Boy Meets BSB, Chapter 15


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There was a knock on the door. Kevin glanced at Brian, and got up from the table. It was his turn to open the door. That was probably AJ, or Howie. He really wouldn't have been surprised if Nick and Matt were late again. It was their last morning together, after all. He opened the door, and much to his surprise, it was Nick and Matt. Matt had his luggage with him, and they both looked wide awake.

"Hi guys. Come on in." He stood aside, and let them into the room. He closed the door, and smiled when he saw them immediately latch onto each other. They seemed to be in a better mood than he'd have expected. As strange as it was to see two guys hugging like that, it was nice somehow too. They looked so happy together.

He walked behind them, as they headed over to the table. "You guys look happy this morning," he said.

Matt smiled. "We had a good night." Nick giggled.

"Oh, did you sleep well then?" Brian asked. He watched as they all sat down.

Kevin was amused to note that Nick and Matt never seemed to lose touch with each other. Somehow, they managed to always have a hand on each other, or an arm wrapped around.

Nick smiled. "We didn't sleep at all."

"Oh" Brian said. He looked embarrassed.

Nick saw the expression on Brian's face. "That's not all we did Brian. We talked most of the night. And had a romantic dinner. With candles, flowers and everything. It was wonderful. We even danced."

Matt smiled. "Did you see what Nick bought me?" He held his hand out so that Brian could see the watch. "Isn't it wonderful?"

Brian looked at it. "That's really something. When did you get a chance to do that Nick?"

"Kevin and I went shopping on the way home from the mall yesterday. Kevin helped me pick it out."

Kevin smiled. It was nice to see that Matt liked the watch. And Nick looked so happy.

Nick turned to Kevin and said "Thanks again for helping me pick it out Kevin."

"I'm glad I could help" Kevin said.

There was another knock on the door, and before Kevin could get up, Brian stood. "It's my turn." They watched as Brian went over and let AJ in.

AJ and Brian came over to the table, and found seats. AJ looked at Nick and Matt, and smiled. "You guys look like you're joined at the hip or something today."

"I wish we were." Nick said. "Then Matt wouldn't have to go back to LA."

"Did you see Matt's new watch AJ?" Brian said. He didn't want Nick to start thinking about Matt leaving. That would happen all too soon.

Matt showed the watch to AJ, and they all ate breakfast. Kevin finished first, and Brian stopped shortly after he did. They watched as AJ finished. It took a bit longer before Nick and Matt had eaten their fill.

Kevin looked at his watch. "Well, I'm afraid it's time we got going."

"Where's Howie?" AJ said. "He's missed breakfast."

"I don't know." Kevin said. "He said he'd be here."

"Well, I'm sorry he's not here." Matt said. "I'd like to say goodbye."

"Maybe it's just as well." Nick said.

"I'd still like to say goodbye," Matt said. "Remember what I said about him, okay?"

"Yeah." Nick sighed. "I know you're right."

"I guess I'd better check in with Howie" AJ said. "So, I guess I'll see you later Matt. Thanks for understanding, and all your help."

"I'm glad I got a chance to get to know you a bit better," Matt said.

"Me too. Have a good flight." AJ stood and smiled. "I'm sure we'll see you again soon." They watched as AJ walked out of the room.

Matt looked around uncertainly. Was this where they'd all part company?

"We're all coming with you to the airport," Nick said. "I mean, if you want us to."

Matt smiled. "Of course I want you to."

"Okay then." Kevin said, as he stood up. "Lets get going." He picked up Matt's bag, and they all left the room.

AJ pounded on the door. Again. What's going on with Howie? It really wasn't like him to miss breakfast.

AJ raised his fist to pound again, when the door opened suddenly. Howie was standing there.

"Shit man, you look awful" AJ said. "What's going on? You missed breakfast."

Howie just turned and walked back into his room. AJ followed him inside, and closed the door. He watched as Howie stumbled off toward the bathroom. Experience told AJ that Howie wasn't his best first thing in the morning. It really didn't surprise him that Howie wasn't talking.

AJ sighed, and walked over toward the couch. He'd just wait for him to have his shower, and get somewhat human again. Mornings really weren't Howie's thing.

As he got closer to the couch, he saw them. There was a small pile of bottles lying on the floor by the bar. So that was why he looked so rough this morning! He must have been drinking again. AJ took a good look and counted 7, no 8 bottles there. Shit, he was doing it again.

AJ went over to the couch and sat down. It had been a while since he'd last seen Howie drink by himself like this. When they had first started touring, Howie didn't drink at all. Then, for some reason AJ had never been able to figure out, he'd suddenly started drinking. But slowly, over the years, it happened less and less often. Now, here he was doing it again.

What had caused this to start up again? Was it Nick? Or maybe he was just plain tired. They'd all been working especially hard, getting the new CD ready, while they were touring. Or maybe it was Katy at the hospital. Howie had seemed really hung up on her.

When Howie had lost his sister, he'd gone on these binges then too. Maybe Katy was just reminding him about his sister again. In the midst of all the success that the band had had recently, Howie was still mourning his sister's death. AJ was close enough that he knew that. Maybe it had all just gotten to him again.

AJ sighed. Well, there wasn't much he could do, except be there when Howie wanted to talk about it. Experience had taught him that Howie would just get angry if he pressed. So, he'd just hang around with him, until he told him what was going on. That was really all he could do.

Matt looked up at the camera and smiled. He remembered the first time he'd been in this elevator. He had been so nervous, so excited. Watching Nick sing 'Heaven in Your Eyes' at the concert, then Nick's comment in the golf cart on the way to the elevator. Matt remembered how his hands had trembled so much, that he couldn't even read the room number on the note from Brian.

It seemed so long ago. Was it only five days? Had they had so little time together?

Matt looked up and saw Nick watching him. God, it was so hard to stand here, and not touch him. He just wanted to hold onto him. Matt managed to smile, as the elevator came to a stop.

He followed Nick out of the elevator, and they started over to the limo. That was one thing that Matt didn't miss about LA. It was still cold enough outside that there wasn't a crowd of screaming fans waiting for them. Matt knew that if the weather were a bit warmer, it would probably be worse here than it was in LA.

Kevin stopped by the front desk, and was given a small package from a courier. He rejoined them as they went through the doors, toward the limo. The driver was there, holding the door open for them. Brian entered first, then Kevin passed him Matt's bag. Kevin went in next. Matt allowed Nick to go in before him.

Brian and Kevin were seated at the front, facing the back of the limo. Nick had slid over so there was lots of room for him on the seat. Matt sat down, and the driver closed the door behind him. Matt looked around, and discovered that the limo's windows were heavily tinted. Was it private enough?

Kevin smiled. "I asked for a limo so we had some privacy. I told them I wanted the darkest windows they had. It's okay guys."

Matt smiled and moved across the seat, and sat beside Nick. He settled against Nick's shoulder and felt Nick wrap his arms around him. At least for a little while, he could hold Nick.

The limo started to move. How long would he have until he had to leave Nick behind? Matt could feel the tears starting. No, he didn't want to cry now. He wanted to remember the happy things.

He looked up at Nick and smiled. "Remember the trip from the concert to the room?"

"Yes" Nick smiled. "You were so..."

Matt kissed him. "Yeah, I was." He giggled. Brian had set everything up that first night. Everything had changed when Brian had called him. His whole world was different now.

"I really owe you a lot Brian" Matt said. "Without your phone call, none of this would have happened. All of the arrangements you made for me were perfect."

Brian smiled. "I'm just glad it all worked out Matt. I was so worried about Nick."

"It couldn't have worked out better," Kevin said. "It's been really great that you came Matt."

"Yeah, it has been" Nick said. He leaned in and whispered into Matt's ear "And came, and came."

Matt laughed. He kissed Nick again. Matt broke the kiss as he felt the need to giggle again at Nick's comment. But Nick had other ideas, and he kissed him again. The giggles were no match for the desire, the love in that kiss. Matt surrendered himself to Nick's embrace again. He just wanted to hold that kiss forever.

Indeed, it did seem to last forever. When the kiss finally ended, Matt suddenly remembered that they weren't alone. Kevin and Brian must be really uncomfortable. They didn't deserve that. He forced himself to turn and look toward them. They were both staring intently out the window, despite the windows being so dark you couldn't see through them.

Nick must have been thinking the same thing. He said "What's in the package Kevin?"

Kevin looked at them. "Well, I thought maybe Matt could take a copy of Millennium to Joey for me." Kevin opened the package, and removed two CDs. "I thought you might like one too Matt."

"That's really nice Kevin." Matt said. "I can't wait to listen to it."

"Well, it's only a rough mix at this point, and we're probably going to add another couple of tracks, but I thought you might want to hear it."

"Thanks. I'll make sure Joey gets it. I'm sure he'll be really thrilled."

"That reminds me," Brian said. "Here, this is for you." Brian offered a wrapped package to Matt.

"Oh, you didn't have to get me anything" Matt said.

"Well, AJ and I thought it might help."

"Thanks." Matt took the package.

"Uh, don't open it now." Brian said quickly. "Wait until you're back home, and no one else is around."

Matt looked at him, and saw Brian was starting to blush. "Okay. I'll open it later then." What could it be? "Thanks. Be sure to thank AJ for me."

Brian smiled. "I will."

Matt pulled his bag over, and put the CDs and the present inside. As he was doing that, he felt the limo exit the highway, and start to slow down. They must be getting close now.

Matt could feel the tears fighting to come out again. He didn't want to cry.

He looked up a Kevin. "Thanks for everything Kevin. You've been really great."

"I'm glad we got a chance to get to know you Matt," Kevin said. "Tell Joey he has a great brother. And say hi to him for me."

Matt forced a smile. He looked at Brian. "I don't want to think what would have happened if you didn't call me Brian."

"Neither do I" Brian said. "I'm really glad Nick found you Matt. I couldn't ask for anyone better for him."

Nick tightened his grip on Matt. The limo came to a stop. It was time.

Matt turned towards Nick, and Nick kissed him. They held the kiss for a long moment. Then Nick said, "Are you going to be okay?"

Matt was surprised. He'd expected to lose his fight with the tears now, but he could feel Nick's strength. He looked up into his eyes, and said, "I love you."

Nick smiled gently. "I love you." He kissed Matt quickly again. "Have a good flight. Call me when you land."

"Okay. I'll talk to you soon." Matt got up, and opened the door. When he got out, Nick handed him is bag, and smiled at him. Closing the door was the hardest thing Matt had ever done. He felt alone suddenly. Cut off from everything. He turned, and followed someone into the terminal.

Matt's trip through the airport was a blur. He really didn't notice very much. He was lead from the limo, through some back corridors to the US customs and immigration office. There, he talked with a couple of people, who quickly passed him through. Someone went and got a boarding pass, and he found himself sitting in a small room in the customs office. He sat there for a few minutes, before they called his flight. From there, it was a quick walk through the crowd to the gate, and onto the plane.

The whole time, he just couldn't stop thinking about what he was leaving behind. How was he going to survive without Nick? It was all he could to not to turn around and go back to Nick.

He was one of the first people onto the plane, and the steward took his bag from him. He found his seat, and settled in. He sat there, waiting for the flight to leave, not really paying attention. His thoughts kept going back to Nick. Last night had been so wonderful.

He was startled when someone sat down beside him. He looked up and discovered a young woman had sat down next to him. She was looking at him as if she expected something. Had she said something?

"Are you Mathew Lawrence?" she said.

Damn. This is just what he didn't want. Why couldn't he just be left alone?

Polite. He had to be polite. He forced a smile and said, "Yes."

"Oh! I'm so thrilled to meet you! I've been a fan forever. What were you doing in Toronto? I'll bet you thought it was really cold, after LA. I hear the weather in LA..." Matt lost track of what she was saying at that point. She was amazing. She never seemed to slow down or take a breath. Wild.

He let her talk for a few minutes. The plane took off, and still she hadn't taken a break.

When they were in the air, and the plane leveled off, it suddenly hit him. He was exhausted. He hadn't slept at all last night, and he had rehearsals in a couple of hours. And leaving Nick was harder than he'd thought it would be. He just wanted to be alone.

And still there was this continuing monologue coming from his seatmate. He felt his patience growing thin. He had to do something.

"Er, excuse me. I'm going to take a nap. I've got to get some sleep."

"Oh, that's all right. I'll just tell you about my sister and her husband. You see, they live..."

Matt turned, and faced the window. He tried to shut out the sound of her voice, and think of happy thoughts. He closed his eyes, and pictured Nick. Lying there on the bed. That wonderful body, just waiting for his touch. He fought back the tears, as he remembered their night last night.

It had been so perfect. Nick had liked the romantic dinner he'd planned. Despite his problems finding the words to express himself, they'd managed to talk about their relationship. It had been so right. He'd never opened up like that to anyone else in his life, yet he trusted Nick completely.

He remembered the watch, and those words Nick had gotten engraved on the back. He felt the solid weight of watch on his wrist, and remembered Nick when he'd handed him the watch. God he was beautiful.

And Nick's body. Everything had been so right. They'd pleasured each other, time after time. He smiled as he remembered Nick's joke, when he'd finally gotten soft.

Remembering Nick, and their night together, Matt finally drifted off to sleep.

It sure was taking a long time to get back from the airport. The ride from the hotel to the airport had been only about half an hour. They'd been on their way back for over an hour now, and they still weren't there yet. Poor Nick. It would have been so much better for him if it'd taken longer to get to the airport.

Kevin looked across the limo at Nick. He looks so alone there. The seat beside him where Matt had been was empty now. Ever since they'd left Matt at the airport, Nick had just sat there. Brian had tried to talk with Nick a couple of times, but he hadn't gotten much in the way of a response. Finally, he'd put his hand on Brian's arm, to stop Brian's attempts at conversation. It was obvious to Kevin that Nick needed their support, but didn't want to talk.

Brian was probably worried that Nick was withdrawing again. But, Nick's posture was different. The way he held himself, his bearing, his expressions were all different now. Instead of trying to make himself appear as small as possible, Nick was somehow sitting there confidently. Sure, he was sad. And so he should be.

Matt had brought about a big change in him. That much was clear. That little teen that Nick had been when they first met was gone now. Sitting across from them was a man. A man who'd grown up in the last couple of days. A man who knew what he wants. A man deeply in love.

The limo turned, then stopped. The driver announced, "We're here" on the intercom.

Nick looked up at them, and briefly met both of their eyes. "Thank you for coming with me. I'm going to go and get some sleep now."

"Do you want to come upstairs?" Brian said. "You can sleep in my room."

Nick smiled. "Thanks Brian. It's okay. I'd like to be alone."

"But..." Brian looked worried. "Are you going to be okay?"

"Brian, it's okay." Kevin said. "Nick wants to be alone. He'll be okay."

Nick smiled at Kevin. "Thanks Kevin."

"But..." Brian said.

"He'll be okay Brian." Kevin said. "He needs to be alone. He knows where we are if he needs us."

Brian sighed. "Okay. If you're sure."

"I'm sure Brian." Nick said. "I'll be okay. Really."

Nick opened the door, and stepped out of the limo. Brian followed him. Then Kevin. Together they went into the hotel, and found an elevator.

When they got to Nick's floor, he said, "I'll call you in a few hours. There's nothing planned today is there?"

"No" Kevin said. "I cancelled the meetings today. We do have to go to the studio tomorrow though."

"Okay. I need some sleep. Can you call me in a few hours? I don't want to sleep the whole day away."

"Sure. Sleep well. I'll call you in lots of time for dinner."

Nick left the elevator, and walked slowly towards the room. In some ways, he dreaded going back into the room that he and Matt had shared. He knew he'd feel Matt's absence there, stronger than anywhere else.

He opened the door and stepped inside. He closed the door behind him and almost expected to feel Matt's arms around him again. He was really gone.

He slowly turned, and looked around the room. The spot where Matt's suitcase had been was empty. The bed where they'd made love last night was empty now. The maid had been in while he was gone. The beds had been changed. It looked like they'd never been there. The remains of last night's dinner was gone. All that remained was the white rose Matt had given him last night.

Nick smiled, remembering Matt's face. He'd looked so uncertain when he gave him the rose. And so happy when he'd unwrapped the watch. He was so happy with the watch. He walked over to the table, and picked up the rose. It was starting to bloom now. The pedals had been so tightly wrapped last night, a mere bud of what might be. It was starting to unfurl now.

Nick sighed, and carried the rose over to the night table. He gently placed it there. He found his phone, and placed it on the night table beside the rose. Matt would call when he landed, and he didn't want to miss that. Then he started pulling off his clothes. He needed some sleep. Matt would be there, in his dreams. That he knew. Matt would be there.

To be continued...