Blissful Tears

by Kenitra

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Chapter 5

Nick could tell from the bewildered expression on Kevin's face that he'd just noticed what he and Howie had been observing for months now. The only two band members that didn't know, were the two in love.

Nick leaned closer to Kevin. "Explains a few things huh?" he said quietly.

Kevin nodded. "So what are we going to do?" he asked quietly. Fortunately the other three guys were discussing something and didn't pay attention to Kevin and Nick.

Nick shook his head. "Until your cousin acknowledges it to himself and us, there's nothing we can do," Nick said sadly. He wanted his best friend to be happy. Deep in his heart he felt that Brian and AJ belonged together, just as he'd known he and Howie were meant to be.

They finished their meal and left for the club. Kevin insisted on driving Brian's car. Brian began to object, but when he began tripping over the curb outside the restaurant, he decided against it. As was normal, they had no trouble getting into the packed club.

Brian immediately walked to the bar and ordered another drink. He was nervous about his decision to talk to Nick the next day. He wasn't sure how to even approach Nick and decided to try to forget about everything for the night. The only way that was possible was if he was drunk. He took his drink back to their table. The others looked at his drink in surprise, but no one said anything.

Brian lost count of how many drinks he had. All he knew was that he had no worries in the world. He let himself go, and went out on the dance floor. He danced continuously and with anyone available. He didn't want to stop; he didn't want to sober up because then he'd have to face reality.

AJ drank almost as much as Brian, but wasn't quite as wasted because his system was more used to alcohol. He didn't know why Brian was drowning himself in liquor, but decided it looked like a good idea. He too, wanted to forget about his unrequited feelings.

At midnight, the guys welcomed the new day by singing happy birthday to AJ. Brian didn't even realize he was staring at AJ the entire time. It was almost two in the morning when the guys decided to leave. Kevin, Nick and Howie were tired and wanted to go home.

"B, time to go," Kevin said as he walked up to Brian, who was standing at the edge of the dance floor, simply swaying to the music with a drink in his hand.

"Seeya," Brian slurred without looking at his cousin. He was watching AJ talking to the DJ across the room.

Kevin grabbed Brian's arm. "Come on, B, lets go," he said, gently pulling Brian.

Brian shook off Kevin off. "Not ready yet," he said, still without looking at Kevin. He saw Howie walking across the floor to talk to AJ. Kevin watched too as AJ shook Howie off. They exchanged words and Howie walked back towards them.

He motioned Kevin over and Nick joined them. "AJ doesn't want to leave yet, and I take it Brian said the same thing?" he said, looking at Kevin.

Kevin nodded. "So what now?" he asked. He knew what he wanted to do, throw Brian over his shoulder and drag him out, but he knew that wouldn't work.

Nick looked across the room at AJ then over to Brian. "I have an idea," he said and walked over to AJ.

"Hey AJ, can I talk to you for a sec?" Nick said casually.

AJ looked up and sighed. At least Nick wasn't trying to drag him away. "Wassup, Nicky?"

"Well, Kevin, Howie and I are leaving, but Brian doesn't want to go yet. I'm worried about leaving him alone. He's had a lot to drink and you know he doesn't drink that often," Nick said quietly.

AJ looked around until he saw his angel. AJ was feeling good, but he still could tell that Brian was completely out of it. He couldn't leave Brian alone in that condition. He looked back at Nick. "Don't worry Nicky, I'll take care of him. We'll grab a cab later, okay." Nick nodded and AJ walked towards Brian.

AJ walked up to Brian. "Hey B. how you doing?" he asked wanting desperately to brush some errant strands of blond hair from Brian's forehead.

Brian looked at AJ. His eyes were slightly glazed. "Hungry," Brian said looking into AJ's wide brown eyes. Brian had to stop his hand from reaching up and stroking AJ's face.

"Wanna go get something to eat?" AJ asked. Brian nodded. AJ gently took Brian's arm and began walking across the dance floor.

Nick returned to Kevin and Howie, who were looking at him curiously. "What'd you say?" Kevin asked.

Nick just shrugged. "I left AJ in charge of Brian," he said.


"I don't know..."

Nick held up his hand to silence Kevin and Howie's objections. "It'll be okay guys. Look." He pointed over to AJ and Brian. AJ had his hand on Brian's arm and they were walking across the dance floor. "AJ's a little drunk, but he's still sober enough to know he's not going to let anything happen to his love. He'll take care of Brian, I promise. Lets go." Nick grabbed an arm in each hand and pulled the two older men after him. They reluctantly followed him out of the club. Kevin said he would take Brian's car. Howie and Nick decided to return to Nick's apartment.

Kevin saw the two men leave and got into the car. He sat there watching the bar. A couple of times he moved to start the car, but he couldn't. He refused to leave without knowing if Brian and AJ were going to be okay.

Before they got across the floor, Brian realized he was going to throw up. He dashed to the bathroom and managed to reach a toilet before heaving up everything in his stomach. AJ ran in after him. Brian knelt on the floor and AJ held his head, trying to comfort him as he threw up again and again. Finally, Brian sank to the floor, leaning his head back against the side of the stall.

His mouth tasted like garbage, and he tried to wipe his face. AJ went to the sink and wet some paper towel, before returning to Brian and gently wiping the bile and sweat from his face. AJ's gentleness brought tears to Brian's eyes.

AJ stood up and looked down at his angel. He turned and walked over to the payphone on the wall and called a cab. He walked back to Brian and put his hand under his arms. "Come on ba.., Bri, let's get out of here," he said quietly. Brian was too weak and feeling too ill to refuse. AJ helped Brian to walk out of the nearly deserted bar. The cab pulled up seconds after they walked out.

AJ gave the cabbie Brian's address. Brian shook his head and AJ looked at him. Brian raised his blue eyes to look into AJ's. AJ gave the cabbie his address and sat back beside Brian. No one noticed the car follow the cab.

Brian leaned back and closed his eyes. The alcohol was out of his stomach, but he could still feel its effects, although not as strongly as before. He knew AJ was beside him and he knew that they were going to AJ's place. A little while later, AJ gently shook Brian's shoulder. He numbly climbed out of the cab and followed AJ into the building. The car that had followed them stopped for a few minutes. Finally Kevin accepted that Brian and AJ were safe for the night and drove away.

AJ kept his hand under Brian's arm as they walked down the hall to his apartment. Once inside, Brian stumbled over to the couch and sat down, putting his head down in his hands.

AJ locked the door and sat down across from Brian. "You gonna be sick again?" he asked gently.

Brian just shook his head. Neither said a word for a few minutes. AJ just stared at Brian, taking in his wavy dark blond hair, strong hands and shoulders. He wanted to hold him, touch him, taste his beautiful lips.

Brian sat still, trying not to move. If he moved, he would explode, confessing all to AJ; how much he loved him, needed him, and desired him. One tear trickled down his face, and out over his fingers.

AJ saw that single tear. He couldn't stand it. He pushed himself up from the chair and walked over to the couch, sitting down beside Brian.

Brian felt the couch move and suddenly swung around to grab AJ. He reached out, grasped AJ's face between his hands, and pulled AJ's lips to his. His kiss was forceful, desperate, and pleading all at the same time.

AJ was stunned. He knew he should stop it, he knew Brian was just drunk, but he'd been dreaming about feeling those lips on his for so long that he didn't care anymore. He wrapped his arms around Brian and kissed back.

Both men began to run their hands over the body of the other, feeling arms, shoulders, backs, and chests. Their lips never separated as they clung to each other. Tongues began darting into the warm confines of mouths, meeting each other, tasting and exploring one another. Each delighting in the response received.

AJ tried to stand but only managed to pull Brian up with him. He used all his strength and will power to pull back from Brian. They stood there, both panting for breath; both stunned. Brown eyes locked onto blue eyes. AJ gasped as he saw the love there; something he had dreamt about but never believed would ever happen.

Brian felt his own pulse soar as he saw his emotions, which he could no longer hide, reflected back at him in those expressive, dark eyes. He tentatively reached out his hand and touched the soft cheek, amazed by the shiver he felt and saw, course through the man before him. Brian momentarily wondered if he was dreaming, but the warm flesh beneath his fingers told him otherwise. Tears of joy and relief began spilling out of his eyes and down his cheeks.

AJ remained still as he watched a range of emotions flicker across the beautiful face in front of him. The hand on his face sent tremors throughout his body but still he waited. He saw the tears begin to fall and finally moved. He covered the space between them in one small step, then reached down and easily picked up his love in his arms. Brian leaned his head against AJ's chest as he was carried down the hall to the bedroom. AJ gently set Brian on the bed. He bent down and began removing Brian's shoes, before moving up to remove his jeans and shirt. Brian allowed AJ to work, simply watching him, reveling in the touch of his love on his skin.

AJ finally stood back and stripped off his own clothes, leaving only his boxers. He tenderly moved Brian under the blankets, then climbed in beside him, spooning up tightly against his back, holding him close.

There was so much Brian wanted to say, needed to say but he couldn't find the words. Somehow, AJ could sense Brian's struggle. He leaned in to Brian's ear. "Sleep my love, I will be here in the morning and every morning after," he whispered. AJ's words comforted Brian and he allowed himself to drift into a peaceful sleep.

Brian could feel the warmth enveloping him and momentarily forgot where he was. He slowly opened his eyes in the morning light and his head screamed at him. He immediately closed his eyes and moaned softly. The warmth beside him moved, and the arms around him tightened. The memory of the night before flooded back to him.

AJ heard Brian softly groan and held him tighter. He was terrified that Brian wouldn't remember what happened and would reject him. His fears were soon laid to rest.

Brian slowly rolled over on his back. His head hurt like hell, but he didn't care, not once he realized where he was and who he was with. He gingerly opened his eyes slightly to look at the man beside him. AJ was looking at him in trepidation. Brian smiled sweetly. "I love you Alexander James McLean, Happy Birthday," he whispered, finally confessing his biggest secret.

AJ's look of fear was replaced by a brilliant smile. "And I love you, Brian Thomas Littrell," he said softly, leaning down to gently kiss Brian.

Brian sighed and allowed his eyes to close again. AJ could see the pain Brian was in and began to crawl out of the bed. Brian quickly reached over to stop him. AJ turned back and carefully pulled Brian into his arms, holding him close and stroking his forehead. He was still having a hard time believing that he was allowed to touch the wavy blond hair, he was allowed to run his fingers down the smooth cheeks and along the angular jaw. Brian sighed softly as AJ's fingers trailed across his skin and snuggled closer to the bare chest.

They both drifted back to sleep for a few more hours of rest. AJ woke up first. He looked down at the sleeping man in his arms and shook his head slightly in disbelief. Then he raised his eyes to look at the ceiling. "Thank you God," he whispered. Brian stirred slightly, but didn't wake.

Slowly and carefully, AJ slipped out from beneath Brian, laying him down tenderly on the pillows. He went to the bathroom then walked out to his kitchen where he began to make coffee. He took out some aspirin and poured a glass of water that he would take back to the bedroom. A quick glance at the clock showed that it was approaching noon. Without even thinking about it AJ walked to the phone and called one of the musicians, telling him that rehearsal was canceled for the day. Then he dialed his Mom's number.


"Hi Mom!" he said happily, but quietly.

"Alex! Happy Birthday! How are you? What's going on?" Denise McLean asked.

"Oh, not much," AJ said still grinning. He knew his Mom would hear it in his voice.

"Alex? I hear that smile in your voice." She paused. "You met someone?" she asked excitedly.

"Well, yes and no, Mom."

As AJ began to make the coffee, Brian began to stir. He immediately sensed that he was alone in the bed and hated the feeling. He slowly opened his eyes again. The headache was there, but not quite as painful as earlier. Very slowly, he rolled over to the side of the bed and pushed himself up. Sounds from the kitchen told Brian where Alex was. He walked slowly to the bathroom, then splashed some water on his face to help wake up, before walking out to the kitchen. He could hear Alex on the phone.

AJ was talking to his mom. "Something wonderful happened last night, Mom. But I was wondering if we could put dinner off until tomorrow?" he asked, then looked up as Brian walked in. Brian smiled lovingly at AJ and shook his head. "Can you hold on a sec Mom?" he asked then covered the mouthpiece of the phone.

"Hi!" he said shyly to Brian. Brian walked over and softly kissed him.

"Don't cancel with your Mom on my account love," he said sweetly. Brian saw the aspirin and water and picked them up, gratefully swallowing the medicine. AJ went back to the phone.


"Everything okay honey?" she asked.

"Yeah. Can I call you back in a little while?" AJ asked, still not sure what to do.

"Of course, Alex. I'll be here. Talk to you soon." His Mom hung up. AJ set the phone down and turned to look at Brian.

Brian was leaning against the counter waiting for the coffee to finish. He was staring at AJ intently. AJ felt himself blush. "What?" he asked with a little laugh. Brian never took his eyes away as he walked over to AJ.

He stopped in front of him and tentatively reached out to touch the bare chest. "Are you for real? Am I really here with you Alex?" he asked softly, still terrified that he would wake up and it all would have been a dream.

AJ read the fear in Brian's eyes. He smiled tenderly and pulled Brian to him, their warm, bare chests creating electricity as they touched. He never broke eye contact as he lowered his mouth to Brian's. They stared into each other's eyes as they kissed. Both gradually began to accept and believe that their long time hopes and dreams were really coming true.

They broke the kiss at the same time, smiling at each other. AJ was leaning against the wall and placed his forearms lightly on Brian's shoulders, loosely clasping his hands behind Brian's neck. "How are you feeling?" he asked concerned.

"Better all the time," Brian answered honestly. Being so close to Alex had chased away the worst part of his hangover.

"Why don't we get some coffee, sit down and talk?" AJ suggested. He really wanted to know how this all happened.

Brian nodded in agreement. AJ walked over to the coffee maker and pulled out two large mugs. He filled the mugs, adding some cream to Brian's before taking both out to the living room where Brian had gone.

To be continued...