Best of Friends?

Disclaimer: This story is in no way based on factual events and is merely fictional entirely (to the best of my knowledge). In no way do I claim to know the actual sexual orientation of any persons mentioned herein. If you are offended by male/male relationships then either leave and be happy or read and be disgusted (it's your call).

Afraid this is only a short one but I think it makes up for it. Hope so anyway.... I'm finally getting these things knocked out, so bare with me. things will get more regular.

Chapter 6:

"Don't let this spoil what we have? What has he done now?" Steve asked out loud as he folded the letter back into its envelope

The curiosity was killing Steve, finally having to almost tear the apartment to pieces to find the piece of aper with Justn's phone number on it

"Err... hi Steve" Justin was obviously edgey
"Is Josh there? I heard you broke his phone"
"Yeah he was pissing us off with it ringing all the time.........."
"So is Josh there or not Justin?"
"Erm...yeah he should be, I'll go check" Justin disappeared for a while, "Steve? He can't come to the phone right now"
"What's going on now Justin?" Steve could see through his little white lie
"Nothing nothing"
"What is going on? I know something's wrong with him, I get this letter off him saying that he's done something awful and now he won't talk to me? What's up?"
"I don't know ---"
"Fuck me Justin! Tell me, you do know and you're just not telling me!"
"Wait there, I'll go get him" Justin sighed
"At last, Josh. What the fuck is wrong with you all?"
"What od you mean?"
"Look, I'm really pissed off with being treated like a lepper and a retard off you guys today. You either tell me now or don't bother calling me again"
"Okay, I'll tell you but I don't want to. The thing is.... you know i love you, right?"
"Get to the point Josh"
"Well i did something really stupid the other night when I was really really drunk and...."
"That is?"
"I... er....kinda.... slept with somone?"
"What?!" Steve erupted, "Youfucking scumbag!"
"Steve, please don't. Let me explain"
"No! Fuck you Josh! How the fuck can you do this to me?!"
"I didn't mean to, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"
"Fuck 'sorry'm you asshole. I thought we were like serious and now you tell me you just fucked another man behind my back? What the fuck is this?!"
"It wasn't like that!" JC protested "It wasn't another man"
"Fuck me, this just gets better! I knew you werent gay but I lead myself along to believe you were in love with me"
"I am but---"
"But you sleep with women. So you're bi all of a sudden?! You piece of shit! And you don't want this to ruin what we have-correction, had?! We're over, Josh, fuck you!" Steve slammed the phone against the wall, the shiny black pieces of plastic flying everywhere
Steve paced around his apartment for another half-hour before having to leave for work, but not before breaking several expensive pieces of china and ornaments
After work, Steve returned home. Looking at his answerphone he was there were 12 new messages, this being the reason he'd turned his cellphone off. The last thing he wanted was to be bombarded with hysterical messages from JC. Steve begrudgingly went through each of the messages, only one not from JC. There were plenty of "I'm Sorry"'s, "I Love You"'s and other pleadings, all falling on deaf ears.
Over the next week, Steve received dozens of roses and ten times as many answerphone messages. Finally snapping, he rang JC up,
"Steve! Thank god you rang me. I'm so sorry" JC instantly apologised
"Shut up, I never rang to make up again. This is it, Josh. It's bad enough we never see each other but I always took comfort in the hope that you weren't screwing around on me. But I guess we all make mistakes, it's just a shame that mine was you. And stop sending me your damn flowers, it'll take more than rose petals to mend this broken heart. And dont call me either, I'm changing my numnbers. Fun while it lasted.... while it lasted" Steve trailed off, cutting JC off. He felt the tears welling up in his eyes, now it hit him how much this had jurt him. At first it was all anger, now it was ure hurting.
"Hey JC, get out of there. You're making us late" Chris hollered from outside the bathroom door. Jc snapped out of his trance in the bathtub, suddenly realizing how cold the water had got shocking his bones.
"Fall asleep in there?"
"Sort of, I got distracted I guess"
"Distracted? You were in there over an hour"
"So shoot me!" JC snapped for the thousandth time
"No sign of a reconciliation between you two yet?" Lance asked
"No not yet" JC answered quietly. Lance could start to tell how hard it had hit him
"Not wanting to sound unsympathetic here but can you really blame him? Woldn't you have gone just as ballistic if things were the other way around?"
"Sort of. It's my fault any way, why am I blaming him?"
"You might just have to move on, JC. Pure and simple"
"But it hurts Lance, it hurts so much" JC looked into lance's eyes. Lance couldn't believe how much he'd underestimated JC's pain, only now could he see it in JC's eyes - the red, tear-stained rims detracting from the cold, dark, void pupils
"Sorry but I can't take away the hurting, JC. That's something you've got to do yourself. And the way things are looking, you can only do that by moving on with your own life, seeing as you're not part of Steve's any more"
"You're right, Lance" JC somberly accepted
"Like Chris said, we're gonna be late, let's go"
"Lance?" JC asked, grabbing his arm as he went to stand up, "What should I do?"
"I can't tell you hwo to live your life but my advice would be to leave well alone for a while. If there's as much love, trust and understanding berween you two as I think then things'll work out for the best" Lance spoke softly
"Will you help me through this? Please?"
"Of course, we all will"
"No Lance, I only want to talk to you about this...." Jc said, still hold of Lance's arm and looking at him with a 'strange' look.....

Ooh - seperation, reconcilliation, or deviation? I wonder....
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