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bsb and 'n sync


"Give all to love; obey thy heart." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Justin's eyes flew open.  He looked around and saw daylight shining into the small hotel room.  Light was not what had awakened him.  Justin normally slept through the entire night; usually JC had to bang on Justin's door for a good 5 minute for Justin to wake up.  A strange sensation had awakened Justin, a wonderful feeling that brought him to unparalleled pleasure.

It was an alien feeling.  Something in his 18-years he had never experienced.  Still, although Justin was inexperienced with the sensation, it was not unknown to him. He was naive, but not stupid. He could feel warmth around his member. A moist object gently caressing his long shaft as it pulsated. A slight suction against his penis brought Justin even more pleasure. With the pleasure also came fear. What would he see when he looked down? He knew, but was afraid to admit it—Brian.

Justin slowly lifted his head and looked down toward the focal point of the pleasure he was seeing. Justin was well aware of what was happening; he knew who was doing it. Still, when he saw Brian, with Brian's soft pink lips around his penis, Justin shook, almost going into shock. Brian had not only betrayed Justin's trust and friendship, but he took away the possession Justin cherished most, something he had kept for a lifetime, his virginity. Brian may not have had sexual intercourse with Justin, but to Justin, Brian had taken his virginity. Justin wanted nothing more than to tell his wife on their wedding day, that he was pure, he had waited a lifetime for her, resisting all temptation. But now Brian had shattered that dream, along with so many others.

Tears graced Justin's young face, he hadn't cried for so long. He did not weep, sniffle or make any noise. It was a silent cry from a hollow soul. Brian had betrayed him—their friendship and Justin's idealistic view of life were both destroyed. Justin could barely muster the strength to speak, finally though he spoke.

"Brian? What are you doing?" Justin said, surprisingly calm, however, tears graced his eyes.

"Baby, I wanna make love to you. I love you so much." Brian said calmly, almost as if this weren't out of the ordinary; so calmly in fact, it sent a shiver through Justin's soul. Although Justin had very little strength—almost as if the strength was sucked out of him—he tried to push Brian off him, tried to escape. His attempt did not succeed. Brian situated himself as to grasp onto Justin's legs. Escape it seemed, in his current state, was impossible for Justin.

"Brian, please stop. Please..." Justin pleaded, tears streaming down his face. Brian continued his 'activity'. "Please, Brian. I don't want this. Stop." Justin's voice vibrated with his sadness, and his anger. Justin wasn't as angry as he thought he should be. He was too weary with sadness to be angry. Brian had betrayed Justin's trust, and that hurt Justin more than anything did. "This isn't right." Justin continued his plea.

"I love you babe; that makes it right." Brian said softly. Justin sensed a hint of regret in his voice.

"I don't love you Brian—not like that. That makes it wrong." Justin said in desperation. Brian moved off of Justin’s penis, and for a brief moment, Justin thought that his pleas had been successful—that Brian would indeed stop. Only for a second though.

Brian moved up Justin's naked body, his large hands massaging Justin's soft flesh. He placed his mouth over Justin's, starting a long filled passionate kiss. Brian's tongue slowly crept out of his own mouth and ventured into Justin's, exploring every inch of it. Brian's hands roamed Justin's torso, caressing Justin's hard abs, and then moving upward toward his defined pecs.

Brian's lower body began to grind against Justin's, once again hardening Justin's member and coaxing a moan out of Justin's covered mouth. Brian's hand continued to roam Justin's perfect body, rubbing down his elbows and then interlocking fingers as Brian continued to kiss Justin. Brian moved his lips to Justin's neck and slowly began to suck on the tender nape, causing another moan to leave Justin's body. Moving over slightly, Brian began to suck on Justin's Adam's apple, sending a shiver down Justin's spine, causing goose-bumps to form on his arms and legs. Brian shifted again, moving back down. He licked each of Justin's pecs, and began to suck on the hardening nipples.

Justin couldn't take anymore of this intense pleasure, he almost came right then. His whole body tensed, trying to hold back his orgasm. Brian sensed that Justin was close, but did not stop, or even slow the pace of his onslaught of pleasure. He moved slowly down Justin's torso, and began to lick Justin's hard abdomen. He gently flicked his tongue into Justin's belly button, causing Justin to almost giggle.

Brian unlocked his hands with Justin and moved lower still. He began to lick the head of Justin's hard, 8-inch member, that stood at fool mast. Justin again shivered in pleasure, and again almost orgasmed. Brian moved down Justin's shaft, gently caressing his tongue on the underside. Precum started oozing out of the head and Brian moved up to lick up the salty liquid.

Soon, Brian's head was at Justin's slightly hairy balls, he began to tenderly lick each of the balls. Justin arched his back in pleasure, pushing his head into the pilllow—he had never experienced anywhere near this level of bliss. Justin's moans became louder and more frequent now, he no longer tried to hold them in.

Brian moved his tongue further downward, to Justin's tight hole. He slowly—very carefully—inserted it. Justin screamed, not from pain, but from intense pleasure, pleasure—that until this point—had been unimaginable to Justin. Brian flicked his tongue inside, sending shivers down Justin's spine. Justin's eyes again began to well with tears, his mind and body were opposing each other. His mind not wanting this to happen, his body aching, lusting for it to continue.

"I love you," Brian repeated after removing his tongue from Justin. Justin's muscles relaxed. Brian's mind ached for a response. After a long pause of silence and no movement, Brian stood and lifted Justin's legs to his shoulders. Justin face contorted with sadness. Brian couldn't bare to look at his face, and almost broke down crying. The younger-man looked directly into Brian's crystal-blue eyes, pleading for him to stop. Brian looked away from Justin, down to his hard abdomen and hardening penis. Brian reached his hand down to his eight-inch member and gently guided it to Justin's hole. He convinced himself he didn't need any lubrication, he would go slow and gently inside Justin. Brian thought a condom was also unnecessary. He reasoned since they were both virgins that it would be healthy.

He gently guided it to Justin's opening, and pressed the head inside. He quickly looked at Justin, who hissed in pain. "Sorry, baby." Brian said calmly. Brian began to glide his hands over Justin's eight-inch penis, hoping to pleasure Justin as well. Just as Justin began to moan Brian stoped fondling Justin's penis and pushed himself deeper into Justin. Brian moaned loadly from the intense warmth and pleasure being exerted onto his dick from Justin's hole.

Justin's body, unguided by his mind, began to get into the groove of their love-making. He slowly began to move forward as Brian thrust inside of him. After a few minutes of burning, Justin began to feel comfortable and soon, Brian was completely inside of Justin. After fully penatrating Justin, Brian stoped for a moment, took a moment to wipe the beads of sweat from his brow, and then took Justin's hands into his own. "I love you, Justin." The same words escaped Brian's mouth. Justin remained silent. Brian gently let go of Justin's hand.

Unaffected by Justin's silence, Brian began to continue his thrusts. Slowly pushing his penis all the way in, then removing the shaft so just the head was inside. Brian thrusts became so powerful that he began to rock Justin's body and the bed. Beads of sweat began to run all over Brian's face, chest, abdomen and back. His body was getting hotter and hotter with the intense pleasure he was creating.

Brian felt himself getting closer but wanted to hold out for as long as possible. He picked up Justin's slender cock and began to massage it. He had almost forgotten Justin's pleasure as the moment encompassed them. Justin began to moan very loadly, almost screaming. Brian knew that Justin was close. He wanted them to cum at the same time, share that moment in eternity.

"Ahh..." Justin moaned as Brian pressed his cock forward again. Justin's cock began to thrub and his balls clenched. The feeling of orgasm encompassed his body as he forced his eyes shut and pressed his head into the pillow. "Ooow...ahh...god!" Justin screamed as ropes of thick cum shot out of his penis, hitting both his and Brian's chests, as well as splattering over his own cheeks. The feeling of Justin's hot cum on his body set Brian off. With one final thrust, he came inside Justin, shooting seven large loads of sticky juice.

Justin felt the warmth of the liquid enter his ass before he had finished his own orgasm. Brian's body, exhaughsted from pleasure collapsed, falling onto Justin's chest. The cum on Justin's chest intermixed with Brian's sweat. With one final shot, from his penis, Brian once again took Justin's hands into his own. "Justin, I love you." Brian said softly, whispering into Justin's ear. Justin remained silent.

The silence lasted only for a moment though. Justin's own words broke the silence. He did not know why he said the words, his brain told him to hold them back. Still, Justin said them. They were hollow words from a beaten and destroyed soul. Still, he ment them with all his heart. Justin spoke quietly, in a mere whisper. He gasped four words to Brian. "I love you, too."



Author’s Postscript:

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