Well... This is the first time i'll be posting here at nifty... Im a female... so excuse any inacuracies... Hell.. I probobly won't even get to the point where I can make inacuracies (But then, I might... Im writing here to try and explan my ablities as a writer by writing something that I am not completly in touch with)... I Consider reading on nifty to be my reserch... *grin* and I am gonna suggest some of the stories i've been reading.

josh and just (AHH! Wonderful! the author is incredibly talented at using emotions!)

Superman cant fly (Im not much of a joey person.. but people kept saying it was good.. and it was.. once again, intense emotions.. Gotta love that)

The Project (Can we say sci-fi ish? Yes we can, and I love it.. It's worth reading.)


Legal Disclaimer
Celbrities appearing in this story (Namely, 'N Sync's Justin Timberlake and JC Chazes) are not people I know. Nor do I have any knowlege of said individuals sexuality. This is called fiction of a reason people. If your offended by M/M relationships.. What the hell are you doing here? If your underaged, or this stuff is not legal in your area, I am obligated by the people hosting this story to ask you to leave. And you should, you woudn't want to get the nice people here at nifty in trouble, would you? Or even worse, get yourself in trouble?


"Celestial Journey" Prologue
By Nova StarFox
(aKa one of those damn teaser things to get people interested)

Polaris slipped slowly up to the tent, his misty form almost unseen in teh dim light of twilight.

'Centauri, I think I found what we're looking for.' The single spiraled horn that rose for his equine forehead glowed from the concentraition of mind-speaking the other unicorn, who appeared through the trees, his roan coat glistening in the dimming slight.

'What did you find?' He demanded, bumping sholders with Polaris.

'this.' arching his sleek black neck, Polaris used his horn to lift the flap of the tent, reveling tho sleeping young men. One was curled in a sleeping bag on either side of the tent.

'Perfect.' The roan animal's mind whipered. 'You found them, you get first pick.' 'Your absulutly sure you dont care what one is yours? Your selective Tauri.' The smaller balck furred one tapped the others nose with his horn. 'I dont want you to pend that long unhappy.'

'Both are perfect, you pick. I couldn't decide between them if I tried.' The roan kneeled carefully, studying first the blond, then the brunette. The black remained standing, looking from one to the other, his dark eyes eventually settling on the blond curls to the left of the tent.

'Let's get them to Celestan.' Polaris used the dangerous looking spiral horn to tap the curly haired blond on the top of the head, giving an equine smile when he shifted and rolled in a half asleep state.

"JC, go back to bed. It's still dark out. Hell, I just got to sleep."


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