Boy Meets BSB - News

It has been a very long time since chapter 22 was posted. Let's see. Chapter 22 was posted on October 16, 1999. And it's June 28th as I write this now. That's a very long gap.

The good news is that I've finally finished the story. It's taken me forever it seems, but I actually do have the final three chapters sitting here on my computer. Aside from a final edit (and pass by my beta readers), they're ready to go.

So, here's the deal. I'll be posting one chapter a week for the next little while. Why don't I post them all at once? Well, I'm told that I'm a horrible tease. Maybe that's the reason. Anyway, I'm posting this notice to give you all a chance to catch up, refresh your memory of the story and re-read it if you feel so inclined.

In case you're not interested in reading the whole thing again, I'll include a short synopsis here of the outstanding issues in the story. It's hard to wrap everything up, if you forget what's going on after all.

So, here's the schedule for the final three chapters of Boy Meets BSB. These dates are when I'll send the story to the archive for posting. The archivist may not be able to make them available to you immediately. I'm sure he'll make them available as soon as he can.

Chapter 23 . . . . . . . . . . . July 7th
Chapter 24 . . . . . . . . . . . July 14th
Chapter 25 . . . . . . . . . . . July 21st

The story thus far:

It all began a long time ago, when Nick Carter met the one guy he'd always secretly had a crush on: Mathew Lawrence. It happened at a photo shoot for some teen magazine. Nick managed to take Matt out to dinner that night, and they became friends.

In the few days immediately following that dinner, Matt was astonished to discover how close a friend Nick had become. It wasn't until later, when Nick returned to touring that it really hit him. He'd never really had a close friend like Nick, and he really missed the time they spent together. When Nick finally called him from the tour bus, Matt got Nick to buy himself a cell phone, so they could keep in touch.

And so, over the next while, the guys kept in touch by phone. Each night, one or the other would make a call, and they'd review the events of the day with each other. Things were going well until Nick slipped up, and told Matt that he loved him.

Well, that ended the phone calls. Matt thought it was all some weird joke, and tried to get on with his life. Meanwhile, Brian was going crazy trying to figure out what was going on with Nick. When he ran out of other ideas, he called Matt and pleaded with him to talk to Nick. Brian was honestly worried that Nick was suicidal.

After a long conversation with Joey, and some soul searching, Matt climbed on a plane, and flew to Toronto to meet up with Nick and the guys. After Matt confessed his love to Nick, the BSB gave a great concert. Nick and Matt spent their first night together.

Over the next few days, Nick and Matt came out to the rest of the guys. Brian had it all figured out already, and was immediately supportive. Kevin was worried about the impact it would have if the secret got out, but he rapidly accepted the situation. AJ and Howie had more problems, although AJ came around.

Howie's problems were larger, and he found himself dealing with some old nightmares again. In these dreams, he witnesses an incident in a dark alley where a couple of guys were beaten to death. The dreams really trouble Howie.

When Matt returns to LA, he's busy trying to catch up on the time he missed on the show. He doesn't realize it yet, but when Joey comes out to him, they find a lot of common ground. Joey and Matt have become good friends, and have moved in together. Matt even tries to help Joey find a boyfriend, but that turns into a disaster. Joey would really rather pursue a relationship with Kevin. From the time Joey and Kevin had met, they'd discovered a lot of interests in common, and they'd really become good friends.

Andy meanwhile, is missing his brothers. It's even worse after Joey and Matt come out to their parents and are rejected utterly. Andy is forbidden to ever see them again, or even acknowledge that they exist. Their father is clearly not going to go along with this. >From the way he treats his wife, it's pretty clear he's big on control. Andy's mother is told to stop "coddling" him. Maybe Mr. Lawrence thinks that's what went wrong with Matt and Joey.

Nick flies out to LA when he finds out what happened when Joey and Matt came out to their parents. There, he meets Abby and Maitland. After a bit of a misunderstanding, Nick rejoins the rest of the BSB for the final concert of their current tour, before they head to the studio to put the final touches on "Millennium". (Yeah, it's been a long time eh?) Meanwhile, Howie has another of his nasty nightmares.

Joey and Matt manage to reconnect with Andy, despite their parents. Nick manages to talk Joey into coming out to NYC with Matt to visit. On the plane out, Joey tells Matt about his first experience--how he was raped years ago. When they get to the apartment where the BSB are, they all share a big dinner, and Nick stuns Matt by asking him to marry him. Howie sneaks away from the group, and the rest of the guys celebrate. After a while, Nick and Matt leave.

Well, that's the story to this point. As someone asked me in an email:

  • What happens to Joey? Does he ever meet someone (Kevin?) and fall in love?
  • Do Matt and Nick ever get married?
  • What in the world is going on with Howie? Did he participate in, or witness a gay bashing? Is he ever going to come around and accept them?
  • Just where are Nick and Matt off to?
  • Will Matt and Joey's father ever accept them back into the family?

Those are the outstanding questions. Let's see what happens now!