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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Big Mistake~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Chapter 1

It was the last day of school before exams, and Braden couldn't wait to get out. 'Finally!' he thought to himself. Braden and his boyfriend of 3 years, Brian, were both in their final year of high school, and were graduating this year. He and Brian were going to move into an appartment together when university started up in the fall. He was so excited.

Brian and Braden were out to everybody, everyone in their school new about them being gay and about their relationship. They were one of the most popular people in the school, and were the most popular couple. Everyone voted them 'Most Likely To Get Married'...and it was true. Brian had given Braden a promise ring about 9 months ago. Brian planned a whole romantic evening for the occasion and after diner he placed the ring in Braden's dessert and when Braden found the ring, he told Braden how much he loved him and asked Braden to marry him once they were done university. Braden's eyes clouded with tears as he remembered the evening. It was such a romantic evening; it was also the first time he and Brian made love. All of a sudden Braden felt a pair of strong arms wrap around his waist, bringing him out of his thoughts. He smiled to himself before saying,

"Hey Brian!"

Brian kissed Braden's neck before answering, " Hey baby! How are you?"

"I'm great, now that your here! How are you?"

"Now that I have you in my arms I'm doing great as well. Can you believe it's our last day of high school?"

"No I can't. I'm almost sad in a way now that we're leaving and won't ever come back here to take classes ever again."

"Aww, baby. Don't be sad, everything is perfect right now. Everything is perfect between me and you right now."

Brian started to kiss and suck on Braden's neck slowly and sensuously. Braden stood there enjoying the moment then realized where they were and began to protest.

"Brian, stop!"

"Mmm..Why?" Brian asked while continuing his assault on Braden's neck.

"Because, you're going to give me a hickey, and plus we are still at school, we have all our classes to go to."

"So...we'll be...a...bit...late..." Brian said inbetween kisses

"Brian no we have to go to class...Brian everyone is around to, they can see us!"

"So...it's not like they don't know about us. Everyone in the school knows about us Baby. We have nothing to hide. Besides, if other people get to kiss and make out with they're boyfriends or girlfriends in the hall it's only fair that we get to as well."

"Yea I know everybody knows Brian...but it's the whole privacy thing with me. I'd prefer if we did this in private later."

"Baby come on...please?" Brian asked giving his famous puppy dog look.

"Brian don't look at me like that...grr...FINE!"

"Really baby? You'll let me?"

"Yes...but only until the bell rings for class to start then you have to stop ok?"

"I promise baby, I love you so much"

"I love you to Brian"

And with that Brian began to kiss and suck on Braden's neck. He began to kiss and suck harder, determined to leave a mark there. Brian then moved his lips to Braden's kissing him passionately, which Braden eagerly return. Brian traced his tongue over Braden's lips pleading for access. Braden opened his mouth with a gasp, and Brian slid his tongue into Braden's mouth, massaging Braden's with his. The kiss began to get more heated and all of a sudden...RIIIINNNGG!!!!!!

Brian broke away from Braden cursing the stupid bell that meant they had to start class.

Brian looked at Braden's neck, then with a small laugh said, "Oh baby, look at that...I gave you a hickey!"

Braden's eyes widdened, "WHAT!? Brian...everyone is going to see this now...what am I suppose to say?"

"My loving boyfriend gave it to me" Brian let out a laugh as Braden hit him playfully in the arm.

"Ok fine...I guess I'll live...anyway time to go to class now Brian"

"Ok babe...lets go!"

They quickly grabbed their stuff out of their lockers and walked hand in hand to their first class of the day, science.

At lunchtime Brian and Braden walked in to the cafeteria and sat down at a table and began eating their lunch. A bunch of their friends came to the table and sat down after buying their lunch. One of theirs friends, Tammy, spoke up and asked Braden,

"Hey Braden! What's that on your neck?"

"What do you think Tammy, it's a hickey"

"Oh right! Well who gave it to you?'

"Who do you think Tammy? Obviously my boyfriend who I've been going out with for three years."

"Oh right...sorry" She laughed then looked over at Brian who was smiling proudly at his accomplishment on Braden's neck.

One of the guys sitting at the table saw the hickey on Braden's neck, he then looked over to Brian who had a broad smile on his face, he quietly laughed to himself and then said, "Brian you sly dog! You did that to Braden's neck?"

Brian looked over at his friend, Roger, and then with a proud smile said, "Yup!"

Roger laughed to himself then asked, "Brian, me and a bunch of they guys are all hanging out tonight at Tony's house, wanna come?"

Brian thought for a moment then answered in a cheerful tone,

"Sure that would be great! Have nothing else to do today"

Braden looked over at Brian with a hurt expression on his face, Brian caught site of this and immediately asked,

"Baby, what's wrong?"

"What's wrong?! Brian today is our 3 year anniversary! We were going to go out for a romantic dinner and then go to the park and take a walk down by the beach, remember?"

Brian's face widened in shock and said, "Oh baby, I'm so sorry--"

"You forgot didn't you?" Braden deadpanned

"Baby I...I...I'm sorry."

"I can't believe you! Well forget about it. Go have fun with your friends at Tony's! Maybe I'll see you later! Goodbye Mr. Littrell!"

Braden got up and stormed off, Brian stared and called after Braden,

"Baby! I'm sorry! Please..." Brian hung his head in shame and defeat. He then looked back over at Roger and said,

"I'm sorry Roger, but I can't hang out with you and the guys tonight...I completely forgot that today was my 3 year anniversary with Braden"

"But Brian you heard him...he said you could hang out with us today"

"No Roger, don't you understand? Sure he may of said that but it doesn't mean he gave me permission. I can't loose him Roger, he means way too much to me. I'm sorry, but it's our 3rd year anniversary. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go find Braden."

Brian got up from the table and ran out of the cafeteria after Braden. After 5 minutes of looking for him, Brian found Braden down at their lockers crying. He carefully walked over to him and knelt down in front of him. He placed his hand on Braden's knee and said,


"Brian please...just leave me alone right now. I already said that you could hang out with the guys tonight..."

"Baby come on...I said I was sorry. Besides, I know you really aren't letting me hang out with the guys."

"Brian...you forgot...how am I suppose to take that. You've never forgotten before"

"Baby please. It doens't mean anything. I love you. I'm really sorry, I swear tonight will be really magical. I'll make this up to you tonight Braden. Please...forgive me?" Brian placed his hand underneath Braden's chin forcing him to look at Brian.

A smile presented itself on Braden's face,

"Ok Brian. I forgive you. How could I ever stay mad at you anyway?"

"Oh baby! Thank you. I swear you won't regret it. Now come on its time for class."

During they're last class Brian got called down to the office. He got up and left. Brian never did return to class. Braden thought that was a bit strange but thought nothing of it. He went to his locker, when he got their he found Brian, standing in front of his locker waiting for Braden, tears running down his cheeks. 'God, how am i going to do this? I love him soo much. Why does it have to be like this? Please God, give me strength to do this.' Brian thought to himself. Braden went up to Brian and with concern in his eyes he asked,

"Brian what's wrong?"

"Baby, when I was called down to the office my cousin was on the phone."

"Oh that's cool. How come you didn't come back to class?"

"Because I spent the entire time thinking after the call was done"

"Oh, well what did Kevin want?"

"Baby, Kevin is down in Orlando right now. He told me that Lou Pearlman is starting up a boy band and need a 5th member. Baby, the 5th member is me! I'm going to be in a singing group."

"Oh Brian that's wonderful! Congratulations! This is your dream come true!"

"Baby, that's not all. I have to move down to Orlando...they want me to be there tomorrow."

"Oh...well it's a bit short notice but I guess I'll be ready tomorrow."

"No baby, they only want me to go down there."

"Oh Brian don't be silly, I know it's only you going to be in this band, but I'm going with you. I'm you're fiancÚ, wherever you go I go, remember?"

"Baby, not this time"

Braden started to feel tears well up in his eyes, "Brian what are you saying?"

"Braden...Kevin said that I couldn't be with you anymore"

"WHAT?!" Tears started to fall freely down Braden's face.

"Baby, please...don't make this harder for me. Believe me I argued and fought against it, but...baby they said that I was going to be traveling around A LOT, and that if we were going to pick up a fan base that I would have to appear straight and be single."

"Brian...please don't do this to me!"

By now a crowd had formed around the two lovers. Everyone watched in anticipation of what was going to happen. They all gasped when they found out that Brian was breaking up with Braden.

"Baby I'm sorry. If there were another way around this I would take it. But they said that if I wanted to join them I would have to break up with you. You know how much singing means to me. Braden this is the chance of a lifetime."

"I thought I meant more to you than singing? I know this a great chance for you Brian but please..."

"Baby, you mean the world to me! And I hate it that I have to do this. But Braden, this is my dream. This is what I've been working towards. I'm really sorry, but if I don't take this chance, I know I'll be kicking myself later."

"So all that stuff you said to me nine months ago when you proposed was all a lie?" Braden responded, he's eyes narrowing

"Baby please, don't bring that up. This is already hard enough for me."

"YOU THINK IT'S EASY FOR ME!" Braden was now yelling, and had tears running down his face.

"Baby please...try to understand. I love you I really do. This just is too much of a risk for me not to take. I may never get this chance ever again."

"You think you'll get a chance at true love ever again? Because I guarantee you...if you ever see me again, or ever regret your decision and come back, I'll tell you right now, I won't take you back."

"I'm willing to risk that. Braden please understand. This is just to great a chance for me. I'm sorry...but we can't be together anymore!"

Almost the entire school had crowded around the two lovers. As they heard Brian utter those dreaded words sadness fell over everyone. Braden sunk to the floor in defeat, and began sobbing.

"Braden please, don't make this harder for me. You know if there was any other way I'd gladly take it but there's not. I'm really sorry--"

"DON'T! Just DON'T Brian. I've heard enough. Here take this back!" Braden took the engagement ring off his ring finger and threw it at Brian. He then stood up and gathered his stuff up and then once he was ready turned and looked at Brian one last time. Brian stood there with the ring in his hand and his head hanging low.

"I hope you're dreams come true for you Brian Thomas Littrell. I hope you eventually do find someone else who loves you just as much as I love you. Take a good look at me Brian, because this is the last time you will ever see me! Like I said if you ever do decide to come back to me, I WILL NOT take you back. Well goodbye Mr. Littrell! Have a nice life!"

With tears in his eyes, Braden pushed himself through the crowd and ran out of the building. Brian just stood there, looking at the ring in his hand, tears falling down his face, he softly whispered, "Goodbye Braden"

~*~*~*~5 years later~*~*~*~

Brian woke up at 7:00am to the sound of his phone ringing.

"Damn wake up calls!" Brian muttered to himself as he picked up the phone and hung it up again.

It was the start of another very long day. Brian could still recall to the fullest detail, everything that took place, 5 years ago. He still missed Braden, with all his heart. He was still deeply in love with him, and had been searching for him for the past 3 years. Kevin had felt really bad for making him break up with Braden, but that was the way Lou, and management had wanted it. Brian dragged himself out of bed and over to the bathroom. He turned the water on and waited for it to get to the right temperature, before he disrobed himself and climbed in. The hot water felt soothing as it washed over his back. Once he was done he turned off the water and got out. He brushed his hair and brushed his teeth and walked out of the bathroom into his bedroom in the hotel room to get changed. He stopped styling his hair 5 years ago. Now he just simply brushed so as to not make it look like a complete disaster. Without Braden around though he had no reason to style his hair anymore, or bother about the way he looks. He put on a new pair of boxers, blue jeans, and a blue t-shirt. He then grabbed his key card, put in his pocket and walked out of the hotel room. He went down to the lobby, to meet all the other guys. Once they were all down in the lobby, they made their way over to the venue, to start their rehearsal for their show they had tonight.

Brian stopped caring about singing to now that Braden wasn't around. Braden was his reason for everything. Braden was the reason Brian loved singing so much. Braden always was at Brian's performances when they were younger. They had been best friends since they were 4 until they were 15 when they started going out. Braden always gave Brian confidence whenever he was going to perform anywhere. Mainly at school or church functions. Braden was his moral support, his reason for singing. Whenever Brian was terrified to get on stage and perform it was always Braden that calmed him down and boosted up his confidence level to get him on stage. But now that Braden wasn't around, Brian just didn't care anymore, his love for singing was still there, but it wasn't as strong as it was when he had Braden. Brian stopped putting all his heart into songs, sure he sounded good when he sang them, but he could do a MUCH better job, and he knew it.

The guys were finally getting tired of standing in the shadows and not knowing what was wrong. So that day when they arrived at the venue to start rehearsals, during their lunch break they all approached Brian to find out what was wrong.

"Brian we want to know what's up with you? You haven't been yourself at all for the past 5 years or so now. You were always so cheerful before, but now...Brian you don't even put any effort into singing and dancing anymore. You were always soo good before. What's going on with you?" Kevin asked

Brian looked up at Kevin and gave him a cold stare before speaking,

"What do you think is wrong Kevin? After all you should know"

"What's that suppose to mean?"

"Kevin, it was because of you that I had to break up with Braden. He was my everything Kevin. It was because of Braden that I got up on stage and sang all those times when I was younger. With out him here now, I just don't care anymore. Knowing that when I get up on stage, and Braden won't be out there cheering me on pains me to death. I just don't care anymore!"

"Brian, you're not still hung up on him are you? It's been 5 years..."

"I can't help it Kev. I loved him...I still love him. I have to find him cuz...screw what management says, if I ever find Braden again, I'm NEVER letting him go again."

"Brian, what if Braden won't take you back, remember what he told you?"

"Yes I remember Kev, but I still have to try, for my hearts sake, I have to try. If I don't find him soon, I doubt very much that I'll still be a Backstreet Boy come next album."

"Whoa, whoa! Brian what are you saying?"

"Exactly what I'm saying Kevin. I can't keep going on like this. Singing just isn't the same with out Braden around."

"Well then we have to find Braden"

"Thanks Kev"

Kevin smiled warmly and the guys returned to practice.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~(Hours Later, after the concert)~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Brian opened the door to the dressing room and lazily walked in and sat down. It was a rather long show tonight and he was totally exhausted from it. He sighed and wiped the sweat of his brow and took a larger gulp of water. All of a sudden Nick came rushing into the room. He quckly sat beside Brian and smiling said,

"Guess what?"

"I'm not in the mood for guessing games Nick. What is it?"

"I think we found Braden!"

Brian's ears perked up immediately and a look of new hope shone in Brian's eyes.

"Don't even joke about that Nick!"

"I swear to God I'm not joking about this Brian, I seriously think we found him. I was looking through your phone book, and found Braden's home phone number. Deciding to be adventurous I phoned and got a hold of his Mom. I told her that I was a friend of his and asked if she knew where he was. She said that he was on vacation...and here's the best part Brian!"

"What, what? What did she say?"

"She said that he was on vacation here! He came to Las Vegas for his vacation Brian. I asked her if she knew what hotel he was at and she said that he was staying in the Ramada. Brian he's staying in the same hotel as us!"

"Nick! If you're joking about this I'm going to kill you!"

"I'm not Brian. I know I've been known to pull a lot of stunts, and pranks, but Brian I would never be so cruel as to pull a prank about this. I know how much this means to you!"

"Oh Nick! Thank you! Oh my God! I can't believe you found him! I have to see him...tonight! Come on, let's get back to the hotel"

"All of the guys are already waiting in the limo. Let's go get Braden back."

Brian and Nick both walked out of the venue and into the limo. Brian was so excited. He couldn't believe that he had found Braden. 'At last, I'll be able to hold him in my arms again' Brian thought to himself 'That is, if he'll take me back. Please God. Let him take me back that is all I ask. Haven't I been punished enough? Please help me out, just this one time' Brian was brought out of his thoughts as they reached their hotel. He immediately jumped out of the limo and ran towards the front doors and to the front desk. Kevin and the guys jumped out as well, and all shouted "Good Luck!".

Brian approached the front desk and the young lady working there looked up from her computer screen and asked, "Can I help you Mr. Littrell?"

"Yes, I was wondering if you could tell me what room Mr. Braden Goldman is staying in?"

"She typed up his name in her computer screen and said, "You know I really shouldn't be doing this, but because you are such a nice guy, I'm willing to make an exception. Ok he is staying in room number 237."

"Thank you so much! I really appreciate it."

"You're very welcome"

Brian walked away from the front desk and to the elevators with a new found hope, shining in his eyes. As the elevator made it's way up to the second floor, Brian stood in anticipation hoping everything would work out. The elevator dinged and Brian stepped off the elevator, determined to get Braden back. 'I've been without you for way to long my love!'. Brian approached room 237 and nervously oustretched his hand and knocked on the door.

Braden heard a knocking coming from his door. He lazily stood up and wandered over. Who'd be coming to pay him a visit, at 10:00 at night? He carefully opened the door, and who he saw standing on the other side nearly floored him. He never expected to see Brian again ever. Let alone have him show up at his hotel room. Brian stood there nervously, looking at Braden, trying to gage his reaction. In a nervous tone he spoke,

"Hello Braden."

"Hello Brian"

"Can I come in?"


"Because I'd like to talk to you, and would prefer to do it in private."

"Brian you know what I told you 5 years ago!"

"I know, but please just here me out! That's all I ask."

"All right, come in" Braden replied opening his door wider to let Brian in.

"So what brings you here to Las Vegas and to my hotel room Brian?"

"I'm in Las Vegas because we are performing here. As for why am I here at your hotel room, I think you already know the answer to that."

"You're right, I do already know the answer. I meant what I said Brian."

"I know, but please like I said before, just here me out."

"All right I'm listening."

Brian took in a deep beath before he began speaking.

"Braden I know you said that if I ever came back to you, you wouldn't take me back, but I have to try. Braden ever since I broke up with you 5 years ago to this day, I have been completely miserable. Braden you are my reason for getting up each day, you were my reason for getting up on stage and singing and performing. Now that I don't have you around, that's becoming less and less possible for me. I've completely stopped caring about singing Braden because with out you in my life I have no reason to sing. Singing means nothing to me when you're not around. How can I continue to go on stage and perform when I know that you're not in the audience cheering me on? I need you in my life Braden. You are the reason I breathe each day. I love you Braden. I've never stopped loving you. To this day I still love you just as much as I did 5 years ago. Please, I know what I did was terrible, but please, I'm asking you to reconsider. Take me back Baby, please?"

"I don't know Brian..."

"Braden please, I love you. Before I found you, I told the guys that come next album, I was no longer going to be a Backstreet Boy. I meant that Braden. With out you in my life, how can I be a member of the Backstreet Boys? I can't continue on with it, with out you in my life."

"Brian why would you give up being in the BSB? You love singing!"

"Not as much as I love you. You mean WAY more to me than singing does. Without you in my life, singing has no meaning."

"Oh Brian...but what about Lou and you're management?"

"I already told them that if I didn't find you by the time we were ready to start the next album then I was going to leave. If I did find you changes were going to be made. First off was that I was going to come out to my fans, second was that you were going to go on tour with me. That way we wouldn't have to worry about being apart due to touring."

"Brian, you did all that for me? You are really willing to give up singing for me?"

"Yes! If singing means that I can't have you in my life than I don't want to sing anymore. I love you Braden! I need you in my life! Please, will you take me back?"

Braden thought for a few minutes. 'Who am I kidding? I would never be able to not take him back. I love him too much'.

"Yes Brian! Yes I'll take you back!" Braden said as tears welled up in his eyes.

Brian stood there and as the words registered in his mind he immediately took Braden in his arms and said,

"Oh baby, you made me the happiest man alive! Thank you so much! I promise you, now that I have you back in my arms, I will never let you go again! That was the biggest mistake I've ever made!"

"Brian I love you so much!"

"I love you to baby"

Brian cupped Braden's cheek with his hand, and gently began wipe away Braden's tears. Brian then leant in and gave Braden a gentle, tender, loving kiss.

"Brian, want to stay the night?"

"I had no intentions on leaving baby!"


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