Celestial Journey Chapter 1

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"Celestial Journey" Chapter 1
By Nova StarFox

Last Time

'Let's get them to Celestan.' Polaris used the dangerous looking spiral horn to tap the curly haired blond on the top of the head, giving an equine smile when he shifted and rolled in a half asleep state.

"JC, go back to bed. It's still dark out. Hell, I just got to sleep."

Chapter 1

Justin growled and jerked his head deeper into the sleeping bag, "JC, I told you to leave me be." He finaly opened his eyes to peek out of the sleeping bag, expecting to see his brunette friend. A gasp of surprize exscaped Justin as he stared into the black furred equine face. A face with a single horn growing from it's forehead. "Josh, this isn't funny or cute." He warned, scrambling out of the sleeping bag. "JOSH!" He looked franticly at his sleeping friend, then back at the unicorn, or horse, or whatever it was. It acrched it's neck, leveling the arrow strait horn with his chest.


JC heard someone call his name and looked up, poking his head from the warm folds of his sleeping bag to see what was bothering his friend. Once he tricked his eyes into focusing, he yelped in horror, a unicorn, something that didn't exist to begin wit, drove it's head forward, impaling Justin. The younger man's breatbone cracked audibley, and his friend scrambled despratly for a moment to pull it from his chest, then fell limply backwards. JC struggled from his sleeping bag, yelping again at the sight of the second equine, who stared strait at him.

"Help!" He crab-walked backwards, untill he reached his backpack. He tugged at the tie on it, trying despretly to get to his knife. Befor he could open the bag the roan unicorn forced it's fore-quarters through the tent's door, carefully pressing the tip of it's horn to JC's chest. JC whimpered, then screwmed as the animal forced it's head forward...

...JC blinked, groaning as he sat up, then looked around franticly. Standing close to him was one of the THINGS that had attacked him. Also nearbye was the other one, nudging Jusitn as he sat up. "Justin, don't move." He warned slowly, panic swealing in his chest. He couldn't let something happen to Justin.

"Why not?" The blond blinked in an attempt to get his tired eyes to work properly and looked twards JC.

"Justin, these things attacked us! HELL! The one by you tried to kill you!"

"Josh, relax." Justin pushed himself up and moved to sit next to him. He waited for the two unicorns to settle in, laying one to JC's right, and the other to Justin's left. Once they had laid down, Justin continued. "They won't hurt you. This is Polaris." He indicated the one closes to him.

'Nice to meet you.' The voice echoed through JC's mind, Justin smirking at his friends' response. "And over by you is Centauri."

'Are you feeling all right? You look pale.' The roan unicorn look at him criticaly. 'It took you a long time to recover from the realm crossing.'

"I though Unicorns were white." JC studies the black equine near Justin, then truned back to the roan. Justin's calm was at least influencing him to fake his own calm.

'Some of use are.' One of the voices in his mind replied, followed by the other saying,

'white isn't really all at common of a color.' Josh realized that each of them had a very distinct voice. The roan's 'voice' was baritone, while the black's was more of a tennor. A tennor that could probobly strech to reach notes only Chris could reach. 'Dispite what your world sees us as, we exist here in great variety.'

'What's your name? Justin said Jaysee, or Joshy, or something.' Polaris' tennor invaded JC's mind in relaxed deeper tones.

"Joshua." He told the 'animal', feeling comfortable with them for the first time. "Why are we here? ANd what was with attacking us at the tent?"

'That's a little hard to explain, but I'll try. Polaris and I decided that we wanted to be better able to... Impress potential mates. One way to do that is to have a human that's sort of like a pet. We saw you, and agreed that you two would be great for the job. We attacked you because that's the only was to shift you betwen your realm and our realm.' The roan waited pateintly for a response from JC.

"What if you don't agree?"

'Justin already did.' Polaris interrupeted, receiving a glare from Centauri. 'What? He did agree!'

'If you don't agree we can take you back to your own realm.' The unicorn paused, then continued again. 'I can give you some time to decide. Let you talk to Justin for awhile or something.' JC nodded, and the unicorn rose to his feet to start walking away. Justin and Polaris must have been having a mind-to-mind converstation, because their heads moved as if they were talking, but they didn't make any sounds.

'Im gonna go with Tauri. You two hand here, were gonna scout the area. Don't make too much noise, we don't want you to atract attention; Sirius might be in the area.'


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