Blissful Tears

by Kenitra

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So, I'm back again with another story. This one has been completely written already, so there won't be any delays in posting the chapters.

I must give a big Thank You to Justin for giving me the title Blissful Tears and for creating the wonderful image for this story in the Boy Band Screensaver. Thanks must also be given to Chris and Neo, for your chats and suggestions. You guys are all great!

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Chapter 8

AJ shut the door behind Kevin and locked it. He turned to look at Brian. AJ leaned back against the closed door and pulled Brian against him, holding him tightly. Brian sighed deeply and relaxed against the solid chest. He closed his eyes and just listened to the sound of AJ's heartbeat.

"Tired, babe?" AJ asked softly.

"Mmmm," Brian murmured, not lifting his head. AJ smiled tenderly and reached down to pick Brian up, taking Brian by surprise. "What the...?" He put his arms around AJ's neck and immediately snuggled close to him. "You feel so good," he murmured, as AJ carried him down the hall to the bedroom. AJ gently set him on the bed, and looked down at his blond angel.

Brian felt AJ's gaze on him and opened his eyes slightly. He could see the love and passion in AJ's face and it amazed him. He reached out and pulled AJ down on top of him. Their breath mingled, and their lips were only inches apart. Brian reached up and stroked his beloved's face, feeling the shape of his face, the hollows of his cheeks, and the strength of his jaw. His fingers lightly traced over AJ's sensuous lips. AJ closed his eyes and moaned softly. Brian brought AJ's head down so their lips could meet again. Brian loved the taste and texture of those lips. He wanted to know everything about them. He ran his tongue over the moist flesh, sending shudders through AJ. His tongue found the hidden crevice between the lips and slowly moved in to investigate the warm depths of AJ's mouth. Another small moan escaped AJ. Brian continued his probing. His tongue ran around the inside of AJ's lips, finding the sensitive, smooth flesh caused AJ to shiver. He moved his tongue in further, quickly running across the enamel of AJ's perfect teeth, before venturing even further. At last his tongue reached its counterpart and introduced itself, by touching and teasing; flicking lightly before withdrawing, trying to draw it out.

AJ finally responded to the invitation and moved his own tongue forward, battling, toying with Brian's. They dueled, back and forth between their mouths until Brian tired and allowed AJ to victoriously enter his mouth. AJ's experienced tongue knew exactly where to go, and went to work, eliciting soft moans from Brian and causing him to squirm.

AJ slowly backed off, gradually withdrawing his tongue, and pulling back to look intently at Brian. Brian was flushed and breathing hard. AJ knew if he wanted to, at that moment, he could get more from Brian, but he wouldn't do that. He smiled tenderly at his love and ran his fingers down Brian's cheek to the slightly swollen lips.

"I think we should get some sleep babe," AJ said softly, still slightly out of breath himself. Brian smiled his angelic smile and AJ's heart fluttered. AJ rolled off Brian and stripped off his clothes, leaving only his boxers. Brian climbed off the bed and took off the jeans, vest and t-shirt, leaving him in AJ's borrowed boxers. They both crawled back into bed from opposite sides, but quickly moved to the middle. AJ put his head on Brian's chest and hugged him tightly. Brian ran his hand through AJ's short, spiky, brown and red hair.

"I'd like to continue that tomorrow Alex," Brian whispered huskily. His body was feeling things he'd never felt before and he wanted to know more.

AJ softly kissed Brian's bare chest. "Promise," he responded quietly.

Both men relaxed in the warmth of each other and soon fell asleep.

Brian woke up early the next morning. He could feel a weight on his chest and looked down to see his love snoring softly, his head on Brian's chest. Brian didn't move, but simply stared. He remembered the incredible kiss from the night before. He felt himself blush as he remembered his body's reaction. No one had ever aroused him like that before. Alex had said it was up to Brian how fast they moved. Brian wanted to know more about Alex's beautiful body. He knew he wasn't ready for anal sex, but he wanted to learn about Alex, learn his secrets, and his erogenous zones.

A tremor coursed through Brian just at the thought of Alex's hands running over his body, touching him, touching his cock. He felt his erection begin to grow as he let his imagination go. Closing his eyes, he imagined Alex's lips on his, kissing his passionately, then moving down over his bare flesh. Another shiver went through Brian. He moved his free hand up to touch his hardening nipple, imagining Alex licking it, playing with it. Brian wasn't even aware he had moaned softly.

AJ woke, but didn't move. He could feel Brian's heart beat increase. He could sense Brian's hand near his head and realized that Brian was stimulating himself. A quick peak out of his eyes showed him the growing tent under the sheets as Brian became aroused. AJ smiled to himself. Closing his eyes, he moved his head slightly, pretending to still be asleep. He allowed his cheek to rub over Brian's other nipple and moved his head back further. His tongue darted out and licked across the distended flesh; Brian gasped at the unexpected sensation.

AJ lifted his head and looked up at Brian, smiling. Brian blushed at having been caught. AJ glanced back down the bed at Brian's obvious erection. He met Brian's gaze again. "Want some help with that?" AJ asked softly, his eyes never leaving Brian's. He waited, desperately wanting to touch Brian, but not until Brian said.

Brian shivered at the thought and slowly nodded his head. "Please," he whispered, almost begging.

AJ sat up more and leaned in to kiss Brian's trembling mouth. He allowed his hands to wander over the warm bare flesh. He ran his hands lightly across the muscled chest and down Brian's sternum to his belly button. Then he brought his hand back up to Brian's nipples. With one hand he gently squeezed and toyed, while he brought his lips down over Brian's chin and along his throat before moving down to the other nipple. He pulled it into his mouth, sucking softly. Brian's entire body shuddered. AJ noticed Brian clenching the sheets in his hand as the pleasure flowed through him.

Slowly AJ moved his lips from the nipple down, covering Brian's six-pack with small kisses. He ran his tongue around the edge of his belly button and continued lower. AJ's hands shoved the sheets away revealing the boxer's AJ had loaned Brian. He let his hands wander down Brian's strong legs, stroking the soft blond hairs found there. He glanced back up to Brian's face wanting to be sure. Brian's beautiful blue eyes were almost closed. He was chewing on his bottom lip, trying to be quiet. His chest was rising and falling rapidly.

AJ grabbed the waist of the boxers and pushed down, freeing Brian's manhood. A small gasp escaped Brian's lips as he felt the air brush his tool. AJ stared for a moment remembering how much he wanted to be with Brian but never believed it would happen. Brian's cock was beautiful just like the rest of him. AJ noticed the slight thrusting of Brian's hips and glanced up again at his love's face. Brian's eyes were completely closed and his head was turning from side to side.

AJ knew Brian wouldn't last long. He didn't want to miss out and lowered his lips, taking the head of Brian's cock gently in his mouth. Brian suddenly bucked upwards at the intense pleasure. "Oh God, Alex!" he screamed in ecstasy. AJ kept his lips locked around the head and slowly began working his way down, licking and sucking. He rested one arm across Brian's thighs while his other hand moved back to Brian's chest. It ran up and down the hairless flesh before finding and tweaking one of his nipples. Brian continued to moan loudly and his entire body began to thrash around on the bed. Alex was doing things to his body that he had never imagined possible.

Before he realized it, his entire body tensed as his cock erupted. AJ had sensed the change, and was prepared, pulling back slightly so only the head was in his mouth. Brian could feel his cock pump load after load into AJ's waiting mouth. Brian continued to thrash as his entire body was stimulated into one mass of nerve endings.

Finally his body stopped and his cock stopped firing. He could still feel AJ's lips wrapped around the sensitive head, gently sucking. Eventually AJ allowed the deflated member to slip out of his mouth and he moved back up the bed, running his hand up Brian's body as he did. He found Brian's eyes and stared into them. He could see tears glistening there but wasn't sure why.

His hand tenderly stroked Brian's cheek. "Are you okay, babe?" he asked softly. Brian nodded. He didn't know how to explain what he was feeling. He'd never felt so much intense pleasure before and it overwhelmed him. AJ continued to watch him, seeing the confused emotions flicker across Brian's perfect features.

Brian took a deep breath then smiled at his love. "That was...indescribable," he said quietly, hoping Alex would understand.

AJ smiled widely and wrapped himself around Brian's naked body. He softly kissed Brian's cheek. "Good," he whispered.

Brian's breathing gradually slowed as he relaxed in AJ's strong arms. What AJ had done to his body had been incredible. He wanted to return the pleasure. Before he could say anything, AJ moved.

AJ pulled back to look down at Brian. "Would you like to shower with me babe?" AJ asked softly. Brian smiled sweetly at his love and nodded. AJ rolled off the bed and held out his hand for Brian. They walked to the bathroom. Brian quickly used the toilet while AJ went to the closet in the hall to grab some towels. Brian started the water and stepped in under the warm spray. AJ joined him a minute later. At first, Brian was still shy about being naked with AJ. He stood with his back to AJ until AJ stepped right up behind him. AJ wrapped his arms around Brian and kissed his neck.

Brian immediately relaxed against the sinewy muscles and realized how 'right' it felt, being there with AJ. Brian turned to face his love. "Alex, this is where I belong," Brian said softly. "Here, with you." He smiled tremulously and leaned forward to kiss AJ.

AJ welcomed the kiss and held tightly to Brian. "And I with you, Brian," AJ whispered. They stood there in the hug, letting the warm water stream over their bodies. AJ finally pulled back, looking down into his angel's eyes. "Are we gonna stay in here all day? We might get a little shriveled," he commented with an easy smile.

Brian looked down between their naked bodies, then back up at AJ. "You don't appear too shriveled to me, love," he commented as his hand gently grasped the organ between AJ's legs.

AJ gasped loudly. "Oh, God Brian." His cock immediately responded to the warm fingers around it.

Brian kept his attention on AJ's face, watching the pleasure spread. "You like that?" he asked coyly, enjoying the feel of the throbbing warmth in his hand, and enjoying the obvious pleasure AJ was experiencing.

AJ's eyes took on a slightly glazed appearance. "Yeah, baby." AJ forced himself to focus on Brian. "Are you okay with this?" he asked intently, not wanting Brian to feel pressured.

Brian smiled and nodded as he leaned forward and kissed AJ's neck. He wanted to know AJ's body; he wanted to discover its secrets and hidden treasures. AJ reached behind Brian and shut off the running water.

The coolness of the air, without the warm steam, quickly reached their bodies, causing both to shiver. AJ pulled Brian up and kissed his moist lips. "Should we move this back to the bed babe?" he asked tenderly.

Brian nodded quickly and stepped out of the shower, followed closely by AJ. Brian led AJ to the bed and gently pushed him onto his back. Brian knelt on the mattress beside AJ and simply stared at the damp flesh. He loved the wild and varied tattoos on AJ's body. They made AJ who he is; who Brian loves. Brian's eyes moved up to meet AJ's. AJ was simply staring at Brian watching to see how he reacted to really seeing AJ's naked body for the first time.

Brian leaned down to kiss AJ's mouth. "You are incredible, love," he whispered breathlessly. "Tell me what to do to give you pleasure," he said softly.

AJ reached up and grasped Brian's head, forcing their eyes to meet. "No," he said, causing a confused expression to cross Brian's sweet face. "Babe, you do what you want, try what you want. If I don't like it, I'll tell you. If I like it, you'll know," AJ added making Brian blush.

Brian nodded and bent to kiss AJ again. He was going to taste every inch of AJ, starting with his ears and neck. AJ lay back against the pillows and closed his eyes, reveling in the sensations Brian's soft lips were creating.

Brian planted kisses along AJ's neck, and across his chest, then up the other side until he reached AJ's earlobe. Brian gently sucked on the lobe and was pleased when AJ moaned softly. Brian removed his lips, and blew warm air across the moist flesh, watching the tremor course through his love's body. Resuming his trek, Brian began to kiss his way down AJ's smooth, flat chest. Another time he wanted to come back and study the tattoos more closely, but not this time. He reached AJ's belly button, with the 69 tattoos around it. He flicked his tongue inside quickly, making AJ jump slightly.

Brian turned his head and looked down the rest of AJ's body. His eyes widened slightly as he saw the large, full erection bobbing in the air. Precum was slowly drizzling down the sides. He was momentarily unsure what to do. He 'knew' what to do, but this was the first sexually aroused cock, aside from his own, that he'd ever seen. And he was allowed to touch this one, and taste it if he wanted.

AJ wasn't going to hurry or pressure Brian, but he didn't know how much longer he could stand it. More than anything he wanted to reach down and bring himself to pleasure. The slow torture as Brian moved down his body was almost unbearable. But he knew that if Brian finally reached the prize, the ecstasy would be immeasurable.

Brian returned his lips to AJ's skin, as he slowly kissed his way across AJ's abdomen and reached the dark coarse pubic hair. Brian reached out with his hand and gently ran his fingers down the pulsing flesh.

"Oh babe!" AJ gasped as soon as he felt the fingers touch him. "Please Brian!" he begged, needing Brian to ease the torture.

Brian grasped the shaft with his hand and slowly moved up the shaft. The generous amount of precum provided enough lube for his hand to move freely. Brian could smell the 'manly' odor of AJ's fluids. A wildness took him over as he suddenly needed to taste that liquid. He needed to taste AJ.

Brian lowered his head and flicked his tongue, tasting another man for the very first time. He found the taste a little musky and salty, and it reminded him of AJ. He loved the taste. He opened his mouth and took the wide head inside, gently sucking, getting used to the warm flesh inside his mouth.

AJ grasped tightly to the bed sheets, forcing himself not to thrust deeply into Brian's throat. He didn't want to gag or choke Brian and turn him off the idea of oral pleasure. AJ waited as Brian tentatively took his head into his mouth. The warmth enveloped him and AJ thought he would cum right then. He fought it, wanting it to last longer.

Brian had one hand wrapped around the base of AJ's hard shaft. He pulled his lips off and began to lick around the sides, cleaning up the precum as he moved up and down the shaft. Returning to the head, he licked across the slit, and AJ's hips instinctively thrust upwards.

"Baby, please! Brian, please, suck me. I can't take it any more," AJ begged, unable to stand it any longer.

Brian complied as best he could and returned the head to his mouth. He was able to take the shaft further down his throat as his lips began to suck, and his tongue licked, bringing AJ closer to the brink.

AJ could feel his balls tightening and knew he was about to explode. "Brian, baby, here it comes," he warned. Brian pulled back a little, but kept his lips around the head. He wanted to taste all of AJ. Suddenly he felt AJ's entire body convulse and a warm liquid began streaming into his mouth and down his throat.

Brian swallowed the milky juices, as AJ thrashed on the bed. When he couldn't swallow any more, Brian pulled back, allowing the last spurts to land on his face. AJ reached down and pulled Brian up on top of him. He quickly brought Brian's face to his and licked off his own cum as he hugged Brian tightly.

"God, Brian I love you so much," AJ whispered, still caught in his emotional and pleasurable high.

Brian hugged AJ tightly. "So you liked it?" he asked softly.

AJ moved Brian back so he could see his eyes. AJ's eyes were overflowing with the powerful love he had. "I loved it baby. What about you?" he asked.

Brian smiled sweetly. "I love how you taste, Alex. And it will always amaze me that I can give you so much pleasure like that."

AJ tenderly kissed Brian. "You have no idea, baby," AJ said softly as his breathing returned to normal. "But I do think we should get dressed and out of this bedroom." Another kiss. "If we stay here much longer I don't think I can be held accountable for my actions," he said, only half joking.

Brian grinned. "Okay. I'm going to go take another quick shower, alone. I seem to have worked up a bit of a sweat," he said as he ran to the bathroom, flashing his smooth round ass at AJ.

To be continued...