Boy Meets BSB, Chapter 23


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It was a beautiful night. The sky was clear, and the occasional star could be seen between the buildings. The air was crisp, but not too cold. It seemed that spring was actually going to arrive this year after all. New York still seemed cold to Joey after LA.

Joey stole a quick look at Kevin as he walked along beside him. He looked so good, Joey almost tripped over his feet.

Should he tell him? What would he do?

Kevin had been so accepting today. Joey had forgotten just how hard it was to be close to him. It seemed sort of strange to him that Kevin had insisted on walking back to the hotel with him. But, this was really the first time they'd been alone.

After Nick and Matt had left the apartment, the four of them had sat around and talked for hours. They'd gone through another pot of coffee, and a few cookies. It had been really nice to sit and talk with AJ, Brian and Kevin. It was really the first time he'd been able to talk with AJ or Brian.

And to think, he had been worried about how they'd react when he told them he was gay. If anything, that seemed to make them more interested in talking to him. They were obviously eager to know him better. It had been such a nice evening too. He'd felt comfortable with the guys. Matt was the only other person he'd ever felt this comfortable with.

And telling Matt this afternoon on the plane--that had been an incredible experience. He still felt euphoric with relief.

But telling Kevin how he felt--well, that could really mess things up between them. Even if Kevin was happy to have a gay friend, he might not like to know how he felt about him.

Of course, there was the other possibility. Maybe Kevin felt the same way? Joey just didn't know. He couldn't trust his feelings where Kevin was concerned. But, if he never told him, he'd always wonder.

"It's a beautiful night, isn't it?" Kevin said.

The sound of Kevin's voice sent a shiver through Joey. He just had to ask. He couldn't stand it anymore.

"Kevin, I really need to tell you something. It's just, well..." Joey took a deep breath. Just say it! "I really like you."

Kevin didn't say anything. He just kept walking. They continued along in silence, as Joey tried to figure out what to do now. He'd told Kevin, but he hadn't said anything. What could he do now? He had blown their friendship? Was Kevin trying to find the words to tell Joey that he liked him too? What was going on?

Kevin suddenly stopped. After a moment Joey, stopped too.

"I...I guess I knew that Joey." Kevin sighed. "Listen, can we go up to your hotel room and talk about it? Just talk though--I don't want you to get your hopes up. I'm not gay Joey. But, I would like to talk to you about it."

"Okay." Joey didn't realize how much he'd hoped Kevin felt the same way. Now, his hopes were gone. He'd picked the wrong guy. Why did he have such poor taste in men?

No more words were spoken as they came to the hotel. They walked over to the elevator in silence. The nearer they got to Joey's room, the heavier the silence seemed to Joey. He was trying his best not to break into tears. It was slowly sinking in. Kevin wasn't gay. He had no hope.

Joey fumbled with the key, trying to unlock the door. Kevin seemed to understand, and he waited patiently until Joey managed to open the door. They stepped inside, and Joey heard Kevin close the door behind him. The only light in the room was from a single lamp over beside the bed.

Kevin gently steered Joey over to the couch, and they sat down together.

"I'm sorry" Kevin said. "I didn't mean to lead you on. I..."

Joey was trying to hold the tears back. He was really surprised by the depth of his feeling for Kevin. He hadn't thought he'd allowed himself to fall this hard for him. What was he going to do now?

Kevin suddenly covered his face with his hands. Then he started to sob.

Joey looked over in amazement. Why was Kevin crying? What was he supposed to do now? He wanted to hold Kevin, and tell him it would all be okay, but was that asking for trouble? Did he want to do that for himself, or did he really want to console Kevin? He just didn't trust himself anymore.

In the end, he couldn't help himself. He put his hand on Kevin's shoulder, and Kevin suddenly buried his face in Joey's chest. Joey held him, as he'd always wished he could. He gently rocked him, and made soothing noises. Oddly enough, Joey didn't feel as bad now. Was that because there was someone else to worry about?

When the sobs grew quieter, Kevin sat back. He looked at Joey, and tried to smile.

"I'm sorry Joey. I didn't want to hurt you."

"It's okay. It's my own stupidity I guess."

"No Joey. I think I knew all along. I just didn't want it to end. You see, you're the first person I've ever felt I can really be myself with. The guys are great, but I've always got to look out for them. You're the first person I've ever felt like I didn't need to look after. I guess I really do love you Joey, just not that way. I couldn't bear the thought of losing your friendship, so I just ignored it, and hoped you weren't..."

"I think that's why I love you so much too." Joey said. "You're the first person I think I could lean on if I needed to."

"Can we be friends at least? I couldn't..."

"Of course Kevin. We're more than friends, we're family."

Why was the elevator so damn slow? It seemed to be crawling up to their floor. Matt could feel Nick's presence so close to his side, but he knew he couldn't touch him. There was just too much risk. He'd have to wait until they got up to their room.

He still couldn't believe it. Nick had asked him to marry him! That was just such an unexpected thing. It would be so perfect if they could be together always. Nick's question still seemed unreal somehow. It was so hard to believe he'd want to do that. It would be so difficult for them to be together, but he knew they'd figure something out.

Why had he worn such tight jeans anyway? First the plane, and now this. They were just so uncomfortable when he was around Nick. He should have remembered that, and worn something a bit bigger.

Would they never get to their floor? It was taking forever! If he had to stand this close to Nick for much longer, he was just going to jump him right here.

But, that wasn't right. Tonight, he had to keep his own desire under control. Tonight, he was going to concentrate on Nick. He was going to show him what he'd learned.

Matt was surprised to find that he wasn't nervous. Excited yes, but not nervous. He'd dreamed about this for so long. Now he was ready. It would be perfect. He'd show Nick how much he really loved him.

The elevator doors suddenly opened, and Nick stepped out. It took Matt a moment to realize they'd finally arrived. He followed Nick out of the elevator, and down the hall. Nick stopped at the first door he came to, and opened it. Nick stepped into the room, and held the door open for Matt.

When Matt entered the room, he stopped and stared. The room was stunning! The lights were soft, bathing the room in a warm glow. In the center of the room was a huge bed, with a white satin duvet. In fact, most of the room was white, with the odd splash of color here and there.

Matt felt Nick as he came up behind him and wrapped his arms around him. Nick rested his head against Matt's shoulder.

"Like it?" Nick said.

"It's beautiful," Matt said. He turned around, and wrapped his arms around Nick's waist. He could feel his erection as he pressed against Nick. His eyes searched out Nick's, and their lips met. Matt closed his eyes, wanting to be lost in the caress of Nick's lips, but Nick pulled back.

"Wait" Nick said. He walked over to a dresser and picked up a vase of white roses. He brought them over to Matt and handed them to him. "These are for you."

"They're beautiful," Matt said. "Thank you."

"I've got another surprise for you" Nick said.


Nick smiled. "Just give me a minute, okay?"

Matt watched as Nick went over to his bag. Nick opened it up, and removed a smaller bag. Nick smiled shyly, and then went through a door. Was that the bathroom?

What was Nick up to now? Was he getting changed? Matt heard the sound of water running. Was that the sound of a bathtub being filled? Then Nick reappeared at the door.

"In here" Nick said.

Matt returned the vase to the dresser, before he joined Nick. Nick took his hand and together they walked inside. There, Matt saw a huge bathtub, slowly filling with steaming water. Nick had put something into the water. The scent was wonderful--not flowery, or even terribly strong. It was hard to describe. He'd never smelled anything like it before.

The tub was surrounded by mirrors on three sides, which made the glow from the candles seem all that much brighter. Nick had even turned on some soft, romantic music.

"I thought maybe we could have a bath together." Nick said. "That is, if you want to." Nick felt a sudden pang of doubt. Flowers, candles, music, it just seemed too much. Would Matt think it was too dumb?

Matt looked at Nick's face and smiled. "That's a wonderful idea Nick. But, how did you get a room like this?"

Nick giggled. "Well, when I asked the hotel manager, he told me that they only had bathtubs big enough for two in the honeymoon suites. So..."

Matt laughed. "Mr. Carter, I think you're trying to have your way with me."

Nick laughed. He looked like he was going to say something, but before he could get the words out Matt had drawn him close, and wrapped his arms around him. Matt smiled as he looked into Nick's eyes.

"I missed you" Matt said.

Nick leaned down, and kissed him. He put everything he had into that kiss. All the nights he'd thought about this moment as he'd tried to sleep in his empty bed. All of those moments when his thoughts had suddenly returned to their few short nights together.

When the kiss ended, it took a moment before Matt remembered where he was. Everything had disappeared in Nick's embrace. He's waited so long for this.

Nick slowly realized that he could still hear the sound of the water running. He'd left it running! He tore his eyes away from Matt for a moment, and saw that the tub was almost full. He reached over, and turned the water off.

Matt watched as Nick bent over and turned the water off. He felt almost dizzy as he looked at Nick's backside. His hands itched to feel Nick's bare skin once more. It had been too long.

Nick felt himself blushing as he realized that Matt had been staring at his body. It was such a strange feeling to know that Matt was watching him.

Nick moved over, and circled Matt's waist with his arms. He gently pulled Matt's shirt out of his jeans. Slowly, one hand at a time, he slid his hands under the shirt until they found flesh. The warmth and softness of Matt's back felt wonderful. Slowly, Nick moved his hands up, bringing the shirt with them. Matt lifted his arms, and Nick pulled it off.

Nick's breath caught as he got a glimpse of Matt's chest. He remembered the feel of the muscles, the roughness of the chest hair, the smoothness of the skin. His hands moved of their own accord, reaching for Matt. They made contact, and drew them together again.

Matt's hands moved to Nick's waist, and pulled them together. Matt could feel Nick's hardness as it ground against his own through the layers of cloth. His hands moved to the small of Nick's back, and gently freed the shirt from his pants. One hand slid down, to touch those soft cheeks. Matt saw a flare of desire in Nick's eyes. The other hand moved under the shirt, and up Nick's back. Upwards it traveled until it reached those shoulders. He held Nick for a moment, and then used both hands to remove his shirt.

Nick couldn't stand it any longer. He fumbled for a moment, before he got the button on Matt's jeans undone. The other buttons yielded swiftly as well, allowing him to slip both hands inside. The hands slid inside Matt's briefs, and found his cheeks. With a little effort, they pushed Matt's jeans and briefs down before they returned to cup Matt's butt. Nick pulled Matt toward him, almost lifting him off of the ground. He pressed his lips to Matt's. He could feel Matt trembling as he held him.

Matt almost lost himself as he felt Nick's hands again. How he'd longed for that touch! But, it was too soon. It was too fast. He had to regain his control. He couldn't let himself go yet. As badly as he wanted to release, he couldn't let that happen yet.

Matt pushed Nick away, and before Nick could react, Matt had dropped to his knees. He looked up at Nick, and reached for Nick's belt. The buckle yielded swiftly, then the button. Matt didn't waste any time. He pulled Nick's pants down, freeing his erection. The sight brought a smile to Matt's face. Matt's hands returned to cup Nick's cheeks, as he buried his face. Matt licked the base of Nick's arousal, and heard Nick's gasp. He moved his attentions lower, and suckled Nick's loose skin. The smell of Nick filled his senses. He felt Nick's hands on his head, pulling him closer.

Matt could feel Nick's growing excitement. As much as he wanted to give Nick this, he had much more in mind. Matt pulled himself away from Nick. He kept his grip on Nick's hips. Nick seemed to be a bit unsteady at the moment. Matt looked up and smiled at the sight of Nick's flushed face. His eyes slowly opened. The look of desire Matt saw there was almost too much.

"Let's get you undressed first," Matt said. His voice was low, husky.

Nick seemed to be unable to speak at the moment. Matt chuckled to himself, as he untied Nick's shoes. He got Nick to step out of each shoe, and then he slipped the pants the rest of the way off. Finally, Matt managed to get Nick out of his socks. Matt sat back and surveyed his handiwork.

Nick looked down at Matt kneeling on the floor in front of him. He was so sexy! It was hard to control himself. He didn't want to cum so quickly. They had the whole night. Nick forced himself to turn around and look at the tub. He'd forgotten the bubble bath! He searched for a moment before he found the bubble bath, and emptied the small vial into the water. He bent over to test the water temperature, and mix the bubble bath through the water. He was startled by Matt's whistle. He turned to find Matt watching him.

Nick flushed, and turned back to the tub. He quickly stepped into the water, and sat down. Perhaps a bit too quickly--the water was hot. But, it felt so good, as he lay back. He felt his erection go in the warm water. He stretched out and looked up at Matt.

Matt had turned around, and he was removing his last sock. Nick got a good look at Matt's butt, as he balanced on one leg while he removed the sock. Nick smiled, and whistled. He giggled at Matt's startled reaction.

When the pesky sock was finally off, Matt slowly turned and walked over to the water. He took his time as he got into the water, wanting to make sure Nick watched him. Matt watched Nick's face, smiling as he saw Nick looking at him. Matt stretched out in the water beside Nick. Nick's arms encircled him, and drew him close. Matt lay back, resting his back against Nick's chest.

In the warm water, with Nick's arms holding him, Matt relaxed. He breathed deeply, as he felt content for the first time in weeks.

"Married!" Matt said. "That's just so wild!"

Wild? What's wrong with getting married?

"How are we going to do that? There's so much to think about. So much to do."

Too much? Didn't he want to get married? Didn't he want to? Was Matt not sure? They hadn't been together that long. Maybe it was too fast?

"When are we going to find the time? How will we ever manage to do it?"

He didn't want to get married! He just kept talking about how hard it would be.

Matt sighed. "Will we ever be able to be together?"

He did think it was stupid. Matt didn't think there was any way for them to be together. He'd be off on tour, and Matt would be in LA. They didn't have any future at all.

Matt suddenly realized Nick had been silent all this time. His arms were no longer holding him, but just resting on his chest. Nick's face was no longer pressed against his head. Matt turned, so he could look at Nick. He caught a glimpse of something in Nick's face, before Nick looked away.

"What's wrong Nick?"

He didn't answer.

Matt knew something was wrong. It was plain from Nick's posture and his silence. Matt shifted so he was beside Nick in the water. He reached out, and touched Nick's face. He ran his finger along Nick's cheek, and said, "What's wrong? Please talk to me Nick."

"Don't you want to get married?" Nick tried his best to get ready for the answer. He couldn't look at Matt. He already knew the answer. He had no hope.

"Of course I do!" Matt said. He was surprised by the question.

"But, you're saying it'll be hard. You think it's stupid. You don't really..."

"Nick, look at me."

Did he dare hope? It took a moment before he could force himself to look at Matt.

"I love you. I want to spend my life with you. You and nobody else ever. I want to grow old with you and be with you every day. Always."

"But, it'll be hard..."

"The best things always are." Matt smiled. "We'll figure something out. Everyday I'm not working I'll come on tour with you. Maybe you can spend more time in LA. There must be good studios there too. Isn't your management company there anyway? Maybe you can do some videos there, or something. We'll do what we have to."

"You can't just leave everything and go on tour. What'll happen to Joey, and Andy?"

"I don't know. We'll figure it out. I promise."

Nick searched Matt's face, searching for any hesitation or doubt. After a moment, he knew. Matt really did want to be with him forever. He felt a huge surge of relief. He'd almost let his doubts get between them. Nick pulled Matt toward him, and they kissed.

Matt was never sure how long that kiss lasted. Time simply had no meaning when he was with Nick.

When Matt opened his eyes and saw Nick watching him, he was overwhelmed by a sudden burst of desire. He smiled. He'd planned what he wanted to do before. Now that they were engaged, and in the honeymoon suite, it would be even better. Better than his hottest dream.

Nick raised his hand, and gently caressed Matt's face. He pressed his hand against Matt's cheek. How beautiful he was. His face was so perfect, his smile so inviting. Nick still had trouble believing his luck--Matt really did love him.

Nick's hand on his face was soft, his caresses light. Matt remembered the touch of those hands in his dreams. That dream that had returned, time and time again, ever since the first time, on the morning of that concert in LA. That morning when he'd woken with the memory of those hands.

Matt turned and grasped Nick's hand, gently kissing the palm. He looked at Nick and smiled. "I dream of these hands."

Nick smiled.

"You remember the concert in LA? Well, I had the most incredible wet dream that morning. It kept coming back to me too. There were these hands..."

"My hands? I thought you didn't know until later?"

"I didn't. But I recognized your hands in the shower that night in Toronto."

"Oh" Nick said. He remembered Matt's response when he'd held his cheeks in the shower that night. Still, it was unexpected--Matt had dreamed about him?

"These hands caressed my legs, coming further and further up. They moved up to my butt. Then I felt your lips. When you took me into your mouth, your fingers moved inside me and I came."

Fingers inside? Oh.

"It was incredible" Matt said. He pressed his lips against Nick's hand again.

Nick wasn't sure he liked where Matt's thoughts were going. He still remembered that time that the doctor had stuck his finger in there--it had hurt! What if Matt wanted to do that? Nick knew that lots of guys did that, but he wasn't sure he liked that idea.

"Can I wash you?"

The question startled Nick from his thoughts. He looked and saw Matt smiling at him. He had to smile back. "Sure."

Matt found some soap, and Nick moved into the middle of the tub. Matt moved behind him and started running the soap over his back.

Matt's touch was soft and gentle. Nick had forgotten how wonderful it felt when Matt stroked his skin. He felt the tension leave his shoulders as Matt's hands eased the muscles. He felt Matt move behind him, circling him with his legs. Matt's hands continued to caress his shoulders, then they moved down onto his chest. Nick felt himself being gently eased back, until he rested on Matt's chest. Matt's hands continued to stroke his chest, arms and hands.

Matt leaned in, and nibbled Nick's ear. A little gentle pressure on the lobe, then a quiet whisper in the ear. "I love you so much..."

Nick felt a thrill run through him at Matt's words. He hadn't realized just how tense he'd been about asking Matt to marry him. He's worried about it for a week--ever since he'd talked to Brian about it. Planning for this visit from Matt and Joey, getting the supplies for the bath, arranging the room and everything else--it had been a hectic time. Not to mention, worrying about whether the guys would support and accept Joey.

Nick's thoughts became erratic, as Matt's hands continued their caresses. They washed his chest, and slowly moved lower and lower. Nick had never known how wonderful it could feel to have his chest muscles stroked. He couldn't help himself--felt his growing excitement. Then Matt's hand grasped him, and Nick moaned.

"Well, look what I found" Matt said. He gently stroked Nick, bringing him to full hardness. Matt flushed as he thought about what it would feel like when Nick was inside him. Could he really fit this inside? Suddenly, he felt more aroused than he'd ever been before.

With Matt stroking him, his body pressed against his back, and Matt's breath in his ear, Nick was finding it harder and harder to control himself. He wanted to explode. But, it was too fast. He didn't want to cum this quickly.

Summoning all his strength, Nick pushed Matt's hand aside, and pushed back against him. He turned his head, and found Matt's lips. Nick gave Matt a quick kiss, then sighed. He looked at Matt and smiled. "Was I that dirty?"

Matt giggled. "Sorry. It's just...well..." Matt grinned. "I missed you."

Nick shifted, so he could wrap his arms around Matt. He pulled him close and kissed him. "I missed you too. It's been too long."

"Ready to get out?" Matt smiled.

Nick couldn't help but giggle at Matt's mischievous grin.

They took a moment to rinse each other off, before they got out of the tub. As Nick stood there, Matt found one of the hotel's towels and wrapped him up in it. The towel was huge--almost large enough for two. Matt wove the towel tightly around Nick, and hugged him. Then Matt started to dry himself off by rubbing his body against Nick. That got them both giggling.

Matt startled Nick by suddenly picking him up, towel and all. Nick couldn't free his arms, so he couldn't even hang on as Matt carried him out of the bathroom, and placed him gently on the bed. He wasn't alone on the bed for long though, as Matt lay down on top of him. Matt kissed him tenderly and then said, "Aren't you dry yet?"

Nick giggled, and tried to kiss Matt again. But, Matt moved back, out of his reach. Matt smiled, and moved off of the bed. That gave Nick a nice view of Matt as he stood there, fully naked and erect. The sight took his breath away.

Matt slowly turned, and quite deliberately, walked slowly around the bed. When he reached the other side, he lifted the covers, and slipped between the sheets.

The bed was so huge it seemed to Nick that Matt was just too far away. Nick suddenly found the strength he needed to unwrap the towel. He quickly stood up, and almost ran around the bed over to where Matt was. He lifted the covers and gasped as he saw Matt lying there waiting for him. Nick didn't waste any time getting into the bed. Matt hadn't left much room for him, so Nick just lay down on top of Matt. That made it easier to kiss him.

When the kiss ended, Matt slowly opened his eyes and looked at Nick. The wonderful weight of Nick as he pressed against him, grinding their erections together brought back memories of that time in Toronto. That was when he'd first learned to love Nick's body.

But, tonight, it was time to do more than just rub themselves together. Tonight, Matt was going to get what he'd wanted for a long time. What he'd dreamed about, so many times.

It took a bit of effort to get Nick to move off of him, and Matt felt a pang of regret. He'd missed the feeling of Nick's weight on him more than he knew. But, that wasn't how they were going to do this. Not the first time anyway. Matt's hand explored Nick's body, and found his hardness. The gentle pressure brought a gasp to Nick's lips. Matt stroked him a few times to make sure he was fully hard. Matt could feel his own urgency, and his finger found a spot of wetness at the tip of Nick's erection. Matt brought the finger to his lips, and tasted the precum.

Matt smiled and removed his hand. He looked at Nick's flushed face, and said "Just a minute."

Nick was startled when Matt suddenly got out of the bed. Once again, he couldn't help but watch as Matt walked over to his suitcase. Nick's fingers itched, as he watched Matt's tight butt. He just wanted to feel Matt's skin beneath his fingers again.

Matt searched in his suitcase for a moment, before he turned and started back toward the bed. Nick could see that Matt was fully erect, bobbing gently as he walked toward him. When Matt got back to the bed, he stopped for a moment, and Nick could see the wetness on the tip. He reached out and gathered the precious fluid with his finger. The taste was more wonderful than he'd remembered.

Before Nick could wrap his lips around Matt's hardness, Matt had slid back into the bed. He pushed the covers off of Nick, and let his gaze wander for a moment over Nick's body. As he'd hoped, Nick was fully erect. He looked close actually. Good, that was what he wanted. He didn't think he'd be able to last very long. He'd wanted this for too long.

It took a moment for Matt to get the box of condoms out of the paper bag. It was the same box that Joey had snuck into his suitcase when he'd gone to Toronto. He thought for a moment about Joey, and how concerned he'd been that they use a condom. That made sense. He knew Nick was safe. He trusted Nick when he said he'd never been with anyone, but a condom was still a good idea.

Matt found that the foil on the condom was a bit hard to get open. Why did they make it so hard to get these things out? But, he managed it quickly enough. He took the condom out, checked to make sure he had the right side, and grasped the tip. That was the trick--to put it on Nick without a big bubble of air in the tip. When he touched the condom to Nick's erection, Nick suddenly gasped again. Matt was suddenly afraid that Nick was too close.

He rolled the condom down, trying to avoid stroking Nick at all. He was startled by Nick's words.

"What are you doing Matt?"

Matt looked up at him and smiled. "We're going to make water balloons." He turned back, and found the tube of lube. He squeezed a bit out onto his fingers, and gently coated the condom. Lots of lube was essential he knew. He didn't want to increase Nick's excitement just yet though, so he tried not to touch him very hard.

"But..." Nick was worried. He remembered all too well the pain he'd felt when the doctor had put his finger in there. And he was certainly bigger than a finger. "Won't it hurt?"

Matt smiled. "Nope. I don't think so anyway. At least, it doesn't hurt when I do this." Matt put some more lube on his finger, and started to spread it on himself. Nick couldn't see what he was doing from where he was, so he sat up, and tried to get a better view. He caught a glimpse of what looked like a couple of fingers inside, before Matt pulled his hand away.

"Hey, lie back! No fair peeking." Matt pushed Nick back onto the bed, and moved to straddle his body. He leaned forward, and kissed Nick.

Matt sat back up, and smiled down at Nick. His eyes were still closed, and his face was flushed. Clearly, Nick was close. Matt steadied himself by putting one hand on Nick's chest. He reached behind, and felt for Nick's hardness. Nick gasped as Matt's hand found what it was looking for. Nick's eyes flew open as the hand guided it to the target.

Nick looked up and saw the look of surprise on Matt's face. Then Matt let out a deep sigh and seemed to relax. Nick felt himself being pulled into the hot, tight grip of Matt's ass. Matt's cheeks rested for a moment against Nick's hips, before Matt closed his eyes. Matt's whole body seemed to shudder then he slowly started to move. Both hands were pressed against Nick's chest now, fingers grasping at the nipples.

Suddenly, Matt made a loud cry, and his eyes flew open. Nick felt the grip tighten, as Matt's body convulsed. Spurt upon spurt of cum flew onto Nick's chest. Every movement of Matt's body seemed to generate another spurt. Matt's breathing was ragged, his face twisted. Then he collapsed on Nick.

Nick wrapped his arms around Matt, and tried to calm him. Matt's breath was hot in his ear. He could feel the slickness of Matt's cum between their bodies, Matt's stiffness pressed between them. Nick was still inside Matt. The tight grip had loosened, and Nick pulled Matt up a bit so that he slid out. He didn't want to cause Matt any more discomfort.

Nick held him for a long time, as Matt's breathing slowly returned to normal. Nick loved the feel of Matt's body against him, his breath against his cheek. His hands explored Matt's back, savoring the muscles he remembered so well. Nick slowly felt his own excitement die down.

"Oh, that was incredible." Matt gasped.

"Are you okay?" Nick asked.

Matt smiled. "Of course." Matt rolled off of Nick, and then stood up. "I'll be right back."

Nick watched as Matt walked into the bathroom. His chest felt cold now that Matt wasn't keeping him warm. Matt's cum on his chest was slowly drying, adding to his chill. Nick was trying to decide whether to get the towel and clean himself off, when Matt returned.

Matt had apparently cleaned himself off in the bathroom. He brought a hand towel with him, to clean up Nick. He smiled at Nick, as he wiped his cum off of Nick's chest. Then Matt removed the condom. He looked at Nick with surprise and said, "You didn't cum?"

Nick wasn't sure what to say. Matt could see that he hadn't cum. "I..."

Matt smiled. "Oh, so we can do it again!"


"Sure." Matt's hand started to explore Nick's body.

"But, it didn't hurt? You liked it?"

"Of course I liked it. You felt wonderful inside me." Matt leaned down and kissed Nick.

Nick closed his eyes as Matt gently brushed his lips. Then after a moment, he reached up and pulled Matt back down onto him. He wrapped his arms around Matt, and held him tightly. Matt had liked it. It hadn't hurt him. He'd actually liked it. Nick realized he'd never expected that. He knew he didn't want to have Matt inside him, but it had felt good to be inside Matt. If Matt really liked it, well, who was he to object?

Matt ground his body against Nick. He was hard again--that just seemed to be something that happened when Nick was around. Especially when they were alone. And now, as they kissed, he could feel Nick getting hard again. Maybe this time, he'd be able to hold off for a bit longer, so that Nick would enjoy himself too. After all, that was what he'd wanted tonight. To give himself to Nick. To show Nick how much he meant to him.

This time, he was going to make Nick do the work though. He wanted to feel Nick's body on his. He wanted to watch Nick's expression and see his face when he came. Matt broke the kiss, and pulled back. He watched Nick's face for a moment, before Nick opened his eyes.

"This time you get to be on top." Matt smiled, and rolled off of Nick. He lay on his back on the bed, and arranged a pillow under his head.

Nick sat up and looked at Matt. He was so sexy, lying there. Nick realized he was very aroused at the sight of Matt's body, and what Matt wanted him to do. But, he wasn't sure where to start. "What should I do?"

"Well, first you've got to make sure I'm properly lubricated, so you don't hurt me. The lube is on the nightstand."

Nick looked at the table beside the bed, and picked up the tube of lube. He opened the tube up, and squeezed some onto his fingers.

"Now, spread that on me" Matt said. He bent his knees, and spread his legs so Nick had access.

This was Nick's first good view of this part of Matt, and he was surprised at his reaction. He felt his breath leave his body in an involuntary gasp. Tentatively, he reached out, and caressed Matt with his fingers. He slowly spread the lube around.

The light, soft touch of Nick's fingers was incredible. It felt so different from when he touched himself there. Matt couldn't help wiggling around a bit, as Nick's fingers rubbed him. Nick was being too soft. He wanted to really feel him.

Nick watched Matt's face as he moved his fingers. Matt certainly seemed to be enjoying himself. His eyes were closed, his face was getting a bit flushed, and his breath was starting to become erratic. Nick stopped. Was Matt getting too excited? Or, maybe he was doing it wrong?

After a moment, Matt opened his eyes and looked at Nick. He swallowed a couple of times, before he said, "Now, you need to spread some inside." His voice was low, and sent a shiver through Nick.

"Inside? Really?" Nick wasn't sure he wanted to do that.

"Yeah." Matt swallowed again. "You won't hurt me."

Nick squeezed a big gob of lube onto his finger. He looked at Matt, and seeing the look on his face, he gently put his finger next to his opening. He was surprised when his finger just slipped inside with very little pressure. He glanced again at Matt's face, to see if he looked uncomfortable. Matt's eyes were locked onto him, and he only saw eagerness in his face. Nick smiled and wiggled his finger a bit. That caused Matt to moan, and move around too. Nick's smile got a bit bigger as he saw how much Matt liked what he was doing.

Encouraged by Matt's reaction, Nick explored a bit, before he removed his finger. Nick watched Matt for a moment, before he decided he'd add a bit more lube. They had lots after all. He squeezed another large blob of the lube onto his finger. This time he watched Matt's face as he gently pushed his finger inside. The look of pleasure and longing that Matt gave him was almost too much.

"Nick..." Matt's voice was low, pleading.

Nick quickly removed his finger, fearing that he'd gone too far.

Matt sighed deeply. After a moment, he looked at Nick. "Put a condom on. Hurry."

Nick smiled. Hurriedly, he fumbled for a condom from the night table. His slippery fingers made tearing the foil wrapper off too hard. Frustrated, he quickly wiped his fingers and the condom with the towel. That made it easier to rip open the package and get the condom out.

He looked at it closely. He'd never seen one up close before, and he wasn't sure just how to put it on. After looking at it for a moment, he decided which side to use, and he unrolled it. The sensation was unfamiliar, yet oddly familiar as well. He remembered that Matt had added some lube to the condom after he'd put it on before, so he found the tube of lube and added some. He used his right hand to spread the lube over himself. A couple of strokes, and he marveled how different it felt. Lube over a condom was very strange, compared to just his hand and spit.

"Hurry up!"

Matt's words startled him. He looked up at Matt, as he blushed. Nobody had ever seen him stroke himself before. It was a strange feeling, even though it was Matt.

Seeing Matt lying there, with that look of longing on his face, Nick forgot all about himself. He knew now that Matt was eager for him to complete their union. Nick realized there was nothing he wanted more. Last time had been too fast. This time, they'd make it last.

Nick moved into position, and looked at Matt. Encouraged by the small smile that Matt managed, looked down, and carefully aligned himself. He pressed against Matt's opening gently, as he didn't want to hurt him. He looked up, and saw Matt looking at him. Their eyes met, and Matt sighed. Nick felt himself being drawn inside. The tight, hot grip felt wonderful.

Once again, the feeling of Nick slowly sliding inside him surprised Matt. He felt his breath leave him in an involuntary cry. There was no pain, only a feeling of fullness. It was as if he was suddenly more than just himself--he was connected. They were connected by their love.

Nick glanced at Matt, and watched as his chest rose and fell in the soft light. The cry from Matt had startled him--he'd expected to see pain on Matt's face from the intrusion, but Matt seemed to be relaxed. Nick slowly withdrew a bit, and pushed back in again. Matt moaned again, and clenched the bed sheets. Nick stopped, and watched Matt. Was he hurt? Did he want him to stop?

The thrust of Nick into him was almost more than Matt could handle. The feeling was incredible, like nothing he'd ever felt before. He closed his eyes, and felt his hands suddenly grip the bed. Distantly, someone was making a noise, but he didn't care. The flush of pleasure he felt overwhelmed him.

Then suddenly, Nick stopped. It took a moment before Matt could regain enough control to open his eyes and look at him. Why had he stopped? Matt wiggled a bit, trying to get Nick to move again. He sought Nick's eyes and found the look of concern there. Matt tried to say something, to tell Nick how much he wanted him to keep going. But, the words wouldn't form. He opened his mouth, in the hopes that the words would come out, when Nick started to move again. Once again, there was that noise as the world disappeared in sensation.

The look of pleading, longing in Matt's eyes had been enough to convince Nick. His doubts were gone now. Matt really wanted this. Nick could see the pleasure shooting through Matt's body every time he thrust into him again. Each movement brought another moan or cry from Matt. His body was eagerly anticipating each thrust. Nick leaned down, and rested himself against Matt. He wished he could kiss him, but he needed his breath. Instead, he buried his face into Matt's neck, savoring the wonderful smell of Matt.

As Nick rested against his chest, Matt wrapped his arms tightly around him. The angle of Nick's thrusts changed, which heightened Matt's pleasure. With each thrust, his arms pulled Nick further and further into him. He had never wanted to explode more--the slightest movement of Nick above him seemed to just increase his excitement. Nick's breath against his neck, his hair against his face felt so wonderful, so real. Nick's weight on him, and the glorious feeling of Nick inside him was too much. He wanted to explode. He wanted to pour out his love for the entire world to see.

Nick was finding it harder and harder to get his breath, as Matt squeezed him tightly. But, nothing could stop him now. He was enveloped in sensation, as he thrust into Matt. Matt's hands on his back, his breath in his ear, his body beneath him, and the wonderful grip whenever he thrust into Matt. He could feel Matt's excitement between them, and it seemed that Matt was close. Suddenly, Matt shuddered under him, and gripped him tightly. Matt gave a loud cry and tightened the grip of his arms even more.

Matt felt that the world exploded with him. His eyes flew open, and this time he knew the cry was from him. He'd never felt a climax like this. He couldn't control his body as Nick continued to thrust into him. He felt his cum being pumped out of his body. Spurt after spurt, each time Nick thrust. He thought he'd never stop, as Nick kept thrusting into him. He involuntarily gripped Nick even tighter, on each thrust.

Matt's loud cry in his ear was almost painful, and Nick raised his head involuntarily at the sound. He opened his eyes and saw Matt's face just as he felt the first shudder of Matt as he came. He couldn't stop now. He was so close. Matt's face was flushed, his breath coming in little gasps. Nick felt Matt grip him tightly, as he thrust into him. Each thrust now was rapid, forceful. Nick tried to concentrate on Matt as he felt himself getting closer and closer. When he found Matt looking into his eyes, he abruptly lost control. Thrust after thrust brought his pleasure to unknown heights.

It seemed like a lifetime before Nick finally stopped his thrusts. They lay tightly wrapped together, slowly regaining their breath. Nick had collapsed onto Matt, and they lay like that for a few minutes before Nick slowly felt his strength return. He felt Matt's arms slowly release their tight grip on him, and he raised his head to see Matt's face. To his surprise, he discovered that Matt seemed to be almost asleep. Nick smiled and gently kissed Matt.

"I love you so much." Nick's words were soft, barely audible. Nick felt close to tears as he looked tenderly at his love. Matt was so beautiful, so perfect. He'd given so much to him. Nick felt so incredibly proud that Matt loved him. He was so lucky.

Gently, trying not to disturb Matt, Nick slowly withdrew from him. After a moment, he slowly stood up, and looked at Matt lying on the bed. His chest rose and fell slowly in the light covered with his cum. Nick smiled to himself. Matt had really liked this--there was the proof. He looked so perfect lying there.

After a moment, Nick forced himself to tear his eyes away from Matt, and made his way into the bathroom. He needed to get cleaned up a bit, and certainly Matt needed to be cleaned up. It took Nick a few minutes before he could finally relieve himself. He used a washcloth to clean himself up, and threw the used condom into the trash. He wet the washcloth with warm water, and returned to the bedroom.

As carefully and gently as he could, he did his best to clean up Matt. The cum just seemed to be everywhere. Nick had to rinse out the cloth, and make a second attempt before he was satisfied that he'd gotten most of it.

The problem was, even now that Matt was sleeping, he still hadn't lost his erection. To further complicate things, Nick couldn't help but remember how wonderful Matt tasted as he cleaned him up. He was so tempted to wake Matt up, and get a proper taste again.

Before he lost control, he pulled the bed sheets over Matt, and went back into the bathroom. Matt was obviously tired. Should he wake him up, so they could have sex again? Clearly, Matt's erection told him that he wanted to. The more he thought about it, the better the idea seemed. Matt wouldn't mind, would he? He was probably just tired for a moment.

Then Nick remembered what Matt had told him earlier. Matt had a reoccurring dream--how had it gone again? Nick thought for a moment to make sure he knew what he was going to do.

He giggled to himself as he left the bathroom. Matt would just love this!

Why was it so quiet? The silence seemed unnatural, loud somehow.

Andy opened his eyes, and found darkness. The house was strangely quiet. He turned to look at his clock, and found it was off. Ah, that must be it. The power was out.

There was a sudden flash of light. It startled Andy for a moment, before he realized it was just lightning. He smiled to himself as he remembered.

It was a few years ago, when he'd woken up late one night during a thunderstorm. The quiet in the house, followed by the loud crash of thunder had frightened him. He'd crept into his parent's room, but his father had told him to stop being a sissy, and get back to bed. He'd gone into Matt's room instead, and woken him up. Matt had been so nice to him. He hadn't gotten upset at being woken up--he'd just tucked Andy into bed beside him. Then Matt had talked to him, and they'd watched the storm together. Andy could still remember the warmth of Matt beside him, as they watched the sky light up and listened to the thunder.

Andy quietly got out of bed, found his robe, and crept down the hall to the room that Matt and Joey had once had. He knew the room was empty now, but he wanted to be there. The door opened quietly at his touch, and he closed it behind him. The room was quiet, dark. His slightest movement echoed in the emptiness.

But, it wasn't a frightening emptiness. Somehow the room was alive with memories. Andy walked into the middle of the room and sat on the bare floor. He knew the room was totally empty now. All traces of his brothers had been removed. But, he could still picture the room as it had been before. This room had always been a source of comfort for him.

There was another flash of lightning, which lit the room suddenly. Andy turned to watch the sky. One wall of the room was mostly windows. It was here that he'd first learned to love thunderstorms. Here, with Matt beside him to show him the wonder of the storm.

Joey and Matt were in New York tonight with Nick and the rest of the band. Andy wished he could be there with them. It was so hard not to be able to see them when he wanted. At least he could call now.

But, being here in this room, surrounded by wonderful memories, he felt safe and warm. He knew his brothers were happy tonight. He would see them soon.

When the storm had passed, Andy returned to his bed and sleep. Despite being cut off from Matt and Joey, he was content. He knew that it wouldn't last. He'd be with them again soon.

To be continued....