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CHAPTER 5: Happy Birthday
"Hope is a thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without words
And never stops at all."
— Emily Dickinson

The tour was underway. Press conferences, apperances on MTV lengthened the already 24 hour days. LFO had pulled out of the tour, to launch their own European tour. Shows filled every night, and interviews, recordings, promotions and contractual agreements filled every free second. Christmas had come and gone practically unnoticed as the rehersal schedule intensified. The bands took one of their scarce nights off to celebrate Joey's, Justin's, AJ's, Nick's, and Christina's birthday. Justin and Brian had remained separate. Nick and Brian barely spoke. Brian had isolated himself from everyone.


The shameful smell of alcohol consumed the young man's breath while the disgusting stench of vomit surrounded the man's body. His mouth open, a string of drool dribbled down his face onto his pillow. His eyes were closed, he was asleep—snoring loudly.

His eyes slowly opened as his unconscious mind became aware of another's presence in the room. A harmonic voice errupted from this stranger. "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to you!"

Brian lurched his hand quickly, swiping the drool away from his mouth. A smile adorned his face. "Hey Justin!" His voice quivered with excitement.

"Happy Birthday, Bri." Justin returned the greeting. "I'm sorry about the past few weeks. I've been thinking a lot. But I finally figured out what I wanted to give you for your birthday."

Brian's eyes opened wider as his curious mind went to work. "What is that?" He spoke quietly.

"Me." Justin answered matter-a-factly.

An even bigger smile presented itself to Brian's exterior. "Really!?" He asked like a mystified child.

"Don't get too excited. You don't get to 'unwrap' me yet. But if you want, we could give the relationship thing a try?" Justin spoke.

"I would love that Justin." Brian said smoothly, with care in his voice.

"Okay, but before we do anything, can you please take a shower. You reek, dude!" Justin laughed out with a goofy smile on his face. "Or should I say honey?"

Brian didn't laugh but instead jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom. "I'll be out in a second." Brian yelled, without a hint of anger in his voice.

While Brian scrubbed himself in the shower, Justin slowly walked around the room. It was a mess. He began to pick up and throw away the whiskey and beer bottles on the floor. Then he folded and hung up Brian's wrinkled clothing. Just as he was finishing Brian stepped out of the bathroom, a towel tied around his waste.

"Thank's for cleaning up Justin, you are going to make a good wife!" Brian joked, smirking.

Justin dropped the slacks he was folding and walked over to Brian. He stared intently as his legs moved him across the room. As he reached Brian he extended his arms and wrapped them around Brian's waist. He pulled himself in closer and hugged Brian's wet body. Brian rested his head on Justin's shoulder and softly spoke the words: "I love you."

Justin released his grasp on Brian, and attached his hands to Brian's towel, with one quick movement Justin removed Brian's towel, exposing his hardening penis. "Justin?" Brian looked at Justin in shock.

"Hey, I only said you don't get to 'unwrap' me yet, I didn't say anything about unwrapping you." Justin spoke, his eyes still intently staring at Brian's now fully-erect, uncircumsized meat. Then, Justin lowered his body, getting onto his knees. His face was now staring into Brian's musceled lower-torso. Brian still resisted the urge to push forward, to force his aching cock down Justin's awaiting throat. He wanted Justin to make the first move.

Justin moved slowly closer to Brian's rod. Feeling the warmth radiating from Brian's naked body. He slowly opened his mouth, allowing his tongue to slide out. As Justin's tongue made contact with Brian's penis, Brian's body lurched from the incredible feeling, a moan soon escaping Brian's mouth. Justin began to tongue the head of Brian's large head, licking it over and over, massaging the throbbing head. Brian began to shiver with pleasure. Again, the urge to push himself into Justin overcame him, but again he resisted. Justin's teasing was driving him crazy.

Justin opened his mouth wider now. And moved in closer. This time guiding Brian's penis into his mouth with his tongue. Brian stood not moving forward at all, still his muscles shook with delight and his heartbeat became rapid. With the head of Brian's penis fully into his mouth, Justin closed down his lips and began to suck gently on the head, his tongue massiging the sensative underside. He moved forward more, taking more of Brian's giant penis into his mouth.

He took it in inch by inch until the head was touching his throat. He almost gagged, he wanted to take in more, but he couldn't. He would gag. He began to suck slowly, continuing to twirl his tongue. The warmth surronding Brian's penis was too much. His moan's became louder.

"Justin.... this feels.... mhmph... so good... don't stop.... god Justin, I love.... you." Brian muttered out between moans. His whole body began to convulse. Justin knew what was going to happen. He slowly backed off of Brian's penis and clothed his mouth. Brian screamed as he came. His multiple load's shot over Justin's nose and cheeks. Brian moaned again as he Justin rubbed his cheek against Brian's orgasming penis, causing Brian even more pleasure.

Brian's body exhausted from his extreme orgasm, collasped onto Justin. "Thank... thank you baby." He whispered out.

"I'm sorry Brian." Justin said sadly.

"Sorry?" Brian exclaimed. "For what?"

"I'm sorry, I wanted to swallow your cum, but I couldn't. I don't know why. But I couldn't." Justin said, his voice quivering.

"Justin... it's okay.... thank you, that was the best feeling." Brian slowly stood up, grabbing his towel to wipe his own cum off of Justin's angelic face. He looked into Justin's eyes. "Thank you. I love you."

Justin felt confident again. "That was the 2nd part of your present. Now, here is the third..." He slowly stood and reached into his pocket. He retrieved two packets of paper from his pocket and handed them to Brian. "Two ticket's to Lexington. So you can spend your birthday with your family."

"Thank you Justin." Brian said softly, his eyes beginning to water. He pulled Justin into another embrace. Brian's warm, naked body rubbing against Justin's fully clothed figure. "You're coming with me?" Brian questioned.

Justin looked down, avoiding Brian's stares. "If you want me to?" Justin asked bashfully.

"Of course I do. I want you to meet my—" Brian's body froze. He sentence was cut short. Justin looked again to Brian's eyes. Brian regained his composure. "I want you to come."

"Okay." Justin regained a smile. "It was so hard to find tickets on such short notice; we leave at 1:15. You'd better get dressed."


The plane landed smoothly into the Lexington Internation Airport. Justin let go of Brian's clammy hand now that the flight was over. Brian stared into his lap while he removed the air sickness bag that had been covering his mouth.

"You are a rough flyer, huh? Next time I'll give you some Dramamine!" Justin said in a caring voice. Brian had spent the better part of the flight vomiting. "You okay?" Justin asked for what seemed like the fortieth time.

"I'm fine, thanks for holding my hand." Brian said softly, grasping his stomach feeling still nauseated.

"What are boyfriends for?" Justin asked seriously, with a goofy look covering his face. Brian laughed at Justin's opposite emotions, but soon regained his seriousness.

"About that Justin—" Brian's sentence was cut short.

"I know, I won't say anything." Justin said, looking at Brian.

"Thanks, I'll tell them, just not right away, okay?" Brian said, choosing his words carefully. He did not want to hurt their newfound relationship.

"Okay." Justin said with understanding.

"So, let's get off this hell-hole." Brian tried to joke, Justin just smiled.


The taxi-ride to the Littrell home was very quiet, and it seemed to Brian, very uncomfortable. Brian tried to reassure Justin, breaking the silence. "Justin, I'm going to tell them, I am. They're going to love you." Justin's gaze was broken and he stared at Brian's face. He smiled softly and mouthed the words, 'I know.'

The taxi had slowed and was now turning down residential streets. "Here you are gentleman." The Irishmen spoke. Brian quickly exited the taxi, followed by Justin. Brian paid the driver while Justin took the two small suit cases they had packed for the trip. He then gazed up, admiring the serene Littrell home, with the sun shinning brightly down.

"BRIAN!" An older women screamed, running out the front door of the house and down the shoveled pathway. "We're so glad you're here, honey! What a wonderful suprise!" Justin stepped back as Brian's mom continued her quest towards her son. She ran over to him and then grasped him, giving him a firm hug. "How are you doing baby?" She asked softly, running her hands through his hair, trying to style it differently.

"Mom, I've been doing pretty bad. But now I'm home, and it feels so good." Brian said, looking directly at his mother. He hugged her again, smiling to himself. Then he looked over her shoulder to Justin, who was trying to make himself look busy holding the bags. "Mom, I want you to meet someone." Brian said, guiding his mother over to Justin. Brian spoke proudly, "This is Justin Timberlake, he's in 'N Sync."

"Nice to meet you, are you a friend of Brian's?" Jackie Littrell asked, graciously extending her hand.

Justin accepted it and replied, "Yes, I am a very good friend of Brian's. Nice to meet you, too."

"Are you going to be staying with us?" She asked Justin, still holding onto his hand. Justin looked over to Brian for an answer. Brian just nodded.

"I guess I am." Justin said, smiling inside.

"Well lets get you boys inside, its freezing out here and neither of you have sweater's on." Jackie said in a motherly tone, guiding both of the young men into the house. Justin entered the house first and saw two men sitting in front of a fire.

"Hello, my name's Justin Timberlake. I'm a friend of Brian's." Justin said warmly, extending his hand. Both men jumped up and quickly skirried over to the waiting young man.

"I'm Harold, Brian's father. Nice to meet you." Harold Littrell said, firmly shaking Justin's hand, so hard in fact, Justin almost yelled in pain.

"Hi, I'm Harold too, I'm Brian's brother." Harold III stepped in, grabbing Justin's hand and shaking it.

After the initial greeting their was an awkward silence. Brian and his mom were talking on the front porch and Justin hoped they would soon enter.

"Your house is so beautiful," Justin said, trying to make small talk, "It's really in the Christmas spirit."

"Yes, we're happy now that Brian and you are here. Brian said he wouldn't have the opportunity to come down." Brian's father returned.

"Oh, well I convinced him to come down. I bought him the plane ticket in fact." Justin spoke nervously and then laughed.

"Really? Well thank you for bringing my Brian home for his birthday." Brian's brother said gently, sensing Justin's nervousness.

"My mom and dad are in Paris on vacation, otherwise I'd be spending our vacation with them. And Brian asked if I wanted to come and I gladly accepted. Brian says such nice things about y'all." Justin tried to make a good impression on Brian's family by exaggerating a few facts.

"Well, thank you. You have an accent... wait, let me guess." Brian's father said, silently contemplating the origin in his head. "Uhm, Tennesse?"

"Yes, I was born in Nashville, actually." Justin said happily, amazed that Harold could have discovered the origin of his light accent, he had tried to cover it up over the years.

Brian and Jackie were entering the warm household, Brian carrying both small suitcases. They all stood in the hallway of the large home, looking each other over. An awkward silence grew within the room. Jackie broke it with her sweet country twang. "I'd better get back to dinner, before my roast burns. Justin, you're staying with us right?"

"Yep." Justin quickly answered the question, for the second time.

"Well then I'll let you two get settled and we'll be off." Jackie stared at Justin, with a large smile gracing her face. "Justin, you can stay in the downstairs room. Its the third door on the left. The bathroom isn't ajoinging, that's the second door on the left. Or is the right?" Jackie pondered. "Brian, just show him around."

Justin headed to walk downstairs, Brian following suit. As Brian passed his mother, she pulled him into a loving hug. "We're glad your home, baby duck!"

Brian gladly returned the hug, latching further onto his mom. "You don't know how glad I am to be home."


Justin slowly unfolded his clothes from his suitcase. He searched for unused hangers in the closet and began to hang up his clothes. Brian gazed at the young man from his chair. Watching Justin's every move. Justin began to get uncomfortable. "Take a picture, it'll last longer." He said casually.

"Justin," Brian said, getting up, "Thank you for this morning; for last month; for right now. I love you."

Justin smiled and walked over to Brian, placing his arms around the shorter man. "I love you too."

"Know what I just realized?" Brian asked, still holding their embrace.

"That I smell real nice, and I'm really warm, and you've never felt this way about anyone else?" Justin mocked.

"No. That's not it." Brian tried to not laugh.

"Hey!" Justin whined.

"No, I just realized that we've never kissed, you've kissed me... uh... down there, but we haven't really kissed." Brian chimed.

"And what do you want to do about that big boy?" Justin smirked lightly to himself.

"Big boy? I like that...." Brian thought to himself.

"Don't flatter yourself baby. I've seen bigger..." Justin continued to joke with Brian, they still were close to each other, locked in each other's arms.

"Oh..." Brian's voice lacked any sort of humor or happiness.

"Baby, you know I'm kidding. You are a big boy. A very big boy. I shouldn't be saying your not, it was just a joke. Besides, I'm a lot smaller than you are." Justin tried to apologize for his mistake, fearing Brian's forthcoming anger.

"Justin... I'd really like to see you, I'm sure you're a big boy too." Brian smiled to himself, so did Justin. "But first, our kiss."

Brian lifted his chin and slowly placed his lips onto Justin's. They both closed their eyes and concentrated on the kiss. Brian slowly pressed his lips harder against Justin's, savoring the warmth. Justin moved and began to kiss just Brian's upper lip, and then moved down. They both savored the feeling. Brian slowly opened his mouth and Justin slowly pushed his tongue forward. First, Justin licked Brian's lips, and then penatrated Brian's mouth. There body's moved closer too, as their thoughts merged.

Their hands began to explore each other's bodies. Justin slowly began to caress Brian's back. Brian was more daring and began to grope Justin's inner thighs and crotch, feeling Justin's member get hard in his hands. They continued to kiss for a few more moments and then Brian pulled off. Justin's eyes opened in suprise. Brian lowered himself.

"No," Justin said, "Not right now. What if your mom walks in?"

"Justin I want to, and who cares? So she'll know I'm a faggot? I don't care. I have you, I don't care about anything else!" Brian spoke happily and then moved his mouth to Justin's jeans, placing his mouth around the growing bulge in Justin's pants.

"Brian... you're not a faggot. You're gay, there is a difference. But, please... just wait." Justin pleaded, he couldn't resist this amazing feeling much longer.

"Justin, I want to make love to you, right now." Brian spoke, beginning to unzip Justin's pants. "I want you so bad, I love you so much. I want you."

"Brian, you know we can't do this right now. We are in your parent's house. We don't have any protection. Please, just wait." Justin said timidly.

"Brian, they are my parents! I don't care... And come on, we're both virgin's. We'll be okay." Brian pulled Justin's jean's down.

"Brian...." Justin said as Brian pulled down Justin's boxers.

"Justin, we'll wait... okay? But, please let me return the favor." Brian said. Justin could no longer resist the temptation. He slowly moved his hardened penis towards Brian's hungry mouth. Justin's pants and underwear were still on, just both were opened in the front, he felt weird being fully clothed and also being blown.

Brian's mouth moved forward and he gently sucked on Justin's large cock-head. Justin almost screamed in pleasure at the incredible sensation he was now experiencing. Justin began to massage Brian's hair and slowly pulled him closer towards his penis, causing Brian to take more of Justin's stiff, 7" rod.

"Oh my god," Justin whisphered softly. "This feel's amazing." Brian looked up, still keeping his mouth over Justin's cock. Their eyes locked for a breif moment and Brian's heart shimmered. Brian was bringing the person he loved most in the world to complete pleasure; it was an amazing feeling. Justin began to become more aggressive, begging to push in and pull out of Brian's mouth.

Before anything else could happen, the door slowly opened. Justin's back was to the door, and Brian was in front of him. Jackie Littrell entered the room, "Brian, what are you doing?"



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