Brian in Love
Chapter 3
By Jesper Nielsen

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At about 9 a.m. I woke up, and found Brian in my arms. 'Ohmigod! I wasn't a dream!' was the only thing I could think of. Soon, I could feel that I really had to use the bathroom, so I kissed him gently on his forehead, and started to wiggle myself out of Brians arms slowly, I didn't want to wake him. He looked so cute, when he was asleep.

As I was brushing my teeth, I heard someone knocking on the door. 'That must be Alan,' I thought to myself, and I walked towards the door and opened it slightly. Just then I saw that it was Leslie standing there. 'Fuck!' I though to myself.

    - "Hi, Lez! Could you please wait out there for a minute? I have to get some clothes on first. I thought it was Alan." I hesitated said.
    - "Of course, nef." Leslie said.

I quickly ran over to the bed and woke up Brian.

    - "Hey, what's up? World War Three??" Brian said, very tired.
    - "Almost. My uncle's here, and I don't want him to know anything is going on between us, so please get up and get dressed. Go to the bathroom and do something about that hair of yours." I said, while dressing.
    - "Sure."

I went back to the door and opened it, as Brian got to the bathroom.

    - "Hey, uncle, what's up? Long time no see." I said as I gave him a hug.
    - "Yeah, it sure is a long time since we met last. Hey, I saw your movie. It's terrific!" Leslie said, smiling.
    - "Thanks. When did you see it?" I asked.
    - "Last night. I phoned MGM and asked if I could see it, since I missed the preview Friday night. Actually, the reason why I am here is that my brother asked me to invite you to his 70th birthday. Interested?"
    - "Sure, I'm interested. Where and when will it be?" I asked curiously.
    - "Well, the party will be on December 1st. Back in Copenhagen..."
    - "Hmm... I'll have to speak to Alan about it then." I replied.
    - "Ok, hey, aren't you gonna let me in?" Leslie laughed.
    - "Oh, yeah. Sure. Sorry 'bout that."
    - "No problem. So, when will the public premiere take place?" Leslie asked.
    - "Friday night at 9 p.m. It will premiere here in USA and Denmark the same day, actually." I replied.
    - "Hmmm... that's kinda strange..."
    - "What is?" I asked with a strange look on my face.
    - "A movie that comes to Denmark at the same time as it comes to USA... Movies usually premiere in USA, and then comes to Denmark at least three months later."
    - "Oh, yeah. Well, as you know, I kinda funded that movie, and I requested that the movie would open in Denmark as well as in USA on Friday." I replied.
    - "Ok. Well, I guess I better go now. Looks like you could use a shower. By the way... nice love scene with Devon Sawa..." Leslie laughed.
    - "Hey, don't go there!" I laughed, as Leslie left the room, and I entered the bathroom.

    - "Hey, sorry for waking you up. You looked sooo cute there." I laughed.
    - "It's ok, it was time for me to get up anyway." Brian said, as he approached me, and we started kissing passionately.
    - "I love you." Brian said, as he broke the kiss.
    - "I love you more." I replied.
    - "Hey, that's my line!" Brian laughed.
    - "Yeah, guess it is. I see you already showered. I'll take a shower too."
    - "Can I come?" Brian said with a grin on his face.
    - "Nah, better not, cuz if you do, we won't be outa here for the next 4 hours or so, and I've got a meeting in... shit! 30 minutes! It's 9.30 already!" I replied.
    - "Damn. Meeting with who?" Brian asked.
    - "My dear brother and manager, Alan told me that there would be a few other people there, too. Who, I don't know.."
    - "Oh, I see." Brian said, with a sad voice.
    - "Don't worry. I won't cheat on you with them..." I laughed.
    - "You better not! Now, shower! You have less than half an hour left." Brian hesitated me, and gave me a quick kiss.

I showered for about five minutes, before I got out again, and started to do something about my hair, using like half a tube of hair wax, and I was finally ready to go to my brother's room on 5th floor, where the meeting would take place at about 9.55 a.m.
I got to Alan's room, knocked on the door, and Alan quickly opened it and invited me in.

    - "Right on time as always." Alan said.
    - "Yup. So, who am I going to meet today?" I asked.
    - "Well, Entertainment Tonight and Oprah Winfrey wants an inverview with you. Only thing is, that they both want the article to be an exclusive, so we might have an 'auction' here..." Alan laughed.
    - "Nice... Entertainment Tonight and Oprah Winfrey... When will they arrive?" I said with a grin on my face, as a knock on the door could be heard.
    - "That must be them. Late as always..." Alan laughed, and went to open the door.
    - "Hello, my name is Oprah, from the Oprah Winfrey Show, but I guess you already knew that..."
    - "And I'm Jerry from Entertainment Tonight."
    - "Well, don't just stand there. Come on in!" Alan said, and they entered the room and sat down by the table.
    - "Ok, as you might know, we've got a problem. You both want the interview to be exclusive, but that's impossible. Therefore, the one of you who have the most to offer, will be running off with the interview. Sounds fair?" Alan said.
    - "Of course." Oprah and Jerry said in unison.
    - "Well, we at Oprah are willing to give you 100,000 dollars plus an audience of about 75,000,000. How do you like that?" Oprah said.
    - "ET is willing to pay 200,000 dollars." Jerry said.
    - "How about 300,000 dollars?" oprah said.
    - "Wait a minute. Oprah, you said 75,000,000 viewers all over the world?" Alan asked.
    - "Yeah, every day more than 75,000,000 viewers follow the show." Oprah replied.
    - "Hmm... I think it's settled then. Oprah get the rights to the interview. You pay us 300,000 dollars for those rights." Alan said.
    - "Sure thing. So, we were talking about Wednesday. The premiere is on Friday, right?" Oprah asked.
    - "Yeah, the premiere is on Friday. Well, let's check the schedule... Yup, according to the schedule, Jesper is available Wednesday. When will you be shooting the show?"
    - "Wednesday at 4 p.m. here in Los Angeles, so that you won't have to travel." Oprah replied.
    - "Ok, it's settled then. Oprah got the exclusives, and we will be taping on Wednesday at 4 p.m. here in L.A. Anything else?" Alan said.
    - "Not that I know of." Oprah, Jerry and I said, whereafter Oprah and Jerry left the hotel room.

    - "300,000 dollars! For one interview! Wow!!" I screamed out, while jumping up and down.
    - "Jeez! Take it easy!" Alan laughed.
    - "Take it easy??! Hell no! It's alot of money! Let's go celebrate tonight! Oh, by the way. Leslie stopped by this morning to invite me to his brother's 70th birthday. Do we have time? It'll be on December 1st. So I think I just might have my birthday party at the same time if we go."
    - "Well, we don't have any plans so far, anyway. Sounds like a good idea, actually. Combined 19th and 70th birthday then." Alan replied.
    - "Great!"
    - "Oh, and by the way... Why don't we go to Denmark Wednesday or Thursday, so that we can attend to the premiere in Copenhagen Friday?" Alan asked.
    - "I don't see why not."
    - "It's settled then. I'll call the Continental Airlines then. We'll probably have to change in London, tho."
    - "Sure. We'll leave USA on Wednesday evening, and stay in London, ok? It's been a while since I went to Heaven the last time." I said.
    - "No problem. I'll just have to book a couple of hotel rooms as well then. Just don't expect me to go to that club... I don't like being hit on by other guys, you know..."

After I left Alan's room, I went back to my own room, and called Brian to invite him to go with us later tonight to celebrate the interview, and he agreed to go.
Alan left the club at about 1 a.m., and Brian and I left at about 5 a.m. On the way home in the limo, Brian invited me to go with him to his hotel, to which I agreed.

We entered the room, locked the door, and quickly Brian 'attacked' me, kissing me, touching me all over my body and slowly undressing me.

    - "Oh god, Jesper. I love you so much." Brian said as he broke the kiss.
    - "I know. And I love you too." I said as I started undressing Brian. By this time, I was completely naked, and soon Brian was naked too. We headed towards the bed, Brian pushed me down on the bed, and laid on top of me. He started kissing me again. I returned the kiss, and wrapped my arms around him.
Soon, Brian started moving down, kissing my neck and licking each of my now hard nipples. He quickly moved further down my body, and soon reached my rock hard 9" cock, and started licking the head of the body, as I let out a moan.
He soon started to move up and down my cock.

    - "Oh yeah, Brian! It feels sooo good!" I managed to say between moans.
    - "And you taste so good!" Brian said. He soon began to move further down my cock, now taking my entire 9" tool down his throat.
    - "Oh! Fuck yeah! I'm getting close! Don't know how much longer I can keep it back!" I practically screamed out.
    - "Give it to me! Give it to me!" Brian said in a passionate tone, and just then I started to cum. Brian swallowed spurt after spurt of my hot cum, wasting not a single drop. Eventually, I stopped cumming, and I sat up and gave Brian a passionate kiss, our tongues wrestling in our mouths.
    - "Damn, boy! That was good! I love you so much." I said as I broke the kiss.
    - "I love you too."

With that, we laid back on the bed, holding each other in the arms.

    - "Brian?" I asked.
   - "Yeah?"
    - "I will be going to Denmark Wednesday evening, after I've been on Oprah. You wanna go? We'll have to change in London, where we'll also sleep." I said.
    - "Wednesday? Don't know. I'll have to ask Kevin if we have any plans. When will we be back?" Brian asked.
    - "Sunday, I think. We're going to the Danish premiere of 'Careless Whispers'."
    - "Ok, I'll ask Kevin first thing in the morning." Brian said.
    - "Good. Hmm... Better leave. It's 6.30 already. Don't want anyone seeing me leave your room. People might think nasty things if they did..." I said with a grin on my face.
    - "Do you have to?" Brian said, begging me to stay.
    - "I'm afraid so. But call me, ok?" I said as I got dressed, and gave him my cell phone number.
    - "Ok, see ya." Brian said, and kissed me quickly on my lips, and I left.

Luckilly, there weren't any fans out front - either it was too early, or nobody knew where the Backstreet Boys were staying. Afterall, they just moved into another hotel.

Tuesday went by without any exciting events, except Brian told me that he could go with me to Denmark the next day, and we decided to meet at the airport at 6 p.m., as our plane left at 8 p.m.

Wednesday came, and so did the Oprah interview. It went by smoothly, and after the show had ended, Alan and I went to go get some food at the studio restaurant. When we finished eating, it was about 5.30 p.m., and we decided that it was time to go to the airport. Alan had been informed, that Brian was going, too. We got to the airport, in a limo, and soon found a crowd of screaming teenage girls, mobbing Brian. Alan quickly got me inside the airport, so that I wouldn't be mobbed, too, and called the security guards, asking them to 'save' Brian, and soon Brian was inside the airport, and we all checked in.

We spent the time in the airport until we were to board the plane talking about everything and nothing. Finally, at 7.30 p.m. (New York) we were told to board the plane, and quickly did so. We were guided to our seats by a very nice looking steward. There weren't many other people on first class, and we had been placed in one end of the section, while the other passengers had been placed in the other end. The plane took off, and we started talking again.

    - "So, what's going on between you two?" Alan asked curiously.
   - "What do you mean?" Brian and I said in unison.
    - "Oh, come on! You don't think I'm stupid, or something, do you?"
    - "Is it really that obvious?" I asked.
    - "Hell yeah! You two guys have been inseparable since you met at the preview last week!" Alan replied.
    - "Oh, what the hell. Should we tell him?" I asked Brian, to which he agreed. "Well, you know I'm gay. And so is Brian. And we're kinda a couple." I said.
    - "Congrats. I'm happy for you guys. Just take care of my bro, Brian. Cuz if anything happens to him, I'm gonna hold you responsible for it." Alan laughed.
    - "Don't you worry about that. I will." Brian said with an evil grin on his face.

The conversation continued, and in the afternoon, the plane landed at London Gatwick Airport, and Brian and I decided that it we were too tired to go to Heaven. Besides, it wasn't a very good idea after all, as Brian was to remain unknown as gay, at least for some time, so we headed to the hotel, and fell aseep fast, as it had been a hard day for both of us, and we were to leave London at 1.45 p.m. (UK) the next day.

We all got up at 11 p.m., showered, dressed, ate, and at 12.15 p.m. (UK) we took off to Gatwick Airport again, where we arrived at 1 p.m. and checked in for Maersk Air flight DM206 to Kastrup Airport, Denmark. The flight took about 2 hours, and at 5.45 p.m. (DK) we were finally in Denmark. We went straight to the Plaza Hotel, where Alan had booked two rooms, one single and one double.

Luckilly, no fans knew that Brian and I would be in Denmark, so there were no fans to mob us, as soon as we got out of the limo. Except... Alan's and my family... They hadn't seen ud for awhile, so they were almost worse than the fans... Hugging us, asking all kinds of stupid questions. At least, the fans don't hug you... Of course, it was nice to see them all again after such a long time, but it had been alot of flying since Wednesday, and we were all affected by jetlag, so we were still kinda tired.

Well, we all said "see ya later" to the the family members, and went to check in at the hotel, and started to prepare us for the premiere later tonight. We had three hours to do so, so we didn't have to hurry. We all showered again, and went for some food in the hotel restaurant at 7 p.m. (DK), and ate rather quickly, and decided to go to the cinema, Palads (danish for Palace), where the premiere would be, at 8.15 p.m. (DK), and arrived there at about 8.30 p.m. We were greeted by the cinema manager, and he asked if I would like to say a few words before the movie started, to which I agreed.
9 p.m. came, and the doors were shut, and I walked down in front of the screen, and started to speak.

    - "Hej, og velkommen i Palads! Direktøren bad mig sige nogle få ord, og det vil jeg så gøre. Som I nok ved, hedder jeg Jesper Nielsen, og jeg har hovedrollen som mig selv i den film, I nu skal se. Jeg ved ikke, hvad jeg ellers kan finde på at sige lige nu. Håber, I ka' li' den!"
    ("Hi, and welcome in Palads! The manager asked me to say a few words, which I hereby do. As you probably know, my name is Jesper Nielsen, and I will be playing the main caracter as myself in the movie. Don't really know what else to say right now, other than I hope you'll all like it.")

With that, I sat down and the movie began.
At the end, something that rarely happens in danish cinemas, happened. Most of the people in the cinema stood up, and applaused. They liked it! They really did! People soon started to walk towards me to get an autograph, and ofcourse, someone saw Brian was there, too. "<scream!> Brian from the Backstreet Boys is also here!" some girl screamed out, and soon Brian was mobbed too.

Luckilly, the theatre manager soon called the security staff, who made a path for us to 'escape' via, and we all left the cinema, and headed back to Plaza Hotel at about 11 p.m. There, we decided to go to bed, and Alan headed for his room, and Brian and I headed for ours.
Once inside, the door locked, I started kissing Brian.

    - "I kinda feel frisky. Do you??" I asked with an evil grin on my face.
    - "Oh, yeah! Always when around you!" Brian laughed.

We went to the bed, started to undress, and laid down. Brian placed himself on top of me.

    - "No, it's my turn to do you!" I said in a passionate tone.

I kissed Brian, and started to move downwards, kissing every inch of his gorgeous body, and soon reached to his rock hard 8" tool, and started licking the head of it.

    - "Oh, yeah, Jesper! It feels sooo fuckin' good! Take it alle the way down!" Brian managed to say between moans. With that, I quickly took his entire length into my mouth, which made him - if possible - to moan even louder. I worked on his cock for several minutes, before he screamed:

    - "Oh fuck yeah! I'm gonna cum!!"

I swallowed almost everything, only a few drops leaking on my chin. When Brian had stopped cumming, I climbed up again, and Brian licked the cum that had leaked out, and we kissed passionately once again for several minutes.
We just laid there in the bed, holding eachother tightly, as if we'd never let go. After a few minutes, I laid down besides Brian, still holding him tightly into me, and we started talking.

    - "What are we gonna do tomorrow?" Brian asked.
    - "Well, I kinda figured that we could go visit my parents. And maybe I could present you as my boyfriend, if you don't mind?"
    - "Sure, no problem. When did you come out to your parents?"
    - "Hmmm... about 8 months ago, I think. They both took it very well, eventhough I doubted that my father would do so." I replied.
    - "How come? Why didn't you think your father would react the way he did?" Brian asked curiously.
    - "Well, I never really had a very good relationship to him. He's always been an abomination to me. I never talked very much with him. And if I did, it would alway be very superficial smalltalks at the dinnertable or something."
    - "Oh, I see. My parents know I'm gay, too. They reacted very well, too, eventhough I thought they wouldn't, cuz we are a somewhat religious family." Brian said.
    - "Yeah, I know."
    - "You do? How? Who told you that??"
    - "Well, are you familiar with"
    - "Oh, yeah, right... Guess I'm not thinking very much right now."
    - "No, you're tired. So am I. It's been a tough couple of days. And we both have jetlags. We better get some sleep." I said.
    - "Yeah, you're probably right. I love you."
    - "I love you too. Sleep tight." I said, and we soon drifted away.

To be continued...

Well, this was chapter 3, which I hope you all enjoyed. Please take a look at the Author's note about people to preview future chapters.
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