Blissful Tears

by Kenitra

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So, I'm back again with another story. This one has been completely written already, so there won't be any delays in posting the chapters.

I must give a big Thank You to Justin for giving me the title Blissful Tears and for creating the wonderful image for this story in the Boy Band Screensaver. Thanks must also be given to Chris and Neo, for your chats and suggestions. You guys are all great!

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Chapter 2

(Back in Orlando)

Nick walked silently up behind Howie in the kitchen and wrapped his arms around him, softly kissing his neck.

"Mmm, you taste like spices," Nick whispered. Howie laughed softly and leaned back into the solid flesh behind him. He tilted his head back and looked up at his blond Godling. Nick leaned forward and kissed his nose, making him giggle.

"Ya know, you're distracting me from my cooking, dear," Howie said with a smile as he returned to stirring the stirfry.

"You complaining?" Nick asked, keeping his arms around Howie's muscled chest.

Howie moved his free hand behind him and ran it down Nick's front, finding the front of his pants. Nick gasped softly. "Nope, not complaining," Howie said sweetly, continuing to move his hand over the growing bulge in Nick's pants.

Nick finally moved back. "Fine," he pouted. "I'll just go set the table, okay."

Howie stifled a laugh. "Thanks, dear. Dinner will be ready in a couple of minutes." Nick went out to the dining room table and began setting out plates and cutlery. Howie smiled to himself. Not in a million years would he have imagined himself with Nick, when they first formed their little three-man band, before turning it into a five-man show. Of course, when they first got together, Nick was still a baby, only thirteen while Howie was almost twenty.

Howie had known he was bi since he was seventeen. He had never made an issue out of it. He discreetly checked out girls and guys and for much of the life of the BSB he had dated girls. Not because he hadn't been attracted to any guys, but because it was the prudent thing to do, to preserve their boy-next-door image.

Nick was about seventeen when Howie looked at him one day and realized how hot he was. Nick was confused about his own sexuality but didn't think he could talk to Brian about it. Howie happened to be in the right place at the right time. They talked, actually, Nick talked and Howie listened. They became better friends after that. Howie helped Nick meet some guys discreetly. It wasn't until Howie ended things with his last girlfriend, and Nick was single that things began to happen.

They were both lonely, and began to spend their free time together. Nick had convinced Howie to go with him to Disney Land on one of their trips to California. They had been having a lot of fun just goofing around when a hoard of teenage girls recognized them. The chase was on. Howie and Nick had run for their lives. Nick ducked down behind a small booth, pulling Howie with him. They fell to the grass together, Nick on top. Their eyes met and both stopped laughing. Nick suddenly leaned down and kissed Howie. When he pulled back to apologize, Howie dragged his face back down.

They had quickly left the amusement park for the privacy of the hotel.


They reached the hotel and quickly walked over to the elevators. Still not a word was spoken. Howie walked quickly down the hall to his hotel room. Nick was right behind him. Thankfully the other guys were still out and didn't hear the footsteps. Howie opened the door and allowed Nick to walk past before closing and locking the door. Nick walked into the middle of the room and turned to look at Howie.

Howie set his keys on the table and walked over to Nick, looking up at the young man. He had to know how Nick felt. "So, was that just an accident, or was it something more, Nick?" Howie asked softly.

Nick tried to avoid looking at Howie, but found he couldn't avoid that intense, direct gaze. "I think it was something more D," Nick whispered, unsure how Howie would react. Howie just continued to look at Nick and Nick realized he had to say more. "I've...I guess I've been watching you lately...I mean you've really helped me figure things out in my life...but, I realized a while ago that I feel more for you than just friends." Nick sighed. "I hated seeing you date those girls. Every time you smile at me, my heart feels like its going to burst. I love to just listen to you talk, and sing. I...I think I'm in love with you D," Nick finished in a whisper and looked at the floor, having finally admitted his feelings to himself for the first time. Howie was such a good friend, Nick was afraid he would lose that friendship by telling him.

Howie's heart swelled. It had been difficult, the past two years, to remain simply a friend to Nick, but now...

Howie reached up and used his fingers to lift Nick's face so he could see those beautiful baby blue eyes. He allowed his hand to caress Nick's cheek, smiling as Nick closed his eyes and shivered. He took Nick's face between his hands and pulled it down to his. "I know I'm in love with you Nick," Howie admitted softly before their lips touched.


(Back in Orlando - the Present)

Howie smiled to himself as he dished out the stirfry into a bowl, grabbed the rice and carried them to the dining room table. Nick had lit a candle in the center and poured a glass of wine each. "Table looks great, babe," Howie said with a loving smile.

Nick grinned. "Food smells even better."

They enjoyed a slow, leisurely meal and each other's company. Howie noticed Nick smiling to himself as they finished and asked what he was thinking.

Nick looked over at Howie. "Just thinking how much my life has changed since you became a more important part of it. You have me eating foods I never thought I would even try, let alone like." Howie laughed and Nick continued. "I've learned so much about the music business from you. I've become more responsible and more confident, and I owe that to you." Nick paused and looked seriously at Howie. "I love you, Howard Dorough, more than you will ever know."

Howie reached across the table and took Nick's hand. "The gratitude and love are mutual, you know, babe. I'm a better man because of you. I've learned how to relax, and have fun. And you even got me on to a roller coaster," Howie said and they both laughed. "I love you with all my heart, Nicky," he said softly and squeezed Nick's hand.

They cleared off the table and washed the dishes before Howie took Nick's hand and led him down the hall to his bedroom. He slowly began to undress Nick. Unbuttoning his shirt and slipping it down his broad shoulders before tossing it aside. He lightly ran his hands over Nick's muscled chest, enjoying the feeling of the smooth flesh beneath his fingers. It was times like this that Howie wondered how he got so lucky.

Nick simply stood and watched Howie, his eyes brimming with love for the beautiful, dark haired man touching and caressing him. Howie stopped directly in front of Nick and gazed into his eyes as his hands found the button on Nick's pants and undid it, before lowering the zipper and allowing the pants to fall to the floor. Nick stepped out of his pants and now stood only in his briefs.

He reached out and grabbed the bottom of Howie's shirt, pulling it up over the ripped chest and arms before tossing it in a corner. Nick reached around behind Howie and pulled the elastic out of his hair, allowing the long, black hair to fall free. He ran his fingers through it, reveling in the silky texture.

Nick bent down to Howie's neck as his hands found the buttons for his jeans. As he undid the jeans, he gently kissed Howie's shoulder and neck. He reached his ear. "I just want to feel your flesh next to mine all night, sweetie," Nick whispered.

Howie kicked his jeans away, and grabbed Nick's hand, leading him to the bed. They crawled under the covers and moved to the middle of the bed. Nick lay on his back and Howie rolled over to throw his arm across Nick, while he rested his head on Nick's chest. Nick's strong arms wrapped around Howie's back. Nick leaned down and kissed the top of Howie's head.

"Love you D," he whispered.

"Love you too, Nicky," Howie whispered back.

It was just before midnight when they both drifted into a peaceful sleep.

Kevin and Brian grabbed their single suitcases from baggage and left the airport. They quickly hailed a cab and settled back for the half hour ride from the airport to their apartment.

Kevin broke the silence first. "Um, Bri, have you noticed anything...I don't know...anything strange going on with the guys?" he asked quietly.

Brian looked over at his cousin. "What do you mean?" he asked, carefully controlling his interest. Had Kevin noticed something with AJ?

Kevin shook his head. "I'm not sure. Howie and Nick have been a little weird the past few months and just in the last month or so, AJ has changed too."

Brian thought about it for a minute. He realized that he'd been so wrapped up in thinking about Alex that he hadn't paid much attention to the others. But now that Kevin brought it up, Brian could recall a number of occasions when he wondered what was going on with Nick and Howie. He suddenly turned to look at Kevin. "You don't think..." he didn't finish his question. How could he have missed the signs?

Kevin shrugged. "Maybe. How would you feel about it?" he asked curiously.

Brian looked out the window. "Kev, since the surgery, I've realized that all that matters is that people do what makes them happy. If they're happy, and don't hurt each other, then who am I to judge." 'Especially since I'm in love with a man too,' Brian thought.

The silence returned and they arrived at their apartment around one in the morning. Kevin quietly unlocked the door and they walked in. The apartment was quiet which meant that Howie was either asleep or out partying.

"I think I'm just going to go to bed, Bri," Kevin said as he began to walk down the hall. "See you in the morning."

"Night, Kev," Brian said softly. He went to the kitchen to get a drink.

Kevin continued down the hall. He noticed Howie's door half-open and decided to see if Howie was in or not. He quietly pushed the door back and looked over at the bed. The light from the hall illuminated the room and clearly showed the two entwined figures on the bed. 'I guess that answers our question,' Kevin thought. He watched them for a minute. He saw Howie shift his position and watched Nick tighten his embrace. Kevin pulled the door closed and walked back to the kitchen.

Brian looked up. "What?"

Kevin grinned. "Well, we got our answer to what we were talking about in the car," he said softly.

Brian looked at him in confusion for a minute until it dawned on him. "You mean Howie and Nick?"

Kevin nodded. "We'll have to talk about it tomorrow."

"Okay. Night Kev."

Kevin went back down the hall to his room. Brian remained at the kitchen table for a while, sitting quietly. He wasn't sure how long he'd been there when he heard footsteps padding softly down the hall. He looked up as Nick came around the corner wearing only his briefs.

"What the...!" Nick exclaimed as he saw someone sitting at the table. Then he realized who it was and went white as a sheet. "Brian," he said quietly.

Brian smiled at his friend. "Imagine meeting you here, Frack," he said lightly.

Nick began to blush and stammer, trying to think of a logical reason for him being there. Brian got up and walked over to Nick, putting his hands on Nick's shoulders to calm him down. Nick stopped talking.

"Nick, just tell me one thing," Brian said and all Nick could do was nod. "Are you happy?" Brian asked.

Nick stared at Brian, wondering what was going on. Brian waited and Nick finally answered. "I'm happier than I ever thought possible," he said truthfully, meeting Brian's gaze.

Brian patted Nick's cheek. "Good. Then I'm happy for you." Brian began to leave the kitchen. "Night, Nick. See you in the morning." He walked down the hall to his bedroom.

Nick remained standing in the kitchen for a minute wondering what had just happened. He got the glass of water he'd wanted and slowly walked back to Howie's room. He crawled back under the covers and wrapped himself around Howie. He was bewildered but grateful that Brian didn't hate him. He was tired and decided it could wait until morning.

As usual, Kevin was awake early. Although he knew he could sleep in, his body wouldn't allow it. Reluctantly he got out of bed, pulled some track pants on and walked down to the kitchen. He had just started the coffee maker when Howie walked around the corner into the kitchen.

"Kevin!" Howie exclaimed, looking shocked. "When did you get back?"

"Hey D. We got in late last night," Kevin replied, trying not to grin at Howie's sudden nervousness.

"We?" Howie asked.

"Yeah, Brian and I, we got back after midnight."

"Oh, okay." Howie turned to leave. "I'll be right back," he said.

Kevin stopped him. "Don't worry about it D. It doesn't matter to us."

Howie turned to look at Kevin in confusion. "What are you talking about Kev?

Kevin decided it was time to confess. "Your door was open when we got home last night. I wanted to see if you were asleep or out clubbing."

Realization struck Howie and he blushed. "You know?" Then he looked up in fear at Kevin. "Does Brian?"

Kevin walked over to the freshly brewed coffee and began filling three mugs, before answering. "He knows. But like I said Howie, it doesn't matter to us. As long as you're both happy." Kevin handed two mugs to Howie before taking a drink from his own. Kevin grinned at Howie's shocked expression. "Go. Go wake up sleeping blondie. We'll all talk over breakfast, okay?" Howie nodded and took the coffee back to his bedroom.

He paused outside his door and shook his head. It certainly wasn't what he expected to happen that day, but he was relieved. If Kevin and Brian didn't have a problem, everything would be okay. Although he'd never talked to AJ about it, he knew AJ wouldn't object. He walked through the doorway and used his foot to close it behind him. Nick was stretched out on his stomach; his head resting on his arm. It always amazed Howie how young and innocent Nick looked when he slept.

He walked to the bedside table, setting the coffees down before sitting on the side of the bed. He ran his hand tenderly down Nick's bare back. Nick moaned softly. His eyes fluttered open as he began to smell the coffee. He looked up at his lover, his friend and smiled.

"Morning, sweetie," he murmured, pushing himself up on his arms so he could kiss Howie. He flipped over and leaned against the headboard. Howie handed him a coffee. Then Nick remembered Brian. "Um, Howie, I have to tell you something," he began. Howie looked at him as he sipped his coffee. "Brian's back. I saw him last night."

Howie nodded. "I know. So is Kevin." Nick's eyes widened. "Kevin said they both know, but its okay with them."

Nick drank some of the coffee. "That's what Brian said too," he said quietly, continuing to watch Howie. "How do you feel about them knowing?"

Howie smiled. "Honestly? I'm relieved. About the only thing that has bothered me about 'us' these past few months has been not telling the guys. Now that they know, we can really be ourselves around them. What about you?"

Nick set his cup down and took the cup from Howie, pulling him into a bear hug. "Now I can do this whenever I want," he whispered into Howie's ear, before nibbling on his earlobe. Howie giggled and turned his face to find Nick's luscious lips.

They kissed passionately for a few minutes before Howie reluctantly pulled away. "We can continue this later, babe. Kevin's out in the kitchen and we should go talk to him and Brian, don't you think?"

Nick sighed and nodded. He climbed out of bed and grabbed some track pants from his duffel bag. He walked back to the bed and took Howie's hand, leading him back to the kitchen.

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To be continued...