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Justin had come back to his room after the interview was over and flipped absently through the channels as he spaced out. The interview had gone good, but Joey had flirted with the interviewer the entire time. All the little winks and smirks didn't go unnoticed by Justin. It wasn't as if he didn't expect it, but it still hurt. He'd been in like, possibly in love with Joey for the past year, but nothing would come of it. The sudden knock on his door snapped him out of his thoughts and he squealed. "It's open!" Justin sighed and continued to mindlessly change the channels.

"Hey Curly," Joey walked in and shut the door behind him, claiming a seat on the couch next to Justin. "what are you doing tonight?" He looked sideways at the younger man, not seeing the way his eyes were being avoided or the uncomfortable feeling that passed between them.

"Um, nothing," Justin turned his attention to the TV once again and tried to ignore the fact that Joey was sitting so close to him. Almost painfully close.

"Just what I wanted to hear," Joey grabbed the remote and stood up. "You're going out with me tonight. Dani's in town and Chris is spending the night with her and Jc and Lance are watching a movie. I want to go clubbing, so you're coming with me, ok? We leave in twenty," He clicked the remote and the TV screen went blank. Smiling at Justin, he walked out of the room.

"I guess," Justin mumbled to himself. Justin's breath had caught in his throat when Joey had told him they were going out. It seemed natural, and he wanted to go, but Joey might sense something. Alone with Joey? Not a good idea. Justin shook his head. Such a great idea. He stood up and ran into the bathroom, frantically trying to get his hair perfect before his time was up.

It ended up behaving in a minimal amount of time, leaving him with ten minutes to get dressed. Though who needs clothes? Maybe I'll just show up naked. Yeah, he wouldn't suspect anything. Justin threw on a pair of black leather pants and a dark blue button down shirt. The knock sounded about three minutes early, but Joey was always in a hurry. Justin checked himself in the mirror and quickly left his room.


Justin looked down at the glass in his hands. It wasn't alcoholic, but he wished it were. He was sitting alone at his table, after Joey had taken control of the dance floor and every girl on it. Long ago the older man had disappeared into the sea of bumping and grinding bodies. Joey had already had a couple of drinks with Justin, and Justin didn't know how many he would be given by the ocean of females surrounding him. Screw this. Justin stood up and made his way to the dance floor. If I can't have fun with Joey, I'll make my own fun.

All Justin had to do was step onto the floor and a large group of scantily clad girls flocked over to him. He grabbed onto the nearest one and started moving with her, trying to forget about his friend. It didn't work. Her brown hair was cut short and she moved with a clumsy kind of grace, painting the portrait of exactly what he was trying to forget.

Justin jumped as a strong pair of arms slipped around him from behind. He spun around and was face to face with Joey. The brunette smiled and leaned in, "Having fun yet?" Justin just nodded and slid his arm around Joey's waist. More than you know. Joey took it farther by pulling Justin closer and grinding lightly against him. The overcrowding of the dance floor insured that they wouldn't be spotted dancing so close, so Justin didn't even think about it.

He didn't think about anything. The only thing inside his head was Joey. The name repeated continuously as they moved together. He felt though. Every time that his hands ventured further down, or every one of the times Joey's hips came daringly close to his he just felt. Justin decided to be bold and moved his hand down quickly to brush over Joey's ass. The older man smirked and ground his hips harshly against the blonde. "We really should get going, right?" Joey's voice was quiet and raspy through the noise of the crowd and sweat clung to his hard body making it impossible for Justin to deny him anything. They left the dance floor and ran outside, hopping into the nearest cab.


The ride back to the hotel had been quiet, neither man saying anything, but wrapped up in their own thoughts. When they exited the elevator and hurried to their rooms Joey stopped in front of Justin's. "Thanks for coming with me. It was fun," he reached around and gave Justin a quick hug then turned around to leave. Changing his mind at the last second, Joey grabbed Justin's shoulders and pulled him into a quick, harsh kiss. He pulled away and went into his room like nothing had happened, leaving a stunned Justin behind.

Justin didn't even bother turning on the lights when he entered the room, just moving right to his bed and collapsing on it. The he realized the leather wouldn't be a good choice of nightwear and he pushed them down his body and threw them across the room. What the hell just happened? He was drunk, that's it. But he did say it was fun...maybe. No, he had girl-fun, not Justin-fun. Sleep came quickly as Justin clung to his pillow and shut his eyes, once again slipping into a world of Joey.