Brian in Love
Chapter 2
By Jesper Nielsen


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When I got to my hotel room, I fell on the bed, looking at the ceiling, when I heard a knock on the door.
I slowly got up - I was really tired - and opened the door, and there stood my agent, and brother, Alan.

    - "Oh, hi bro." I said
    - "Hi Yez. Sorry for not being at the preview. How'd it go?" Alan asked.
    - "Very well. Beyond all expectations. People loved it." I replied.
    - "That's good. Real good. By the way, mom told me to say hi and good luck." Alan said.
    - "Thanks. You wanna stay tonight, or do you have somewhere to go? I've got a spare bed." I said.
    - "Sure, why not?" Alan replied.

We quickly got ready to go to bed, and I quickly dozed off.

At 8 a.m. the next morning, Alan woke me up.

    - "Wakey, wakey, sleepyhead!" Alan said while he shook me lightly.
    - "God, what time is it??". I asked.
    - "8 a.m." Alan replied.
    - "Please! Just 5 more minutes! Please!" I said, using my 'famous' puppy expression on my face.
    - "Oh, no! That aint gonna work on me! Have it the hard way, then..." Alan said with a grin on his face, throwing a cup of ice cold water on me.
    - "Aaargh! Not fair! You're gonna pay for this. Some way or another!" I practically screamed, as I attacked Alan, tickling him.
    - "Argh! No more! Have mercy! Please stop, or I'm gonna piss in my pants!" Alan laughed.
    - "Yeah, alright. Call the roomservice then." I said.

Alan made the call to roomservice ordering bacon, eggs and bread, while I decided to call Brian.

    - "Hello?" I heard a very tired Brian say.
    - "Hi Bri, this is Jesper. Did I wake you up?" I asked.

Brian suddenly woke up.

    - "Oh, hi Jesper! Yeah, but it was time for me to get up anyway." Brian replied.
    - "So, are you guys busy tonight?" I asked.
    - "No, we have the day off. You?" Brian replied.
    - "Nothing, I've got the day off, too. You wanna go somewhere tonight?" I asked.
    - "Yeah, sure. Why don't I you meet in the lobby of your hotel at noon today then?" Brian replied.
    - "Sure thing. I'll see you then. Bye." I said, and hung up the phone.
    - "Who did you talk to?" Alan asked (he's VERY curious).
    - "Oh, right now? That was Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys." I replied.
    - "Ewww!! I hate their music! Only girls.... and gays.... would listen to their music. How did you meet them anyway?" Alan said with a teasing voice.
    - "Yeah, well. I like the music. Then again, I'm gay. Besides... Brian IS kinda cute... And I met them yesterday at the preview. You should have seen the fans as they showed up. Wow... What a reaction!" I said.
    - "Yeah, well. I think you could expect such a reaction when you show up in the future. I just received a fax from the editor of Newsweek's movie section. He rated the movie 5.5 on a scale from 1 to 6! He sent me a copy of the edition that is released today." Alan said.
    - "Wow! Let me see that article! Wow... nice headline... 'Careless Whispers: Choice of the Year'!. Let's see... 'The upcoming superstar Jesper Nielsen really deserves an Oscar for Best Actor for his part in this film.'" I was really thrilled about this!
    - "Oh, by the way. People Magazine wants an interview with you. Could you please call them when you have time." Alan said.
    - "Ohmigod! People Magazine??! Fuck yeah! I'll call them! Incredible, what one movie can do..." Now I was really, really thrilled!
    - "Hey, take it easy, or you're gonna have a heart attack or something!" Alan laughed.

Just then, there was a knock on the door. Alan got up, opened the door and let the bellhop in with the food. We ate, and headed for the gym and worked out for about an hour or so, and then went for the pool to swim.

    - "Let's go fetch some dinner." I said.
    - "Now? It's only 10.45 a.m." Alan said.
    - "Yeah, well, I have a da... an appointment at noon." I replied.
    - "Sure, let's go then."

We got out of the pool, went to the hotel restaurant and ordered our meals.

    - "Why don't you eat anything, Jesper?"
    - "I'm not very hungry right now. Besides, I'm gonna eat later this afternoon." I replied.
    - "Ok."

At about 11.45 a.m. I went to the lobby, and suddenly saw hundreds of people outside the hotel, thought 'Wow! How did all those people hear about the movie already??!', and decided to go outside, just to make sure Brian didn't get mobbed, when he showed up at noon.
I must have given 117 autographs, when a black stretched limo showed up, and a security guard helped me make a path trough the clouds of screaming fans, and I got into the limo.

    - "Hehe... now you know how it feels." Brian laughed.
    - "Yeah, and I could definitely get used to it." I said with a grin on my face.
    - "Yeah, for like 3 months or so. Sometimes fans can really be a pain in your ass. Believe me... I know what I'm talking about!" Brian said.
    - "Well, It's fun for now... Where are we going?" I asked.
    - "Well, why don't we go get something to eat? I kinda fancy a BigMac and a Cheeseburger..." Brian said with a smile covering like 90% of his face.
    - "Sounds good to me." I said, and Brian opened the window between us and the chauffeur and told him to take us to the nearest McDonald's.

We soon arrived at McDonald's, and luckilly there weren't many other people there, and we succeeded to sneak inside without anyone recognizing us, and ordered two BigMac menus and one Cheeseburger. Strangely enogh, not even the teenage girl behind the desk recognized us.

We went to sit down, and started eating. Soon, we were finished, but decided to stay for awhile, just to talk.

    - "Hey, Jesper, you're gay, right?" Brian asked.
    - "I sure am." I said with pride in my voice.
    - "Well, I kinda... I want to... tell you something." Brian replied, his face now blushing very fast.
    - "What is it? Tell me!" I laughed at Brian. He looked soooo funny sitting there blushing, looking down at the table and playing with the straw.
    - "Well, it's just that... It's really hard to say for me... But there's no easy way of telling it. Please don't tell anybody else. I'm gay." Brian mumbled.
    - "What did you just say??!" I asked cusiously.
    - "Oh, please! You heard me! Don't make me say it again."
    - "Yeah, I heard you, alright. I just got surprised, that's all. Why was it so hard for you to tell, when you know I'm gay?"
    - "Well, I guess I was just afraid that you would go tell..." Brian said as I interrupted his sentence.
    - "No way! If you don't want me to tell anybody, I won't. That's one of the things my friends really appreciate about me. I'm good at secrets and keeping promises."
    - "Thanks. I kinda have another thing..." Brian said, now blushing and looking down at the table again.
    - "What?"
    - "Well, the past two days have been some of the best in my life. I don't know if you feel the same thing about me. But you're really easy to talk with. And I kinda think I'm falling in love..." Brian said, now even more read in his face.
    - "Wow!" I said... This really knocked me out. Brian was falling in love. With ME! This was a dream come true.
    - "Great! Now I spoiled everything. I  knew I should never have brought it up. I better go." Brian said, starting to get up.
    - "No, wait. Don't go. You just... Knocked me out... I feel the exact same way about you... I think I'm falling in love with you, too." Now I could feel the heat starting to stream to my head too. I was blushing.
    - "Yeah? You mean that?" Brian was starting to smile again.
    - "Yeah! Of course I do. Otherwise, I wouldn't have said it." I replied in a serious tone.
    - "Guess so. Hey, why don't we go shopping together? I need some new clothes." Brian said, joy in his voice.
    - "Yeah, why not? I guess I need some new clothes, too."

With that, we left McDonald's, and spent the entire afternoon shopping. We got back to the limo to head home.

    - "Hey, why don't you spend the night with me at my hotel?" I asked Brian.
    - "Yeah, why not? I'll just have to tell the guys, though." Brian replied and gave Kevin a quick phonecall using the phone in the limo. "That's settled then. I'll be staying at your hotel tonight".
    - "Great!"

By the time we got back to the hotel, it was about 9 p.m., and we decided to go to the indoor pool to have a swim. There was nobody else there, so I decided to approach Brian.

    - "You know what?" I said with a evil grin on my face.
    - "What?"
    - "I want to kiss you."
    - "So kiss me."

We stood there in the low end of the pool The kiss must have lasted for at least five minutes, before we broke the kiss again.

    - "That's the best kiss I've ever got." Brian said, smiling.
    - "Yeah, same goes here. It's 10.30 now. Why don't we go to my room. I have a double bed there..." I said with a evil as ever grin on my face.
    - "Good idea." Brian said, smiling wide.

Luckilly, Alan wasn't there. I found a note on the drawer besides the bed telling me which room he stayed in. Brian and I quickly got undressed, and curled up in the bed, and started kissing again. We must have been ther in the bed, just kissing, for at least 45 minutes, when I broke the kiss.

    - "I love you." I said.
    - "I love you more."
    - "Not possible." I laughed.
    - "Oh, yeah" Believe me!" Brian laughed. "Why don't we get some sleep? I'm kinda tired. It's been a long day."
    - "Yeah, good idea. I'm kinda worn out too. Sleep tight." I said, as I kissed Brian once more. I just loved the taste of that guy. His soft lips. His tongue. Everything about him.
    - "You too." Brian replied as he returned the kiss.

We were both fast asleep.

To be continued...

I hope you all enjoyed reading this chapter of Brian in Love as much as I enjoyed writing it. Also, sorry for not publishing this chapter sooner, but I've had a busy couple of weeks recently, travelling to London etc. Please feel free to send comments, positive aswell as CONSTRUCTIVE negative, to Thanks.