Boy Meets BSB, Chapter 13


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"Breakfast in 20 minutes," said the voice on the phone. Or, at least it sounded something like that. Nick wasn't sure. He was still mostly asleep.

"Huh?" Nick said.

"Wake up Nick. It's Kevin. You've got 20 minutes before breakfast. Time to get up."

"Oh. Okay." Nick said. He hung up the phone. He turned and looked at Matt. Somehow, he'd managed to sleep through the phone call. Nick reached over, and started to stroke Matt's hair. "Matt, time to get up."

Matt groaned, then opened his eyes. He blinked, and saw Nick. He burst into a smile. "Morning."

Nick smiled. "Hi sexy. We've got to get up. Kevin called."

"What? I didn't hear the phone."

"Well, he did call, even if you slept right through it. Do you mind if I take a shower first?"

"Sure." Matt said. He watched as Nick got up, and walked over toward the bathroom. He whistled, startling Nick, who giggled and started to blush. Nick went into the bathroom. Matt waited, and then he heard Nick brushing his teeth. Then he heard the sound of the shower start. He got up, and followed Nick into the bathroom.

Matt could hear Nick in the shower. Matt went over to the sink and brushed his teeth. He looked at himself in the mirror, and decided he didn't want to shave now. What he wanted was a shower, but Nick was hogging it. Well, that was okay. He peeked into the shower, and saw Nick standing with his back to him, rinsing his hair. Matt smiled, and stepped in. He admired the view for a moment, before reaching out and caressing Nick's shoulders.

Nick jumped. "Hey! Don't scare me like that!"

Matt wrapped his arms around Nick. "You don't like this?"

Nick wiped his eyes with his hands, and then opened his eyes. He turned and looked at Matt. "Of course I like this." He gave Matt a kiss.

"Good morning Nick" Matt said.

Nick smiled. "Good morning. I wish you didn't have to go home tomorrow."

"Yeah. At least we've got today."

Nick started to wash Matt, running the soap over his back, shoulders and chest. Then the phone started ringing.

"Damn it. That'll be Kevin, wondering why we're not there yet." Nick said.

Matt sighed. "I guess we better get out then."

They rinsed each other off, and then left the shower together. Matt dried off, and then started drying Nick's hair. It took them a few minutes before they were both toweled off, and Nick's hair was combed. It didn't take long for them to get dressed.

Nick knocked on the door to Kevin's room. Kevin opened it after a moment, and they both went inside. They said hello to everyone, and headed over to the table. Howie was sitting off in a corner with AJ. Howie didn't acknowledge their arrival at all. AJ looked up and smiled.

"Hey, where's all the food?" Nick said. Most of the food was gone by this point.

"Well, that's what you get when you're late" Kevin said.

"There's enough here Nick" Matt said. They sat down, and started in on what was left.

"So, why are you late today?" Brian said, in a teasing tone.

"We were having fun in the shower if you must know" Nick said. Matt giggled. "It's not really big enough for two you know."

"Oh no, it's better that way" Matt said.

Brian looked like he was sorry he'd asked. Kevin looked embarrassed too. AJ laughed. "Serves you right for asking Brian!" he said.

Brian decided it was time to change the subject. "What's up for today Kevin?"

Kevin was relieved. "Uh, we've got a photo shoot in about 10 minutes. We're going to be late. This afternoon we've got an autograph session."

"Are you going to come along today Matt?" Nick asked.

"Sorry Nick, but I think I need to work today."

"I thought you were going to work last night?" AJ asked.

"Yeah, well I didn't get much done. I read the script, but it's all wrong. I've got to figure out some changes, and that will take most of the day."

"Are you sure?" Nick said.

"Yeah, sorry." Matt said. He gave Nick a kiss.

"Come on guys, we're late already." Kevin said. "Let's get going."

Nick stood up. "Do I look okay for a photo shoot?"

"Hmm, yeah, you look okay." Brian said.

Matt stood up. "No you don't. You look great." He kissed Nick again. When they came up for air, they discovered that everyone had left. Matt giggled. "I guess we better get going. I'll see you later."

"Okay." Nick said. He and Matt left the room. Brian and Kevin were holding an elevator for them. Matt rode down in the elevator with Brian, Kevin and Nick. AJ and Howie must have gone on ahead. Matt got off at the floor for their room, and went back there.

Once he was back inside the room, he looked around. It was too messy for him to work. He spent a few minutes cleaning things up. Finally, satisfied, he found the script, and sat down at the table. He started in, reading the script again, picturing in his mind what it would sound like with everyone saying the lines. He started marking the spots where it was wrong. This was what they normally did on the first day of rehearsals. Somehow, the writers never got the lines quite right.

One scene was just plain awful. No matter how he tried, it just wasn't going to work. If he'd been on the set, they'd all talk about it, and figure out how to make it work. Matt tried a number of things, without any success. The scene was necessary, or he'd just tell them to drop it. Then, inspiration hit. He was almost finished writing it down, when he heard his cell phone start to ring. That had to be Nick!

He got up, and found his phone. "Hi"

"Hi sexy" Nick said. "Are you getting lots of work done?"

Matt laughed. "Yeah, actually, I am. I'm just in the middle of rewriting a scene."

"Is that good? Do you often do that?"

"Yes, we do that all the time. The writers give us a first draft, and then we rewrite it during rehearsals. It's easier when everyone is there around the table."

"Oh. I didn't know."

"Well, who else knows Jack better than me? Sometimes the words they give me just don't work for him, so I fix them."

"That makes sense."

"So, how goes the photo shoot?"

"Terrible. I miss you. They keep complaining that my smile looks fake."

"Can't you pretend I'm there, and smile at me?"

"I tried that. It worked too well. I started to get rather excited..."

"You mean..."

"Yeah. It was a bit embarrassing." Nick laughed. "That's what we wound up doing though. I went into the back row, so that nobody could see."

Matt laughed. "I think I want a copy of those pictures. So, when are you coming back?"

"That's why I called. We're just going to the mall for autographs. Can you come?"

"I wish I could. I've got to finish the changes to the script. Then I need to call the set, and see if they've made any changes."

"Oh." Nick said.

Matt could hear the disappointment in Nick's voice. "When will you be done at the mall?"

"It'll take a few hours."

"So, you'll be back in time for dinner?"

"Yeah. Probably somewhere around five or six."

"Any plans for tonight?"

"Not yet." Nick said.

"Good." Matt said. "Tonight, it's just you and me. Tell the rest of the guys to do something without us."

"Now, that sounds good!"

Matt giggled. "You be good, do your work, and I'll see you later."

"Okay. I can't wait."

"I love you Nick."

"I love you too."

"Hurry back." Matt hung up the phone, and sat back. Now, he had important things to do! He was going to setup the best night he could for Nick. Now, let's see. Where to start?

It took a while to arrange everything for Nick tonight. He wanted the evening to be perfect. It would be a surprise for Nick, and hopefully the most romantic evening either of them had ever had. It was a special night--their last one before he had to go back to LA.

When it was all arranged, he returned to look at the notes he'd written on the script. He read through what he'd written for that bad scene. Now, what was supposed to come next? It took a few minutes before he remembered, and could finish writing down the changes.

The next hours were spent running through the script, memorizing the lines, and making minor changes. He made one call to the set, and discovered that everyone was gone today. He was told that they were taking today off, since they were working on Saturday. That was annoying. Here he was, working instead of being with Nick, and they were all taking the day off!

Well, the last thing he wanted to have happen was for them to change the script without him. So, he faxed his changes to the studio. He spent the rest of the time trying to memorize his part.

Nick hung up the phone. He sat for a minute, before Brian came over.

"Are you ready for autographs?" Brian said.

"Don't we get lunch first? I'm hungry."

Brian laughed. "You're always hungry. Yeah, I think that's the first stop. How's Matt?"

"Still working." Nick said. The disappointment was clear in his voice.

"That's too bad. Is everything okay between you?"

Nick looked up, surprised. "What? I think so."

"It's just that AJ said that Matt wasn't very happy last night when he talked to him at the club."

"Oh? Did he think I was ignoring him? I hope not!"

Brian shook his head, and said, "No, I don't think that was it. AJ said Matt was worried because you kept falling asleep on him."

"Really?" Nick thought for a minute. "Yeah, I guess I've done that a couple of times. I didn't know he was worried."

"Make sure he knows how you feel Nick. You don't want something like that to get between you."

Nick nodded. "You're right. I'll talk to Matt tonight."

"You guys don't have a lot of experience, do you?" Brian said.

Nick looked embarrassed. "No, we don't. Matt was worried about that too."

"Matt seems like the sort of person who wants to know everything he can about a subject. He researches things to make sure he understands them."

"Yeah, that's right. It's like how he spent the day learning everything he could about the band. He does like to research things. I didn't think he'd be worried about me falling asleep though."

"He'll be fine Nick." Brian said. "Talk it through with him. Just make sure he knows how much he means to you."

"Thanks Brian." Nick said.

"You know, I really envy you. I wish I had someone special too."

Nick smiled. "I hope you find someone Brian."

They got up and joined the rest of the guys.

Nick's hand was sore. Too many autographs. Actually, his face was almost sore too. He must be using that fake smile too much. Well, at least they were almost done. There were still fans lined up to see them, but the clock said it was time to go. He managed not to look relieved, when Kevin announced to the crowd that they had to go now.

He followed the rest of the guys off of the little platform, and then into the office they were using. They all found places to sit and relax for a moment. It was always hard doing these sessions.

"So, what's up for the rest of the day?" Kevin said.

"AJ and I have some shopping to do." Brian said.

"Here in the mall?" Kevin asked.

"No. At a store back downtown. I was going to call a cab."

"I'm going back to the hospital." Howie said. "I want to check in with Katy, and see if she's okay today."

"Was that the little girl we saw there yesterday?" Brian asked.

"Yeah. They were hoping she'd start responding to the treatment today."

"I hope she's better. Tell her we asked about her, okay?"

"Thanks Brian. I will. I'll see you all later."

"Hang on a minute Howie." Kevin said. "Are we going to get together for dinner? Anyone have any plans tonight?"

"Matt and I have plans" Nick said.

Howie scowled. That surprised Nick. Howie had been civil to him all day. Howie hadn't tried to avoid him, like he had when Matt was around. Nick was starting to hope that Howie was starting to accept him and Matt, but now here he was upset again. It was hard to remember what Matt had said about understanding Howie's attitude. It would be much easier to just be angry with him. Still, Nick knew that Matt was right.

"Do you know when Matt's flight leaves tomorrow?" Kevin said.

"Early. I don't remember when."

"Well, I should arrange for a car to take him to the airport."

"Make it a limo Kevin" Brian said. "I'd like to go too."

"That's a good idea." Kevin said. "Is that okay Nick? Can Brian and I come to the airport to see Matt off with you?"

Nick looked at Kevin. "Would you?" Nick was surprised. He could feel tears starting, at the thought that soon Matt would be gone. "I don't know if I can handle it alone."

"Of course. We'll be there."

There was an awkward silence for a moment, as everyone watched Nick struggle. Howie sat there, watching for a moment, and then he got up and said "I'll see you guys later." Then he left.

"Are you going to be okay Nick? We need to get going too," AJ said.

"Yeah. Thanks guys."

Brian and AJ stood, hesitated for a moment, and then left the room. Kevin got up and moved over and sat next to Nick. He waited there with him, while Nick got himself back under control.

"Do you want to go back to the hotel now?" Kevin asked.

"Actually, I'd like to buy Matt something. A present."

"That sounds like a good idea. Come on, let's go and find something really special for him."

Nick smiled. They got up, and went out to the car. They had a quick discussion with the driver, and were quickly on their way.

"Why did I let you talk me into this?" AJ asked.

"What? It was your idea, not mine." Brian said.

"Oh. Yeah. Well, why didn't you tell me it was a dumb idea?"

They were walking along the street, passing by the entrance. Again. This was the second time they'd walked by, but neither could get up the nerve to actually go into the store. Somehow, it was just too hard. What if someone saw them?

"Do you think anyone will recognize us?" AJ asked. He'd taken off his sunglasses, removed the earrings and he wore a cap. He looked very different, all things considered.

Brian just had a knit hat on, pulled down, low over his ears. He was wishing there was something else he could do to disguise himself. "I sure hope not. But, it's not exactly inconspicuous pacing outside the entrance. Come on, let's either do this, or give up. No more pacing."

Brian looked at AJ. AJ sighed, and nodded. AJ followed as Brian walked over to the door. Inside, was a set of narrow, steep stairs, leading up to the second floor. It appeared that the store was up there. Brian started up the stairs, and someone appeared at the top. It was almost too tight for them to pass on the stairs. As the guy got close to Brian, he smiled, and turned sideways so that they could go by. It was a bit uncomfortable, but they managed.

At the top of the stairs was a brightly lit opening, off to the right. Brian looked inside, and it was obvious that this was the right place. The space was filled with books. Off to the back was a magazine rack, filled with magazines with pictures of handsome men on the covers. Roughly across from the entrance was a cluttered counter, with a cash register and two guys talking. The area towards the front of the store was filled with bookshelves. There were a number of men scattered throughout the store, mostly alone. There was also a pair of women looking at some books together.

Brian and AJ looked around briefly, and Brian started down the bookshelves. He quickly scanned the book covers, trying to find the right type of book. He was surprised. A number of the books he recognized from normal bookstores. He heard AJ close behind him, as he scanned for the right section. There sure were a lot of books here! He really hadn't expected that.

Brian stopped so suddenly that AJ bumped into him. "What?" AJ asked.

"Look." Brian said. Brian moved aside a bit, and AJ looked at the shelf that Brian was indicating. It was filled with books about them! It must be the music section. It was the most complete set of books that they'd ever seen about the group. Sure, most stores have a few books, but here was almost a complete set. A couple Brian had never even seen before.

"Can I help you find something?"

The voice startled them, and they quickly turned around. Standing there was one of the guys who'd been talking behind the counter when they came in.

"Um, yeah" AJ said.

"What type of book are you looking for?"

AJ looked at Brian. Brian looked back. After a moment, AJ turned back to the clerk. "A good friend of ours is rather..."

"Inexperienced" Brian helped.

"Yeah. We thought maybe if he had a book or something, then he and his..."

"Boyfriend" Brian said.

"Ah. You're looking for a sex manual?" the clerk said. He smiled when he saw Brian start to blush. AJ looked away. "They're over here."

The guys followed the clerk over to another aisle. "There are lots of good manuals here. Is there something specific you're looking for?"

Brian shook his head, and tried to look at the books. Why were the covers so explicit? Well, at least the nasty bits were covered up. Still, the image of two guys kissing on the cover seemed strange.

The clerk leaned over, and whispered in AJ's ear "Your friend is really cute. Nice butt too. You are lucky."

"Oh. We're not..." AJ said. The clerk just smiled.

Brian turned around, trying to figure out what was going on. AJ seemed to be embarrassed. The clerk had this big smile on his face. "Can you recommend anything?" Brian said. "Something general, for beginners."

The clerk turned his attention to Brian. "Sure. Here's the best one as far as I'm concerned." He reached over and took a book off the shelf. It was large, about the size of one of those 'coffee table' picture books. "It's full of good pictures, and explains things rather well. See?" The clerk started to open the book, as if to show them the pictures.

"Oh, that's okay. We'll take it." Brian said quickly.

AJ looked relieved. He really didn't want to see the pictures.

"Is there anything else?" the clerk said. He closed the book. "Some magazines? Or, a good erotic novel?" He smiled when he saw the look of embarrassment on their faces again. They just shook their heads. "Okay, let me ring this up for you then." He walked over to the counter.

Brian and AJ followed. They stood there, and watched the clerk use the cash register. Brian was surprised when he saw the total. That was one expensive book! He got out his wallet, and counted out the cash he had. Damn it. He hadn't brought enough. He turned to AJ. "Did you bring any money?"

"I thought you were going to." AJ said.

"I don't have enough."

"Oh. Let me look." He went through his wallet, but all he had was American money. "Can you take this?" he asked the clerk, showing him a $50 US bill.

"Sure." The clerk said. "Here, let me convert that for you, then you'll probably have enough."

AJ handed him the money. The clerk used a calculator, and then counted out the Canadian money. Brian added some more, and they had enough for the book. Brian got a bit of change, which he put into a little box on the counter. He didn't really look to see what charity it was all for. It didn't matter.

"Would you like a bag for this?" the clerk said, with a big smile. Clearly, he was enjoying their embarrassment.

"Yeah, thanks" AJ said. The clerk put the book into a plain bag, and handed it to them.

"Have a great day. I hope you both enjoy...I mean your friend and his boyfriend enjoy the book. Come back if you need anything else."

"Thanks." Brian said. They turned and started walking back towards the stairs. Then Brian saw it. He quickly recovered, and hurried downstairs and out onto the street.

AJ caught up with him. "Hey, what's the big rush?"

"Didn't you see the picture beside the door?" Brian said.


"Remember that photo spread we did for XY magazine? Well, they had a poster from it on the wall!"

AJ started to laugh. After a moment, Brian started too. They started walking south, towards the hotel. It was a pretty nice day, all things considered.

"Hey, slow down!" Kevin said.

"Sorry." Nick said.

Kevin laughed. "I know you're anxious."

They were walking back to the hotel from the store. Nick was holding a brightly wrapped present for Matt. The store had been great. Very fast and helpful. They'd even engraved it for him, and then wrapped it. Now, all Nick wanted to do was give it to Matt.

"Do you really think he'll like it?" He asked.

Kevin chuckled. "Of course he will. I told you that before. I'm sure he'll love it, just because it's from you. Even if you did spend too much on it."

"Nope, that's not possible. I don't care what it cost."

"I know." Kevin said. "Why don't you call him, and tell him we're on the way. And find out when his flight leaves tomorrow, so I can arrange for a limo."

Nick smiled. "That's a good idea!" He found his cell phone, and quickly dialed Matt's number. It rang a couple of times before Matt picked it up.

"Nick?" Matt said.

"Hi there sexy" Nick said.

Matt laughed. "Hi. Where are you?"

"Kevin and I are walking back to the hotel now. We're about 10 minutes away."

"Good! I can't wait."

Nick giggled. "Me neither. Kevin wants to know when your flight is leaving tomorrow."

"Hang on a sec, let me look." Matt went over and found the new ticket that had arrived this afternoon. He looked at it, and said, "It leaves at 9:10."

"Okay, I'll tell Kevin. I'll see you soon."

To be continued...