Blissful Tears

by Kenitra

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Chapter 9

AJ giggled and fell back on the bed. His mind was swimming. He could hardly believe what they had done this morning. AJ knew, without a doubt that Brian was the only one for him. It thrilled him and overwhelmed him at the same time.

Reluctantly he rolled off the bed and pulled some clothes on. He wandered out to the kitchen and began to make some coffee. He glanced at the clock and found it was after eleven. He thought about making breakfast, then decided maybe they would go out. A few minutes later Brian walked into the kitchen. His hair was still damp and sticking out in every direction. AJ poured a cup of coffee for him as he walked over and kissed AJ's cheek.

"Thank you," Brian said simply and took the offered cup. He took a sip of the hot liquid and stared at AJ.

AJ knew the 'thank you' was for more than just the coffee. He smiled back at his baby. "You're welcome." AJ took a drink of his coffee. "I thought we could go out for an early lunch. You interested?" he asked.

Brian grinned. "Gee, let me think. I get to eat, and I get to spend time with you," he paused as he pretended to think about it. "I suppose if that's my only option," he said with an exaggerated sigh.

AJ decided two could play. He walked over to Brian and leaned down beside his ear. "Well, we could stay here and I could ravage you until you can't think straight...or walk straight," he leered.

Brian's response was quick. "I think an early lunch is a great idea," he said, blushing deeply.

AJ laughed and kissed Brian's cheek. "Alright, lets go!"

They took Brian's car to a favorite restaurant. A walk through the park followed a long leisurely lunch. Then they walked around downtown, before going to another restaurant for dinner. The entire time they spent simply talking, learning all about each other again. Much of the learning was remembering things forgotten, but occasionally new things were revealed.

They returned to AJ's apartment late in the evening. Both were tired, but happy. AJ made some popcorn and the two stretched out on the couch together. AJ lay on his side against the back of the couch, while Brian lay in front. They put a movie on, but neither really watched it. AJ bent down and started nibbling Brian's ear.

Brian giggled. "That tickles," he murmured as he rolled to his back so he could look up at AJ. Brian lost himself in AJ's soft brown eyes as AJ started to gently stroke Brian's chest.

Brian reached up to caress AJ's face. "You're incredible Alex," he whispered. AJ smiled and bent to kiss Brian's soft lips.

"Mmm, you taste good," AJ whispered. "All buttery and salty. Almost like popcorn," he said.

Brian laughed and gently slapped his arm. Then he turned serious. "Can I ask you something Alex?" Brian said hesitantly.

AJ noted the serious tone and nodded. "Of course baby, anything."

Brian paused as he tried to figure out how to explain what he was thinking. "Would you be very upset if...if we didn't go any further than what we did this morning? At least not right away. I'd like to just enjoy the togetherness, the romance for a while. Does that make sense?" Brian asked quietly, not wanting to hurt AJ or upset him.

AJ looked down at Brian intently. "Brian, baby, listen to me. We are in this together. If you aren't ready to go any further physically, then we won't. You are so important to me, I just want to be near you, hold you and kiss you. All the rest will take care of itself."

Brian smiled lovingly at AJ. "I love you," he said, raising his head to tenderly kiss AJ's lips.

AJ returned the kiss. "And I love you."

They returned to their comfortable position and simply enjoyed holding each other close. Sometime after midnight they rolled off the couch and walked hand in hand to the bedroom. Both quickly fell asleep, snuggled in each other's arms.

Brian awoke the next morning happier than he could ever remember. AJ was still asleep and Brian didn't want to wake him. He lay quietly and thought about all that had happened. Then his thoughts wandered to home. Kevin was going to call soon as they were to fly back to Lexington later that day. Brian had already made up his mind to tell everyone the truth, but was still fearful of what would happen. He knew his parents would be shocked. He silently prayed that they would eventually come to understand.

The phone beside the bed rang. Without thinking Brian reached over and answered it.


"Brian? Its Kevin," his cousin said.

"Hey Kev," Brian replied quietly trying not to wake AJ.

"Brian do you realize what you just did? What if I'd been a reporter who'd stumbled across AJ's phone number?" Kevin started to lecture.

Brian gently wiggled away from AJ, and rolled to his side. "I know Kev. Sorry, I wasn't thinking! Alex is still asleep and I didn't want the phone to wake him," Brian whispered.

Kevin sighed. "Okay. Try to be more careful though. I just wanted to call and make sure that you're still planning on flying back with me this afternoon. Our flight leaves at three," Kevin said.

Brian felt AJ stir beside him and sighed. He really didn't want to leave, but knew he couldn't put things off. "Yeah. I'll be there. Talk to you later Kev," he said and hung up. Brian set the phone on the table and turned back to AJ. AJ was lying on his side watching Brian.

"Morning baby," AJ said softly with a smile.

Brian returned the smile and moved over to snuggle against AJ's body. "Morning love. We don't have to get up yet do we?" he pleaded.

AJ kissed Brian's nose. "Nope, not yet," he started to move to the edge of the bed. "But I do need to visit the bathroom," he added.

Brian released the grip he had and rolled onto his back. "Well, I guess I can allow that! As long as you promise to come right back!" he said with a smile.

AJ leaned in for another kiss before darting across the floor. "No place I'd rather be," he said over his shoulder as he disappeared into the bathroom.

A couple of minutes later he returned and they cuddled up in bed, simply holding each other and talking softly.

Before they realized it, it was time for Brian to get ready and head to the airport.

AJ made the first move reluctantly. He climbed out of the bed and pulled on some jeans. "I'll go make us some lunch while you take a shower, okay?"

Brian rolled off the other side. "You could shower with me?" he suggested shyly.

AJ grinned. "I could, but I certainly couldn't guarantee that you'd make your flight." He walked over to Brian and put his arms over his shoulders to lean in close. "And no matter how much I love you, I don't want to face the wrath of your cousin," he said with a grin and kissed Brian's nose.

Brian giggled. "I guess I can understand that! Okay, I'll go get cleaned up. See you in a few minutes." AJ left the bedroom, while Brian walked into the bathroom.

A little later, they sat and ate grilled cheese sandwiches in the kitchen. They sat quietly as neither wanted to talk about what Brian was going to face in Lexington. The day before, AJ had suggested going with Brian, but both had agreed that wasn't the best idea. Both clearly remembered how Brian's parents had treated AJ in the past. AJ also had rehearsals for his mini solo tour and couldn't afford to skip any more.

Finally, Brian couldn't put it off any longer. AJ walked Brian to the door. They had agreed to say goodbye at the apartment. Brian turned to face AJ.

"I'll call you Alex, once I know how things are going," he said softly, already thinking ahead to the confrontation with his parents and fiancee.

AJ tenderly touched Brian's cheek. "I know. Be careful baby. I love you," he said and softly kissed Brian's lips.

Brian smiled weakly. "Love you too," he murmured as he turned and walked out the door.

Brian took a cab to the airport. He'd been through the Orlando airport so many times that he knew all the places to walk to avoid encountering fans. He arrived in the VIP lounge and found Kevin already there. He walked over and sat beside his cousin. Kevin gave him an encouraging smile and Brian tried to smile back. He could already feel his stomach churning with nerves. He knew the upcoming confrontation with his family would change his life forever. He just hoped he survived it!

The flight was short, too short for Brian. Before he could prepare, the cab he and Kevin had shared pulled up outside his family's home. More than anything he just wanted to tell the driver to turn around and go back to the airport. But he knew he couldn't. It wasn't fair to Leighanne to string her along, she deserved better and so did AJ. Brian couldn't help but smile as he thought of his band mate. He knew he would do anything to make AJ happy. He sighed and paid the driver before climbing out of the cab.

Brian paced around the living room, waiting for Leighanne to arrive. His parents sat quietly and stared at him. Jackie asked a question but Brian put her off. Finally, the door opened and Leighanne walked in.

A very subdued Brian walked over and kissed his fiancée's cheek. "Hey Leigh," he said quietly.

Leighanne smiled at him then noticed his parents sitting in the room. "What's going on hun?" she asked as she tried to grasp his hand.

Brian pulled away from her and walked further into the room. "I need to talk to you. All three of you," he said quietly.

Leighanne looked at Jackie and Harold in confusion, but they couldn't answer her silent question. Finally she sat down on a chair and looked at Brian.

"Okay Brian dear, we're all here. What's wrong?" Jackie spoke, breaking the silence.

Brian inhaled deeply and stared into the unlit fireplace. He wished he'd brought Kevin with him for support. He knew he wasn't very strong, especially when it came to standing against his parents. Brian put his hand on the mantle and closed his eyes.

"There is something that I've been dealing with for a long time. I've been fighting it within myself hoping things would change." He sighed. "And in the past couple of days things HAVE changed, only not the way I was expecting."

No longer able to avoid the inevitable, Brian turned to face his family. He looked at Leighanne first. "Leigh, I do love you. Since we met you have been there to encourage me and support me. You will always be important to me." He paused, ready to drop the first bomb. "But, I can't marry you."

The three people in the room immediately gasped and began to talk. Brian raised his hand, trying to silence them. "Please, I need to finish this," he pleaded. They stopped and turned their focus back to Brian.

Brian could see the hurt in Leighanne's eyes and the anger in his parents. Now, the second bomb. "I can't marry Leighanne because I'm in love with someone else. I have been for a long time but I've been denying it thinking my love would never be returned. But I found out recently that it is." Brian rushed his words, wanting to get everything out.

There was silence and Brian was afraid to look at anyone, so he stared at the floor.

"Who?" Leighanne asked dully, not quite believing what she was hearing.

"Alex," Brian answered softly.

"Alex? Who is she? Where did you meet her?" his mother asked insistently.

Brian sighed. She didn't get it. Before he could answer, Leighanne spoke. "You mean Alexander, don't you? Alexander McLean?" Leighanne asked finally figuring out Brian's biggest secret.

To be continued...