Boy Meets BSB, Chapter 18


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Matt hung up the phone. He sat there for a moment thinking. Nick had heard about him and Maitland, but he wasn't worried. He'd trusted him instead. Wow. Nick trusted him. He hadn't even doubted him. That was so wonderful.

If Matt still had any doubts about Nick, they were long gone now. After their conversation that night, Matt was sure that Nick felt the same way he did. This was proof. Nick trusted him.

Matt felt wonderful. He jumped up, and hurried out of the bedroom. Where was Joey? He just had to tell Joey.

Matt could hear that the shower still running. Okay, well, he'd just get things ready for them to eat. As he entered the kitchen, he spotted the coffee machine. That was a good idea. He was tired from shooting the episode today, and he knew Joey was tired. He'd make a pot of coffee. It should be ready for them after they finished the pizza.

Matt had just put the machine on when the phone started ringing. That must be the pizza guy, wanting to be let up. He talked briefly with him, and buzzed him into the building. By the time he'd found some money from his wallet, there was a knock on the door. He got the pizza, paid the guy, and brought the pizza into the living room. By the sound of it, Joey was out of the shower now. He put the pizza down, and went into the kitchen for some plates and napkins. Joey came out of his room, just as Matt walked by.

"Is the pizza here?" Joey asked.

"Yeah. I thought we'd eat in the living room, on the couch."

"Sounds good."

"What do you want to drink? I've put some coffee on for later."

"That sounds like a good idea." Joey smiled. "I could sure use some coffee. Maybe some Cokes with the pizza?"


"I'll get them." Joey said.

Matt went into the living room and sat down. Joey arrived a minute later with a couple of Cokes. He sat down on the couch with Matt, and they started in on the pizza. There wasn't much said for those first few minutes. Joey didn't realize how long it had been since he'd last eaten. And, while Matt had eaten a few hours ago, he was hungry again.

Joey suddenly remembered. "What happened with Nick? Did he understand?"

Matt smiled. "He was fine. Kevin told him about Maitland, but Nick said he trusted me. He said he wasn't worried. He knew there had to be some other explanation."

"He wasn't worried at all?"

"Nope. I'm sure I would have known if Nick was worried. He was fine. He thought the whole thing with Maitland was great. It gives us a good cover story. Actually, I think he was more worried about you. Kevin said you were in bad shape when he called."

"Yeah, I was. I didn't know what to do."

"I know Joey. I told Nick that you were gay."

"Oh." Joey looked uncertain.

"Nick and I thought you'd probably want to tell the rest of the guys yourself. So, Nick isn't going to tell them."

"Thanks" Joey said. He smiled at Matt. "I'm not sure what to do."

"Whatever is right for you Joey." Matt said. "You know we'll help. I'll help. Nick will help. And I'll bet Maitland and Abby would love to help too."


"Oh, that's Maitland's partner. I've never met her, but Maitland said she'd invite me over to dinner sometime soon to meet her. Maybe you could come along too."

"That would be great. It would be nice to have some friends that, well, you know."

"Don't you have many friends? You don't have a boyfriend?"

"No. I've dated a bit, but none of them have turned into friends really. But, you were going to tell me about Nick."

"Where do I start?" Matt thought for a moment. "Well, when I got to Toronto..."

"No" Joey said. "Start at the beginning. What happened when you first met Nick?"

"You know that."

"No, I know what you told me before. Now, I want to hear it again. I want to know the rest of it. How did he make you feel? You met at the photo session, right?"

"Yeah. I had no idea who he was. I guess I'll never forget how he looked when I first saw him. The photographer must have thought something strange was going on. I couldn't stop looking at him." Matt shook his head. "He made me feel so strange. It was overwhelming."

"But, you've seen cute guys before."

"Not that I ever noticed. I guess I never told you this Joey. It wasn't until after you left me that night before I went to Toronto that I figured out I was gay."

"What? Didn't you know?"

"Maybe I did, but I'd never let myself think about it. When I saw Nick for the first time, I made a fool of myself. He was just overwhelming. I felt so strange. I'd never looked at someone like that before. He looked so good, sitting there in my jacket."

"Your jacket?" Joey said.

"Oh. I'm getting it all messed up." Matt giggled. "Nick has that effect on me I guess. Let me see. I was just finishing up the photo session, when Nick came in. He was wearing the same t-shirt and sweater that I was, so I lent him my jacket. He invited me out to dinner..."

Matt told Joey everything that had happened during those first few days in LA. They'd had dinner that first night at Tony's Place, and they'd talked until the restaurant closed. Matt had been so disappointed when he'd realized that Nick didn't have his phone number, but he'd been so surprised and thrilled when Nick had called the next day during rehearsals. Nick's voice had sounded so bad that night when he'd called--he'd overworked himself so that he could take the day off and watch Matt tape the show.

Matt remembered how he'd woken up early the next day, and had arrived a bit early at the hotel for breakfast with Nick. Nick had been there waiting for him--he'd actually been early. Nick's voice was better, but Matt had been worried. He's felt guilty that Nick had strained his voice just to see him. Matt had felt so strange when Danielle had been all over Nick that morning at the studio, and again later when she'd asked him out that night. He'd been thrilled when Nick had told her no, because he'd rather just hang out with him. They'd had a nice evening that night--dinner at home, introducing Nick to Joey, Andy and their parents.

After they'd left the house that evening, he'd met the guys. He'd been so happy, he'd answered all of the questions Brian had asked Nick about what they'd done that day. He'd been so embarrassed when Nick had told the fan he was wearing briefs. Looking back on it now, Matt knew that it was knowing that Nick had checked him out that had embarrassed him. Of course, he'd watched Nick get dressed that day too, but that was, well, something he just did.

Joey had been there the next day when they'd gone to the concert, but Matt told him all about it all over again. It has all started when he'd woken up early because of a wet dream. Telling Joey that was a bit embarrassing. He hadn't even told Nick that, but somehow, it was part of the whole story. It needed to be said. Not the details of course, but he had to tell Joey how Nick made him feel. Even when he didn't understand it, Nick still had that effect on him.

Matt told Joey how sad he'd been that night when he got home after the concert, when he knew Nick was leaving. He'd been so frustrated when Nick didn't call. He'd found out later from Brian how grumpy Nick was on the bus, because Nick had missed him. Matt had been so thrilled when he realized that Nick needed to talk to him. That Nick needed his friendship. Just like Matt needed Nick.

He'd fallen so hopelessly in love with Nick during those first days. He hadn't realized it until that awful night when Brian had called. It was only six days ago, but it seemed like a different lifetime now. He'd finally faced the fact that he was gay after Joey had gone home that night. Matt had been so excited on the plane, and Brian had arranged everything. He'd been so excited when he was waiting for Brian to find Nick.

That first look at Nick when Brian had pushed him into the dressing room was something he'd never forget. Nick was in so much pain. Nick had tried to run away, until Matt had grabbed him. He knew now just how lucky he'd been that he had caught Nick then. That first kiss from Nick had been such a surprise. He'd felt so bad, knowing he'd hurt Nick so badly. But, he was determined to make sure Nick understood how he felt.

Nick had been so perfect at the concert that night. His voice had never been better. He'd looked so beautiful standing there singing. He could still picture Nick as he stood there onstage, singing their song to him. He'd gotten so excited listening to Nick sing, and then Brian had sent Nick to him before the show had finished. He told Joey what Nick had said to him on the way to the room. His hands had shaken so much he couldn't read the room number, but he'd tackled Nick when they'd finally gotten to their room.

Matt even told Joey that just kissing Nick and feeling Nick's weight on him was enough to make him cum in his pants. Joey thought that was funny. It was really, but he'd been just so excited. Nick made him feel so good. Matt had been disappointed when Nick had fallen asleep that night, after they'd had sex in the shower. But, he'd had a wonderful night anyway, sleeping with Nick beside him.

Brian had knocked on the door on Tuesday morning while Nick was still sleeping. Brian had already guessed about them, but Nick had been so worried that he'd lose Brian. Even after Brian told Nick it was okay, Nick had asked Brian if he hated him. Nick had been so sure Brian would hate him.

Matt and Nick had a great time that day, talking, going for a walk, and cuddling on the couch. Joey was surprised to hear about how the guys had accepted it when they'd told them all that night. Brian already knew, but Kevin had been so supportive. AJ and Howie had walked out, but Matt had found them later in the bar. AJ had come around after the interview, but Howie was still upset about it all. But at least, Nick's fear that the group would break up hadn't happened. Howie was at least working with him still.

Matt told Joey how Nick had slowly grown more confident in himself, and in their relationship. Nick had been so terrified that Matt would go away those first few days. Nick had even been afraid when he'd taken too long to find the shampoo that first night. And again, the next morning, Nick had been afraid it was all a dream. But, slowly, Nick had been able to accept that Matt really did love him.

Joey even learned about their conversation that last night. After the romantic dinner that Matt had arranged, and dancing to their song, they'd finally told each other that they didn't want anyone else. Matt had been so worried that Nick didn't love him like that. But, now he knew. Now he had no doubts whatsoever.

Matt showed Joey the watch that Nick had given him, and the inscription on the back. Those words said more than everything else. Nick really didn't need to spend all that money on him. He'd have been happy with just the words.

It took most of the evening, and the entire pot of coffee before Matt finally came to the end of his story. Despite his interest and joy seeing Matt so happy, Joey found himself struggling to stay awake. He really was at the end of his strength.

"Oh Joey, I didn't realize how late it was." Matt said. "You must be exhausted."

"Yeah, I guess I am" Joey said. "We still need to talk about what we're going to tell Mom and Dad tomorrow though."

"We've got all day tomorrow for that. Go to bed. I'll clean up here." Matt stood up.

Joey stood up too. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah" Matt said.

Joey smiled, then he yawned again. "Sorry. I guess I better get to bed."

"Good night" Matt said as he watched Joey go. It only took him a few minutes to get everything cleaned up. From there, he headed into the bathroom, then into bed. That's when he picked up his phone and called Nick. He still had lots of things he needed to tell him.

Matt was cold. He slowly became aware of how cold his back was. The pillow beneath him was soft, but his back was cold. Where was he? Where was Nick?

Oh. Right. Nick was on a bus somewhere, and he was here, in Joey's apartment. Alone again. But, that's not true. He had Joey now. He smiled as he remembered his evening with Joey last night. Joey had been so interested in everything that had happened between him and Nick. He'd told him everything. They'd stayed up so late. Joey looked like he was barely awake.

What time was it? Late morning. He sat up and stretched. It was time to get up. He needed to use the bathroom, and breakfast would be good. Definitely.

By the time Matt had taken a shower and was dressed, he still hadn't seen any signs of life from Joey. He must have been really beat. Matt took a few minutes to pack all of his stuff back up. He was going home today after all. He didn't want to leave anything behind. When that was finished, he headed into the kitchen to see what he could find for breakfast.

As Matt expected, Joey had a well stocked kitchen. It took a bit of searching, but he found what he wanted. Once the coffee was started, he made some French Toast. He knew this was one of Joey's favorites. The coffee was ready. There was also a small pile of toast ready, and the table was all set. He was just about to go in and wake Joey up when he appeared.

"Good morning Matt" Joey said.

"Hi Joey" Matt said. "Breakfast is ready. I hope you're hungry."

"Yeah" Joey said. He looked at Matt, and smiled. "You didn't have to make breakfast."

"Hey, after everything you've done, it's not a big deal. Besides, I thought you were probably still tired." Matt thought for a moment. Would Joey object? "Joey? Can I ask you something?"


"It's just that...well..." Matt stopped and took a deep breath. He couldn't look at Joey, so he looked at the floor. "Can I give you a hug?"

Matt was startled when he suddenly felt Joey's arms around him. He looked up and smiled. He returned the hug.

"You don't need to ask Matt."

"It's just, well, I don't know. I miss Nick so much. And I don't want you to think..."

"You're my brother Matt. You can have a hug anytime you need one." Joey thought for a minute. "What's happened? You never used to like it when I hugged you."

"It's all Nick's fault I guess." Matt sighed. "He's trying to get me to open up more, so I can talk to him."

"Nick is good for you if he's finally gotten you to open up." Joey smiled. "Well, we're brothers. We give each other hugs, because we like each other. That goes for Andy too. He always gives you a hug when you come home. Don't stop that now."

"Okay" Matt smiled. "Thanks. Come on, let's eat."

The two of them made quick work of breakfast. It wasn't long before everything was gone, and they were sitting sipping their last cups of coffee.

"So, what happens now?" Joey asked. "What are we going to tell Mom and Dad?"

"I don't know Joey. I don't know what to tell them."

"Well, we didn't tell them much when you left, did we?"

"No, and they seemed pretty mad. Have you talked to them since?"

"I've seen Andy, but Mom and Dad weren't around. Andy didn't say anything."

"They probably haven't told him." Matt said. "They don't say much to him. He probably doesn't even know they're mad at me."

"Well, they're not used to you not doing what they tell you." Joey laughed. "They're used to that from me, but you've always been so good."

Matt smiled. "I suppose. Well, it's time that changed. I've got to take control of things."

"Yes, you do. You can't allow Mom and Dad, or anyone else to control what you do."

"I know. I've got to figure something out, or I'll never see Nick."

"It'll be hard for Mom and Dad to understand. You've always let them tell you what to do."

"But, I need to..."

"I know. You do need to stand on your own. You need to take control of your career, and the rest of your life."

"I know. I've already talked to Ross. It's Mom and Dad that I'm more worried about. I don't think they'll like it when I won't do what they think I should."

Joey thought for a moment. "You know what I did when I decided I couldn't take that anymore? I moved out. Maybe you need to do that."

"Is that why you moved out?"

"Well, partly. I also knew I couldn't bring any guys home. Do you think you'll be able to bring Nick home?"

"Oh, there's no way I could do that. It just wouldn't work. Even if they knew about me and Nick, I don't think I could..."

Joey laughed. "See, that's why I decided I had to move out. When I did that, it was easy to take control of my finances too, and try to get my life together. I think I did okay."

Matt smiled. "I guess I need to do this too."

"Why don't you move in here? There's lots of room, and it would be nice to have you around."

"Really? Wouldn't I get in your way?"

"I don't think so. We get along pretty well, and we don't have many secrets. Not anymore anyway."

Matt laughed. "You're right about that. Maybe I should move out. That would make things easier."

"Well, how about you move in next weekend. That'll give me time to clean up a bit. That should also give Mom and Dad a bit of time to get used to the idea."

"Okay. Should we tell them about it tonight?"

"Maybe we should wait to see how things go. What are we going to tell them?"

Matt thought for a moment. "I really don't know. I can't lie to them. That just never seems to work."

"Haven't you been lying to them all these years? I mean about being gay."

"I suppose. But mostly I've been lying to myself about that. Do you think I should tell them the truth?"

"You mean, come out to them? I don't think I'm ready for that. I don't know about you, but I don't think I can tell them that. Not now anyway."

"Are you sure? Nick thought maybe I should tell them. He was so afraid of what the guys would think, but that all turned out all right."

"Parents are different. I'm really not ready to do that yet." Joey paused. "Maybe we can do that later. There's no rush."

"Okay. You're right, there's no rush. I guess I could tell them part of the truth. Maybe that would be enough."

"It's going to have to be. I think we need to get you moved out, and standing on your own before we tell them everything. So, tell them you went to see Nick because he was having trouble. Personal problems that you won't discuss."

"Well, that's certainly true. Do you think they'll buy it?"

"I hope so."

Matt looked at Joey. He sighed, and opened the door. This wasn't going to be fun. Not at all.

Joey closed the door behind them. They looked around for a moment, and were about to announce their arrival when they heard Andy. He ran over to Matt and almost knocked him over in his enthusiasm.

"You're home!" Andy said.

"Hi guy." Matt said. Remembering Joey's words earlier today, he returned the hug. Joey was right. Andy was special, and there was no reason not to show him that.

"Hey, don't I get a hug too?" Joey asked. The smile on his face made it clear he was just teasing.

Andy untangled himself from Matt, and hugged Joey too. Matt straightened up, and picked up his bag again. He smiled as he watched his brothers.

Andy turned to look at Matt. "Did you have a good trip? How come you didn't tell me you were going? How's Nick? Did he beat you at Nintendo? When is he coming back so I can beat him?"

Matt laughed. "Hold on Andy. One thing at a time. I need to say hi to Mom. Why don't you and Joey go and get the game all setup."

"Okay." Andy said.

Matt went into the kitchen, and found his mom as he expected. It looked like she had dinner almost ready.

"Hi Mom" Matt said.

"Hi Mathew. How are you?"

Mathew? Oh, was he ever in trouble. She never called him that. Never. "I'm okay. Do you need any help?" What was he supposed to say?

"No. Dinner is almost ready. Wash up and call your brothers."

"Okay Mom." She didn't even say please. Matt went into his bedroom and dropped his bag on his bed. He noticed a pile of messages on his desk, along with the scattered books that he'd left there. The notebook that he'd been writing in when Brian had called was still open to the same place. He wondered what his mom had thought when she'd seen that--that was the page that had been all wet from his tears.

Well, no time for that now. He went into the bathroom, and quickly got washed up for dinner. Then he left his room, and closed the door behind him. He went and found his brothers. He told them that dinner was ready, and they all went into the dining room.

Andy seemed to sense the mood, and quieted down as soon as they got there. Matt and Joey said hello to their father, and took their places at the table.

The atmosphere over dinner was strained. Whenever Matt or Joey tried to start a conversation, it was quite clear that they weren't going to get anything out of their parents. Even simple things like talking about the food didn't work. They got quick answers or just a thank you.

It was Matt's father that broke the silence. "Andy, go to your room now. We need to talk to your brothers."

Matt was surprised. Andy just got up and left. That wasn't normal for him. Matt had expected at least a token protest.

"So, what do you have to say for yourselves?"

Matt looked at Joey. What was he supposed to say?

"It's not Joey's job to save you here Mathew. Why did you take off like that, without explaining yourself?"

"It was just something I had to do. I couldn't explain it then."

"So, explain it now. Why did you run off like that?"

Matt sighed. Well, here goes nothing. "I had to go and help Nick. It was a personal problem."

"Nick Carter?" Matt's Mom asked.


"Why didn't you come home on Friday night?"

Oh. They knew he'd been in LA, but he didn't come home. That meant Joey was in trouble too.

"Matt was at my place," Joey said.

"Why?" Mr. Lawrence said.

"Because I didn't want to come home" Matt said. There was no way of softening this. "I couldn't deal with your questions on top of everything else. When Joey offered to let me stay there, it seemed like the best thing."

"On top of what else? You're not answering my questions Mathew." Matt's father's voice was cold.

Because he didn't know what to say. Because it was all too new to him. Because he knew Joey wouldn't grill him like this. Those were the real reasons. But what could Matt say? There wasn't really anything he could say. "I can't tell you that."

Matt looked down. Why did his father always make him feel like he was five again? His father never really talked to him, except for a bit of small talk, or when he was in trouble like this. He'd always felt distant from him. He just wasn't part of his life. Unless he was in trouble.

Damn it. He wasn't five. He was a man, who'd done what he had to do. He'd done the right thing. He knew that. He wasn't going to be sorry for what he'd done. Nick would have died without him. Nick would have died. He'd rather kill himself than let that happen.

Matt looked up and calmly met his father's gaze. "I did what I had to do. I'd do it again if I had to. My trip to Toronto was more important than the show, or college. Joey asked you to trust me before. I did the right thing."

Joey tried hard not to look surprised by Matt's words. Matt was right. But, there was no way that this was the right time to tell his parents the truth. They were clearly so angry they'd never listen. Matt's words weren't likely to make that any better, but there wasn't much choice.

"That's all you have to say?"

Joey held his breath for a moment. Should he say something? Could he say anything that would help? If he told them that Matt had done the right thing, they'd just be angry because they'd know that he knew more than they did. That would just make them feel worse.

"No, there's one other thing Dad." Matt said. "This probably isn't the best time, but I've decided that it's time for me to move out."

Matt heard his Mom's gasp of surprise. He kept his eyes trained on his father. His mind was made up. Joey was right--it was time to move out. He'd never been surer of that than he was now. His parent's behavior was a surprise. He'd expected them to trust him. Instead, they were treating him like a child.

It took a few moments before Mr. Lawrence said "That would be best."

"Where will you go?" Matt's Mom asked.

Matt turned to look at her. "I'm going to move in with Joey. At least for now."

"But, can't you stay here until you get your own place?"

"Mom, I want him to move in with me." Joey said. "It'll be nice to have him around."

"When?" Mrs. Lawrence looked close to tears.

"Well, I guess I could pack a bag, and come for the rest of my stuff on the weekend."

"Can't you stay until the weekend at least? One last week? Andy would like that."

Matt glanced at his Dad, then smiled slightly at his Mom. "If you don't mind."

"That'll give me time to clean up too" Joey said.

"Okay, then it's settled. You'll stay here until the weekend at least."

"Thanks" Matt said. He stood up. "I guess I should tell Andy."

Joey glanced at his dad. He was clearly still angry. His mom looked like she wanted to cry. Joey stood up and said "I'll come with you Matt." Together they walked out of the dining room, towards Andy's room. They could hear their mom's quiet sobs as they left, and their father's silence. What else could they have done?

Matt knocked softly on Andy's door. "Are you awake bro?"

The door opened a crack, then Andy opened it wide. He looked like he was afraid to open it, until he saw Matt and Joey. They went into the room, and closed the door.

"Are you okay?" Andy asked. "They sure seemed to be mad at you."

Matt smiled. "They are. Can I have a hug?" He was surprised by the fierceness of Andy's embrace. "We need to tell you something Andy. You're not going to like it. Let's sit on the bed."

They moved over and sat on the edge of the bed. They positioned Andy between Joey and Matt. Matt looked at Joey for a moment, then turned back to Andy.

"Andy, it's time I moved out of the house. I'm going to move into Joey's place with him."

"What? Why?"

"I've just gotten too old to live here anymore. There comes a time when everyone has to move away from their parents. It's just that time for me."

Andy looked at Joey, then back at Matt. "Can I move out too? I wouldn't take up much room. I'd be good. I wouldn't be any trouble."

Matt felt the tears as they started down his face. He put his arm around Andy's shoulders. He looked at Joey and saw that the tears had started there as well. Joey wrapped his arm around Andy too.

"I'm sorry Andy. You're still too young. You still need Mom and Dad to look after you."

Andy looked at each of their faces. The look of hope on his face faded, and he looked down. His shoulders moved as he started to sob.

Joey and Matt tightened their grip on him.

"You can come and visit anytime you like" Joey said.

"And you can phone us whenever you want to." Matt said.

"And we'll all get together at least once a week."

Andy looked up. "Promise?"

"I promise. Once a week." Joey said.

Andy looked at Matt. "I promise." Matt said.

Matt sighed as he closed the door to his room. After a moment, he locked it too. He really didn't want to deal with anyone now.

He went over to the bed, and unpacked his bag. Most of the clothes went into the laundry basket. He'd do a wash or two tomorrow. It was too late to start one now.

He came across the CD that Kevin had given him, and put it on the nightstand. He'd finally get a chance to listen to it. Then he found the package that Brian had given him in the limo. Should he open it now? Brian had said to wait until he was alone.

No, he'd wait until later. He needed to finish up here, and call Nick. There was plenty of time to open the present later. He gathered up his stuff, and took it into the bathroom.

He looked at himself critically in the mirror. What was it that Nick liked so much? Was it his eyes, or his smile, or what? He didn't see anything particularly appealing. Well, that really didn't matter much. So long as Nick was happy.

He brushed his teeth and got ready for bed. Once back in the bedroom, he got undressed and put the clothes into the laundry basket. They needed to be washed too. At least he had more clean clothes here. If he'd had to stay away for any longer, he would have run out.

He looked around the familiar room, and thought about how different it felt now. This was his old room, from his old life. It wasn't him anymore. He looked around and considered which stuff he'd throw out, and what he'd take with him. Certainly Andy would like some of his old stuff. He didn't have room for all of this, and he really didn't need it either.

Andy had been so sad when he'd learned he was moving out. It would be hard on him. He'd had two brothers for a long time, then Joey had moved out. Matt remembered how that felt. He thought Joey had abandoned him for a while. He didn't want Andy to ever feel that way. Not if he could help it.

Old habits came into play, and Matt went over and cleaned up the mess on his desk. He'd simply abandoned his studies when Brian had called. The desk was clean enough, but it wasn't really clean either. It only took a moment for Matt to organize everything, and put everything where it belonged. That felt better.

Matt found his phone, and went over to the bed. He turned down the bed, then paused. Yeah, it felt better to sleep without his briefs. He took them off, and threw them into the laundry too. Then he slipped into the bed.

He propped up the pillows, and leaned back. He adjusted a pillow to a more comfortable position, and picked up the phone. He dialed the familiar number and was soon telling Nick everything that had happened.

To be continued....