Boy Meets BSB, Chapter 1


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"All right Matt, take a break. I've got to reload." As Gary left to change the film in his camera, Mathew Lawrence stood up and stretched. It always surprised him how exhausting it was to pose for these teen magazines. You'd think that posing for a few minutes would be simple enough to do, but it was surprisingly tiring.

When Gary returned, Matt asked, "Are we almost done?"

"Yeah, we're almost there. I just need a few head shots" Gary replied.

Matt returned to the stool and sat back down with a sigh. As Gary raised his camera, Matt did his best to smile, without looking goofy or showing the strain of posing.

It had been a long week. Between college and acting on 'Boy Meets World', there just never seemed to be enough hours in the day. The last day of rehearsals for this episode was tomorrow, and then they would be taping on Friday. Of course, whenever he wasn't on the set, there was always a ton of schoolwork waiting for him. While it was a nice change of pace to take the afternoon off for this photo session, he really wished he could just take a few days off. He never had any free time for himself.

Matt was concentrating so hard, that he didn't hear anyone enter the studio. He was surprised when someone said "Oops."

Matt looked up and forgot everything. Standing there was a guy, over 6 feet tall, with the most gorgeous straight blonde hair. Best of all, he was looking directly at Matt and smiling. Matt couldn't help himself--he broke into a huge smile.

"That's great Matt!" Gary said. "Just hold that smile...there, perfect." The sound of a number of pictures being taken could be heard. Then Gary said, "Okay, we're done."

Matt ignored him, and just stared at the blonde guy. Noticing this, the photographer turned to see what Matt was looking at. "Oh, hi Nick. You're right on time. Do you know Matt?"

When Gary didn't get a response from Matt or Nick, he said "Nick Carter, meet Mathew Lawrence. Matt, this is Nick."

Matt realized he was just sitting there looking silly, so he got up and walked over to Nick. "Nice to meet you Nick" he said, holding out his hand.

Nick shook Matt's hand, and said, "Hi Matt. I'm glad to finally meet you. I've been a fan of yours for years."

"Uh, thanks" Matt said.

"I see we have the same taste in clothing."

Matt forced his eyes from Nick's face, and quickly scanned the rest of him. Nick was right--they were wearing exactly the same blue v-neck sweater, white t-shirt, and jeans. Matt smiled and said, "I guess that means you've got good taste." Nick giggled at Matt's lame joke.

"Oh no! You guys can't wear the same clothes in the same issue!" Gary said. "We'll get no end of mail about that! I can just hear it now--all those girls wanting to know if you're swapping clothes or something."

"Sorry Gary, but I don't have anything else with me" Nick said. "I didn't even bring a jacket."

"Here, you can use my jacket" Matt said, offering his leather jacket. "If you take your sweater off, and use the jacket, maybe that'll work."

"Thanks Matt" Nick said, as he tried on the jacket. The fit was a bit tight, which made sense as Nick was at least four inches taller than Matt. Turning to Gary, he said, "How's this?"

"Very nice" Matt said. Then Matt realized that Nick wasn't asking him, and started to feel his face grow hot.

"Thanks Matt" Nick said again, with a bigger smile. This caused only added to Matt's embarrassment.

"Yeah, it'll be okay I think Nick" Gary said. "It's unlikely that anyone will notice you're both wearing the same sweater if you've got a jacket on. Let me just change the background, and we'll get started. Have a seat."

"Are you in a rush to go anywhere Matt?" Nick asked.

"No" Matt replied. "I was just going to head home and do some studying."

"Let me pay you back by treating you to dinner."

"Sure, that'd be great. Do you have somewhere in mind?"

"No, I'm afraid I don't know what's available around here. Do you know someplace nice, where we can talk?"

"Yeah--there's a good place I know, with great food and nice people. It's expensive though."

"That sounds perfect." Nick said.

"Okay, I'll go and make a couple of calls to set it up." Matt said. "I'll go and do that, and let you guys get to work."

Matt made a quick exit from the studio, and back into the lobby. He sat down on a chair, and tried to catch his breath for a moment. Nick had this most disturbing effect on him. He'd never felt quite like this around anyone before. His thoughts were going in a million different directions.

A few deep breaths helped. Matt made the first phone call. "Hi Mom. I just wanted to let you know I won't be home for dinner tonight."

"Oh? What's wrong--is the photo shoot taking longer than you thought?"

"No, I'm finished there. I just met someone, and we're going out to Tony's for dinner. I hope you don't mind."

"That's okay--I didn't have anything special planned or anything. You'll be home later then?"

"Yeah, I shouldn't be too late. I've got rehearsals tomorrow, so I'll have to be gone early."

"Okay honey. Be good tonight."

"Thanks Mom. See you later."

It wasn't strictly necessary to call home, but he knew his mom would wonder if he didn't. He tried to call every night, just to let her know when he'd be home. He often wound up eating at the studio, or at the college. But he knew his mom liked him to call, so he tried to make the effort.

The next call was to 'Tony's Place'--Matt's favorite restaurant. Once he identified himself, Tony was only too happy to give him reservations for dinner. Once again, Matt knew that he could simply walk in the door, and they'd immediately find him a table. Matt just didn't like to do that. He always tried to give them warning if he could.

With the phone calls accomplished, he just sat there for a few minutes, collecting his thoughts. Matt suddenly realized he had no idea who the heck Nick was. He couldn't remember hearing Nick's name before, which meant he probably wasn't an actor. Matt was sure he'd have remembered if they'd ever met before.

"Excuse me, but I'm wondering if you can help me with something" Matt said to the receptionist.

"Sure Mr. Lawrence. What's the problem?" she said.

"I'm afraid I don't know who Nick Carter is. Do you know?"

"I'm surprised--haven't you ever heard of the Backstreet Boys?" >From the blank look on Matt's face, it was obvious that he hadn't. "They're a musical group who are huge in Europe and Canada. There are five guys in the group. Nick is the youngest one, and he's become a real heartthrob. Whenever we put him on the cover, sales go way up."

"Oh. That just goes to show you how much attention I pay to these things," Matt said with a smile. "Thanks."

Well, that was one mystery solved at least. Now that he thought about it, he sort of remembered that the Backstreet Boys did a promotion for TGIF a while ago. He hadn't paid much attention at the time.

Matt considered returning to his seat, but then he decided he'd rather go and watch Nick and Gary at work. Quietly, he opened the door and slipped back inside the studio, trying not to distract them.

Nick was looking off to the right, so Matt went over to the other side, so he wouldn't break Nick's concentration. Finding nothing that looked like a good seat, he sat down on the floor, and leaned against the wall. Matt took some time to get a really good look at Nick. The receptionist was right--Nick was indeed a heartthrob.

Gary spoiled things by telling Nick to look over toward Matt. When Nick saw Matt, he broke into a huge smile, which Matt found himself returning. There was no choice--Nick's smile was simply infectious.

"That's a great smile Nick" Gary said with enthusiasm. "Just hold it for a minute. Great! Now, let's have a nice sexy look. Pretend there's a cute girl over there, and flirt with her."

Matt thought this was funny, and let out a quiet laugh. Looking up, Gary realized Matt was back in the room. "Oh, Hi Matt" Gary said. "You don't mind if Nick flirts with you for a minute do you?"

This comment, coupled with the look on Matt's face, caused Nick to start giggling. Gary returned to the camera, and Nick started to flirt shamelessly with Matt. Gary was obviously happy with what he was seeing, as he quickly finished the roll of film.

"Alright Nick, I think that'll do it." Gary said.

"What?" both Matt and Nick said.

"We've only just started" Nick said. "I was expecting at least another half an hour of this."

"Hey, when I get great shots like that, it doesn't take long." Turning to Matt, Gary said, "Thanks for helping out Matt. I don't know what we'd have done without your jacket."

"No problem Gary" Matt said. "I'm glad I was able to help."

"Yeah, thanks Matt" Nick said, as he handed Matt back his jacket.

Matt grinned, and put on his jacket. "Ready for dinner then?" he said to Nick.

"Sure, I'm famished" Nick said as they started to walk out of the studio. "Thanks Gary" he said, looking back at Gary.

"I've got my car downstairs in the parking lot." Matt said. "Did you drive here too? "

"No, a limo dropped me off earlier."

"Okay, well I guess we'll take my car then." The two young stars made their way down to Matt's car. It didn't take long before they were out of the parking lot, and into the traffic.

"Do you have a phone Matt?" Nick asked. "I should cancel the limo that was supposed to take me back to the hotel."

"Sure, here you go" Matt said. He reached into the pocket of his jacket, and handed Nick his cell phone.

Nick made the call to cancel the limo. When he tried to return the phone to Matt, Matt said, "Hang on--can you call the restaurant, and let them know we're going to be early? I hate to talk on that thing while I'm driving."

"Sure, what's the number?" Nick called the restaurant, and let them know they were on the way.

Traffic was good, and they soon found themselves at the restaurant. The parking lot was fairly empty, as it was still pretty early for the dinner crowd.

Tony's Place was a nice looking restaurant, right on the on the beach. Inside, the atmosphere was subdued, and surprisingly quiet. It was fairly obvious that this would cost a fair bundle, but then again, Nick didn't mind. This looked like a great place to eat and talk.

Matt was greeted with enthusiasm. "Welcome Matt" Tony said. "It's nice to see you tonight."

"I'm sorry we're early Tony." Matt said.

"Oh, you know we're always happy to see you" Tony said, cutting off Matt's apology. "Besides, there's no problem at this hour. Who's your friend? Oh, you're Nick Carter aren't you? My daughter will be thrilled to hear you were here!"

Nick smiled, and said, "She's a fan is she? Do you think she'd like an autograph? I'm sorry, but I don't have any pictures with me, but I'd be happy to sign something for her."

"Oh, she'd be happy just to hear you were here. You wouldn't mind giving me an autograph for her? That would be really great."

Before Nick could answer, Tony went on. "Where is my head--here, let me take you to your table. I shouldn't be keeping you both standing here. Please, follow me." The teens followed Tony as he made his way over to a quiet, secluded table for two. There was a great view of the ocean, yet the table was well shielded from the rest of the tables by some plants. "Will this be satisfactory?"

"This is great Tony" Matt said, as they took their seats.

"Thanks Tony" Nick said. "This is a great table."

Tony smiled. "I'm glad you like it. Can I bring you gentlemen something to drink?"

"No hurry Tony. Have someone come over in a few minutes. And be sure to send over something for Nick to autograph" Matt said.

Tony smiled, and left the boys alone.

The food was wonderful, as Matt knew it would be. Nick's appetite seemed almost a match for his own, which was to be expected when he determined that they were almost the same age. It turned out that Nick was exactly two weeks older than Matt.

What surprised Matt was how easy it was to talk with Nick. Matt had never really had any close friends--he always was working on some job or another, and never seemed to have the time. Somehow, it felt like Nick was rapidly becoming a good friend. It was really nice to have someone his own age to talk with.

They talked about anything and everything. It turned out that Nick was a big fan of the show. He'd watched Boy Meets World since Matt came on a couple of years ago. Before that, Nick watched 'Brotherly Love', although it was hard to find sometimes. He had even watched Joey, Matt's older brother in 'Blossom'. Matt was surprised to discover just how much Nick knew about him, even before they met. It seemed like Nick really was a fan.

Matt finally turned the conversation to the Backstreet Boys, so he could find out more about Nick. Nick didn't seem to be disappointed that Matt really didn't know anything about them. Nick found it was a pleasant change to be able to talk with someone who didn't know who he was. It was a change from the dull repetitions of the same questions and answers all the time. And Matt seemed to really be interested, which made it even easier to talk.

The teens were lost in conversation when Tony reappeared at the table. "Excuse me gentlemen. We're just closing up now. Do you need anything else?"

"What? Oh no--I totally lost track of the time. I'm sorry Tony. We'll get out of here and let you close up."

When Nick and Matt got to the front door, Nick paid the bill, and insisted on giving Tony an autograph for his daughter. When they got outside, they could see that the parking lot was pretty much empty.

"Maybe I should just get a cab or something," Nick said. "You said you've got an early call in the morning."

"It's okay. You bought dinner--the least I can do is to drop you at your hotel. Come on."

They made their way to Nick's hotel, which turned out to be more or less on Matt's way home. When they arrived, they discovered a small group of teenage girls huddled on the sidewalk outside. They were obviously fans, camped out for the night in the hope of seeing one of the Backstreet Boys.

"Maybe you better swing around back," Nick said. "I'm not in the mood to be mobbed tonight."

"I can't say that I blame you for that" Matt said with a smile. "It's okay the first couple of times, but it wears on you really quickly."

By this point, they were at the back of the hotel, out of sight of the girls. "Can you come up for a while?" Nick asked.

"I wish I could, but I've got to be at the studio in about six hours. When are you leaving town?"

"Oh, we play a concert on Saturday night, so we won't leave until at least Sunday."

"Are you doing anything on Friday? If you're not, you could come and watch us tape the show."

"That'd be cool. I'm not sure what's going on--I normally just go where they tell me. I'll give you a call tomorrow and let you know."

"Okay, great." Matt said. "Hey, it was really nice to meet you and talk. Thanks for dinner."

"No problem. I had a great time too." Nick said. "I'll call you."

Matt watched Nick enter the hotel, before he drove off. He was almost home before it occurred to him that Nick didn't ask for his phone number. "Shit" Matt thought. "Well, I guess I'll never see him again."

When Nick got upstairs to the room he discovered that Brian was already asleep. Quietly, trying not to wake him up, Nick made his way into the bathroom to take a shower. He quickly shed his clothes, started the shower running, and got into the warm water.

As he lathered his body up, his mind kept returning to Matt. Nick had dreamed about Matt for years, and he'd finally gotten the chance to meet him. He felt himself getting excited, remembering the evening with Matt. There was the special thrill he got when Matt had held the door for him at the restaurant. He remembered the feel of Matt's leather jacket--the smooth and soft feel of the leather. The smell of the jacket was a perfect mixture of Matt and the leather. He could almost feel Matt's arms wrapped around his body--firm, yet gentle. Nick pictured the expression on Matt's beautiful face when he first saw him--that huge, genuine smile. Then there was the odd expression of embarrassment when he'd started to flirt with Matt.

But most of all, there was that voice. That stunning voice. That unique, wondrous whisper-like tone when Matt was serious. The musical sound of Matt's ready laughter.

Nick tensed as he erupted. All of the strength drained out of him as his cum went down the drain. He had to lean against the wall of the shower to stop from collapsing.

He rested against the wall for a couple of minutes, gathering his strength. He washed the soap off, turned the water off and stepped out of the shower. He found a clean towel, and dried himself off. Nick wrapped himself in the towel. Gathering up his discarded clothes, he turned the light off, and crept out of the bathroom toward his own bed.

"Where have you been?"

Although Brian's voice was quiet, Nick jumped. "Shit Brian! Don't scare me like that. How come you're awake?"

Brian turned the light on. "How do you expect me to sleep, when you're making so much noise? What the hell were you doing--beating off in the shower?"

Nick started to feel his face grow warm. "You're just jealous that I didn't invite you."

"Yeah, right. Go on to bed."

Nick dropped the pile of clothes onto a chair, removed the towel, and slipped into his bed. "Good night Brian" he said.

"'Night" Brian said, as he turned out the light.

To be continued...