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Celestial Journey
Chapter 3

Justin slid from Polaris' back, his knees bending to cushin the fall. He looked over at JC and Centauri. JC leaned against the 'horse' for a few seconds, trying to relax his tensed muscles enough to unbunch and straiten out. When he finaly untangled his fingers from Centauri's mane, a half a dozen Unicorn colts had congregated. Four of them were bay (Brown with black socks and mane, for the non-horsey people), The fifth was brown with white socks, and the last was dapple grey. They crowded around JC out of juvineile curiousity.

'Is it all right?'

'It looks sick. What'd you do to it?'

'It's gonna fall over...'

'Does it have a name?'

'Can we play with it?'

'Does Polaris have one too?'

'Back off, he's just sore from the ride, I didn't do anything to him!' Centauri shoved the dapple gray colt back. 'He'll be just fine in a minuet, so go pester Polaris and his human.'

'POLARIS HAS ONE?' One of the bays, this one with socks that reached nearly to it's body. 'OH! I've gotta see Poli's human!' The bay sprinted twards Polaris and Justin, followed by the rest of the colts. The dapple gray nearly trampled JC as it followed them.

"Who are they?" Jc leaned back against Centauri's shoulder.

'I think that ringleader is Polaris' brother. The rest are all from the heard. Just about ready to move out, I think.' Centauri watched Polaris fend teh boustrous foals off Justin.

"Are they gonna hurt Jusitn?" He looked worried, watching carefully as one of them pushed Jusitn with it's nose.

'Polaris will make sure Jusitn dosen't get hurt. Centauri laughed in his head as a dark grey Unicorn skittered up to Polaris. 'That's Vega, she's Polaris' mother.'...

..."Polaris!" Justin yelped, stumbling back into the unicorn.

'Everyone, CALM DOWN!' Polaris stamped his foot.

'Calm down and clear away!' A feminine mind-voice demanded, followed by the appearence of a dark gray unicorn mare. 'Poli, you've been away so long!'

'Hi Mom,' He seemed like he was going to continue, but the mare cut him off.

'and you've brought a human back with you!' She examined Jusitn criticaly for a moment, nearly knocking him in the head with her horn. 'Does Tauri have one, too?'

'Yes he does,' Polaris seemed distrought when she intrupted him again.

'where on Earth is Tauri? He should be here. He's supposed to be taking care of you!'

'He's coming now.' This time Polaris was expecting to be cut off.

'Good! I want to see his human!' She skittered away, moving with quick, short stpes. Within seconds she was right on top of Centauri and JC, who were walking slowly twards them.

'Tauri, honey! Poli says you've got yourself a human.' She brushed Centuari out of her way to nose at JC. 'Nice, very nice. She kept chattering away, all three of them still proceeding twards Justin and Polaris.

'Polaris, where's Archernar?' Centauri spoke, dispite the steady babble Vega maintainded, seemingly oblivious to the fact that they were ignoring her.

'I'm not sure where he is.'

'What darling little things, their both so cute!'

'We're going to have to find him, Poli.'

'Absolutly darling! If mares could realm-cross i'd find one of my own!'

'He isn't gonna liek that we brought humans, or that we're back. You know how he is.'

'I can't belive you two managed to find two that had paired off!' Justin and JC exchanged a confused look.

'We could leave them with Vega.'

'Yes! I'll take care of them! You two run of and find Archi!' The two unicorns looked at each other and Centauri nodded slowly.

'You guys will be fine with Vega, we'll be back for you I'n a little while.' They didn't give Jusitn and JC time to argue befor they sprinted off.

'OHHHH! Do some cute pair thing!' Vega shoved JC into Justin's arms with her nose. He would have fallen if Justin hadn't caught him. Jusitn easily righted his friend. 'That wasn't very cute!'

"What do you want us to do?" JC demanded, glaring at the mare.

'I don't know! Hug! Kiss! Flirt! SOMETHING!' She tossed her head. 'BE CUTE!'

"Hug?" JC looked at her in confusion.

"Kiss?" Justin's jaw dropped slightly. "She's crazy."

'I am NOT crazy!' She stamped her foot. 'You two are a pair! I can tell!'


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