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Bring Your Own BSB

By Cory J

Part 12


Alex was dazed as Howie continued to kiss his neck, the short beard scratchy and the lips soft. Alex moaned as one of Howie's roaming hands slid across his chest to rub against a nipple. When the other hand began to push his jeans down, he closed his hands on Howie's shoulders and gently pushed him back. Howie stopped his hands but didn't remove them from Alex's body. They stood there for several seconds just looking at one another without saying anything. Alex pulled himself together with some effort.

"Howie, what are you doing?" Alex said. No, that was wrong. It was abundantly clear what Howie had been doing.

"I mean, I thought you were straight." Alex let his hands drop from Howie's shoulders. He tugged his jeans back up and fastened them once again.

Howie looked away. "I'm sorry, Alex. I know I shouldn't have done that. I just wanted to so much." He turned toward the open door.

Alex quickly put a hand on Howie's arm. "Wait, don't go. Howie, please, stay and talk with me." After a moment of resistance, Howie allowed Alex to seat them both on the bed.

"Tell me, please" Alex said. "I didn't think you were interested in me. Not like that, I mean."

"The other guys don't know...well, they didn't." Howie said. "AJ knew and he just told them, I think. Told them that I like guys too."

"So, you're bisexual? Look, it's none of my business, but why didn't you tell the other guys? I mean, I'm sure they would have understood, what with Nick and Brian and all."

"I know, I know." Howie sighed. "It's just something I grew up learning to hide, I guess. AJ knew, but that was only because he sort of caught me in the act." Howie's hands clenched involuntarily. He felt very betrayed by AJ at the moment.

"You said you think AJ just told them? Why would he do that?" Howie was silent and Alex thought about it for a moment. "It's because of me, isn't it? Because I wanted to come along?"

"Yeah, I guess it is." Howie said slowly. "Well, I guess because AJ knew that I wanted to be with you, and because you'd said that you were going to come out."

"I'm sorry, Howie. I don't want to ever be a problem for you guys. You've all been so nice to me. Maybe I should just go. There are going to be a lot of eyes on me, it's true. It would be a complication for the group if I was around."

Howie quickly took hold of Alex's shoulders. "No! No, I don't want you to go. This is my fault! If I'd been straight with the guys...well, that didn't quite come out right." They both laughed at his unfortunate choice of words.

"You know what I mean," Howie said. "If I'd told them the truth before, maybe things would have been easier." He let his hands drop from Alex's shoulders. "None of this excuses me charging in here and getting all over you like that. I'm sorry, really. I mean, I never even stopped to find out if you might be interested in me."

Alex quietly took Howie's hand. "Howie, it's not that I'm not interested in you. It's more complicated than that.

Alex sighed, and considered what he was going to say for a moment. "First of all, until today I never even thought that you might be interested in me. I mean, Brian told me that the rest of the group was straight. I do like you, and I do think you're attractive, please believe me. It's not only that, though, there's something else." He trailed off and looked down at the floor.

"Alex, what is it? You can tell me - it's ok, I promise." Howie said.

"Well, not long ago, I met this guy in a club..."

Howie listened as Alex very quietly told the tale of going out, being desperate for company. How he had met with a guy in a club, and had gone to a hotel room with him. Finally, in a very halting voice, Alex told him how the guy had taken what he wanted from Alex, and how cheap and used it had left the young man feeling. Though Alex's face remained calm, and he continued to sit upright, Howie could tell how deeply his friend was hurting. He put an arm around Alex's shoulders and held him.

Alex turned to look into Howie's eyes. "Anyway, the point of all of this is that I haven't been the same since it happened. I haven't been able to get...well, you know."

"Are you ok? I mean, maybe you should go to a doctor or something?" Howie said.

"No, I'm ok." Alex managed a weak smile. "Physically, at least. He did use protection at least. I still need to get tested of course, but I don't think he gave me anything. As for the rest, I guess it's more in my head that anything else. I'm sorry, I'm sure this isn't what you wanted to hear."

Howie caressed Alex's face with his fingers. "It's ok. I'm just sorry that such a terrible thing happened to you. I don't know how I would have dealt with it if it had happened to me. Come with us, let us help you. Let me help you, please."

"Did you guys decide, then?" Alex said

"Well, I sort of ran out when AJ started telling them about me. But I think that everyone was in favor of you coming along."

"He's right, we were." AJ said from the open doorway. Alex and Howie were startled and both quickly got to their feet.

"So, you told them, huh?" Howie said coldly. "So much for your promises." He folded his arms and glared at AJ.

"Howie, you know I didn't want to hurt you." AJ said. "The other guys needed to know, though. Can't you understand that?"

There was silence for a long moment before AJ said "Alex, can you give us a few minutes? I think the guys downstairs are finished talking things over."

"Sure thing, AJ." Alex said. He turned to gather Howie in for a hug. "Thank you again. Don't be too hard on AJ. I'm sure he was looking out for the rest of the guys. Everything will be ok." He pulled away with a laugh as he felt Howie's beard scratch at his neck again. "You need to work on that - it tickles." He punched AJ lightly on the arm and headed down the hall.

AJ shut the door and turned to face Howie. "Can we talk?" AJ said.


The other guys were still talking at the table when Alex came down. "AJ sent me down. He has some things to sort out with Howie. Are you guys finished talking it over?"

Kevin looked at Nick and Brian for a moment. "Yeah, I think so. If AJ and Howie can work things out, and you still want to come, you're welcome to join us."

Alex sat down at the table. "Thanks, that means a lot. Yeah, if AJ and Howie sort things out, I'll be happy to come. Howie feels betrayed by AJ right now. I'm just surprised that he didn't tell you himself. I mean, after knowing about Brian and Nick for so long."

"We don't understand it either, Alex." Nick said. "But we'll be there for him if he needs us."

"I'm sure that he will, Nick." Alex said. "I hope that they can work it out."

"Oh, they will" Brian said. "AJ and Howie are best friends."

"Yeah, AJ knows him better than anyone." Kevin said. "They've always been close."

"Alex, I have to ask...are you and Howie...well, you know." Nick said. Brian elbowed him. "Hey! Like you don't want to know too."

Alex found himself blushing. "To be honest, I don't know. We do like each other. I guess we'll just have to get to know each other better and see what happens."

"Well, whatever happens, or if nothing does, I think it's going to be fun having you along." Kevin said.

"There are a bunch of arrangements I'm going to have to make." Alex said.

"We'll work it out." Brian said. "We can put you in touch with the guys who put the tour together."

"I've got some of the information myself." Kevin said. "I've been trying to get more involved in the management aspect of these things. It is true though that I don't have all the details. It's too much for any one person to keep track of, really."

"I know how that is. I've got more people than I can count handling details like that." Alex said.

"Well, then, you should have your people contact our people." Nick said, with a straight face. They all laughed at the cliché.

"Corny as it sounds, yeah, that's what I need to do." Alex said. "Fortunately, I have a really good support mechanism in place for arranging international travel and keeping business operations mobile. This shouldn't be too hard to swing. There is one thing I wanted to mention to you guys. On my birthday in July, I am planning a large event of sorts. Basically, it will be about kicking off some of the new charitable work that I am putting into motion. It's kind of complicated, but the gist of it is that I am getting a lot of entertainment talent together for the event. It's going to double as a fundraiser for charity, and of course as a way of generating some good PR. If you guys would be interested, I'd be happy to get you in on it."

The guys looked at each other for a minute.

"Sounds like something good to be a part of." Kevin said. "We'll have to check with our schedule and see if our management will go for it. I'll look into it and see what I can find out."

"I hope we can do it." Brian said. "The tour is so tightly scheduled, I don't know if we'll be able to though."

"Well, I'll do whatever I can to help make it work." Alex said. "If all else fails, we can just have the event cover multiple locations. That way, if you have a show that we can't work around, we'll just include it, wherever you are."

That started off a long discussion of the tour and the arrangements that might be needed. There was a long list of details involved with a large tour, but Alex's previous traveling experience left him familiar with many of them. By the time that AJ and Howie came down the stairs an hour or so later, Alex had a pretty good idea of what needed to be done and had been given a list of names to contact in the Boy's own management machinery.

Both guys looked drained as they approached the table and sat down. Howie looked a bit sheepish as he took a seat next to Alex. Silence fell at the table as the guys all looked around, not sure who should say what. Finally, Kevin cleared his throat.

"So, guys, how are things going?" Kevin said.

Howie and AJ looked at each other, and then AJ shrugged.

"Ok. I guess. AJ and I have worked things out." Howie said. "I still don't think that it was fair of him to reveal a secret like that, but I understand why he did it, and I can't really argue with his reasons. I'd also like to say that I'm sorry for not letting everyone in on it before. It's not that I didn't trust any of you. I guess I've just been denying and hiding it for so long that it is hard to stop, even with friends. Finally, though I still don't think that it is necessarily anyone's business, but I am interested in Alex here. If anyone has a problem with that, tough. I'm just as entitled as the next guy to pursue relationships, whatever they might be." He glanced meaningfully over at Nick and Brian. Across the table, AJ winced visibly.

There was another awkward moment of silence at the table.

Alex found himself just staring at Howie. Though he still didn't know the guys very well, it was obvious how much courage it had taken Howie to say that. He just hoped that it wouldn't come with a heavy price to Howie or to the group.

Everyone began to speak at once and stopped. The others deferred out of respect to Kevin.

"Howie, no one here is blaming you for not telling us about this, and no one is trying to tell you who you can or can't see." Kevin said.

"Especially after all you and the rest have been through because of Nick and me." Brian said. Nick nodded his agreement.

"We want to be there for you from now on, Howie." Nick said. "Like you've been there for us all this time. You don't have to carry the burden alone anymore."

Howie smiled. It was hard not to, seeing the warmth in Nick's beautiful eyes. He turned to face Alex, and found himself lost for a moment in the young man's own intense blue gaze.

"Well, I guess you're the one I should really be talking to about this." Howie said. "So, are you interested?"

He said it lightly enough, but Alex could hear a faint catch in his voice, and saw him swallow quickly. Again, Alex found himself struck by the young man's courage.

"Hmm, is this a multiple choice question?" Alex said with a light laugh. "Yeah, I guess I am interested. I'd like to get to know you know you better and see what happens."

Howie leaned forward and kissed him briefly. Alex laughed at the tickle of Howie's facial hair. He pushed Howie away and rubbed at his lips.

"One thing though." Alex smiled. "The beard has got to go. It tickles."

Howie rubbed his short beard and laughed. "What's in it for me? Do I get to kiss you whenever I want if I shave?"

"Why don't you shave, and we'll see."

"Hmm, yeah I think we will." Howie said.

"So, does this mean everyone is okay now?" Kevin said. There were nods from around the table. "All right then. Alex, on behalf of myself and the rest of Backstreet, I'm pleased to invite you to join us on our upcoming tour."

"Thank you, I accept." Alex said. "I'll do my best to help out wherever I can."

"I suspect that Howie has some ideas on that front, the rest of us will just have to see what happens." AJ said with a grin.

"Hey, AJ, cut it out!" Howie said in mock anger. He waved his butter knife menacingly.

"So, are you saying that you don't have any ideas on that front?" Brian said.

"Yeah, Howie, we can help you out there if you can't think of anything." Nick said.

"Geez, give me a break, would you?" Howie said. "I'm not saying anything. Maybe I have some ideas, maybe not." He cast an amused glance sideways at Alex, who was growing steadily redder.

"Just remember sport, you're not getting anything outta me until you lose the fur." Alex said.

"Oh, I heard you" Howie said. "Don't worry."

Kevin cleared his throat loudly. "Just to change the subject, what are we going to do today?"

They talked for a while and ended up spending the rest of the day talking about the tour and Alex's plans. After a while they all went for a dip in the pool, where Alex shamelessly showed off his Olympic skills by literally swimming circles around the other guys.

The next couple of days passed quickly. Alex was very busy in the preparations for his plans, but he still made time to hang out with the guys. He even went with them when they made a brief appearance at a local music store to promote the tour. He did manage to fade into the background pretty well, until Howie dragged him forward and introduced him as the group's new physical trainer. The guys all laughed but later agreed that it wasn't a bad idea. The entertainment press immediately snapped this up and Alex found a moderate increase in his public profile. He appeared in the group photos that were taken and shortly afterward found himself being mentioned on some fan sites. Also, the mail to his own fan site increased a bit after the announcement.

He took his new role seriously, developing basic exercise and food guidelines for the guys. They grumbled a bit, but were pretty good about accepting his suggestions. Alex worked out with them daily, but he also kept up his own workouts at night. It was one thing to tease them from time to time, but he didn't want to discourage them by showing off constantly.

In the interest of getting to know them better as individuals, Alex found himself spending a fair amount of time one-on-one with a different group member each day. This went very well for the most part, though Alex was very surprised that Howie didn't seem to be making any serious moves on him. Sure, he flirted a fair amount, especially when they were alone. He didn't shave though, and he didn't try to kiss Alex again or anything like that. Alex began to think that perhaps Howie had either lost interest or decided after all that it wouldn't be a good idea to get involved. He was disappointed, but didn't want to make an issue of it and risk making Howie uncomfortable.

Even so, Alex found that he was enjoying himself as much as he could remember, at least since his parents' death. It all seemed very sudden when work intruded, as he knew it would eventually. It came in the form of a phone call one morning while eating breakfast with the guys. Alex spoke on the phone for a few minutes, and then hung up.

"So, what's up?" Kevin said.

"I'm afraid I have to be heading out soon." Alex said. "Things are starting to take off."

"That's too bad, Alex." Brian said. "What in particular is going on?"

"Well, I've managed to set up an interview with Barbara Walters." Alex said. "She interviewed my mother a while back and agreed to interview me. The buyouts are starting to get noticed."

"When do you have to go?" Howie said.

"I'll leave tomorrow morning for New York." Alex said. "It will probably be a while before I can rejoin you guys. It may not be until the tour gets under way. I'll call and let you know what's going on."

"That's cool." Nick said. "So, what do you want to do for your last day?"

"Well, we've got workouts to do, don't we?" Alex said. He smiled at the other guy's groans. "We can go swimming later. That's always fun."

"Sounds like a plan." Kevin said. "How about we do that and then go out for dinner later? We haven't been out much. I'm sure we kind find somewhere safe to go." There was general assent from the table.

"Ok then, guys." Alex said. "Let's get into some gym shorts and start sweating. You guys are going to have to work if you want to be firm and pretty for all of your fans."

They spent the morning working out and the afternoon in the pool. Alex was really pleased that the guys were taking the exercises seriously, even though they frequently teased Nick and Brian about being more into each other than anything else. It was all good fun though. The guys seemed to have adjusted to the revelation about Howie very well, and it was a relief to see that indeed he and AJ appeared to be still strong in their friendship. Late in the afternoon, the guys parted for a few hours of alone time, as they typically did each day. Alex indulged in a rare shopping trip to a nearby mall, enjoying the anonymity that he knew he would not have for much longer.

After a couple of hours of shopping, Howie called him on his cell phone and gave him the name of the restaurant where everyone would be meeting for dinner. Alex made arrangements to have his purchases sent on to an address in New York City, and caught a cab to the restaurant, which was actually part of a medium-sized hotel. When he arrived, he used the alias Howie gave him and was taken to a table in a back room of the restaurant. Howie was already there, but to his surprise none of the others were. Also, he realized that the table Howie was sitting at was too small for the six of them. He sat down across from Howie, noting that he looked a little different in some way.

"Hi, Howie, what's up?" Alex said. "Where are the other guys?"

Howie smiled at him. "I thought maybe you and I could spend some time alone together, this being your last night here and all." He rubbed his chin for a moment, and Alex realized why he looked different.

"Hey, you shaved!" Alex said. "It looks good. I hope you didn't do that just for me, in spite of what I said before."

Howie laughed briefly. "Nah, it wasn't just that. Having a different look isn't a bad thing in the business. It's also easier to shave it off that keep it trimmed all the time." His grin broadened. "And, of course, I'd kind of like to be able to kiss you some more too."

Alex laughed, as he felt his face growing warm. "I think I'd like that too."

"Well, let's eat dinner, and then I'll show you what I've got in mind."

They had a light dinner, and talked about the day and the tour to come. Alex found himself becoming a little nervous and more than a little excited to find out what Howie had planned for the evening. After the meal was finished, Howie led him from the restaurant to an elevator.

"Do you have a room here or something?" Alex said.

"Yes, I reserved one for us for tonight." Howie said.

"Hey, you're assuming a bit here, aren't you? Besides, won't the guys worry if we don't come back tonight?"

"Nope, they know where I'll be tonight, and where you'll be, if you choose to stay with me that is."

When they got to the right floor, Howie led Alex down the hallway, and into a room. The hotel room wasn't as large or luxurious as some Alex had been in, but it was spacious and appealing.

"It's very nice." Alex said. "So, what happens now?"

"What would you like to happen?" Howie said. "I've got some ideas, mind you." He grinned suggestively.

"Hmm, sounds interesting." Alex said. Then he looked down for a moment. "I still have my, umm, problem. I don't know if I can be very good company tonight."

Howie came over and raised Alex's chin with a hand. "Try to relax. Just let me worry about that."

"All right, I'll try." Alex said. He smiled briefly. "So, what do we do, just rip off our clothes and start boning away?"

"Well, that would be one way of going, but I was thinking of something a bit tamer, at least to start with. Come here."

Alex moved closer and Howie pulled him into a long slow kiss. His hands moved to release Alex's belt and open the front of his jeans. After the jeans slid down, Alex stepped out of them and kicked them aside. Howie pulled away long enough to slip Alex's shirt over his head and cast it aside also. Howie's hands then investigated the front of Alex's boxer briefs, slipping inside to caress the soft length of him.

For a moment, Alex felt like he might cry. "I'm sorry, I know it isn't what you wanted. I want to, it just doesn't happen anymore."

"Shhh. I think all you need is to relax and let go." Howie said. He tugged the briefs down carefully, and held Alex's organ in both hands, stroking and kneading it softly. Then he knelt to remove Alex's socks. Stepping back, he looked at the naked young man in front of him.

"You're very beautiful, Alex." Howie said. "I'm going to make things right for you."

Alex didn't say anything, but he felt himself relax and maybe even start to believe a little. "Aren't you going to get undressed too?"

"In time. There are some things to take care of first." Howie said. He led the naked Alex over to one of the two beds in the room and had him lie down on a towel that was on the bed. Alex folded his hands behind his head and watched as Howie went into the bathroom and returned with a bowl and a tray covered by a towel. As he set them down, Alex could see that the bowl was partially filled with water. Howie removed the towel to reveal a straight razor, a can of shaving cream and what appeared to be a bottle of lotion.

"Umm, Howie. If you are trying to relax me, whipping out a razor while I'm lying here naked isn't the way to go." Alex said dryly.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to take off anything that you'll miss." Howie said with a straight face. "First things first." He took from the nightstand an item that Alex hadn't noticed, an electric shaver like those that Alex had seen in a barbershop. Easing Alex's thighs apart, he turned on the shaver and began to use it to clear away his light colored pubic hair.

Alex laughed as the vibration of the shaver tickled him slightly. "You can't be serious - you're shaving my crotch?"

Howie paused in his work and lowered his loose-fitting jeans to reveal his own smooth region. His own dusky cock was quite hard, and Alex thought he could see moisture at the tip. "What do you think? Trust me, once you've gotten used to it, you'll never want to go back."

He yanked his pants back up as Alex reached toward him. "Uh uh. Not yet. All in good time, I promise. Like I said, first things first." He knelt back down and resumed very carefully applying the shaver to Alex's crotch. "This won't take long, you don't have very much to get rid of here. I've not seen them this light before, except on guys who bleach, but I can tell that you don't."

"Bleach my pubes? C'mon, you can't be serious. No one does that." Alex said.

"Don't bet on it, handsome." Howie said. "I guess I've dated a bit more than you, huh?"

Alex blushed, feeling like a foolish kid. It was true. He didn't have much experience in this area.

Howie finished with the shaver, clearing away the loose hair with the towel. He then took the shaving cream and sprayed some into his hand. The cream was cool and soft as he applied it to Alex's pubic area. Rinsing his hand in the bowl, he picked up the straight razor.

"Now, just relax and trust me." Howie said. "I've done this before. I promise I won't cut you. You can close your eyes if you want."

Alex nodded his head after a moment, but didn't close his eyes. Rather, he watched in fascination as Howie very carefully cleared away the scant remaining hair from his pubes and organ. True to his word, Howie's hand was steady and did not falter, even when he was clearing away the fine hair on Alex's scrotum. After he had finished, Howie told him to turn over. Though he was curious, Alex obeyed. A moment later he experienced the very odd sensation of Howie using cream and razor to shave the sensitive skin around his anus. He heard a muffled gasp from Howie at one point. Apparently the guy liked what he was seeing.

"Are you trying to turn me into a porn star or something?" Alex said.

"No, though you've certainly got what it takes." Howie said. "Of course, most of those guys are in it because they need the money, I guess."

He continued to work for a couple of minutes, and then Alex felt the remaining cream being wiped away."

"All right, that's it." Howie said. "Go ahead and shower. You'll want to clean off the loose hair before it starts itching. I'll be ready for you when you get out."

Alex hesitantly headed into the bathroom and closed but did not lock the door. He was a little disappointed that Howie had sent him to shower alone. From the brief view he had of the guy's cock and the still-straining bulge he had just seen, Howie was obviously cranked up pretty hard. He shook his head and got into the shower, turning on the water and flinching away until it heated up a little. He found himself rubbing his newly smooth crotch again and again. The sensations were pleasant but very distracting. Emerging from the shower, he dried himself and looked in the lightly fogged mirror. Yeah, Howie had been very thorough. Alex hadn't been this smooth since he was 12. He found himself thinking, oddly, of Aaron. Shaking off the thought, he considered a nearby bathrobe for several seconds before shrugging and just wrapping the large white towel around his waist.

As Alex emerged from the bathroom, he found Howie was seated in one of the chairs. He'd stripped down to his briefs. Alex stood there for a moment, uncertain what to do. Howie sat there quietly for a long moment, studying Alex's body intently.

"Alex, I want you to know that I get tested regularly." Howie said. "I'm clean. If it's what you want, I'd like to fuck you."

Alex found himself shivering slightly. He had never envisioned anyone speaking so bluntly to him about sex. He felt the flush of heat throughout his body. Not trusting himself to speak, he just nodded.

"Then come over here." Howie said.

Alex walked over to where Howie was sitting.

Howie slipped off his briefs and cast them aside. His cock was fully erect and pulsing. "Kneel down, Alex. Do you know how to suck a cock?"

Alex knelt. "One of my coaches made me suck him off. He said I was pretty good." He shivered again at the memory. The things he had done with the coach had been exciting, but tainted with guilt and fear. This time, though, there was nothing to be guilty or afraid of. This was a friend - a friend who wanted what he wanted.

Howie's eyes smoldered as he rubbed Alex's mouth with his fingertips. "Show me, then. Get to work." His hand slipped lightly onto Alex's neck, and he began to gently guide the young man's face toward his crotch. "Suck my cock, Alex. Get me ready to fuck you."

Alex leaned down and examined Howie's cock. He had seen correctly before. There was a definite wetness leaking from the tip and slowly coating the underside of the shaft. Placing his hands on Howie's lean thighs for support, Alex licked at the reddened head, his nose and mouth filling with the hot musky flavor. The precum was oily and slightly bitter, but Alex felt his heart beat faster as he moved to clean it from the head and where it had flowed down the shaft. Finding himself at the base, Alex explored the smooth sack, sucking first one and then both of the pulsing balls into his warm mouth.

Howie's fingers tightened slightly on Alex's neck, and his other hand moved to stroke the blonde's thick hair. "That's it, nice and slow. We have all the time we need." Howie groaned as he strained to hold off his own climax. It was very difficult to do, Alex's mouth felt incredibly good, and Howie kept feeling is whole body twitching under the intense pleasure. Alex's coach had been right, Howie thought, and then some. Howie hadn't ever had head this good, and he had been serviced by professionals, more than once. Reaching down, Howie freed the towel knotted around Alex's waist and tossed it aside. He slid his hands down the smooth back, marveling at the symmetry, the perfect balance of muscle bulk and definition. As his fingertips grazed the top of Alex's ass, Howie felt such a jolt of pleasure through him that he thought for a moment that he had already climaxed.

"Man, Alex, you are so beautiful." Howie said, gasping as Alex nibbled delicately on the soft skin beneath his scrotum. If Alex heard him, he gave no sign. Instead, he rose up slightly to open his mouth on the tip of Howie's bloated cock. Rolling his tongue around it, Alex began to slowly work the head of Howie's cock into his mouth. He gagged slightly at first, but after a few minutes had taken Howie's entire length into his throat. Engrossed completely in the taste and feel of his friend's organ, Alex felt rather than heard Howie's increasingly loud moans. Then he felt Howie move to shift them onto the floor, and felt Howie's hands caressing and squeezing his naked buns. That felt very good indeed, but Alex didn't let it distract him from the delicious cock in his mouth. He continued pumping up and down on it and rubbing it with his tongue. His efforts were rewarded by the steady drops of liquid from the tip, which he savored. Abruptly he felt the cock swelling to its fullest and was getting ready to enjoy Howie's juices when he felt hands lifting him away from his prize. He looked up in surprise and mild frustration at Howie, who held him up in trembling hands, his face red and breathing very fast.

"Hey, what gives?" Alex said. "I wasn't through with that yet." He looked back down at Howie's cock, which was dark red and bobbing back and forth, precum dribbling steadily from the tip.

"You were about to push me over the top." Howie said, panting. "Your coach was right. You've got talent."

"Thanks." Alex said. "I've always tried to do my best at whatever I do. Why didn't you want me to bring you off? You sure look like you need it."

"I do, but I want to put it somewhere else." Howie said, reaching down to pat Alex's behind. "Besides, look what we have here?" He closed his free hand around Alex's own cock, which he was pleased to see was firming up nicely. "Getting there, but it needs some work." Alex gasped slightly as he gave the cock a light squeeze, and more audibly when Howie gave it a few teasing licks. Howie then got up and pulled Alex to his feet.

"Lie down on the bed, on your stomach. Now the real fun begins."

Alex did as he was told, resting his head on a pillow. He felt Howie's hands spread his ass, the young man's breath feeling warm on the exposed skin.

"Oh god." Alex felt his whole body tense as Howie began to lick slowly at his hole. He arched his back, pushing up off the pillow and looking over his shoulder. "What are you...I don't know if I can do this." His words became moans as Howie began to slide his tongue in slowly. He dropped back down and hugged the pillow.

"Don't 'do' anything. Just relax and let me take care of it. Remember, you're stronger than me. I can't make you do anything. I just want to make you feel good." Howie resumed his exploration of Alex's hole, enjoying the muffled sounds of Alex's pleasure. The young man squirmed slightly as Howie pulled back and began to probe his hole with a wet finger. The muscular thighs lifted enough for Howie to see that Alex's cock was hardening very quickly. He was moaning steadily as Howie pumped Alex's hole with his finger, steadily adding lube. After a couple of minutes, Howie added a second finger. He kissed and stroked Alex's incredible cheeks while fingering his tight hole, marveling again at how smooth and firm they were. When Alex had loosened enough to take a third finger, Howie pulled back for a moment. Alex looked over his shoulder to see Howie taking a condom from a pack on the nightstand and rolling it down his engorged cock. Alex felt his own swollen cock pulsing as it lay pinned between his body and the bed, felt the wetness from its tip against skin.

Howie spread additional lube over his encased organ and stepped back over to Alex, who he saw was watching him with rather wide eyes.

"Relax and trust me, Alex." Howie said. "Put your head back down and just relax." Howie spread Alex's cheeks once again and began to rub the head of his cock into Alex's pulsing hole.

Alex gritted his teeth against the pain as Howie slowly penetrated him. He cried out as the broad head slipped in, and Howie paused for a minute.

"It's ok, Alex." Howie said. He rubbed the blonde's smooth muscular back with gentle hands. After a bit, Alex had relaxed a little more, and Howie was able to eventually work his entire organ into Alex's pulsing hole. Soon both guys were starting to pant as Howie began to pump his cock in and out of the tight ass beneath him. Alex very quickly learned to brace himself and was soon pushing back to meet Howie's thrusts, impaling himself deeper on them. Howie felt Alex begin to push back and groaned as the hole began to clench at his hard cock. Grasping Alex's hips, Howie began to thrust faster, pushing harder and deeper into the sweaty, moaning young man beneath him.

Alex had relaxed as he felt the pain fading and waves of warm pleasure begin to flood through his body. He groaned as Howie began to fuck him harder and harder. He felt his own cock hardening almost painfully and knew he was approaching a hot climax when Howie yelled and slammed into his ass up to the hilt. Alex could feel the cock pulsing inside of him as Howie filled the condom with more and more sperm. After several seconds of humping and groaning, Howie had spent himself and collapsed onto Alex's back. Howie's cock remained buried in Alex's ass for several minutes until it softened slightly and slipped out. Howie slipped the filled condom off and tossed it into a nearby wastebasket.

Alex felt dizzy with the nearness of his own orgasm and frustrated that Howie had popped and seemed to be dozing without getting Alex off. He pushed up with one arm, rolling the dazed Howie off of him, and onto his own stomach next to him. Turning over, Alex groaned as his reddened cock snapped to attention. Looking over at Howie, he saw the large tube of lube lying between them on the bed. Sitting up, he took the tube and a grin slipped across his face as he eyed Howie's own lean ass.

Howie drifted in blissful exhaustion, drained from his intense orgasm. He moaned slightly as he felt Alex's strong hands rubbing his shoulders and back. After easing those muscles, the hands slipped down to stroke and fondle his butt.

"Mmmm, that feels nice." Howie said. He began to breathe more quickly as the hands began to spread his cheeks and fingertips lightly rubbed into his crack. The sudden wetness of Alex's warm tongue was startling as it teased the soft skin around his hole and then slipped inside. Howie groaned in surprise, his thighs spreading wider in reflex.

Alex continued to explore Howie's hole for several minutes, enjoying the increasingly loud sounds of pleasure that were coming from his friend. Keeping the cheeks spread with one hand, Alex slipped his other under Howie and was pleased to find his organ growing hard once again. He paused long enough to roll Howie gently over, slipping a pillow under his hips to elevate them. Howie's eyes were a mixture of fatigue and dazed pleasure as he looked questioningly at Alex. After easing Howie's legs onto his shoulders, Alex began applying lube to his right hand and rubbing it into Howie's exposed hole with a careful, gentle finger.

Howie grunted at the slight pain of the probing finger as Alex began to pump the hole steadily. Unable to resist the opportunity, Alex leaned down to work Howie's cock into his mouth. He very quickly had it fully erect and soon his lips were bumping up against the smooth skin at the base. The intense pleasure of Alex's mouth distracted Howie from the pain of being fingered and his hole relaxed and opened under Alex's persistent attentions. A second finger was soon added, and eventually a third. Alex worked Howie's cock very slowly, pushing him near the edge again and again only to slow down and pull back for a moment before he could go over the top. Several minutes of this left Howie squirming with delight and frustration. Even the probing fingers had long since become more pleasure than pain. He clutched at the bed and shifted his hips restlessly, desperate for some relief.

Alex smiled down at the obvious hunger in Howie's face, and decided to relent. Engulfing his cock to the root, Alex bobbed up and down the shaft rapidly. As he felt Howie nearing the top, Alex pushed two fingers all the way into his hole. Howie cried out, cumming like a fountain, gasping spurts shooting in time with the pumping fingers. Even after he shot himself empty, Howie continued to have dry spasms of pleasure as Alex continued to suck and finger him. Eventually, Alex stopped, and Howie collapsed back against his pillow.

"That was incredible." He said, slowly regaining his breath. "Thank you."

"Oh, don't thank me yet." Alex said. "The best is yet to come."

Howie watched with widening eyes as removed a condom from its package and began to roll it down the length of his own cock. The latex was stretched tight and the condom actually unrolled completely onto the shaft. Alex grinned slyly at Howie as he began to slather additional lube onto his encased dick.

"You can't be thinking of putting that thing in me." Howie said. "You're way too big, you'll tear me up." Suddenly, Howie felt very defenseless. Alex was much stronger - what if he decided just to take what he wanted?

Alex could see genuine fear beginning to show in Howie's face. Sighing, he released his cock for the moment and sat down next to Howie on the bed. Taking one of Howie's hands in his own clean one, Alex looked into his eyes quietly for a moment.

"Howie, I think I know what you are thinking. You know what happened to me, and I need you to believe that I would never, ever try to force you or anyone to do anything you didn't want to do. I do want to fuck you, because I think it would make us both feel really good. I really enjoyed having you inside me, and it seemed like you enjoyed what I just did. But I would never hurt you. You're my friend and I care about you. All I'm asking is for you to trust me. I swear I'll stop if you want and never bring it up again."

They sat in silence for a minute or two, holding hands and sometimes looking at each other. After a bit, Alex sighed and stood up.

"Ok, I won't make an issue of this. It's ok, I understand." He stroked his cock briefly. "It's funny, everyone talks about how 'bigger is better' and all, but right now I wish this thing were smaller." He started to slip the condom off his cock.

"Wait." Howie said quietly.

Alex paused, looking at him.

"I asked you to trust me when you were scared, and you did." Howie said. He took a deep breath. "Ok, let's try it. Just please go slow, I haven't done this part of things much, and I've never even seen one that big before."

Alex blushed faintly as he pulled the condom back down. "Really? Well, maybe I have a future in film if I ever manage to lose all my money." He paused and looked more serious for a moment. "I promise, I'll go easy. I want this to be good for you." He placed a hand on Howie's chest and eased him back down onto the pillows. Slipping Howie's legs over his shoulders again, Alex applied a little more lube to his cock and positioned the tip against Howie's already loosened and lubricated hole. Studying Howie's face closely, he carefully pushed forward.

Howie grimaced with the pain as the bloated head of Alex's cock stretched the ring of muscles in his hole. He was unable to suppress a scream when the head popped through. His eyes were squeezed shut, but he could feel Alex take and hold one of his hands. They remained immobile for a minute or two while Howie struggled to get used to the new feeling. Alex's firm grip on his hand and the genuine concern Howie saw in Alex's face when he opened his eyes helped, as much as anything could. Eventually the pain faded to a dull throbbing heat and Howie nodded permission for Alex to continue. There was more pain as more and more of the thick shaft penetrated him. Long minutes of clenching teeth passed, until finally Howie felt the smooth skin of Alex's ball sack against his ass. Alex leaned down and kissed him slowly. Howie wriggled a bit, struggling to deal with the oversized cock now buried inside him.

Alex was amazed at the sensation of penetrating Howie. The ring of muscles tightly clenching and squeezing his cock sent waves of pleasure up his spine. When it seemed that Howie had adjusted somewhat, Alex began to very slowly flex his hips, withdrawing his cock slightly and pushing forward again. Watching Howie's face closely, Alex was gratified to see his clenched expression melt slowly into one of surprise and growing pleasure.

"More." Howie said, his whole body tingling. He then fell silent again, the expression on his face one of surprise and of hunger.

Almost without his volition, Alex felt his body obey. Hardened muscles bunching and releasing in increasing tempo, fingers and toes scrabbling against the bed for more leverage. He felt Howie's pulse quicken along with his own, the room was filled with panting and grunts. He felt Howie's fingers clutching at his back, trying to hold on to smooth flesh that ran with sweat. Sweat that Alex could feel running down his back, down his chest and between his legs. Sweat that dripped off his balls as they slapped back and forth, off his nipples that were hardened like large pencil erasers. Howie's own cock, aching from the demand of being hard three times so quickly, twitched back and forth as it was pressed between their slick abs, a steady dribble from the tip adding to the wetness of their sweat. Alex lost track of time as his body pumped faster and faster. He felt himself slipping into animal lust in a way that hadn't happened since his dinner with Joey Lawrence, where he had wanted nothing more than to tear all clothing free and fuck the hunky actor for the restaurant and the world to see. He was dimly aware of Howie's increasing cries of pleasure, of his shouting as his trapped cock coated both their torsos with thick spurts of cum. Eventually, his own shouting was ringing in his ears as he threw back his head, his whole body shaking with the force of his repeated shots into the condom.

Howie lay dazedly on the bed, Alex's wild fucking having pressed him somewhat into the thick covers. It was an effort to stay awake. All of his energy had been drained. He touched his softened and gooey cock, groaning at the soreness not only there but also in his nuts after repeated orgasms in such a short time. He looked up at Alex, who was absolutely gorgeous and utterly soaked in sweat that was still dripping down on Howie. Howie had to clutch the mattress as Alex pulled his slowly softening cock out and stripped off the cum-filled condom.

As Howie felt his insides settle somewhat, he looked at the still-fearsome looking cock attached to his friend and an amusing thought occurred to him.

"You know, I can't believe I took the whole thing." Howie said, with a completely straight face.

Alex just looked at him for a moment, and they both collapsed into fits of laughter.

Alex rolled over onto his back, and Howie sat up a little too quickly. He groaned and wriggled on his sore tail a bit.

"Geez, it's like being fucked with a bat or something." Howie said. "You must have been a terror in the school locker room."

"I have seen a few asses clench up in the shower, yep." Alex said. "You were great, by the way, I hope you enjoyed it."

"Enjoyed it?" Howie said. "Damn, it was like you fucked the cum out of me, like you MADE me shoot. It was great, I've never had anything like it before."

"Good. Thank you for trusting me." Alex said. He leaned over for a quick kiss. "Let's get cleaned up. I'm sweaty as hell and you made a real sticky mess on both of us."

Howie thumped him on the shoulder as Alex got up and pulled Howie to his feet. They grappled playfully for a few seconds, Howie groaning as his sore privates were pressed against Alex's muscular thigh for a moment. He pulled away, clutching himself lightly.

"What is it? Are you ok?" Alex said with a look of concern.

"I'm fine." Howie said. "You just made me shoot too many times, that's all."

Alex fought the urge to giggle. "I don't think I've ever heard that complaint before. I'm sorry, I'll try to remember not to get you off so much."

"Smartass." Howie said. "You could at least help a guy into the shower, after fucking him bow-legged and all."

"Oh, sorry about that." Alex said. He scooped up the naked young man and put him over a shoulder.

"What the hell are you doing?" Howie said, spluttering with amusement.

"Just helping you out, like you asked." Alex said, grinning. He carried Howie into the large bathroom, reaching up to rub his exposed bottom. "You've got a nice ass, you know."

Howie hissed at the mixture of soreness and pleasure the touch brought. Bending over Alex's shoulder, he reached down to fondle Alex's own bare behind. "Yours is nicer. I want to fuck you again."

"You don't say?" Alex said. Turning on the shower, he quickly adjusted the temperature to the hot side of warm. Setting Howie back on his feet, Alex put an arm around his shoulder and walked them both into the shower. "Would you really?"

"I'd be doing it now, if I could." Howie indicated his limp organ with dismay. "I guess I'm out of luck here."

Alex unwrapped the bar of soap and applied it to a washcloth. The water was very mineral soft and soon the cloth and his hands were cover in rich, thick suds. He stepped away from the water and beckoned to Howie. "Come here, let me wash you."

Howie stepped forward hesitantly and felt his body wrapped in warm softness. Alex's hands were gentle as they applied the lather to his body. Howie was unaccustomed to the submissive role. With other partners he was the aggressor. His were the strong hands that became gentle, that seduced and demanded and drew young men to offer themselves to him. From what he knew of Alex's past, Howie knew that he was by far the more experienced of the two, and yet this gorgeous young man was effortless dominating him. Howie groaned as Alex gently washed his butt, drawing a shuddering breath as wet fingers gently explored his sore hole briefly once again. It was both scary and exhilarating to realize that he would let Alex fuck him again, sore as he was. He knew he'd do anything this young man wanted.

Alex's fingers left his hole after a moment, though, and the hands moved down to rub lather down his legs. Alex even lifted and washed Howie's feet, one after the other. The hands turned him gently and traveled back up his body. Howie groaned again as he was soaped and fondled with the softest touch. He sighed and slumped back against the smooth wetness of the shower wall, his eyes closing.

Alex watched Howie's face closely as he fondled him. He gently guided his friend through long moments of delicious achy pleasure, stopping when he sensed the soreness was becoming too much for Howie.

Howie nearly cried out in relief as the hands left his privates. The lesser sensations of his torso and neck being cleaned were pleasant and relaxing. He kept his eyes closed, giving himself completely to the hands as they washed his face and then lathered his hair. He let the hands guide him back through the steam and under the warmth of the flowing water. The spray cleared him of the suds and dirt, and he felt reborn as the hands held his face and soft lips caressed his own. The warmth of Alex's breath, the moistness of his tongue as it slipped between Howie's lips to meet his own, the strength of the hands as they slipped down his back to hold him close. Howie's own hands slipped around to rub Alex's back, and he was delighted to feel Alex's organ hardening slowly between their wet bodies. Opening his eyes, Howie stepped back looked up and down Alex's exquisite body. He looked at the slowly rising cock, and then back up into Alex's eyes.

"Only if you want to." Alex said quietly.

Howie looked back at him for a moment and then moved to lean against the shower wall. He knelt and began to lick at the smooth shaft. He enjoyed the sensation as it swelled under his attention, enjoyed the sounds of Alex's pleasure, the taste and texture of the wet skin covering his balls. At last, he drew back along its length, and opened his mouth on the head. He managed to take a modest fraction of it into his throat, attending the rest with both hands. He sucked, licked and milked the length with his hands until he felt Alex's hands on his shoulders, pushing him off gently. Howie continued to lap at the hanging sack, Alex shouting as he sprayed thick white ribbons onto the shower floor. Howie watched in fascination as the water sluiced the oily gobs down the drain.

Alex pulled Howie to his feet and looked into his eyes. "Thank you."

Howie smiled. "My turn to wash you." He took the soap and cloth and worked his hands over Alex's body until the blond was completely covered in suds. He savored exploring the body, lingering to open and explore the muscular ass most of all. Alex's grunts of pleasure mingled with his own. Once again, they embraced and kissed under the warmth of the water.

Much later, they were warm and cozy in each other's arms. Damp hair drying against thick pillows, clean satiated bodies together under soft sheets. Floating on clouds of exhausted pleasure, sleep came quickly.

Alex awoke with a start as always. After a moment, he realized where he was. The clock on the TV showed that about an hour had passed, as usual. He looked over at Howie. He had turned onto his stomach and he was snoring quietly.

Alex smiled and stretched. He felt great--better than he had in ages. He made sure Howie had plenty of covers as he quietly got out of bed. He walked over toward to small open area of the room, enjoying the feel of the plush carpet on his bare feet. For Alex, it was morning. The rhythms of his exercises came easily to him as he padded quietly across the floor. Soon he could hear nothing but his own breathing, feel nothing but the slow steady beating of his own heart.

Howie stirred sleepily, his limbs seeking the warmth of Alex's body and not finding it. He sat up slowly, rubbed his eyes and looked around the room. He saw Alex over by the couch. It looked like he was doing some kind of exercises. He was still naked, and his body glistened in the dim light with a faint sheen of sweat. Howie was captivated by the elegance and grace of Alex's movements, so much so that he leaned over too far and fell out of the bed with a thump.

Alex was jolted out of his exercises by a yelp from the bed and turned to see Howie clutch and the covers and fall over. He rushed over, and began to laugh after establishing that Howie wasn't hurt. Howie smacked at him wearily as Alex pulled him to his feet.

"Can't a guy get any sleep around here?" Howie said. "What was that you were doing anyway, Kung Fu or something?"

Alex shook his head. "Good guess, but actually it was an old martial art from Vietnam. It's called Than Vo Dao, which translates basically as 'spirit fist way'. I love martial arts. It's great exercise and you learn a lot about history and culture by studying it. Sorry to wake you, I was trying to be quiet."

Howie sat back down on the bed with another thump. At that point, Alex noticed something interesting. Something he could put his hand on, and he did. Howie started as Alex gave his boner a light squeeze.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" Alex said. "Maybe you are an early riser after all."

"Whaaa?" Howie mumbled, still half asleep.

"Don't worry, I'll help you with that." Alex said. He knelt and quickly took Howie's wood into his mouth, working down to the base almost immediately. He moved to keep his lips around it as Howie fell back onto the bed. Alex enjoyed the drowsy moans and slight wriggling that his attentions were drawing out of the sleepy guy. A few minutes of Alex's talented mouth was enough to draw still another orgasm from Howie's quivering body. Alex tipped his head back and swallowed the tangy load. It was modest, but thick and warm.

Looking down at the panting young man, Alex's eyes fell between the spread thighs to the exposed pucker between Howie's smooth cheeks. Sliding a hand over his own sweaty chest, Alex reached down to gently probe the hole. It was still loosened, and accepted his slickened finger readily, drawing a faint hiss from Howie. Alex felt his own organ thicken and pulse. He fingered Howie for several seconds, taking the young man's sighs and lifting legs as encouragement. Stepping quickly back over to the nightstand, he placed a new condom and fresh lube over his hard organ. Moments later, he was pushing his cock steadily back into Howie's loosened ass. Hooking Howie's legs over his shoulders, Alex quickly found a rapid pumping rhythm once again. Howie tossed his head back and forth, pushing against Alex's thrusts. Primed from his workout, Alex built up very quickly and soon was throwing his head back and stretching the condom with his cum once again. After he regained his breath, Alex used a towel to wipe the excess lube from Howie's butt and eased the panting boy back under the covers. Howie was asleep again by the time Alex kissed him again.

Alex smiled, adjusting Howie's pillows and moving back to the couch to finish his exercises. Afterward, he showered again and got on the phone to take care of some business. There were a number things that needed his attention, and it was nearly two hours before he was able to put the phone back down for a while. He stretched, smiling and scratching his bare chest. The business plans were going well, even better than he'd hoped. He lay down on the carpet and began doing slow crunches, loving the burn in his tightened abs. Emptying his mind, he did crunches more and more slowly, until some time later he was panting on the floor, pressing a hand against his burning midsection.

After he came to his senses, Alex toweled himself dry and headed back over to the bed. Howie was still dozing lightly under the covers. Alex snuggled up to him, enjoying the rich pool of warmth around Howie's naked body. Ducking under the covers, Alex explored Howie's body with light hands, his lips finding first one nipple and then the other. He felt Howie stirring and move back up to lie along side him.

Howie drifted up through soft warmth. He felt the sensations of soft lips caressing his own, coming fully awake at the warm velvety feeling of a tongue slipping between his lips. Alex pulled back after a few more seconds of kissing.

"Uhhh, what time is it?" Howie said.

"Not quite 6 yet, sleeping beauty." Alex said with a grin.

Howie shifted his legs and moaned at the wave of soreness spreading up from his ass. He wriggled his hips against the sheets, the sensations causing his tired cock to twitch and perk up.

Alex noticed the tent forming in the sheet, his grin broadening. He slipped a hand down to investigate the budding pole.

"What do we have here?" He said.

Howie shivered as Alex's hand made contact. Alex slid down under the covers and began to gently lick Howie's reddening cock. He tongued, stroked, kissed and sucked the organ until it was completely hard once again. Then he took it into his throat and sucked the whole length carefully. Howie's drained condition made for a wonderfully long build up. He felt Howie grasp his legs and swing him around into a 69 position. He moaned and spread his thighs as he felt Howie's moistened fingers beginning to open and explore his ass. Alex's cock was hard and pulsed between their bare torsos. He sucked firmly at Howie's cock, driven on by Howie's fingers as they began to vigorously work his hole. Alex grabbed a condom from the nightstand and slipped it onto Howie's pole. After a few minutes, Howie pulled Alex away from his efforts of sucking on Howie's balls, and rolled him over onto his stomach. Spreading the pale cheeks again, Howie leaned down and began to lap at the exposed and sweaty pucker with his tongue. Shortly after, Alex hissed in approval as Howie's cock head nudged between his cheeks and then drove in to the root.

Howie began to feel in control again as he battered Alex's firm ass with his cock. Feeling the blond opening submissively to him, Howie grasped Alex's hips and fucked him with all his strength, determined to make him shoot.

Alex soaked in the sensation. He recognized the feeling--it was similar to the state that he would frequently achieve during athletic competitions or especially intense workouts. He felt every inch of his own body, from the tips of his ears being brushed by his thick blond hair, to his rocklike nipples tingling in delight as they scrubbed against the soft sheet. He could feel the cool air of the room in the heels of his feet, the warmth of the friction his hands and knees were making against the bed. Every muscle outlined itself distinctly to his mind. He breathing was deep and steady as was his heart beat though it was like a pulse of thunder through his body. He could hear the rush of his blood, sounding like a great waterfall. His cock swelled with delicious slowness until it was fully hard. Howie's hands were cool on his flushed skin, he could feel their texture as they held onto his hips, could feel the distant beat of Howie's own pulse. Each hammering thrust of Howie's cock thrilled him, sending a new flush of heat and sensation through his clenched ass and throughout his body. He could feel the droplets of sweat as they were flung off Howie's lunging body onto his back, could smell its tangy scent mingling with his own. The world seemed to slow to a crawl, every instant flooding his senses.

As if from a great distance, he heard Howie shouting at the top of his lungs, felt his hands pulling Alex's hips back as he slammed into Alex's ass a final time. Finally, he felt the cock withdraw and Howie collapsed beside him.

Howie lay back against the bed, panting heavily. The afterglow was amazing, but he still couldn't fight off a sense of failure. He had fucked Alex with everything he had, and still hadn't made him shoot. Still on his hands and knees, Alex wasn't moving very much, but his cock was still huge and fully hard. Howie pulled the filled condom from his own now half hard cock and tossed it into the garbage. He looked back to see that Alex had sat up on his knees, stretching and scratching his chest. For a moment Howie thought that Alex looked like nothing so much as a young Tarzan in the making, except that no Tarzan he had ever read about was likely to be sitting on a bed next to him buck naked with a huge erection. Alex stretched one more time and then studied Howie's own naked body slowly. Howie felt suddenly cold, goose bumps forming on his bare skin as he saw the look in his friend's eyes. It was a look of primal hunger, nothing in the eyes except lust. Alex began to slowly stroke himself, still watching Howie's face closely. As Alex slowly rolled a condom down his pole, Howie felt a twinge of actual fear. He instinctively tried to shrink away as Alex crawled over to him, but there was nowhere to go. Alex crawled over to straddle him, leaning down to first sniff at and then lick and kiss his neck. Howie started to protest as he felt the large cock head rubbing at his crack, but Alex silenced him with a long deep kiss.

Despite his fear, Howie felt himself giving into the Alex as the blond explored his body with hands and tongue alike. He didn't resist when Alex's thighs slipped between his own and spread them. Howie's well-used hole gave little resistance as the mammoth cock pushed insistently inside. Howie whimpered slightly as Alex worked himself in up to the hilt. Alex immediately began to plow Howie's ass aggressively. There was no subtlety as his hands and mouth continued to touch and stroke and taste Howie's squirming body. It occurred to Howie suddenly that this was different than what had happened before. They weren't having sex, or even fucking. Alex was mating with him, as aggressively and shamelessly as any animal in the wild. Most difficult to accept was the fact that Howie's body was willingly, even eagerly submitting to Alex. Even his weary cock hardened once again. Alex went on and on, continuing to take his fill of Howie's body, until finally he threw his head back with a scream and emptied his nuts into the condom. As Alex continued to thrust over and over again, Howie felt himself getting close. He saw Alex watching his bobbing, drooling cock closely. Leaning back down, Alex nuzzled Howie's neck and rotated his hips against Howie's ass. The suddenly motion pushed Howie over the top and he shot himself dry, coating Alex's abs with the thin remains of his cum. Howie was so completely drained that he passed out with Alex lying on top of him, his cock still sheathed in Howie's hole.

Alex felt himself return to reality, riding his own afterglow. Looking down at the exhausted Howie, he carefully pulled out and rolled over to lie next to his sleeping friend. He slipped the condom off, surprised at the size of the load, especially after such a marathon. He went into the bathroom to clean himself off, returning with another damp washcloth with which he wiped Howie down. Glancing over at the clock, he realized that there was still some time before he needed to be getting ready to leave. Stretching, he lay back down next to Howie and allowed himself to doze lightly.

Howie slept for a couple of hours before he woke up. Looking over, he noticed that Alex was apparently still asleep. Groaning at the soreness in his body, Howie climbed out of bed and headed into the bathroom for a shower. He wasn't sure how to feel about what had happened. He'd certainly enjoyed the sex. There was no doubt of that. However, he couldn't shake the nervousness he felt over how easily Alex had taken the dominant role, and how completely Howie himself had submitted to him. This was new in his experience and it was intimidating to him.

Howie took a minute to brush his teeth and comb his hair after his shower. He got dressed, and returned to the bed. Howie noticed something disturbing. Alex was hard again. Though the blond was relaxed and peaceful looking where he lay on top of the sheets, his cock jutted upward, swollen and pulsing. Howie groaned mentally. He knew that Alex would want to fuck him again if he woke up with that morning wood, and Howie knew that he would submit meekly, even eagerly, to Alex's desire. In helping Alex to overcome his problem, Howie had seemingly unleashed an appetite that he couldn't hope to keep satisfied.

Howie tried to get a grip on himself. Alex was his friend, not some horny animal in the wild. He knew that Alex would never take Howie against his will. All he had to do was say 'no' or ask Alex to stop. That wasn't the problem, though. The problem was that Howie had enjoyed being on the receiving end of Alex's appetite's, so much so that he didn't think he could ask Alex to stop. Howie stood there for long seconds, trying to figure out what to do. He realized he was running out of time to make a decision when Alex began to stir. Thinking fast, he came up with an idea.

Alex felt himself waking from his nap. The bed was soft and warm. He opened his eyes and sat up slightly. Howie was kneeling at his side, busily sucking on Alex's morning mood. Sighing contentedly, Alex placed an encouraging hand on Howie's head and lay back. Howie's mouth was eager and talented, and very soon Alex arched his back and filled Howie's mouth with his load. Howie swallowed the thick cream, wiping at the excess that had overflowed his lips. After he had milked Alex's cock of its last few drops, he sat down next to his friend on the bed.

"Good morning, sport." Howie said, managing a smile.

"Hiya, what a nice way to wake up." Alex said.

He pulled Howie in for a quick hug and kiss. "Thank you. I've never experienced anything like last night."

"You're welcome, I had a great time too." Howie said. Alex's arms were gentle as they held him, and Howie felt himself melting into their strength.

"I'm glad, I wanted it to be as good for you as it was for me." Alex looked over at the clock. "Well, I'd better get cleaned up. We need to get back soon if I'm going to have time to say goodbye to the guys."

Howie nodded as he slipped out of Alex's arms and sat down in a nearby chair. Alex got out of bed. Stretching slowly, he gave his softening cock a squeeze and grinned at Howie. "You know, I don't think I've ever had such a workout. You are one horny dude."

Howie grinned back, sighing in relief inside as Alex turned and headed in to the bathroom. He came out a few minutes later, clean and groomed. Pulling his clothes back on, Alex rejoined Howie near the bed.

"Time to go." Alex said. Howie nodded, and they left the room.

After checking out, they caught a cab back to the house and found the other guys in the kitchen. After a brief exchange of greetings, Howie said bye to Alex and excused himself. After he left, there was a small moment of silence at the table.

"So, how did things go?" Brian said.

"Very well, we both had a great time." Alex said.

"C'mon, we want details." Nick said.

"Euuuw." Aaron said

"Umm, no, I don't think we do." Kevin said. AJ grinned and nodded his agreement.

"Now, Nick, a gentleman never talks about such things." Alex said. He managed to hold a pose of dignity for a moment, and then broke down laughing. "Without grossing out our friends here, I'll just say again that a great time was had by all, and leave it at that."

Brian put a hand on Alex's shoulder. "Did it help? I mean, are you, well, ok?"

"Yeah, I'm ok." Alex said. "Well, I have to go, or I'm going to be late for my plane."

He hugged each of the guys in turn, and was turning to scoop Aaron up when he was tackled by the giggling boy. Hugging Aaron close, he thought how interesting it was that two people could touch him in such deep and different ways. Where Howie had connected with his lust, Aaron reached an even deeper part of him, the part that loved and cared for others. He knew that if he had a little brother or a son that he couldn't love them any more than he loved Aaron.

"I believe that this is yours." Alex said, handing Aaron over to the grinning Nick. Aaron hugged Nick for a moment and stuck his tongue out at Alex.

"Well, time to go." Alex said. "You've got my cell number, let's keep in touch. I should be back to hook up for the tour in a couple of months tops. I've already got my people setting things up with your people. I'm not expecting any problems."

Alex's cab arrived shortly after and they all exchanged a last set of goodbyes before he got in and headed for the airport. Less than 30 minutes later, he was in the plane and on his way to New York.