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"Are you sure about staying here?" JC turned to Justin, silently willing him to say no so they could just leave. "What about 'N Sync?"

"Centauri must not have mentioned to you that their are time discrepencies between our realms." Justin smiled slightly. "We have untill we're old and grey here, and it will only have been a few minuets there."

"This is too weird, Jus. Way too weird." JC floped backwards on the mossy ground, covering his eyes in an attempt to think clearly.

"Havn't you ever wanted to visit home supernatural land? Like a fantasy place?" Justin waved his hands to emphansize his excitment.

Never really though about it." JC shruged. "I'll stay. Just because someone has to keep you from doing something stupid."

"That's what i've got Polaris for." Justin shrugged. "Who do you think this Sirius they warned us about it?"

Probobly another Unicorn." It was JC's turn to shrug. "Maybe on that dosent get along with them."

'He has a personal vendetta against Centauri and that goody goody deamn-colt friend of his.' The mental voice slurred savagly through their minds.

Where is he?" JC demanded, looking abour for the unicord that belonged to the mind-voice.

"I dunno!" Jusitn sprange to his feet, listening for the hooffalls he never heard. Silently, a brown and white patched coat became visible through the trees, eventually becoming totaly visible as it walked into the clearning. Sirius paused, then gathered his legs underneath him to charge the pair. Both Justin and JC stared in shock as the animal barreled twards them. Without warning, a black lightining-bolt slammed into the side of the buly black and white animal.

'LEAVE THEM ALONE!' Polaris's mind-voice cut crulely though the air, Jusitn and JC 'hearing' only the echos of the unicorn's mind.

'You little punk!' Sirius tossed his horn in a challenge. 'You don't have any right to keep me from them!

'I have every right! They belong to me and Centauri!' Polaris arched his neck, targeting the pinto Sirius.

'Don't make me hurt you, you stunted little rat!' Sirius lunged at Polaris, only to be knocked aside by Centauri, who matched him easily in hight and definetly outweighed him.

'Leave us!' Tauri stomped his foot, his horn glowing ominusly. Polaris still stood next to Sirius, prodding him couragously with teh tip of his horn.

'Yeah! LEAVE!' Polaris's thoughs failed ot convey the same power that Cantauri's had, but the meaning still held.

'You two will pay for this. The duel colored animal snorted. I always get what I want. Sirius vanished back into the trees with his ears laid back and his tail swishing.

'This is gonna be a problem, Tauri.' Polaris's voice was soft in all of their minds. 'He's going to come back with his pack. He don't give up easily...

"What do we do then?" Justin looked at the two unicorns expectantly.

'Either we head back to Meadow Hawk or cut through the bog to Meadow Westwood. Meadow Westwood is our best bet.'

'But the dragon's territory includes the bog between here and there.'

'MonDieu dosn't mind us. We don't have to fear her.'

'It's dragon's mating season. It's her mate I'm afraid of.'

'Then it's got to be Meadow Hawk, even if Antares dosen't let us stay.'

'Alright,' Polaris turned to Justin and JC. 'We're going to meadow Hawk. It's where me and Tauri were born!

'We might have problems with Antares, the herd stallion. But we'll at least be able to stay a few days.' Centauri walked over to JC. 'On my back, we've got to move fast.' JC looked at Justin, who was already perched on Polaris's back, then scrambled, with some dificulty, on to Centauri's. Once he was realativly secure, the two equines took off, all the time mentaly mumbling about Sirius and his gang coming after them.