Brian in Love
Chapter 1
By Jesper Nielsen

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Author’s note
Hi all!
I am going to tell you a story that I really hope you will all like. This is my first story of its kind, and I would really appreciate it, if you would please send comments and suggestions for future chapters of the story, to Thank you!

I was on my way to the theatre in Hollywood to see my new movie, Careless Whispers, an authentic drama about a young teenager having problems with his sexuality, for the first time. I was so excited, because I had funded the movie, directed it and played the main character in it, so it sure was a big day.

Sitting there, in the back of the limo, practically scared to death, I was suddenly snapped out of my own thoughts, as Devon Sawa, who was sitting next to me, told me that we would soon be arriving at the theatre, and told me to relax:

    - "Calm down, Jesper! We’re soon at the theatre." Devon said.
    - "Calm down?!? How can I possibly calm down? This might be my break-through! You

probably know what I’m going through! I’m scared to death! Not just because it might be my
breakthrough, but also because I have $7.5 million in that project!" I said.

    - "Yeah, I know what you mean! Well, we’re here. You ready?"
    - "As ready as I will ever be, I guess" I said.
    - "OK, let’s go then"

As soon as we got out of the limo, everybody started screaming their head off. We quickly walked to the entrance of the cinema, where we started answering the reporters’ questions:

    - "Mr. Nielsen, is it true, that you funded this movie?" Some reporter asked.
    - "I didn't fund it all by myself, but I certainly did put in some money." I said.
    - "How much money is that?"
    - "You know i can't answer that question." I replied.
    - "Is it true, that there is a love scene between you two in the movie?"
    - "Well, you’ll all just have to wait and see for yourselves when the movies goes public next week, won’t ya?" Devon replied with a big, evil grin on his face.
    - "Is it true that the movie is about your own life?". Another reporter asked
    - "Yes, the movie is based on my own life. It's about my own coming-out problems. Guess you can say this is my way of coming out to other people than my friends and my parents." I replied.

Just then, another limo drove up to the reporters’ walk. As the door opened, out stepped the man of my dreams – Brian "B-Rok" Thomas Littrell along with the rest of the members of the Backstreet Boys! And the people in the area just started screaming louder.

    - "Devon, will you excuse me, I need to go see someone…" I asked.
    - "Sure, just don’t take too long." Devon replied.

I quickly ran to the boys, heading directly to Brian.

    - "Wow, hi guys! I didn’t know you guys would be coming here tonight." I said.
    - "Hi, Jesper! Well, we didn’t really decide to go until last week, and I guess we were lucky… Our management just had 5 tickets." Brian replied, as we shook hands.
    - "Well, it was nice meeting you all. I have to go now – back to all of the reporters, but I’ll see y’all inside in a moment, ok?" I said.
    - "Ok, see ya!" They all said in unison, as I walked back to Devon.
    - "Ok, I’m back." I said to Devon.
    - "Good, I think it’s time to go in now anyway. They’re serving Champaign inside now." Devon replied.

Devon and I went inside, picked up a glass of Champaign each, and started mixing up with the different celebrities that had already arrived to the cinema. Among the guests were Kim Basinger, Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio, Oprah Winfrey, David Letterman, Jeff Palmer, and Johan Paulik.

Well, when finished shaking hands, I once more met the Backstreet Boys, and I quickly got into talking with Brian.

    - "How do you feel right now?" Brian asked.
    - "Well, how can I best explain the way I feel right now? Practically scared to death! This might just be my ticket to the really big movies. Just hope that this preview goes well, and that everybody likes the movie." I replied.
    - "I'm sure you'll be fine, and that everyone will like the movie. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing it." Brian said.
    - "Thanks. Hey, we better go find our seats. The movie will start in 5 minutes. See you after the show." I said.
    - "Yeah, good luck!". Brian replied as I walked towards my seat.

When the movie ended, something that I really hadn't expected to happen, happened. Everybody in the theatre stood up, applauding. They really did like my movie! It was a success!
Devon was the first person to congratulate me, and soon Brian came over to me. When he came to me, he gave me a quick hug, congratulating me, which I returned. 'Wow!' I thought to myself. He actually hugged me! Brian Thomas Littrell hugged me! The man of my dreams!

    - "Congratulations, Jesper! The movie was a great success tonight!" Brian said.
    - "Thanks, Bri! I just hope the audience likes it just as well as the other stars." I replied

Then, Devon came back.

    - "Jesper, we are about to leave. Gotta go to that dinner!" Devon said.
    - "Hey, Bri, why don't you and the other Boys come along?" I asked Brian
    - "Hey, I'd love to. But I'll have to go ask the other guys. Be right back!" Brian replied.

Brian quickly returned with the other guys, who said that they'd love to go with us have dinner, and we took off to Planet Hollywood.
As soon as we entered the restaurant, everybody started screaming, and we were quickly mobbed. People actually wanted to have MY autograph! I was in heaven - meeting the man of my dreams AND people wanting my autograph!
Soon, Bruce Willis came to our rescue - he quickly got us out of the cloud of screaming fans, and got us seated at a table in one of the corners. Brian sat down next to me, very close, but I didn't move over - anyway, it WAS the man of my dreams sitting so close to me!

The waiter came to our table, taking our drinks orders.

    - "Do you gentlemen want anything to drink?" The waiter asked
    - "I'll take a Coke." I replied.
    - "Certainly, Mr Nielsen."
    - "I'll take the same." Brian said.
    - "Yes, Mr Littrell."
    - "How about a Sprise for me?" Devon said.
    - "Of course, Mr Sawa."
    - "Diet Coke." Nick said.
    - "Yes, Mr Carter."
    - "I'll have the same as my cousin." Kevin said.
    - "Yes, Mr Richardson."
    - "Diet Coke for me!" Howie D said.
    - "Yes, Mr Dorough. And you, Mr McLean?"
    - "I'll have the same as Howie."
    - "Yes, sir. I will be right back with your orders." The waiter said, giving us the menu, then leaving.
    - "So, Jesper, the movie is actually about your own life?" Brian asked.
    - "Yes, it is. About my coming-out problems." I replied.
    - "It was a really good movie. You pulled out a really good performance, too." Kevin said.
    - "Yeah, I was really good." Howie and AJ said in unison.
    - "Thank you, everybody." I replied, smiling.

The waiter returned with our drink orders.

    - "Are you ready to order your meals?" The waiter asked.
    - "Yes, I'll take the lasagna, and a lot of salad." I replied.
    - "Sounds good to me. Just make sure to put extra cheese on mine." Brian said.
    - "I'll have lasagna and salad, too". Devon, Kevin, Howie, AJ and Nick all said in unison.

When we finished eating, Brian, Howie, AJ, Kevin and Nick all excused thenselves, and went to the scene.

    - "May I have your attention, please." Kevin said, as people stopped talking.
    - "Thank you. We have a very special person here tonight. His new movie, 'Careless Whispers' just had preview premiere tonight, and his name is Jesper Nielsen. I think, this movie might be his break-through on the big screen. Well, we want to wish him good luck and congratulations. And we will do that by singing a few songs for him. First one is 'I want it that way'." Brian said, as the music started playing.

    "You are my fire
     The one desire
     Believe when I say
     I want it that way...."

    - "OK, the next song we planned to sing is 'Larger than Life'." Kevin said, as the music started.

    "I may run and hide
     When you're screamin' my name, alright
     But let me tell you now
     There are prices to fame, alright
     All of our time spent in flashes of light

     All you people can't you see, can't you see
     How your love's affecting our reality
     Everytime we're down
     You can make it right
     And that makes you larger than life...."

    - "Congratulations, and good luck in the future!" Brian, Kevin, Howie, AJ and Nick all said in unison, and all walked back to the table.
    - "Wow, thanks guys! I really didn't expect that. But thanks." I said.
    - "Hey, no problem!" They all said. Except Nick. I was starting to feel like he didn't like me at all. Why, I didn't know.

About an hour went by, me talking to Brian.

    - "So, Nick. Why do I feel like you don't like me?" I asked.
    - "What do you mean?" Nick replied.
    - "Well, you haven't talked to me at all." I said.
    - "Oh, I'm just kinda tired. Can we please go back to our hotel now?" Nick said.
    - "Sure, its getting late anyway." Kevin replied.
    - "I'll have Jesper drive me home, OK?" Brian said.
    - "If it's OK with Jesper, I don't see I would be a problem. We have tomorrow off anyway." Kevin replied.
    - "OK, see ya'll later then." Brian and I said in unison.
    - "See ya." Kevin, Howie and AJ said as they left.
    - "So, are you a relative of Leslie Nielsen?" Brian asked.
    - "As a matter of fact, yes I am. He's my uncle." I replied.
    - "He's just sooo funny! I love that actor! Is he just as funny when private?" Brian asked.
    - "No, he usually try to behave himself when private. But sometimes I just don't work out. He can make everyone laugh!" I replied.
    - "Yes, he's definitely one of my fav actors. And actually, you're really good too!" Brian said.
    - "Thanks. I might be good in a drama, but I don't think I would be very good in a comedy with Leslie..." I replied.
    - "Maybe not. Most actors have a fav genre. Leslie's genre is comedies, and you like dramas." Brian said.
    - "Yeah, Leslie's genre might be comedies, but I've only been in ONE movie, so I really haven't really had the chance to choose a favourite genre of my own yet..." I replied.
    - "You might have a point there." Brian replied.

We just sat there, talking about everything - music, movies, actors, actresses, everything, for about an hour.


Nick immediately walked to his room when the limo returned to their hotel, slamming the door behind him.
Shortly after, he could hear a knock on his door.

    - "WHAT?!?" Nick screamed.
    - "It's me, Kevin. Can I come in?"
    - "Whatever. It's open." Nick replied.

Kevin entered the room.

    - "What's wrong with you tonight?" Kevin asked.
    - "Didn't you see the way Brian was flirting with Jesper??! 'I'll have Jesper drive me home' Ha!" Nick replied.
    - "So, you don't like gays? Or are you just jealous?" Kevin asked.
    - "No, I have nothing against gays. I just don't want to loose my best friend." Nick replied.
    - "So, you're jealous with Jesper. I understand that. You and my cousin have been best friends since we all met. But you really shouldn't act like this. I know Bri is gay, and so do you, but it's not certain that anything will actually happen between them." Kevin said with a comforting voice.
    - "I know, but..." Nick said
    - "No buts! And if anything DO happen between them, that doesn't mean that Bri will abandon you or anything. You could easily stay friends." Kevin said.
    - "Yeah, yeah. Please leave. I'm tired, and I want to be alone." Nick said.
    - "Sure. Sleep tight." Kev replied as he left the room.

Back at Planet Hollywood

    - "So, it's getting late. We better leave now, before the other guys gets nervous." I said.
    - "Yeah, you're probably right." Brian replied.

We both got up and walked to the exit, and my limo quickly showed up, and Brian and I got in.

    - "It's been a really nice evening. I had fun." Brian said.
    - "Yeah, I had fun myself. I just hope the public premiere goes as well as this one!" I replied.
    - "Don't worry, it will, so don't worry about it." Brian said with a serious voice.
    - "Don't worry? Heh! That's easy for you to say." I replied as the limo pulled up to Brian's hotel.
    - "I really had fun tonight. We have to repeat it. See ya!" Brian said as he gave me his telephone number.
    - "Yeah, we do." I replied, as Brian got out of the limo.

Brian got up to the third floor, where the Backstreet Boys were staying. He entered his own room, and laid down on the bed, looking up at the ceiling. Soon, a knock could be heard on the door.

    - "It's open." Brian said.
    - "Hi cuz." Kevin said as he entered the room.
    - "I think I'm falling i love, cuz!" Brian said.
    - "Oh, so things are working out between you two?" Kevin said.
    - "I don't know if it's working for him, but it certainly is working for me, that's for sure!" Brian replied.
    - "Well, wanted to talk to you about Jesper." Kevin said.
    - "Shoot." Brian replied.
    - "Well, Nick is kinda worried about it. He thinks that if you and Jesper start dating, he will loose you as his best friend. And I don't want that to happen, cuz I know how it feels to loose a friend. I've been there. And I don't want him to go through that too." Kevin said.
    - "What? That would never happen. I would never in my life abandon Nick." Brian replied.
    - "I tried to tell him that, but I don't know if he believed that. Could you please talk to him about it?" Kevin asked.
    - "Sure." Brian said, as he got up.
    - "No, not now. He's asleep, and he told me he wanted to be alone. Talk to him tomorrow instead, OK?" Kevin asked.
    - "OK. I better get to bed too. I'm kinda tired." Brian said.
    - "OK, good night then." Kevin said as he left the room and walked to his own room to get into bed.


    - "Did  you see the way Jesper was flirting with Bri?!?" AJ asked.
    - "Yeah, it was really discusting!" Howie replied.
    - "Yeah, fags are gross. Lucky we don't have any in our group!" AJ said.
    - "It sure is! Well, I'm tired. I'll go get some sleep." Howie said.
    - "Yeah, me too. Good night" AJ said as he left Howie's room, heading towards his own.

Soon, all the Backstreet Boys was alseep.

To be continued...

I hope you all enjoyed this chapter of 'Brian in Love'. I will try not to take too long writing chapter 2, and post it ASAP. Please send comments and suggestions to Thanks!