, and stuff...

"Oh sorry... I know I do that sometimes, sorry, I was just thinking about something..."


"I dunno, I don't think you would care..." I couldn't believe it, just before he was talking about how we were best friends and that he wanted to know what I was dreaming about and now he says this?

"What you think Justin?" He shrugged, "Tell me..."

"Okay... Well... remember when we walked in on Lance and JC a couple of months ago?" I nodded, "Well, you didn't have a problem with them being..."

"Gay?" I interrupted.

"Yeah, and I got all upset over that, it was cause of um..." He stopped and looked at me. "I'm sorry I can't tell you Sebastian, no offense or anything... But um... I'm tired now, g'night." And with that he turned the lights off and laid down next to me. I just sat there for a while, but decided to go to bed. As I was off to dreamland, Justin leaned over and put his arms around my shoulder trapping me to him...Not that I'm complaining...


I awoke the next morning, more tired than usual, I remembered last night and how Justin seemed to avoid telling me something. I turned around only to find him gone, out of the bed and not in the room. "Where would he go?" I muttered to myself, I got up and walked down the stairs. Mom was there along with Ryan eating breakfast.

"G'morn!" Ryan said while munching on some Corn Pops. I muttered good morning but it sounded more like a groan. "Someone's not a morning person..." I muttered yeah whatever but like before it came out in groans.

"Sit down dear..." My mom told me, "What will you have? There's the choices of Corn Pops, Apple Jacks, Frosted Flakes for cereal, or hot oatmeal if you want, there's also bacon, eggs, ham, potatoes, and toast in the kitchen."

"I'm not that hungry ma..." I managed to say.


"Not hungry!" I said kinda coldly.

"Hey yo, don't talk to ma like that." Ryan said in a fatherly type manner.

"Sorry..." I looked around, "Where's Justin?"

"He's next door..." My mom began to say.

"Why is he next door?" I interrupted.

"Uh... Duh... Cause that's where he lives..." Ryan laughed.

"Shut up Ryan..." I still haven't completely woken up and was in no mood for any of Ryan's wisecracks.

"What you say lil bro?" Before I knew it, Ryan got out of his chair, went behind me, and put me in a headlock. "What you say lil bro?"

"Get off me Ryan." I tried to get out but it was no use, Ryan was older than me, taller than me and stronger than me. I kept struggling and then gave up. "Okay, you win..."

He released me and I cracked my neck. "Ow..." he said when he heard the noise.

"Yeah, thanks for that Ryan..."

"Hey..." He started to say as he walked towards the kitchen, "That's why you love your bro so much."

"Yeah... um... sure..." I got up and decided to go next door. I walked into the living room and headed towards the door. I opened it just as Justin was about to ring the bell and bumped into him causing him to fall.

"Hey, why do you always keep on bumping into me?" He asked me while getting up.

"Um... Just lucky I guess?"

"Fun-ny!" He said sarcastically.

"So, where'dcha run off to this morning?"

"I had to get something."

"Oh... What?"

"Nothing, why all the questions?"

"No reason, just curious man."

"Okay..." I closed the door and he headed towards the dining room.

"Good morning Justin, you hungry? We got a lot to eat." My mom told him.

"Yeah `specially since someone didn't eat anything this morning." Ryan added looking at me.

"No thank you. I ate at my house already." Justin replied. "Oh, my mom told me to give you this." He handed my mom some tickets, probably to the opera she loved.

"Oh, tell Lynn thanks, or wait...never mind, I'm going over right now." My mom got up and went through the backdoor.

"So..." I said to Justin.

"So..." He replied back to me.

"I hate to interrupt this very, very, interesting conversation but," Ryan said. "I need the $50 for the other half of mom's gift."

"Oh..." I totally forgot my mom's birthday was coming up.

"What are you getting her?" Justin asked.

"A necklace." I told him. I ran upstairs and into my room, Justin following. "Um..." I said to him as I was about to get the money. "Turn around."


"Cause... I'm getting the money out... Turn around."

"C'mon Seb, it's not like I'm gonna take your money." Justin looked rather pissed. I just told him to turn around, but he still wouldn't. "Seb, just get it, I ain't gonna take your money... I'm not that desperate."

"Ha, ha, you're a riot Justin." He gave me a "come-on" look. "Fine..." I climbed on my bed, and carefully looked at the wall.

"What are you doing?" Justin asked looking confused. I told him to shut up and continued to look at the wall, I found what I was looking at and pulled back a huge strip of the paint on the wall. It wasn't paint but a plastic covering with the same color of paint as the rest of the wall. Behind it, there's a hole from when I threw a baseball during a fight I got in with my mom. I got so pissed off that I took my baseball and threw it at the part of the wall which was most hallowed. Instead of telling my mom about it and getting in more trouble, I decided to make the hole a little bigger, and used it as a secret spot to hide my things. No one knows about it, well except for Justin now that he was in the room with me too. "What the hell..." I knew he had a shocked look on his face.

"What?" I acted like nothing happened. I placed the plastic thing down and reached in the hole and took out the money needed for the gift.

"What ya mean what?! There's a friggin hole on the wall why is there a friggin hole was the friggin hole there all the time what huh what..." I lost him after that, he started to babble faster and faster all confused.

"Uh... Jus... Justin... Uh.. Calm.. Slow down... SHUT UP!" He finally snapped out of his babbling trance. "First of all, it ain't a friggin hole, a hole yeah, but a friggin hole..."

"Funny!" He interrupted.

"Anyway... Nothing's friggin here. And secondly, yeah it's been here all the time... well since we were twelve."

"How come I never noticed it? Whenever I sleepover, I'm always on that side and I never noticed it or anything."

"Yeah well, that's how good I covered it. Since no one knew about it, I used it as my secret hiding spot for stuff. That's why I didn't want you to know where it was, but since now you do know, you can't tell anyone about it."

"Gotcha," Justin replied, "I promise I will tell everyone in the whole world about it."

"Was that suppose to be funny cause I don't see anyone laughing."

"Well boo-hoo, you didn't laugh... Dumbass..." he muttered, I ignored that and went downstairs where Ryan was waiting so impatiently.

"Here..." I said handing him the money. "Why do we have to get it so early? Her birthday's not until next week."

"Well better late than sorry... Or something to that extent." He said as he closed the door.

"Okay, can we go yet?" Justin asked me.

"What?" I asked him back. He looked at me like I was an idiot for a second.

"My place. The others are meeting us there remember?" I nodded. "So we ready?" Again, I nodded and we exited my house. We just walked across the small driveway and the others were waiting outside sitting on the porch.

"Well it's about time you got here, we've been waiting forever!" Lance said looking totally serious.

"Shut up Chris, we just got here." Joey said, immediately Lance almost pouted to Joey saying shut up.

"Um okay." Justin said giving Lance a look. Oh I should probably mention that for the last week or so Lance and Justin seemed to have problems with each other. I don't know why though.

"So," I said breaking the silence, "What exactly are we gonna be doing so early in the morning?"

"We're gonna go downtown to listen to the song we recorded a couple of months." JC told me with no attitude at all, which surprised me, well, not if you count the fact that he emphasized the we're as in Justin and them and I'm not part of the "we."


"uh... JC... didn't you want to tell me something before?" Justin said quickly.

Immediately JC responded, "Oh yeah... But um in your room..." And with that, Justin and JC quickly walked in and up the stairs.

"Okay... what the hell was that?" I asked confused.

"We're not sure, they've been doing that for the past week or so." Chris responded. I noticed Lance looked extremely pissed for some reason.

"You `kay Lance?"

"What? I'm not gay!" Lance responded quickly, oh yeah, about the thing with him and JC, they decided not to tell Joey or Chris and made Justin and I promise that we wouldn't say anything. Lance gave me a stare that could've froze hell.

"Whoa, I didn't say that... I asked if you were `kay, as in okay."

"Oh... sorry about that." Lance blushed as Joey and Chris just stood there looking at each other and shrugging. I looked at Lance again and he seemed to be thinking something, he then said, "I think we should get them now. Sebastian, go upstairs and get them, we gotta get going."

"Okay." I said, I entered the house but couldn't help notice that Lance seemed to have a mischievous grin on his face. He muttered something to himself that sounded like "That'll teach him." I didn't know what that meant, so I just pushed it out of my head.


"Finally!" JC said as he closed the door. "I thought we never get to be alone." Immediately he went over to Justin and started kissing him violently yet passionately like you see in those movies. "I wish we could stop sneaking around like this." He said in between kisses.

"Yeah... it gets... tiring... and also... worrying about... Lance... telling... everyone else..." They finally broke the kiss. "He's still mad cause he thinks I stole you away from him."

"Well who cares what he thinks." JC said. They went back to kissing each other.

This time Justin broke the kiss. "Why do we have to hide this from everyone? Especially Sebastian, he's my best friend. It's so hard not telling him this. We tell each other everything."

"I know Justin, it's complicated okay? I know you and Sebastian is tight but we can't let anyone know. Sebastian, Joey, Chris, Lynn, no one understand?" Justin nodded and they went back to kissing. They moved closer and closer to the bed, and soon Justin was on top of JC. JC began to take off Justin's shirt exposing the fifteen-year-old's somewhat built physique. JC's hands began to roam around Justin's pecs, feeling each one and stopping at the nipple only to pull it. Justin let out a soft moan which excited JC. JC began to lick Justin all over his body.

"JC... JC... JC..." JC stopped as the younger boy stood up. Justin began putting his shirt back on.

"What are you doing?"

"I told ya already, we're taking this slow remember, I'm only fifteen!"

"Okay fine, we'll take it slow but please don't put the shirt on. Leave it off." JC pleaded to Justin. Justin looked at him and then took his shirt off and threw it to the floor. JC sat up on the bed and Justin sat on top of him with his legs around JC's body. They began kissing again with soft moans of pleasure here and there. Both of them were in their own worlds of pleasure and didn't hear anyone walking towards the door.


To be continued...

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