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Right Kind of Wrong:

I was raining out. That was all that Justin knew was true. He had just gotten back form a night out with the guys, and now he was forced to lay alone while it rained outside. The alcohol had made it's way to his brain and he couldn't even remember what club they had been at. All he could remember was watching Joey dance with every girl on the packed dance floor. Joey. He sighed and hugged his pillow tighter. He could think clear, a sudden sobriety taking over.

"Joey," Justin spoke out loud then slipped into a fit of giggles. The absurdity of it. I don't like him. Justin laughed louder. It's not supposed to be like this. Joey is the flirt of the group. That's the way it had always been. Joey flirted with anything that moved and he would never settle down with one person.

Joey wasn't even gay. Not that I care, Justin thought, I'm not either. Britney, yeah Britney is...Britney isn't Joey. Justin threw his pillow across the room and it hit the wall with a satisfying thump. He realized that now he didn't have anything to sleep on and made the slow journey to retrieve it. Justin's life wasn't going to be like this. He had planned on marrying a nice, southern girl and buying a white house with blue shutters and having the average 2.6 kids. How the hell do you have .6 a kid?

Justin looked out the hotel window and watched the rhythmic falling of he drops. Great chance of that happening. I'm gay. He finally let himself admit what he was most afraid of. Justin Timberlake wasn't supposed to like guys, he was supposed to like girls. He didn't know why it had just always been that way. What changed that? Joey. He seduced me with his voice and ass. Yep, the world was going to believe that.

Justin had know he looked at Joey as more than a friend for almost a year. It had been his nineteenth birthday and Joey had took him out for the day. It was all innocent fun; they'd gone sailing and hiked around one of the little islands and then had gone clubbing. Justin hadn't even received a material gift, but the day with Joey had been more than enough. They had been sitting at a table in the club and Joey had turned to him and just smirked. The events of the day and that one smirk had convinced Justin that he had feeling for one of his best friends.

Best friends, that's why it had to stay hidden. They were meant to be friends, not lovers. Things just didn't work out that way. Two bandmates couldn't date, even if they were heterosexual, it just didn't happen. That was the kind of thing that broke bands apart and they eventually ended up on Where Are They Now. Justin couldn't let this happen to 'Nsync, the guys were too important to him.

He never once had lead Joey into believing that he wanted to be anything more than friends. All the longing looks and sighs had been masked so that no one would know what he was thinking. Jc didn't even know and Justin told him everything. The only time when Justin allowed himself to think about the other singer was when he was alone at night. Only then he could truly be honest with himself.

He thought back to a song he'd heard on one of Jc's CDs. "Know all about, 'bout your reputation. And how it's bound to be a heartbreak situation. But I can't help it if I'm helpless every time that I'm where you are. You walk in and my strength walks out the door. Say my name and I can't fight it anymore," Justin let the words describe his situation. Joey had the reputation of the flirt, and he was strait. I shouldn't want him. "Oh, I know I should go, but I need your touch just too damn much. Loving you, isn't really something I should do. Shouldn't want to spend my time with you. I should try to be strong, but baby you're the right kind of wrong."

Justin glanced over at the clock and it's mocking red letters flashed back at him. 3:57. Great. I've got a photo shoot and an interview tomorrow. Justin closed his eyes and willed the visions of his friend to leave, but they wouldn't go away. He hugged his pillow tight and thought of what the next day would bring. More of the pointless interviews, a meaningless photo shoot where he was forced to behave like someone he wasn't, and Joey. Joey. Justin allowed himself to smile as he drifted off to a land where Joey was his and they lived happily ever after and all that fluffy, marshmallowy crap. But it made him happy, so he kept on thinking it.