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Kinda Gay:

It hadn't taken much to get the keys, only a little chat with Lance and a promise to share whatever practical joke he planned to do on Justin. Joey wasn't really going to do anything, he'd make something up later, but he needed to talk to Justin before he lost all his strength. The moments pause at Justin's door seemed like hours as Joey gathered his courage.

The key slid in so easily, like a knife through fresh baked bread, and he silently opened the door. Justin was still asleep, and would have probably slept longer had Joey not decided they had to talk. Days off were few and far between so each one was planned carefully. Chris would plan thirty different things and end up doing something on the spur of the moment. Jc would try to sleep all day, and would usually do that if no one woke him up. Lance would get wrapped up in his FreeLance stuff and lock himself in his room. Joey would find something fun in every city and spend the day with Justin or the other guys. Justin always slept 'till noon and then followed Joey on his excursions.

Justin was curled up in a loose ball in the center of his bed. He's almost too cute to wake. Almost. Joey smirked and sat down on the edge of the bed. He leaned over and blew across Justin's face, trying to get him up slowly. It didn't work and Justin swatted at his face, barely missing Joey. The brunette grinned and traced the jaw of his friend, lightly stroking his neck. Still Justin did nothing. Screw this, Joey thought. I'll get him up the old way.

Joey leaned closer and shouted in Justin's ear, "Monsoon!" The blonde jumped up and his shriek joined Joey's laugh. The covers were thrown back and Justin sat there shocked.

"Monsoon?" he glared at Joey, smiling on the inside. "What happened to fire?"

"It got old," Joey shrugged and smiled back at him, "I figured we need to talk, so I though I'd just have fun waking you up. It was better than the time JC poured ice down your boxers, wasn't it?"

"I guess," Justin blushed and pulled the covers back up, realizing he was only wearing boxers. "So what's up?"

"Well," Joey looked away and sighed, "were you drunk last night, or what happened?" He didn't notice the scared look that crossed Justin's features, because he way busy not looking, but Joey felt himself flush. Britney's words echoed in his head, almost causing him to laugh. Hands, hands.

"What? Why would I be drunk, I wasn't even drinking," Justin shrugged and now it was his turn to look away. But you were. No way you wouldn've touched me like that if you weren't. "Were you, or did the dancing kinda just happen?"

"The hands?" Joey finally met Justin's eyes and was met with a worried look, "I wasn't drinking. Well, the first coke had rum in it, but none of the others. Was my dancing, um, not wanted?" Please say it was, please let Britney be right.

"What are you asking me Joey?" Justin fought back the urge to scream 'Do you want me?' but held it back.

"I'm Bi, and I um," Joey had never been at such a lose of words. He was supposed to be the confident flirty one, but that wasn't happening right now.

"That's not really a question," Justin laughed in relief, "but it was apreciated. You're-" Joey cut him off.

"Bi. Sorry for not telling you or anyone else, but I wasn't ready," He looked down in his lap, expecting to be slapped or yelled at or anything negative.

"I understand, I'm kinda gay," Justin was surprised that it came out so easily, but Joey had just admitted it and maybe they were on the same page now.

"Kinda gay, or gay."

"Gay and," Justin was cut short when Joey pressed their lips together. He cautiously moved his hands to Justin's back and pulled him closer. The younger man opened his mouth to the prying tongue and moaned quietly. The kiss lasted seconds, but it felt like days. Each man was lost in his feelings and the newly revealed feelings of the other.

Justin pulled back when the need for air took over and smiled at Joey. His smile was returned and he hugged the Italian close to him. "I've waited so long."

"Both of us, Justin, both of us," Joey closed his eyes and held back the tears of happiness that threatened to fall. "Where does this leave us?"

"I don't know," Justin sighed and pulled out of the hug, "but I like it."

"Me too," Joey smirked and leaned in for another kiss.