Colin and Kevin

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Chapter 1

    "No Mark .... yes.... uh huh.... When is it....You know you can't persuade me.... Thursday ..... um let me think about it .... ok 9:00.... yeah see ya later Mark.... bye. I hung up my cell phone with a sigh. That was my publicist Mark Lawrence, he has been with me since the beginning. Wait I'm getting a head of myself.

    My name is Colin Thompson, I'm 23 years old. I have short brown/dirty blond hair and blue eyes. I'm about 5'11, 175 lbs, with I think a decent build. I'm a singer. That's what I mean when I say publicist. I started singing and going to auditions when I was 15, my mom said I should or else she'd make me get a job. When I was 17 I went to an audition for the a record company called jive, they told me to come back when I was legal. That's exactly what I did, call me stubborn, but I was determined. At first they laughed but decided to give me another chance. I stood up and put as much feeling into the song I was singing as I could. When I was done you could here a pin drop it was so quiet. I just smiled. Two weeks later i was signed with a record deal. I worked for two years on my record, well only one year was for my record the other was for promotion and getting me seen. My record went platinum not even a month after it was released. I had put out my second record "Midnight" about 3 months. It went platinum in 3 weeks.

    I was on top of the world.Or at least I felt like it. I was on my way to my hotel when I got a phone call. It was Mark, he said I got an invitation to perform and present at the 2000 MTV music awards. He also said I got several nominations. Actually it was 5 which were: Song of the year- for
"Twisted Feelings" ,Best video in a motion picture-(yes a motion picture) for my video for the song "Sweet Angel", Best male performance in a video- for the song "Twisted Feelings", Viewers Choice-for the song "Twisted Feelings",
and Record of the year- for "Midnight". Mark said I had until 9:00 that night to answer him.

    The limo pulled up in front of my hotel and John , the driver, opened the door for me. I walked up to the front desk after saying hello to the doorman.

" Any messages for room 924?", I asked.

"No Mr. Thompson." the desk clerk replied. I smiled to her and walked towards the elevator.

    I stepped inside and pressed the floor number 9. I laughed thinking about what Mark had said on the phone. He had said and I quote " I hear the Backstreet Boys are going to be there". He had tried to lure me to go by telling me the BSB were going to be there. As you might have suspected I'm gay, and have the hugest crush on Kevin Richardson. I actually had known that if I was invited to the MTV awards I would go, but I wasn't sure about presenting or performing.

    The elevator doors dinged signaling my stop. I walked down the deserted hall to my door and opened it using my key card. I have been on  a sort of a promotional vacation in New York city for the last 2 weeks. I sighed and loosened my tie.

    I sat down at my computer, that was on a table in the kitchen/living area of my room. I had 2 new messages. The two were work related. I replied and turned off my comp.

    I decided to take a nap. I striped down to my boxers and stretched. I crawled into bed. Within a few minutes I was fast asleep.

    When I woke up it was dark out because I had left my curtains partially closed it was light out. I rolled over and looked at the clock it read 8:00. I sighed and sat up. I reached over and turned on the light. It was bright so I shielded my eyes from the light. Once I was accustomed to the brightness I took my hand away and stood up out of bed.I stretched and yawned hearing an assortment of bones cracking and popping.

    I walked towards the bathroom gathering and dumping my close by my suitcase along the way. I entered the bathroom and turned on the shower. I got in and started to wash myself. Admidst all this thinking about the MTV awards.

    When I was finished I dried myself off and tied the towel around my waist.
I picked up the phone and dialed room service. I wasn't very hungry so I just ordered some soup and crackers. After I hung up I changed and picked up the phone. I dialed Marks cell phone and it started ringing.

"Hello Mark Lawrence speaking." I heard mark greet

"Hi Mark." I replied

" Oh hey Colin, have you made a decision?" He asked

" Yeah," I started," I'm going to go, but I'm not sure which song I want to perform."

" That's great, and they actually don't care as long as they get to give the final go ahead.But if you want my opinion I think you should come out and do a few lines from "Twisted Feelings" and then kick it into high gear with "Seasons of Change"."He said

"I'll think about it... oh yeah did you get my E-mails?" I questioned.

"Yeah this looks great for the tour but we have lots of stuff still to do." He replied.

"Oh guess what?" He started." The Backstreet Boys are for sure going to go and they are also performing and presenting."

" Wow, cool what if I got to meet them?" I was already getting star struck thinking about it.

Mark laughed." Well  collie boy I have to be up at 5 to tell them your coming so I'll talk to ya later." He said yawning briefly.

"Yeah I'll see ya Mark... night." I replied

"Backstreet Boys here I come..."


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